[DNS] domain name & governance news - 20 November

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 20 November

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Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 02:39:22 -0800 (PST)
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Internet Governance Forum Report 1: What's It All About by Ang Peng Hwa

ICANN Seeks Input on Improving Transparency and Accountability

White Paper on ICANN Meetings Posted for Public Comment

eu: The ?.eu? success leads to a considerable price reduction (news release)

auDA addresses spam and privacy concerns, extends domain name expiry period to 30 days (news release)

BHP Billiton evicts cybersquatter

Wales on the web may become .cym

Internet Governance Forum Report 1: What's It All About by Ang Peng Hwa
The IGF has come and gone. It was an "outstanding success". I had meant to blog some thoughts about the IGF but had more travels before I returned and succumbed to the potent combination of lack of sleep and jetlag. I suppose it?s delayed but better late than never. The first question to answer is: What is the IGF all about?

Civil society at ITU - The ITU Plenipotentiary Conference
Internet Issues: The Working Group of the Plenary also discussed internet-related issues. The US and the Arab Group, supported by Iran (Islamic Rep. of), presented proposals that aim to reflect the outcome of WSIS in the existing Resolution 101 on Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks. The discussions that followed showed general support for these proposals. Consequently, the Chairman asked the US and the Arab States to consolidate into a single document their proposals in order to facilitate the work of the Committee.

ICANN Seeks Input on Improving Transparency and Accountability
A Briefing On Public Policy Issues Affecting Civil Liberties Online from The Center For Democracy and Technology that addresses: ICANN Seeks Input on Improving Transparency and Accountability; Preliminary Recommendations Focus on Transparency; Reform Process Must Not Be Rushed.

White Paper on ICANN Meetings Posted for Public Comment
ICANN is seeking feedback on the purpose and structure of the large international Board meetings that are currently held three times a year. To encourage discussion, Susan Crawford, a member of ICANN's Board Meetings Committee, has prepared a discussion paper.

eu: The ?.eu? success leads to a considerable price reduction (news release)
EURid has decided to lower the fees associated with owning a .eu domain name. As of January 1st 2007, the price for registering a domain name and the annual renewal fee will be 5 euro as opposed to today?s 10 euro. This substantial reduction is possible thanks to the huge interest in .eu and the high number of registrations.

.eu Domain Name Wholesale Prices to Fall
Eurid announced that it is cutting the wholesale price of its domains in half.

auDA addresses spam and privacy concerns, extends domain name expiry period to 30 days (news release)
auDA will implement an Image Verification Check (IVC) on its web-based WHOIS service. Keeping Australia in line with international best practice.

ae: UAEnic officials discuss domain name developments with ICANN (news release)
Officials from UAEnic (United Arab Emirates Network Information Centre), the .ae registry, met up with ICANN officials on 15 November. The meeting was held to exchange views on the progress made by UAEnic and to discuss mutual areas of cooperation to benefit the Internet community across the UAE and the Region.

BHP Billiton evicts cybersquatter
BHP Billiton squashed a cyber squatter who was piggybacking off its corporate website, bhpbilliton.com registering the name bhpbiliton.com - minus one "L". As The Age notes, and is still the case as I write this, the cybersquatter still has the domain name.

Wales on the web may become .cym
Welsh websites could soon choose a .cym address rather than .uk, if a campaign backed by assembly members succeeds.

uk: Cybersquatters, your days are numbered
The new Companies Act received royal assent on 8 November. And one of the items included in the new Act is an easing of the rules relating to getting your company's name back.

Term Limits for the GNSO by Bret Fausett
If you like the incumbent GNSO Councilors, you'll be disappointed to learn that they won't be in office much longer. At yesterday's council meeting, the Council passed a resolution, over substantial minority objection, providing that "term limits for GNSO Council members should be adopted immediately by the GNSO Council with no grandfathering except in connection with the ability of a council member to serve out their existing term. A council member can serve no more than two consecutive terms (regardless of duration)."

ve: CCTLD of Venezuela (.COM.VE): more WIPO Arbitration on the Run
Sources of the local Network Information Center of Venezuela (NIC.VE), have recently informed of the large and unexpected increase of .VE domain name registration, by both, local and foreign corporations, during year 2006. Reasons for such trend are many, but it has mainly been attributed to the shortage of .COM, and . NET domains worldwide.

Spam blocker under gun
The amount of spam on the Internet is significant. Some of it is filtered out by Spamhaus, a United Kingdom-based volunteer organization that runs an anti-spam service.

RIPE: Call for Comments on IPv6 Multi-homing Solutions
Living document, IPv6 Multi-homing Solutions and their Pro's and Con's version 1.0. This document attempts to address all the IPv6 Multi-homing Solutions and their Pro's and Con's, put forward by the Internet Community as a collective.

im: Spammers target Manx domain
THE new Manx domain name .im has become a target for a new form of spamming and phishing attack known as spam island-hopping.

uk: Nominet polls members on changes to .uk services
Nominet has called an extraordinary general meeting after pressure from members to change the scope of its remit and offer additional services.

uk: Updating the .uk Dispute Resolution Service (news release)
Nominet is updating their Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) to keep the service quick, simple, fair and approachable for all who use it and make sure that it keeps abreast of changes in the external environment.

Hong Kong Launches Chinese .hk Domain Names
The Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company ("HKDNR") announced details regarding the launch of Chinese .hk domain names in Hong Kong, which include the Chinese equivalent of the current 7 categories of .hk domain name. It began with a "soft launch" at the end of September 2006. Qualified individuals and entities can now register Chinese .hk domain names.

us: As Candidates Mull ?08, Web Sites Are Already Running
Henry Treftz gets excited each time Barack Obama seems to inch closer to a run for president in 2008. Not, mind you, that Mr. Treftz is a fan of Mr. Obama, the Democratic senator from Illinois. He says he would not vote for him if he did run. But Mr. Treftz, who lives in Aurora, Ill., owns the domain name obama2008.org, and he thinks he will make a tidy profit if Mr. Obama?s campaign gets around to wanting it.

Cameras.com transaction completed to become second-highest price for domain in 2006
The purchaser of cameras.com completed the escrow process this week for cameras.com to complete the sale for US$1.5m, confirming cameras.com gained the second-highest reported domain name sale in 2006 behind Diamonds.com at US$7.5 million.

az: Parliament asks government to approve Draft Budget
Today, 2002 Draft State Budget- related bills were discussed in the sitting of Parliament. ... Fuad Muradov asked for reduction of registration fees for domain names.

ISOC-NY Panel: The Future of WHOIS Policy (Webcast)
The Metropolitan NY Chapter of the Internet Society continued its popular series of public events at the Jefferson Market library in Greenwich Village with a panel discussion on WHOIS policy, moderated by Danny Younger. This is a contentious issue, involving tradeoffs between privacy, anonymity, and accountability.

in: Domain theft spurs concern
THE CID (Crime) that busted the cyber-crime racket on Friday has a piece of advice for those running online businesses. The online traders should be extremely careful in revealing the username and password of a domain to their employees. The CID?s advice is based on fears that the employees, when they leave the company, might misue them to their advantage.

Rowling wins domain battle with Iranian cybersquatters
While her creation Harry Potter battles evil on paper, author JK Rowling has also fought and won a battle of hers in the real world.

us: ACLU sues rural libraries over Internet filtering policies (AP)
A rural library district was sued Thursday by the American Civil Liberties Union over its Internet filtering policy.

ACLU Sues Washington Library District over Filtering (news release)
Three individuals and the Second Amendment Foundation, a pro-firearm nonprofit group, have engaged the American Civil Liberties Union to represent them in a lawsuit against the internet filtering policy of the North Central Regional Library, headquartered in Wenatchee, Washington. The challenge centers on NCRL?s use of Secure Computing?s Bess censorware on all its public computers, which the plaintiffs allege has blocked them from viewing constitutionally protected websites. The lawsuit, filed November 16 in U.S. District Court in Spokane, also contends that the library staff refused to disable the filters upon request.

us: EDITORIAL: Who polices Internet porn?
You don't need to look far to spot Internet pornography. One wrong keystroke on a search engine or an accidental click on an email link usually sends the average person spiraling toward an unending stream of explicit pop-ups.

cn: Wikipedia back offline after brief easing of ban
The easing of a ban on a popular online encyclopedia on the mainland has been short-lived. Barely a week after Wikipedia users were able to access the website -- after a year-long ban -- they reported yesterday that it had been blocked again in several parts of the mainland.

us: Legal Precedent Set for Web Accesibility
A federal district court judge recently ruled in September that a retailer may be sued if its website is inaccessible to the blind. The ruling was issued in a case brought by the National Federation of the Blind against Target Corp. (Northern District of California Case No. C 06-01802 MHP) The suit charges that Target?s website is inaccessible to the blind, and therefore violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. (ADA), the California Unruh Civil Rights Act, and the California Disabled Persons Act.

uk: 'Web rage' attacker jailed
A man was jailed at the Old Bailey today for Britain's first "web rage" attack on another internet user. Paul Gibbons, 47, traced John Jones, 43, after they exchanged insults in a chatroom. He was armed with a pickaxe handle and was with a man with a machete.

Microsoft has still not complied with 2004 ruling, says Commission
Microsoft has still not supplied the European Commission with complete documentation it was asked for to comply with a 2004 antitrust order, the Commission has said. The Commission said it will decide at a later date if Microsoft has breached that order.

Terrorists using comedy websites to lure recruits
Terrorists who have long embraced the internet for propaganda and planning have begun to post comedy and Top 10 lists to draw in young recruits, experts say.

uk: Cybercrime laws 'will harm security research'
cybercrime laws could have a "chilling effect" on anti-malware research, security experts warned this week.

un: Broadband the new utility - UN
Broadband internet access is becoming so vital for businesses that it can be seen as a new utility comparable to water and electricity, a new United Nations report has revealed.

us: Election '08: Vote by TiVo
In the wake of yet another election marred by technical glitches, critics of electronic voting machines are repeating their call to restore old-fashioned paper to the increasingly computerized election process. But a smaller, quieter group is convinced the real solution lies in the other direction. Now is the time, they say, to make elections completely electronic, and allow voters to cast their ballots from home, over the internet.

Spam, spam, spam, spam... you?ve got mail
Here's the latest hot tip for the stock market! Or do you fancy improving your performance in bed? A ?spam tsunami? is deluging computers worldwide with nine out of 10 e-mails now comprising junk advertising.

es: The Spanish Data Protection Agency imposes a fine on a law firm for spam
In an unprecedented decision in relation to a law firm, the Spanish Data Protection Agency has ruled in favor of a claimant and imposed a ?30,001 fine on Cremades & Calvo Sotelo for sending unsolicited commercial messages via email (spam).

Net benefits for cancer patients
A new study shows chatting to other cancer patients online can help young people's recovery. Professor Gordon McVie reports

eu: Half of European Union Population Uses the Web Regularly
EU Internet adoption is highest in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden in the home and Finland, Denmark, and Austria at the enterprise level.

Magnificent obsessions
Your friends don't understand you, your workmates think you're a weirdo and you've taken to hiding away to spend solitary moments with your Precious. Thanks to the internet, pursuing your obsession now needn't be a solitary pleasure.

"Niice!" - Kazakh state Web site a hit after Borat (Reuters)
Visits to the Web site of Kazakhstan's state news agency have almost doubled in the run-up to the premiere of a film about spoof Kazakh TV reporter Borat.

How YouTube pushed Lebanon out of the news
This time last year there had never been a mention of YouTube in Britain's 18 main newspapers. After a prescient first mention in the Times on November 19 2005, YouTube scored a measly 13 stories in the first quarter of this year. In the second quarter, it ran up 154. In the first week of November, it clocked up 79.

MySpace sued by Universal Music
Universal Music Group sues MySpace - claiming the site is encouraging users to illegally share copyrighted material.

A bigger bang
The second internet goldrush is in full swing. John Lanchester gets to grips with the virtual universe and we meet the entrepreneurs who built a brand new internet.


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