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Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 13:10:32 +0800


I want make a comment about the NEW who is change for .au.


Past few days the Whois has been updated. So when you do a who is you get Aus
Registry LINK and a msg saying visit Aus Registry.


Now is really a BAD IDEA.. WHY?

Because registrars will spend a lot of money advertising then a client go do a
Whois then it tells them go back to Aus Registry where they an see over registrars.


So basically in a nut shell we are advertising all over registrars.


SOLUTION: To keep this fair I strongly suggest Auda considers all REGISTRARS,
being able to add a HYPERLINK back to there websites from the WHO is results and
to also to reconsider displaying Aus Registry, as being a company what is the
point of advertising your competitors.


Any feedback on this would be great??
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