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Vic et al,

Whilst not being directly involved from AusRegistry's point of view I
have reviewed my emails and found a few conference calls and issue
papers to Registrars regarding the auDA's WhoIs concerns and proposed

I do note that Vic, you were not on the conference call of the 12th of
July where this topic was specifically discussed... although Bennett

Whilst not wanting to side with auDA and supporting Kim's conspiracy
theory ;) I believe auDA and AusRegistry did discuss the options with

That is not to say that appropriate feedback was sought from industry
stakeholders and the public prior to auDA deciding that a WhoIs review
was required (I'll leave auDA to respond to that) but Registrars were
definitely involved in the solution process. 

>From Maggie Leong's summary paper from the conference call mentioned

"Chris Disspain commenced the discussion by reminding Registrars that
this initiative was the direct result of a WhoIs Policy Review held in
October 2005. The review highlighted concerns among industry and
consumers that disclosure of Registrant email addresses on WhoIs leads
to increased spam. It was therefore proposed that the WhoIs display
Registrant email addresses in a non-machine readable format".

I hope this helps.

P.S. Does anyone know a good PPC programme? ;)


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Kim Davies [kim&#167;cynosure.com.au] wrote:
> It is disappointing to me that this new policy was introduced in this
> seemingly adhoc way, and implemented the way it is. 

I think the point was made rather vocally at the last registrar
conference that
registrars where not happy about having change foist on them without
appropriate discussion. for example the move to epp1 was pushed down
registrars throats at great expense to all registrars for zero benefit
to registrars or the public or ausregistry. 

auda agreed to end this unilateralism. auda needs to consider the
implication of change far more openly and sensitively.


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