[DNS] Transfer of Domains

[DNS] Transfer of Domains

From: Amin Kroll <amin.kroll§intaserve.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 16:25:08 +1100
I'm assuming you mean transfer of registrant, and without wanting to start a
reverse auction on this list...

I suggest contacting alternative registrars for pricing on the registrant
transfer process. Ensure that the registrar will provide full phone support
throughout the process. Once you're happy, and assuming you do decide to
move, transfer the name to the Registrar of your choice to initiate the
registrant change process.

Transferring the domain name to another registrar if free of charge, and
obviously the domain registrant must authorise the transfer.



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Hi Guys,

I have purchased a business and it has an associated domain name .. I have
just received a transfer form from Melbourne IT, it has a fee of $339
attached ..

Does anyone know if I can transfer the domain to another registrar and avoid
paying this to them (I would be transferring it regardless)

Cheers Tony 

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