[DNS] Transfer of Domains

[DNS] Transfer of Domains

From: Tony Paterson <tony§cmon.com.au>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 18:53:47 +1100
I would suggest that you abide by the rules and pay the necessary charges
and let your financials reflect the expense
Business is business
I can never understand people trying to aviod expenses
Reducing them yes avoiding them no
How would you like it if your customers looked to avoid paying you
Productivity that's the key- it's not so much the costs it how much can your business earn
Evaluate the cost and return and if the make or break is $399 then I would reevealute the whole transaction
Happy new year

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> I'm assuming you mean transfer of registrant, and without wanting to start 
> a
> reverse auction on this list...
Thanks for the reply,
Actually I am just buying a business that owns a domain name ... I have just 
been told by Melbourne IT that as it no longer has the same abn as it did 
for the previous owner, I am up for a transfer fee.
Cheers Tony
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