[DNS] domain name & governance news - 8 March

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 8 March

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Who is ICANN and Where Does it Fit With Internet Governance? by Kieren McCarthy

Top-shelf domain names fetched a bundle in '06

ICANN locks down at-risk Registerfly domains

RegisterFly Site Goes Offline

RegisterFly Site Back Up

How to Get Help When You Have a Problem with Your Registrar

RegisterFly Update

VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief Shows Continued Strong Internet Growth (news release)

Domain name registrations increase 32 percent in 2006; China records 43 percent rise in a single quarter

400,000 .mobi Domain Names Now Registered

Price of domain names ending in .cn comes down

Who is ICANN and Where Does it Fit With Internet Governance? by Kieren McCarthy
You?d be surprised how many people are asking that question at the moment, but you won?t be surprised to know that the only thing they agree on is that they either don?t know, or that they disagree with the people that believe they do. I am not going to attempt to provide my own answer, but I will point to a paper just released by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST).

Top-shelf domain names fetched a bundle in '06
The domain name aftermarket - or, if you prefer, speculation/ransom market - eclipsed the $100 million milestone for the first time last year, according to Zetetic, a research company. Here's a look at some of the numbers: A total of $111 million and change was spent on 17,974 names; The average price was $5,582, up 13 percent over the previous year's $4,954; That rate of increase surpassed the previous year's jump of 10 percent; And five names went for more than $1 million, four more than in 2005.

ICANN locks down at-risk Registerfly domains
ICANN plans to sue scandal-hit domain name registrar Registerfly.com tomorrow (6 March), saying the company is putting its customers' estimated 2 million domain names at risk.

RegisterFly Site Goes Offline
The web site for troubled domain registrar RegisterFly went offline early Tuesday and remains unavailable. The downtime follows weeks of problems with the registerfly.com site, with domain name owners saying they have been unable to manage or transfer their domains. Amid growing concern about the status of domains at RegisterFly, ICANN has asked a California court to force RegisterFly to turn over its database of domain data and compel an emergency audit of its books and records.

RegisterFly Site Back Up
A quick update - RegisterFly?s website is back up and Glenn Stansbury of RegisterFly claims that transactions are being processed.

How to Get Help When You Have a Problem with Your Registrar
ICANN successfully introduced competition in the registrar marketplace which has resulted in over 860 ICANN accredited registrars now offering a range of registration services. Go to http://www.icann.org/registrars/accredited-list.html for a complete list of ICANN accredited registrars. Registrants have the option of simply purchasing a domain name, or purchasing a domain name that includes a package of services such as web hosting services, domain name proxy services and other related services. With this range of registrar services available to the public, comes a range of customer service offerings. Registrants have found that some registrars offer 24 hour live customer service assistance, while others only offer customer service via e-mail. Accordingly, registrants are encouraged to carefully research a potential registrar before entering into a contract for registration services to determine if the potential registrar meets the needs of the registrant. 

RegisterFly Update
ICANN provides the following update: PIR notified ICANN that the .ORG registry has restored the domains that were in RGP and placed those domains on Server Deleted Prohibited status; AND On March 5, 2007, RegisterFly provided a copy of domain name registration data in response to ICANN's request pursuant to RAA section 3.4.3. ICANN is analyzing the data for integrity and completeness. ICANN will respond to RegisterFly with questions regarding aspects of the material provided.

When Domain Names Bite Back
The domain-name registration industry is suffering a bloody blow with the recent calamity at one of its most popular registrars. Registerfly was once one of the fastest-growing discounters on the scene, amassing millions of domain registrations, until an awkward ownership struggle and a bout of sloppy customer support found countless owners watch their dot-com names expire without renewal.

VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief Shows Continued Strong Internet Growth (news release)
VeriSign released the VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief for the fourth quarter of 2006. According to the report, which highlights key industry data for worldwide domain name activity, total domain name registrations reached 120 million, representing a 32 percent increase over the previous year, and an eight percent increase over the third quarter of 2006.

Domain name registrations increase 32 percent in 2006; China records 43 percent rise in a single quarter
Domain name registrations reached 120 million in the fourth quarter of 2006, representing a 32 percent increase over the previous year, and an eight percent rise over the previous quarter.

VeriSign: 120M Domains Registered
VeriSign released its quarterly Domain Name Industry Brief. Among the findings is that there are now 120M domain names registered across all top level domain names. This is up 32% compared to 2005.

400,000 .mobi Domain Names Now Registered
dotMobi announced more than 400,000 .mobi domains have been registered in 104 countries since the domain?s launch in October 2006.

Over 400,000 .mobi domains registered
The Dublin-headquartered provider of the international .mobi mobile internet domain has revealed that it has now registered over 400,000 domain names.

Price of domain names ending in .cn comes down
China's top Internet address registration agency has slashed the price of domain names ending with .cn to win users from the ".com" service, whose server is overseas. ... The promotion by CNNIC, backed by the Ministry of Information Industry, charges only one yuan (US$0.13) a year for registration per domain name, which is confined to English names ending with .cn.

billgates.tel domain could be yours for the asking
A new top level domain, .tel, will be launched next year designed to enable organisations and individuals to consolidate all their contact information in one place. Its backers have confirmed that individuals' domain names will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Porn Industry Against New XXX Domain
The renewed interest in the proposal of a ".xxx" TLD, created specifically for sexually explicit content, has once again sparked a controversial debate between the adult entertainment industry, domain distributor ICM Registry and conservative groups. The adult entertainment industry (through their professional organization Free Speech Coalition) issued a press release last Tuesday petitioning for help in opposing the proposal set by Stuart Lawley, head of ICM. The ICANN approved the TLD in June 2005, but in May 2006 voted against their contract with ICM.

nz: Bankers try again for second-level ?anti-phishing? domain
The Bankers? Association is having another go at setting up a ?bank.nz? second-level internet domain to mitigate the problem of phishing scams in the banking sector.

InternetNZ investigates becoming a charity
InternetNZ, the organisation that manages New Zealand internet domain addresses among other functions, is exploring whether it qualifies for charitable status as an organisation that promotes the public good.

Why I left the ICANN At Large Advisory Committee
John Levine writes "For about the last two years, I was a member of ICANN?s At Large Advisory Commitee. In case anyone is wondering, here?s why I?m not on the ALAC any more."

Social Networking and Web 2.0 Creating DNS Performance Issues for Carriers
A revolution is taking place on the Internet, with new sites redefining how we interact online. The next-generation Internet is emerging in collaborative and interactive applications and sites with rich, varied media (images, video, music). As with many revolutions, this one is driven by the younger generation, which is adopting social networking sites like MySpace and video sharing sites like Google's YouTube. But the general shift is not restricted to the young, as more mature consumers and businesses alike are exploring the possibilities of collaborative, media-rich applications. This major shift in Internet applications has its unintended victims. One of them turns out to be the DNS.

ICANN Successfully Conducts Laboratory Tests of Internationalised Domain Names
In October, 2006, ICANN engaged Autonomica AB of Stockholm, Sweden, to develop, conduct, and report on the results of laboratory testing of internationalized top-level domains in a setting corresponding to the public root. Quoting from their report, "Autonomica AB has, under a contract with ICANN, investigated whether the addition of top level domains containing encoded internationalized characters (so called IDNs) would have any impact on the operations of the root name servers providing delegations, or the iterative mode resolvers used to look up the information. No impact at all could be detected. All involved systems behaved exactly as expected."

ICANN gTLD Registry Data Escrow Report
This report has been prepared as part of the Registry Failover Project, to assist with the review of ICANN's existing data escrow requirements for gTLD registries, and to contribute to the above mentioned deliverables. As a part of the review, ICANN is working with several gTLD registries to examine data from an escrow deposit for the purpose of determining whether the current requirements are sufficient or need to be improved.

Asia/Australia/Pacific At-Large Community MoU with ICANN Open for Public Comment
The Asia/Australia/Pacific (AP) region of At Large has reached a consensus on the contents of a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") between the region and ICANN.

African At-Large Community MoU with ICANN Open for Public Comment
The African region of At Large has reached a consensus on the contents of a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") between the region and ICANN.

Can't choose your typosquatters
Commentator Bill Langworthy points out that, much as in real-world real estate, a domain name's value is all about location, location, location. And, good or bad, typosquatters are just a keystroke away.

Domain Names & Defensible Traffic
Andy Hagans recently posted about his linkbait marathon strategy to rank his sites at the top of the search results. Brian Provost posted about his love for domaining. Domain names may play a big roll not only in anchor text, but also in overall domain credibility, linkability, and defensibility.

The 50 Most Important People on the Web - 35. Vinton G. CerfChairman,
ICANN Board of Directors, and vice president and chief Internet evangelist, Google

FamilyAlbum.com and GoDaddy Update
Here?s the latest about the FamilyAlbum.com fiasco with GoDaddy. Domain Name Wire?s story about FamilyAlbum.com has garnered lots of attention. A story about the story has about 3,500 Diggs on Digg.com. Message boards are buzzing. Bloggers are blogging. But where does that leave us? Did GoDaddy have the right to ?delete? FamilyAlbum.com?

uk: Our Farm Holiday Website Has Been Hijacked to Sell Porn
A luxury North Wales holiday farmhouse owner last night called for an investigation after a website promoting the business was hijacked to sell porn. ... Mr Thomas said: "We pay a monthly subscription and a yearly payment which may have gone through just a few days late. "I am not well up on computers, but it may have been lying dormant for three or four days during which time other users were able to get into it and add links."

The benefits of renting a domain name (member's sub req'd)
Renting a domain name can have numerous benefits including economical profitability. These consequences can be tax benefits, retention of the domain name ownership even despite a bankruptcy filing as well as being able to use the domain name by the original owner. As for individuals that want to rent these domain names, there can be many benefits including the use of a restricted domain name for one.

ICANN Opens .museum Agreement Proposal for Comments
ICANN, last week announced the proposed .museum sTLD registry agreement is posted for public comment and can be viewed at draft proposed agreement  and appendices at proposed appendices.

NameMedia Launches New Domain Sales Platform (news release)
NameMedia today announced the launch of ActiveExchange, providing domain owners access for the first time to the exclusive distribution network of the industry's leading domain marketplace.

Godaddy Introduces Discounted Domain Club
GoDaddy announced the introduction of the Discount Domain Club, a subscription-based service established for frequent domain buyers to save money. Membership in the Discount Domain Club affords domain name buyers registration prices that are up to 36% off of Go Daddy's domain pricing and includes free subscriptions to other Go Daddy services.

Demand Media Announces Social Networking Tools For .TV Domain Names (news release)
Demand Media and eNom announced that eNom resellers will be able to offer their customers the Demand Media industry leading social networking tools with every .tv registration.

MindGenies Attains ICANN Accreditation
MindGenies, an internet solutions and consultancy company, yesterday announced that it is now an ICANN accredited registrar.

British porn mastermind fights US Government (sub req'd)
The British man behind the proposed .xxx Internet domain believes that the US Government has intervened to thwart his plans.

China ban on new internet cafes
China says it will not allow any more cybercafes to open this year, to cut down on "internet addiction".

China Blocks LiveJournal
The Chinese government began blocking access to the popular blogging site LiveJournal on Friday, cutting off its citizens from the roughly 1.8 million blogs the service hosts.

Turkish court bans YouTube access
A Turkish court blocks access to the video-sharing website YouTube amid a row over clips insulting Ataturk.

ps: Hamas crusades against Western music, Internet porn
The ruling Hamas movement has launched an offensive against Western influences in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian security sources said Islamic operatives linked to Hamas have struck Internet cafes as well as stores that sell Western music. The sources said owners of such businesses have been attacked or abducted, Middle East Newsline reported.

Palestinian Internet Cafes Being Attacked (AP)
A note stuck to the door of Mohammed al-Shaer's tiny music shop warned him several months ago that selling tapes and CDs of popular Arabic music was "haram," or forbidden by Islam.

au: YouTube bans don't work: Vint Cerf
Vint Cerf has cast doubt on the efficacy of recent attempts to curb cyber bullying by blocking student access to video-sharing sites such as YouTube. ... Instead, he said, students should be taught about social responsibility.

Report Faults China's Curbs on Internet
China is at the top of a list of countries blocking Internet access, and Russia and Venezuela have shown serious regression in several areas, mainly in centralizing power in the executive branch, according to State Department officials who released the department's annual human rights report yesterday.

au: Police fear outsiders started YouTube fights
Police are investigating whether intruders instigated three attacks at two Sydney high schools - one of which featured on YouTube with a rap soundtrack.

au: Strategy to keep kids safe from net nasties
The rise of social networking websites and user-generated content is expected to lead to a boom in the internet safety industry as mainstream publishers hire human net nannies and establish safety rules to protect children and other users of their products.

au: States still hold out on YouTube
Tasmania is set to be the last state to officially ban access to Google's video-sharing website YouTube.com in schools, as state and territory authorities continue to battle internet bullies.

Harsh Words Die Hard On the Web
In a new form of reputation-maligning, online postings with offensive content can be stored forever and are easily accessible through a Google search.

Microsoft: Google 'cavalier' on copyright
Microsoft launched a blistering attack on Google, accusing the Silicon Valley giant of a "cavalier" attitude to copyright. In a prepared speech to the American Association of Publishers, senior Microsoft lawyer Tom Rubin is expected to hit out at Google for profiting from other people's work.

Microsoft vs. Google: More at Stake Than Books
When Microsoft attorney Thomas Rubin accused Google of taking a "cavalier approach to copyright" and of using its Book Search project to make money off other people's copyrighted creations, he ignited a fiery debate over the ethics of information access, the meaning of copyright and the rules of free-market competition. Rubin's comments were directed at the Association of American Publishers, and referred to Google's ambitious Book Search project to digitize and make available electronically the contents of all the world's books, whether still under copyright or not.

Internet Voting becomes a Reality in Estonia; Global Experts Question Online Security and Inclusiveness
Despite global warnings on e-voting systems, some 18,000 registered Estonians dared to vote online last Sunday, during the first national Internet election in the world, held in this Eastern European nation infatuated with technology. Estonia test drove the Internet voting process during local elections two years ago and after close to 10,000 Estonians voted online, decided to add the system to its list of e-services. Voters, meanwhile, seemed enthusiastic with reforms and chose to maintain the incumbent coalition government in power during the March 4th parliamentary elections.

Website Vandalism and Legal Issues to Address: Copyrights, Cyber-crime, Jurisdiction and much more!
The spectrum of internet law is getting wild. Traditional copyright infringements, neighborhood vandalism crimes, and jurisdictional questions are now being transferred to the internet all in one package: website vandalism. This phenomenon brings legal and enforcement challenges for governments, courts, and attorneys because in most cases the wrongful conduct is somehow atypical and involved parties may be in different jurisdictions. So, what is website vandalism, who are these criminals, and what law to apply?

California Courts could Assert Jurisdiction over interactive Websites Based on the Level of Interactivity of such Website and on the Nature of Information
The California Supreme Court affirmed the judgment of Court of Appeal and held that California courts could assert jurisdiction over interactive Web sites based on a determination of the level of interactivity of such Web site and on the nature of information exchanged via such Web site. The use of a website may be enough to qualify for jurisdiction under the applicable state statutes, which may not necessarily be the case in other states.

Study: Identity theft keeps climbing
The rate of identity theft-related fraud has risen sharply since 2003, a report from research firm Gartner suggests. Gartner's study, released Tuesday, shows that from mid-2005 until mid-2006, about 15 million Americans were victims of fraud that stemmed from identity theft, an increase of more than 50 percent from the estimated 9.9 million in 2003.

Court cases unite Malaysian bloggers
Defamation suits slapped on two popular Malaysian bloggers by the government-linked New Straits Times Press have galvanized the country's bloggers into action. But, a legal expert warns that bloggers are just as accountable as print journalists for defamatory remarks.

us: Stopping Spyware at the Source
During the past few months, the Federal Trade Commission has filed deceptive-advertising cases against two distributors of what is called adware or spyware. The insidious form of software subjects consumers and their computers to unwanted advertising and surveillance.

us: Police try YouTube to catch suspects; results mixed (AP)
Patrolman Brian Johnson of the Franklin, Mass., Police Department studied a surveillance video showing two men using allegedly stolen credit cards at a Home Depot.

us: Teen fugitive who posted 'Catch me' on MySpace caught (AP)
A 16-year-old fugitive believed to have posted a "Catch me if you can" message on his MySpace Web page was captured Friday, three days after his escape from a detention center, an official said.

us: Justice Department takes aim at image-sharing sites
The Bush administration has accelerated its Internet surveillance push by proposing that Web sites must keep records of who uploads photographs or videos in case police determine the content is illegal and choose to investigate, CNET News.com has learned.

French to limit violent net clips
French people could be prevented from posting images or videos of violent acts online under new laws.

Citizens of modern societies lead highly regulated lives.  Whether as individuals we agree or disagree with the degree to which governments control our existence, we nevertheless benefit from a myriad of laws and regulations that seek to ensure our safety and welfare.  The range of regulation is breath taking, encompassing the purity of air and water, the quality of food, the sanitation of towns and cities, the safety of transportation systems, and the delivery of utilities and other essential services, to name just a few.

au: ACCC gives Telstra certainty on ADSL2+ rollouts
The Australian competition regulator today challenged Telstra to switch on ADSL2+ broadband services nation-wide, saying the telco could easily gain regulatory certainty on rival access.

us: New Net radio rules draw fire on Capitol Hill
A key Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday slammed new federal rules that would require many Internet radio services to pay higher fees to record companies.

'Adult' spam hits all-time low
There is still plenty of spam going around, but "adult" spam has been on a steady decline and hit an all-time low in February, according to a new Symantec report.

au: Fairfax boss denounces fraudband
David Kirk The Fairfax Media chief executive, David Kirk, has labelled broadband in Australia "fraudband" because it is too expensive and slow.

Study: Violent video games don't make killer kids (Reuters)
Do video games kill? The jury is still out on whether violent video games lead to violent behavior in children, but a new study asserts that killer games do not make killer kids.

nz: Broadband up 30pc, dial-up dips
The pace at which New Zealanders took up broadband did not budge an inch last year, even as debate raged over unbundling and Government moves to split up Telecom.

Internet porn: a lot like scoring drugs, says Anthony Kiedis
Anthony Kiedis, singer with mega-popular funk-rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers, has compared the world of internet porn to the evil world of evil drugs.

Internet Audience up 10 Percent Worldwide
The Internet reaches 747 million people worldwide, 1.3 million of whom reside in the top 15 countries ranked by Internet population. The data are according to numbers released by comScore Networks's World Metrix service.

Yahoo China sued for alleged copyright breach (Reuters)
Music industry giants including Warner Music Group are suing Yahoo China for alleged copyright infringement by providing links to unlicensed music, trade organization IFPI said on Wednesday.

News Corp looks at MySpace video deal
News Corp is in ?very active negotiations? with other big media companies to license copyrighted video content and distribute it on the internet through its MySpace social networking site.

UN outlines global e-waste goals
The UN launches a global initiative to tackle the growing mountain of electrical and electronic waste.

uk: Guardian moves towards digital future
Guardian executives told staff today to prepare for a "24/7 news operation", but warned that there may be some job losses as the company readies itself for next year's move to new offices. Employees of Guardian News & Media, which owns The Guardian, The Observer and the Guardian Unlimited network of websites, were briefed on the changes ahead as the company puts digital technology at the heart of its journalism.

Google CEO: Old and new media remain divided over online video (Dow Jones/AP)
Google Inc. Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said the Internet giant continues to pursue deals that will let it show copyrighted videos on YouTube, but suggested old and new media remain far apart in how they view the emerging business of online video.

Google CEO: Old media should 'prove' its products have value
Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said the Internet giant continues to pursue deals that will let it show copyrighted videos on YouTube, but suggested old and new media remain far apart in how they view the emerging business of online video.

Wikipedia chief promises change after fraud scandal
ID system proposed after editor understood to be a tenured professor of religion was in fact a 24-year-old from Kentucky

India to be second largest mobile market by 2010: Nokia
India is all set to become the second largest market of mobile handsets by 2010, according to an official of Nokia.

US government dept bans Vista
The United States Department of Transportation has banned its users from installing Microsoft's new Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Internet Explorer 7 software packages, saying there was no business or technical justification for the upgrades.

au: CSIRO builds IT foundation
The nation's peak research body will spend between AU$12 million and AU$15 million annually over the next three years on key building blocks of ICT infrastructure, chief information officer Rozanne Frost said.

us: FCC Grants Internet Phone Access
Rural telephone companies must allow carriers such as Verizon Communications to use local lines to connect Internet-based calls, U.S. regulators said yesterday.

China embracing 'illegal' VoIP calls
Almost 13 million people in China will be paying to use unlicensed local internet phone services within four years, new research predicts. This greater than tenfold increase will come despite the services being illegal, according to analysts at In-Stat who believe that China's high phone charges are driving users to VoIP services.

Microsoft predicts VoIP call charges will plummet
The average cost of a VoIP service for business will fall by 50 per cent in three years, a senior Microsoft executive predicted.


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