[DNS] Who Polices the Domain Name Police?

[DNS] Who Polices the Domain Name Police?

From: info&#167;enigmaticminds.com.au <(info§enigmaticminds.com.au)>
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 08:20:33 +1000
auDRP proceedings are supposed to be governed by the auDRP Rules but if 
no one enforces these rules what purpose do they serve?

Even if the auDRP Rules are breached, auDA has stated that they wont 

So who polices the domain name police? It appears that no one does and 
that panellist have free reign.

This absence of any sort of check or balance is concerning especially 
given the lack of familiarity with auDA policy that it seems many 
panellist have.

Andrew Young
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