[DNS] Lost Domain ...

[DNS] Lost Domain ...

From: Tony Owen <tony§seol.net.au>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 23:02:03 +0930
> Tony,
> How did the registrar "lose" the domain?

Hi Josh ..

Before I start I appreciate your work on whatsinaname.com.au ... well done 
and a resource I check regularly. (If you ever need any design work, hosting 
etc I would be glad to volunteer some services)

Anyway, I didnt want to disclose too much on the list so thought I would pop 
you an email (they may talk to me yet, which would go a long way to 
resolving the problem)

The registrar is Netregistry, the domain name is designing.com.au.

The following is a snip from the explanation email on my initial enquiry (at 
this point I hadnt told them I had lost the domain, just put a query on the 
change of email address on my account)

The email address was incorrectly changed by NetRegisty when a domain
name was moved off your acount some time ago.  Looking at the access
logs to the account it seems that there was possibly a login last year,
but from October last year the same IP address show as consistantly
accessing the online account.

Ir seems one of the businesses I host for decided to move their domain name, 
instead of coming to me they went straight to netregistry, while 'moving' 
the name from my account, they changed all of the 'reseller' contact email 
addresses to that of this guy.

In one way it is lucky I picked up the mistake before any of my other 
customers names expired, although designing.com.au is my favourite domains, 
and always impressed my students.

I am not pleased that they would move a domain from my account without 
notifying me, and allow complete access to my account to someone else. The 
last bit in the Netregistry email refers to my customer using the 'forgot 
password' feature to get the password to my reseller account. Luckily they 
were just being nosy and didnt do any nasty things. (I actually think it was 
probably his new 'hosting' business having a snoop)

It is all very weird, and as we do a lot of webdesign very annoying as 
designing.com.au is a 'trophy' name ...

Cheers Tony
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