[DNS] Lost Domain ...

[DNS] Lost Domain ...

From: Chris Bell <lists-dns§blueskyhost.com>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 18:18:49 +1000
I'm assuming that it's a .au name then, seeing as you mention auDa. In
which case it's firmly registered for another two years.

Is the company in question the registrar as well as being the company
that changed the contact details without your authorisation? In that
case you would definitely have a claim. I mean - why did this happen in 
the first place? Mistake? Negligence? Policy? On the other hand - there 
isn't really a record of it anymore, is there? (There probably is, but 
it's all smoke and mirrors.)

They do have to send renewal notices afaik but only via email. Check the 
relevant policy on auDa.org. Some of the more expensive registrars can 
afford to send the snail mail too! With the likes of Melbourne I.T. I 
would expect them to call every number on file for the prices that they 
charge. Anyway that's just a service issue. You can't sue for bad service.

If you've lost a significant slab of intellectual property then it's 
probably worth sending a letter of demand to see what you can get out of 
them, but remember that these guys generally don't make any money out of 
registrations alone so it's best to negotiate.

If you can't get past level 1 support then I'm guessing you're possibly 
even dealing with an o/s call centre, e.g. Namescout (without 
prejudice). That would possibly raise jurisdiction issues as well - not 
sure if .au registrars need to incorporate in AU. Also you can generally 
always track down the various individuals responsible for a registrar 
company through the various accreditation web sites, or bypass "level 1 
support" by subscribing to forums and lists such as this one.

It's a bit hard to give you any more advice without the full details,
which you're clearly reluctant to divulge and don't really belong on 
here anyway. Email me off-list if you like, sounds like an interesting 
case. Would be interested if anyone can point to other examples of this, 
e.g. successful litigation.

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