[DNS] Lost Domain ...

[DNS] Lost Domain ...

From: Tony Owen <tony§seol.net.au>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 17:07:05 +0930
> Are you sure that the domain isn't just in redemption or being tasted?
> What is it and when did it expire? I understand why you didn't notice -
> have seen this before - but was it delegated to you or did you just have
> your own DNS settings for it? If it was delegated to you then they could
> argue that they weren't hosting it anyway and therefore don't cary any
> responsibility.

The domain has been picked up on the drop and registered by someone else (it 
is a very very nice name)

I didnt notice it because I had not tried to load the website externally to 
my own system (I am an ISP so I use my own dial ports externally), I use the 
website when I teach design at Tafe for student resouces .. and only found 
out what had happened when I tried to load the site from Tafe.

I would expect that registrars should be required to send renewal notices to 
the registrant. I suppose I will have to check if it is part of their 
responsibilty. In this case they did send them, but not to me.

I am only asking because I cant get past their level 1 support, and I dont 
really want to lodge a formal complaint with AUDA without exhausting all 
avenues first.

I personally believe they should find me a replacement name of the same 

Cheers Tony

> I don't know of any precedents for compensation in this scenario - if
> you read their T&C it probably places responsibility for renewal upon
> the registrant.
> Did you buy it from them or register it yourself elsewhere? IMHO that
> would have some bearing on the case as well.
> Margins are so thin on domain sales and DNS hosting that the scope of
> any possible compensation is likely to be rather meager.
> cb
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> Tony Owen wrote:
>>> How did the registrar "lose" the domain?
>> They accidently changed my contact email to another person's for which 
>> they
>> have apologised. The problem is I didnt receive the renewal notices, and
>> only discovered the domain was lost when I went to log onto it externally
>> ( I run my own DNS so looked fine from my connections)
>> Cheers Tony
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