[DNS] Lost Domain ...

[DNS] Lost Domain ...

From: Chris Bell <lists-dns§blueskyhost.com>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 16:52:44 +1000
Are you sure that the domain isn't just in redemption or being tasted? 
What is it and when did it expire? I understand why you didn't notice - 
have seen this before - but was it delegated to you or did you just have 
your own DNS settings for it? If it was delegated to you then they could 
argue that they weren't hosting it anyway and therefore don't cary any 

I don't know of any precedents for compensation in this scenario - if 
you read their T&C it probably places responsibility for renewal upon 
the registrant.

Did you buy it from them or register it yourself elsewhere? IMHO that 
would have some bearing on the case as well.

Margins are so thin on domain sales and DNS hosting that the scope of 
any possible compensation is likely to be rather meager.


Tony Owen wrote:
>> How did the registrar "lose" the domain?
> They accidently changed my contact email to another person's for which they 
> have apologised. The problem is I didnt receive the renewal notices, and 
> only discovered the domain was lost when I went to log onto it externally 
> ( I run my own DNS so looked fine from my connections)
> Cheers Tony 
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