[DNS] Australia registers more .au than .com domains

[DNS] Australia registers more .au than .com domains

From: Chris Bell <lists-dns§blueskyhost.com>
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2007 01:39:35 +1000
I've been avoiding this list lately (well, for the last few days):

a) because i got baited and made a fool of myself;
b) because i have better things to do;
c) because it is such a small overall proportion of my email;
d) because i'm not sure that i care anymore.

but on the point quoted below by my namesake, i guess my point was that 
adrian should not, in his position, assume such a dismissive stance 
towards the issue; and, in my opinion at least, he's dealing with such 
an enormous conflict of interest that he might not be entitled to have 
any sort of opinion whatsoever in the first place.

and if he wants to make spurious contributions, then he, unlike myself, 
has an obligation to identify that conflict of interest.

i guess that sort of stuff really gets me worked up. but that's my 
problem, and i see a greater problem emerging here.

and vic - it's not your farm to sell either. the last takeover was 
necessary but still dodgy.

i might have nothing to sell, but then again... you do.


magic2147&#167;optushome.com.au wrote:
> On 29 Jun 2007 at 14:59, Adrian Kinderis wrote:
>> Chris,
>> Please call my office and leave a number where you can be contacted. I'd
>> love a chat.
> Is there anybody else here who thinks Adrian's recent contributions here are quite improper 
> given his very real financial interest he has in this matter, his priviledged position as a result 
> of winning the registry management tenders to date, and the abusive and unprofessional 
> tone adopted in his contributions here.
> Does anybody else here feel that he should at least be asked by auDA to explain himself?
> cb
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