[DNS] Restricting demand membership of auDA

[DNS] Restricting demand membership of auDA

From: Kim Davies <kim§cynosure.com.au>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 23:34:26 +0000
Hi Chris,

Quoting Chris Disspain on Thursday July 19, 2007:
| You make reference below to CIRA's membership rules (CIRA has only 1 class 
| of member as far as I know). I think it is important not to confuse 
| MEMBERSHIP with the right to be elected a Director. Our proposed change does 
| not prevent supply related people from becoming members but does prevent a 
| supply related person from being elected as a Director in demand class. It 
| is also important to note that to be elected a Director you do NOT have to 
| be a member.

Thanks for this, and I appreciate the distinction. I was not suggesting
the CIRA model fits the auDA model, rather recognising their motivation
of having a substantial and broad participation from domain registrants,
and considering how that may alter the dynamics of how the membership
elects its directors.

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