[DNS] domain name news - May 8

[DNS] domain name news - May 8

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 00:50:18 -0700 (PDT)
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Headlines from the May 12 edition of the news include:
US warns China of 'technological isolation' | Academic says gadgets threaten Internet's future | ICANN attacks 'fat and happy' IPv4 users | Fees for '.org' domain names to increase 10 pct | One million .pl domain names | IPv6 hype suggests real problems | Trademarks and International Domain Names | Will ARIN Establish a Gatekeeper? by Milton Mueller

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Public Comment Period Now Open for Domain Tasting Motion

CEOs underestimating security risks: Icann president launches new best practice guide for business leaders

Russian Plan to Foil Cybersquatters Backed

Unicaresoft loses MSNLock case against Microsoft

Domainers Can't Have It Both Ways: Until Blatant Cybersquatters Are Exterminated, All Domainers Will Suffer

Google trademark move sparks outrage

How Open Is the International Internet?
We usually take it for granted that we can have complete, unrestricted access to the Internet, wherever we are these days, but a recent study by an international group of researchers illustrates exactly how wrong this notion is.


Public Comment Period Now Open for Domain Tasting Motion
The GNSO Council has approved by super majority vote a motion to discourage use of the current ?add grace period? (AGP), during which domains can be returned within five days without cost, for ?domain tasting? purposes. The motion, which is pending for Board action, would prohibit any gTLD operator that has implemented an ?add grace period? (AGP) from offering a refund for any domain name deleted during the AGP that exceeds 10% of its net new registrations during that month, or fifty domain names, whichever is greater. An exemption could be granted based on extraordinary circumstances, as detailed in the motion.

ICANN Formalizes Relationship with ccTLD Manager for Iceland
ICANN announced today that it has signed an exchange of letters with the country code top level domain (ccTLD) manager for .is?Iceland, Internet ? ?slandi hf. (ISNIC).

Absentee Voting Modification to Bylaws Now Open for Public Comment
The GNSO Council approved a resolution to recommend to the Board a modification of the ICANN bylaws that would permit electronic absentee voting in certain circumstances in order to allow Council members who are absent from Council meetings to vote.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Canada Leading the Way with Whois Changes
There have been a number of suggested changes to ICANN?s whois framework. But Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is making changes to its .ca country code on its own. Canada-based domain registrar Tucows is reporting that CIRA will make sweeping changes to its whois policies on June 10:

Sun rises for dot-ME domain names
Applications are now being accepted for the new dot-ME domain name extension, but not everyone will be pleased to hear this.

um: Micronation legally invades U.S. and annexes 11 islands/atolls
The United States Minor Outlying Islands, a statistical designation defined by ISO 3166-1, consisted of eleven insular United States possessions. These islands were grouped together entirely as a statistical convenience. In January 2007, ICANN reportedly dropped the .UM country code top-level domain (ccTLD) from the master list of domain names in response to the domain being unused, and the desire of the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute (ISI) to divest itself of responsibility for the domain.

White House Plans Proactive Cyber-Security Role for Spy Agencies
America's spy agencies for the first time would be tasked with gathering intelligence on threats to the nation's computer networks under a policy that could be detailed by the White House as early as next week, a senior administration official said Wednesday.

CEOs underestimating security risks: Icann president launches new best practice guide for business leaders
Business leaders are grossly underestimating their firms' reliance on the internet and the risks of web-based threats, according to Paul Twomey, president of internet oversight body Icann.

Russian Plan to Foil Cybersquatters Backed
The Cabinet on Tuesday approved a proposal by the Economic Development and Trade Ministry to eliminate the link between registration of brands and Internet domain names, making it easier for companies in Russia to defend themselves against cybersquatters.

Unicaresoft loses MSNLock case against Microsoft
Microsoft has won its case against Dutch 46-year-old mother of three Carola Eppink, who wanted to restrict her children's use of the internet by using a self-made program she'd dubbed MSNLock.

Microsoft wins legal MSN battle in Netherlands
The court in The Hague ruled on Wednesday that Microsoft is the legal owner of all domain names containing the word MSNLOCK. Two weeks ago Microsoft filed a lawsuit against the Dutch company Unicaresoft. Unicaresoft recently developed a programme called MSNLOCK enabling parents to limit and control their children's usage of Microsoft's popular chat programme MSN.

Domainers Can't Have It Both Ways: Until Blatant Cybersquatters Are Exterminated, All Domainers Will Suffer
It has always amazed me that domainers take such umbrage to the UDRP, ACPA and other cybersquatting provisions, while doing nothing to provide disincentives for these laws to exist. I don?t know what the actual percentages are, but the number of domains registered which are clearly cybersquatting someone else?s famous trademark must be extremely high. We have clients who have literally hundreds of blatant cybersquatters sitting on typos of their various domain names. Virtually any company with significant traffic has typosquatters diverting traffic for their own PPC revenue. The cybersquatting problem continues to grow while, at the same time, legitimate domainers work hard to legitimize domain monetization practices.

IAB Chair Mulls DNS Security
Olaf Kolkman, a Dutch DNS expert, is the new chair of the Internet Architecture Board, a panel of 13 leading network engineers who provide technical oversight to the IETF, the Internet's premier standards-setting body. He's also CEO of NLnet Labs, an Amsterdam research group focused on DNS security. 

VeriSign gets patent for DNS redirect it can't use itself
Domain operator VeriSign has been granted a patent that describes a way to resolve unregistered domains to a parked page for advertising or registration purposes. Ironically, however, VeriSign agreed years ago not to use technology that would do just that, so the patent seems likely to be used as another revenue-generator, as it gives VeriSign the ability to collect licensing fees and pursue legal action against others that have implemented similar "services."

IETF kicks off routing effort for sensor nets
The Internet Engineering Task Force has kicked off a new effort that could deliver a key building bock for wireless sensor networks. The Routing Over Low-power and Lossy Networks (ROLL) group aims to define a standard for Internet Protocol as early as next summer.

A Patent for SiteFinder-Like Resolution
I saw an interesting news item that broke Monday courtesy of DomainNameNews and SlashDot that hasn't been broadly covered yet. I'm surprised no one has posted on this yet on CircleID, so here goes. Apparently VeriSign has been awarded a patent for the resolution of mis-typed domain names. This was at the heart of the controversy back in 2003 around their SiteFinder Service. Amidst a storm of criticism ICANN insisted VeriSign shut down the service, and the company eventually agreed.

Google trademark move sparks outrage
Google has revised its UK trademark protection policy to allow non-trademark owners to bid on trademarked terms within AdWords. Restrictions will still apply to trademarks included within the text of the advertisement.

Sedo Sells Co.nu, MyCanvas.com
A fresh batch of sales data from Sedo shows a number of quality domain sales for the week, including a couple .nu domains. .Nu is the country code domain name for the island state of Niue.

DBS: Domain Parking Revenue Plummeting
Domain name portfolio holder, registrar, and parking company Dark Blue Sea today reported a massive drop in parking revenue compared to last quarter. The company generated $1,370,000 from parking its own portfolio, down from $1,661,000 last quarter. That?s an 18% drop in just one quarter. A year ago in the same quarter the company pulled in $1,949,000 from parking its own portfolio of domain names.

Thought Convergence Acquires Name Intelligence
Tc NiAcquisition is a major milestone in Thought Convergence?s strategy of developing a self-sustaining, symbiotic Domain Ecosystem that services the global domain community.

Domize: The Fastest Domain Name Search Ever
Are you the type of person that registers a new domain name every time you think you?ve cooked up the next big thing? If so, you might want to check out Domize, a new site that is essentially a super slick and fast interface for checking the availability of domain names, both on the Web and via iPhone. As developer Anson Parker describes it, ?Without exaggeration, it blows away anything before it in terms of speed and allows you to quickly scout out an available name.?

Comedian Colbert takes home top net award [Reuters]
Comedian Stephen Colbert has walked away with a Webby award as the internet's "Person Of The Year".

Colbert wins 'Webby Person of the Year'
Stephen Colbert may have already earned the title of "Greatest Living American" but now he can add "Webby Person of the Year."

It's Truthy: Colbert Wins a Webby [AP]
Stephen Colbert's use of the Internet to connect with fans earned the Comedy Central host special recognition as the annual Webby awards for Web sites and online achievements were announced Tuesday.

Google's unhealthy dominance will end
Given Google's dominance of online advertising, and search, this article in The Times may interest readers. With Google's online search share rising to 60 per cent in recent weeks and its revenue rising by 42 per cent to US$5.2 billion in the last quarter, it also has plans for mobile phones, "social networking tools and its own version of Wikipedia - not to mention the other web giants, such as Doubleclick, that it keeps buying - and you can understand why Google feared the renewed challenge that a well-resourced, large-scale competitor would pose to its ability, in effect, to control the information age."

Editors more optimistic on newspapers' future
Their sales are falling, freesheets are flooding the market and more readers are going online for their news, but newspaper editors around the world remain overwhelmingly optimistic. In one of the largest surveys of the worldwide news industry, 85% of editors said they were optimistic about their newspaper's future. At the same time, a rising number predict that print and online news will both be free in the future.

Newspapers likely to be free in the future
Newspapers seeking to compete with the Internet are likely to become free and place greater emphasis on comment and opinion in the future, a survey of the world's editors showed on Tuesday.

IPTV and internet video services in Australia [news release]
The Australian market for internet protocol television (IPTV) and internet video is less developed than many other international markets, with fewer than five IPTV providers and fifteen internet video providers offering full-length professional content directly to consumers, according to a report by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.
http://www.acma.gov.au/WEB/STANDARD/pc=PC_311026 [report]

IPTV In The Dark Ages Says ACMA
According to a report by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the Australian market for internet protocol television (IPTV) and internet video is less developed than many other international markets, with fewer than five IPTV providers and fifteen internet video providers offering full-length professional content directly to consumers.

Report: Aussie IPTV slow to load
Australian IPTV deployment is at least 18 months -- and possibly three years -- away, lagging many other global markets, according to a report released Wednesday by broadcast regulator the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Google, Trailing Baidu in China, to Offer Translation Service [Bloomberg]
Google Inc. plans to offer an online dictionary that translates Chinese into other languages to help the company challenge Baidu.com Inc. in the world's biggest Web market.

Making the most of Twitter
Real-time micro-blogging is gaining in popularity. But if you're wondering what's the point, here's Charles Arthur's guide to the benefits of Twitter - and how to get started

Your 10 o'clock meeting is being held in Second Life
Blue-chip firms have their HQs there; the virtual world even has its own millionaires. And it can only grow, creator Philip Rosedale tells David Smith: Forget expanding Dubai, forget sprawling Las Vegas, forget the mushrooming skyscrapers of Shanghai. There's a city state which, at just five years old, has enjoyed such turbocharged growth that its square mileage already dwarfs New York. Not bad for a place that doesn't exist.

Half of NZ children using cellphones - report
New research has found nearly half of New Zealand children use cellphones.

New Zealand BSA research "Seen and Heard: Children?s Media Use, Exposure, and Response": Research shows how Kiwi kids use the media [news release]
The Broadcasting Standards Authority has released a major new study of New Zealand children's media use. The large quantitative survey was carried out by Colmar Brunton. It involved interviewing more than 600 children aged between six and 13 and their primary caregivers. The focus of the research was how children use and respond to media, including television, radio, the internet, and cell phones. New research shows that New Zealand children are savvy media users and that while there has been an explosive growth of media devices in homes in the past few years, television remains the principal form of entertainment.

Google's Cloud
The term "cloud computing" is relatively new, but its roots are as old as the Internet. What's revolutionary is not cloud computing itself but how the pieces have come together to make doing business in the cloud seem increasingly like an economic inevitability.

Sex site told to lay off saucy emails [IDG]
A US judge has ordered the halt to an email campaign by the operators of adult websites after complaints by the FTC and Department of Justice that the email messages violated an anti-spam law.

FTC Halts Illegal Spam Operation; Adult Site Violated CAN-SPAM Act [news release]
The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice have halted the illegal conduct of an adult Web site that sent spam with false or misleading header information, that failed to include an opt-out mechanism, and that failed to include a valid postal address, all in violation of federal law. A final court order will bar violations of the CAN-SPAM Act in the future, require the defendants to establish an effective monitoring program for their affiliates, and impose a $75,000 civil penalty. According to the FTC, since at least January 2006 the defendants have used affiliates who sent spam intended to drive users to the defendants? adult Web sites, including sexyfriendsearch.com, an Internet dating service where they collect payment for memberships. The affiliates, who are paid commissions for referrals who sign up as members, send spam with lurid subject lines that contains hyperlinks to the defendants? Web sites.

us: Tech Groups Back Kaspersky in Fight Against Zango
A broad coalition of technology groups today told a federal appeals court to toss out a lawsuit that adware maker Zango is continuing to pursue against computer security vendor Kaspersky Lab, arguing that to do otherwise would harm consumers and the future of the security software market.

Wikipedia goes to court to defend defamation immunity
Wikipedia, the free, user-generated online encyclopedia, faces a court battle to protect itself from liability for everything that users post on the site. The company behind the site will argue that it should be granted immunity under US law.

Nine Inch Nails takes free music to another level
In an unusual nod to the popularity of free music online, the rock act Nine Inch Nails is offering its new album, "The Slip," through its Web site - for nothing.

ISPs, Web Sites Must Tackle Piracy, Says CBS, Viacom Chief [IDG]
Internet service providers, Web site operators and manufacturers of devices that are used by some to pirate content should play a part in stamping out that piracy, Sumner Redstone, chairman and controlling shareholder of both Viacom and CBS, said on Tuesday.

TorrentSpy ordered to pay $110 million in damages to MPAA
After a federal judge awarded the MPAA a summary judgment against former BitTorrent tracker TorrentSpy late last year, the only question left was how much it would end up costing TorrentSpy's admins. We've got our answer, and it comes in the form of a staggering $110 million damage award, or $30,000 in statutory damages for each of the nearly 3,700 files in the MPAA's complaint.

Torrent site gets $144m copyright lesson [AP]
The six major Hollywood studios have won a US$111 million (NZ$143.8) judgement for copyright infringement against the shut-down file-sharing website TorrentSpy.com.

Malaysian blogger charged with sedition [AP]
A prominent Malaysian blogger was charged Tuesday with sedition for allegedly implying the deputy prime minister was involved in the sensational killing of a young Mongolian woman.

Egypt asks mobile firms to bar anonymous users
Egypt has asked mobile phone companies to block service to anonymous subscribers as a public security measure, and at least two firms have begun efforts to comply, Egyptian officials and mobile firms said on Monday.

Japanese Government plans blocking of child porn sites
The ruling parties will introduce legislation for Internet service providers to block access to child pornography sites with major providers in favor of the move, sources said.

Failed Yahoo Talks Leave Google on Top
So who emerged the winner after the three-month standoff between Microsoft and Yahoo? Maybe neither. Instead, it was Google, their chief rival and the dominant player in Internet advertising, that appeared stronger after Microsoft's bid to buy Yahoo unraveled over the weekend, according to analysts and the judgment of Wall Street.

Gates: We Don't Need No Stinking Yahoo
A few days after the seeming culmination of its failed bid to acquire Yahoo for $47.5 billion, Microsoft appears to be contemplating an entirely new Web 2.0 strategy: a partner-free, organic approach to besting Google. The news was delivered by none other than Chairman Bill Gates: "Now at this point, Microsoft is focused on its independent strategy." Whether this is the definitive last word on the matter is debatable. On Tuesday, Gates said that the company would not rule out partnerships, and on Wednesday, reports surfaced that Redmond was sending out feelers to Facebook.

Setback for Murdoch over MySpace results
Rupert Murdoch's social-networking website MySpace suffered a setback when News Corporation warned it will fail to hit its revenue target this year as advertisers struggle to judge the commercial value of making on-line friends.

Broadband a big ticket item in Aust govt budget
The promise of a national network delivering high-speed broadband services to 98 per cent of Australians is a key element of next week's federal budget.

Broadband a big ticket item in Aust govt budget
The Australian Government's national broadband network will be one of the key elements in the budget to be delivered next week reports Australian IT.

uk: Premium-rate mobile abuse rockets
Abuse of premium-rate phone lines has taken a sharp upturn this year, according to figures released by premium rate regulator PhonepayPlus. Over three-quarters of complaints received now relate to mobile services, it said.

Opposition party plans to build open-access fibre-to-the-home network for all of New Zealand
The National Party of New Zealand says that if elected to office, it would invest 1.5 billion New Zealand Dollars (NZD) of public funds in an open access fibre-to-the-home network.

Cable loss would not cut NZ 'net access
The loss of a portion of the Southern Cross Cable could see New Zealand struggle with internet congestion for up to 10 days, but would not shut internet access down completely, according to the Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CCIP).

Wireless world is almost with us
Welcome to the future: a wire-free world of sensors and hi-tech cars, according to research published today by media regulator Ofcom. The report, called Tomorrow's Wireless World, outlines a number of areas in health and transport where wireless technology could have a decisive impact.

Tomorrow?s Wireless World: Ofcom report on future communications technology [news release]
New technology in cars to help avoid collisions; wireless devices to remind patients to take medication; wireless food content scanners to change the way we shop ?these are just some of the new technologies that are highlighted in Ofcom?s 2008 technology research report published today. Tomorrow?s Wireless World scans the horizon ten to twenty years in the future to discover potentially significant advances and new, innovative technologies which are being developed that could improve healthcare and transport provision.

Free Wi-Fi, but Not for All
Travelers want to log on everywhere at no charge, while hotels, airports and coffee shops are looking for a way to pay for their Wi-Fi networks as visitors increasingly use greater amounts of bandwidth. The compromise that is emerging is to offer both free and paid options, with the free services increasingly requiring something in return, like viewing an advertisement or signing up for a loyalty program.

U.S. telecom companies to join forces on wireless networks
A who's who of technology and telecommunications companies plans to announce on Wednesday they intend to build the first of a new generation of nationwide wireless data networks in the United States, according to several people briefed on the deal.

Sprint To Revive WiMax Venture
Sprint Nextel plans to announce as early as today a joint venture with Clearwire to build a nationwide wireless network to provide high-speed Internet connections for laptops and cellphones, according to several sources familiar with the talks.

Austrian city Graz asking for polite cellphone use
... Graz last month issued a plea to its citizens not to use cellphones on public transportation. No fines are being given to transgressors, so Mayor Siegfried Nagl is counting on the civic sense or shame of his constituents to cut down on cellphone noise pollution. Rather than send out ticket-writing noise police, the city has outfitted trams and buses with stickers that say "please don't use your mobile phone."

Canadian VoIP emergency call failure's first fatality?
18 month old Canadian Elijah Luck may have the unfortunate distinction of being the first person to die because a VoIP phone service used to make an emergency call failed to deliver the caller's correct address. Without a foolproof system, which is years away, the same thing is likely to happen again.

Interpol makes public appeal in hunt for web paedophile [AP]
Interpol launched a worldwide public appeal yesterday to identify a man suspected of sexually abusing young boys from south-east Asia ... images of whom had been spread on the internet.

Public asked to aid INTERPOL hunt for suspected paedophile
INTERPOL has released a series of images in a worldwide appeal to identify a man suspected of sexually abusing young boys, after a two-year investigation failed to determine either his identity or his whereabouts.

INTERPOL releases images of 'paedophile'
Interpol has released images from the internet of a man it suspects of sexually abusing young boys.

Interpol hope Norwegian pictures will trap suspected paedophile in Asia
Interpol have released a picture of a suspected paedophile who is said to have abused several young Asian boys and put hundreds of pictures of the act on the internet.

Have you seen this man? [AP]
Interpol has launched a worldwide appeal to help identify a man suspected of sexually abusing young Asian boys, after images of the abuse were spread on the internet.

INTERPOL appeal to identify man in child sex abuse images [news release]
INTERPOL is requesting the public's assistance to identify this man, pictured in a series of child sexual abuse images posted on the Internet. The photos shown here were retrieved from the computer of a convicted paedophile, and are from a series involving at least three boys aged approximately six to 10 years old. They are believed to have been taken in Southeast Asia in 2000 and 2001.


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