[DNS] Internet Governance Book Launch

[DNS] Internet Governance Book Launch

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Multi-Stakeholder Governance and the Internet Governance Forum - Book launch

Where: Melbourne Hotel, in Perth
Time:   6.30 pm
Date: 28 May

The Internet is governed in many ways by many parties; traditionally 
by the community itself (for example in the way Internet standards 
are developed), but lately also by the private sector (think of how 
MIPI wants ISPs to serve as copyright police) and of course by the 
government (for example, in prohibiting online gambling).

Sometimes, all three groups work together, with one example of this 
being auDA, which regulates the .au domain with the guidance of 
private sector and community representatives, and under the oversight 
of the government through the Telecommunications Act (the spam and 
content regulation regimes are other examples).

Jeremy Malcolm has recently completed his PhD on this topic of 
so-called multi-stakeholder Internet governance, and will be 
launching his book on the same topic at an event co-organised by 
ISOC-AU and the WA Internet Association, at which he will be speaking 
and taking questions about the topic's relevance to Australian 
Internet users.

Come along to the Melbourne Hotel from 6.30 to 8pm on 28 May 2008 to 
be a part of this free event, which will include refreshments and a 
door prize.  You must RSVP to 
<mailto:events&#167;waia.asn.au>events§waia.asn.au to let the organisers 
know of your intention to attend.  You can also read more about the 
book in advance of its launch by visiting 

-   this is a very good book
-   I was a supervisor of Jeremy's doctoral work
-   his supervisors did only as much as we needed to, which wasn't a lot!]

Jeremy Malcolm LLB (Hons) B Com
Internet and Open Source lawyer, IT consultant, actor
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Holly Raiche
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Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU)
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