[DNS] domain name news - July 3

[DNS] domain name news - July 3

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Net a key productivity driver: OECD

ICANN, IANA Websites Hacked

How the Internet is Changing for Businesses

Work Remains For ICANN?s New Top Level Internet Domains

Changes to Internet Naming Policy May Lure Net-Squatters

ICANN targets domain tasters

Mexico City, Mexico Selected to Host 34th International Public Meeting

The Insurgence of a Fraudulent Domain Name Solicitation Scheme in Various ccTLDs by Alisa C. Key, counsel at Tysons Corner
"Mark Jones is attempting to register your company's mark as a keyword and domain name for , , and , and we thought you should know. We would rather you register it with us instead. This is urgent and we need your response by April 1, 2008." In the past couple of months, we have been barraged with emails from somewhat frantic clients who have received a version of this bulk email solicitation. No, this is not an April Fool's Day joke gone bad, but it certainly could be.

Net a key productivity driver: OECD
Policies affecting the internet can no longer be seen as narrow sectoral telecommunications issues, according to OECD secretary general Angel Gurria.


Follow-up to last week?s ICANN decisions - New TLDs, a Good Idea?
As previously reported, ICANN announced a number of significant decisions last week at it?s meeting in Paris. For most, the most notable of these was the announcement ICANN will allow new gTLDs. Some of the press think this is a significant and great idea. Others, probably with trademark lawyers or representative bodies whispering in their ears, think the decision is nigh on calamitous.

How the Internet is Changing for Businesses
Last week, ICANN, the organization that oversees the Internet, approved a plan to create a nearly unlimited number of new Web addresses. The plan works by opening up so-called top-level domains ? the familiar suffixes like ?.com? at the end of Web site names ? to just about any letter combination a business, civic group, or individual wishes to apply for. We?ve spent the last few days talking to people about the decision. Here are some of the things we?re hearing:

Work Remains For ICANN?s New Top Level Internet Domains
ICANN announced the ?biggest extension of the DNS in 40 years? after its decision last week to finish implementation of a new policy for introducing new TLDs.

New rules unleash registry boom
THE world's peak internet regulation authority has created a boom for the registry business by establishing an unlimited number of generic top-level domains, but it has also created a regulatory quagmire.

Changes to Internet Naming Policy May Lure Net-Squatters
Analysts and lawyers are warning that the decision to allow custom top-level domains will be a "nightmare" for brand managers

ICANN approves new gTLDs
The existence of conflicting IP rights will be one of four criteria that can be used to challenge applications for new generic top-level domains, under plans agreed by ICANN this week

ICANN targets domain tasters
At its meeting on Thursday, the ICANN Board approved two proposals by the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council.

New Top-Level Internet Domains Won't Impact Most Firms
The creation by ICANN of additional generic top-level Internet domains will offer value in some instances. But Gartner expects classic extensions like ".com" to continue to dominate overwhelmingly in the marketplace.

CADNA Unhappy With ICANN Meeting Outcomes
Not everyone is happy with ICANN's decision last week that could lead to a lot more TLDs. The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) is dead against such a move, saying it could lead to as many as 300 new gTLDs in 2009. CADNA has called the decision "drastic" and that the decision was made "despite opposition by many leading brand owners at the ICANN meeting". Well, as if CADNA is the only interested party in this decision.

CADNA's Paris Forum: Brand Owners Working Together to Curb Domain Name Abuses and Improve the Internet [news release]
This past week, the 3rd Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) international domain abuse forum was held in Paris to coincide with one of the most contested ICANN meetings in years. Brands from around the world gathered at the CADNA forum with academic and business leaders to discuss the future of the domain name space and what can be done to improve the landscape for consumers and brand owners alike.

The Domain Blast
ICANN's move to open up the process of assigning top-level domain names creates a potential flood of activity and confusion that will leave even established players behind if they don't act quickly. Without the limitations on domain naming, writes columnist Naseem Javed, creative domain namers could overtake the Web.

Opening up domain names to end in any word and be created in any language will only create confusion, fraud, and phishing
Last week ICANN approved a massive change to the Internet's address system. Companies, organizations and countries can now apply for domain names that end in pretty much anything. www.fastcompany.com could become www.fastcompany.magazine and www.parishilton.com could become www.parishilton.paris. Right now, domain names are restricted to about 20 suffixes -- .com (for companies), .org (for organizations) and identifying labels for countries like .uk.

ICANN Board Resolution Kills Domain Tasting
ICANN logoIn an email sent to domain name registrars this evening, ICANN announced a new resolution approved by the ICANN board, effectively ending domain name tasting.

ICANN Fee Rule Change Won?t End Domain Tasting, Frontrunning
ICANN?s recent rule change will have mixed results. ICANN recently moved a step further to changing how it handles refunds for domain names in conjunction with the registry. Currently, ICANN charges a 20 cent fee per domain name registered. However, this fee is refundable along with the entire price of the domain registration if the domain is ?returned? to the registry within 5 days. With the new rules, the 20 cent fee won?t be refundable after a registrar returns more than 10% of its domains in a month.

Icann opens a can of worms
The decision to allow custom top-level domains will be a "nightmare" for brand managers, analysts and lawyers have warned.

Icann promises new web boom
The recent decision to open up the domain naming system will create the largest boom on the internet since its creation, according to Icann.

Relaxed domain laws may fuel legal costs
The loosening of restrictions on internet domain names could lead to a boom in cyber-squatting and increased costs for UK businesses, say legal experts.

ICANN, IANA Websites Hacked
The ICANN and IANA websites suffered hackers, with a Turkish group called "NetDevilz" claiming responsibility for the attack. The hack meant internet users were temporarily redirected from both sites last Thursday.

Turkish criminal hackers hijack ICANN sites
On Thursday, the domains used by ICANN and IANA were hijacked. A Turkish hacking group known as NetDevilz claimed =responsibility. There is no word on how the hijack was accomplished.

ICANN and IANA domains hijacked
Turkish hacker group NetDevilz temporarily succeeded in hijacking domains owned by ICANN and IANA on Friday 27 June. The irony is of course that ICANN and IANA are the organisations responsible for controlling domains and IP addresses.

ICANN red faced as hackers redirect website
Turkish hackers have defaced the official sites of the international organisations that oversee the Internet's critical routing infrastructure and regulate domain names.

Mexico City, Mexico Selected to Host 34th International Public Meeting
Mexico City, Mexico will host the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' 34th International Public Meeting from 1-6 March 2009. 

Mexico chosen for March 2009 ICANN meeting
After Cairo at the end of the year, ICANN has just announced that Mexico City will be the venue for its first international meeting of 2009.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
au: Fast, easy money by Graeme Samuel, ACCC Chairman
Commercial current affairs shows are littered with heart-rending stories of struggling pensioners who have been talked into handing over their life savings. For many Australians they represent a typical snapshot of the average scam victim. ... In 2004, the commission acted successfully against Domain Names Australia for tricking business owners into registering internet domain names that were very similar to but contained subtle differences from domain names they had already registered.

Australian Domain Names Up For Grabs?
So how much is www.sexy.com.au worth and can I sell the name? Actually, RU Sexy already beat you to that name but substitute another prospective domain name of your choice.

CIRA's 'whois' policy a stunning setback for privacy by Michael Geist
Two months ago, I wrote a glowing review of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority's new "whois" policy that was supposed to better protect the privacy of hundreds of thousands of Canadians. The column argued that the policy, which governs access to personal information of dot-ca domain name registrants, would serve as a model for other domain name registries around the world.

Russia to launch Cyrillic domains next year
Following ICANN's announcement of a radical shake-up of the Internet last week, Russia will create its first Internet addresses using the Cyrillic alphabet next year, Communications Ministry Official Vladimir Vassiliev said.

Cyrillic Web Sites Approved [AFP]
Russia will be able to create its first Internet addresses using the Cyrillic alphabet next year, communications ministry official Vladimir Vassiliev told Interfax news agency on Sunday.

Dates set for .tel sunrise
Trade mark owners will have two months, starting from December 3 this year, in which to protect their brands in the new .tel TLD

The SocialDNS Project? and Why DNS is Not the Phone Book of the Internet by Pedro Garcia Lopez
In this article I will explain the motivations behind the SocialDNS Project. I will justify why the DNS system is NOT the phone book of the Internet. More concretely, DNS is not a public directory nor enables search mechanisms over meta-information related to domains.

us: Businessman Upset Over 'Cybersquatting'
When Bob Yura started the process to launch a Web site for his business, he thought it would be an easy way for Barnegat Funeral Home to reach prospective customers.

 - IPv4/IPv6
What's Next for IPv6 in the U.S.?
With a federal mandate in place and an expected address crunch looming, is the country any further ahead in adopting IPv6?

IPv6 and MEID's... Stop Choking on 32 Bits by Yves Poppe
Both the Internet and North American cellphones are choking under a 32 bit limitation and reactions from protagonists involved in both cases offer striking similarities.

Atrinsic Acquires Assets of Ringtone.com For $6.25 Million
Atrinsic, the mobile and online applications and content company known as New Motion, has bought out the assets of Ringtone.com, a mobile content download site...more importantly, the company bought an attractive domain name.

Sedo Sells Tell.com for $400,000
Domain name aftermarket has big week including two six figure domain sales.

Will Cost Per Action Replace Cost Per Click?
Cost-per-click advertising, such as Google Adwords, is a staple of the internet advertising industry. It is also the primary form of advertising used to monetize parked domain names. But will CPC give way to CPA (cost per action)?

Top Tools for Domain Name Brainstorming
It?s getting even harder to make of a good short relevant domain name. Hence the web-based tools allowing you to find one are numerous. This time I will review mostly the ones that check the domain name availability dynamically and also provide you with some tips to advance your search.

National A-1 Buys Pizza.com
Pizza.com, which was auctioned off for $2.6 million at Sedo in April, finally has a new home. National A-1 Advertising purchased the domain name according to updated whois records. The whois record changed to Sedo on June 28 and National A-1 either yesterday or today.

Instant eCommerce Sites - Beyond Domain Parking
Leonard Holmes of ParkQuick.com provides a domain monetization update.


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