[DNS] domain name news - July 7

[DNS] domain name news - July 7

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ICANN Response to Recent Security Threats

Unlimited domain names now up for grabs

nz: Authorisation of Registrars (AOR) Policy Review [news release]

The Three Views of Trademark Cybersquatting

Waiting for the internet meltdown: Running Out of IPv4 Addresses


ICANN Response to Recent Security Threats
ICANN has been the recent target of an online attacks. This announcement provides more information on those attacks and ICANN's response to them. As has been widely reported, a number of domain names, including icann.com and iana.com were recently redirected to different DNS servers, allowing a group to provide visitors to those domains with their own website.

ICANN's New gTLD Process: Hype and Reality
At its 32d International Junket Meeting last week, ICANN's Board approved the GNSO Council's recommendations for the eventual addition to the root of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). This means that eventually, when the staff drafts, community comments upon, and Board approves implementation processes, those with deep pockets will have the opportunity to bid for new TLD strings.

Spreading too fast for its own or anyone else?s good - letter to the editor
From Mr Philip Sheppard: Sir, Michael Skapinker is right to challenge the incomprehensibility of jargon (?The plain and simple truth about jargon?, July 1). It spreads too quickly for its own good. In last week?s meeting in Paris of the policy council of ICANN, jargon was rife.

GNSO Reform: a Window into ICANN's Soul by Milton Mueller
ICANN claims incessantly to be an open, fair policy making venue based on "bottom up" participation. At the ICANN meeting in Paris, the organization came face to face with the prospect of making good that claim, and it....delayed. Over the next month, we will see how that issue is resolved. The results will be very revealing, a window into the organizations' soul.

ALAC report: Barriers to meaningful participation by Mark Costa
A draft of the independent review of the At-Large Advisory Committee to ICANN has recently been published (a summary can be found here). The authors conclude that ALAC has made progress, but due to several factors, has not made any significant contributions. Under the current system, the prohibitive costs associated with active participation ensure that only a select group of people, representing concentrated interests, will ever be able to consistently participate and make significant contributions to the Internet governance process.

ICANN loses its own addresses
This doesn?t sound good: The nonprofit agency in charge of the Internet?s addresses recently lost track of its own. ICANN said it happened when an Internet registration company it oversees got fooled into transferring the domain names to someone else.

Unlimited domain names now up for grabs
Internet real estate has just opened a huge new frontier. Until today TLDs names such as .com or .org have been restricted to just 21, but ICANN has just approved a recommendation that will allow almost anything from next year.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
ca: Letter to the Editor published in the Toronto Star on July 3, 2008: Privacy rights protected - Re: ?CIRA?s ?whois? policy a stunning setback for privacy,? June 30, 2008
The only things ?stunning? about Canada?s new privacy policy and WHOIS look-up tool governing domain name registrations that took effect June 10 are just how thoughtful and effective it is. As of this writing, over 600,000 of the one million plus dot-ca domain names now enjoy the best privacy protection in the world for domain name registrants.

dotDK ready to give the Danish internet community a voice in .DK [news release]
The IT and Telecom Agency of Denmark has appointed dotDK as the association to handle the Danish internet domain registry in the future. This gives the dotDK Society the opportunity to realize its vision of enhancing the Danish TLD for the benefit of the Danish community. dotDK will deliver a more secure, available and technologically advanced setup, but especially highlights that the entire Danish internet community in the future will have significantly more influence and a stronger voice.

fr: The AFNIC published its response to the public consultation on the management of the French Internet domains [news release]
On April 28th, 2008, the public authorities started a public consultation about the management of French Internet domains: .fr, .re, .gp, .mq, etc. The AFNIC today published the response which it submitted to the authorities.

gp: 2-letter same price as regular [news release]
In July'08 register 2-letter domain at same price of regular domain name.

ie: New - The Deposit Account.
The IEDR would like to announce a new payment from deposit account option for the Reseller console.

ir: Changes in payment system
Due to changes in IRNIC payment system, the following schedule will apply on Saturday,5 July 2008 (all times and dates are Tehran time)

SIDN introduces quarantine period for cancelled .nl domain names
On 30 August, SIDN, the .nl registry, is introducing a quarantine system for all .nl domain names. Under the new system, a cancelled domain name will not be available for re-registration by anyone except the original registrant for a period of forty days. So .nl registrants will enjoy added protection.

Information about co.nl
SIDN has received numerous enquiries from registrars and registrants who were contacted by the registrant of the .nl domain name co.nl on 25 June. We are therefore writing to address a number of the central issues that have been raised.

nl: SIDN quarantines expired Dutch domain names for 40 days 

nz: Authorisation of Registrars (AOR) Policy Review [news release]
The Domain Name Commission is reviewing its policy regarding the Authorisation of Registrars (AOR). This policy details the process that potential registrars must follow to gain authorisation from the Domain Name Commission ("DNC") in order to access the shared registry system ("SRS"), as per the Authorisation Agreement.

uk: UK Internet Governance Forum meeting - 11 July
Nominet invites you to participate in an interactive workshop to determine the messages from the UK on the key issues affecting the development and use of the Internet.

uk: Nominet ENUM update
Nominet would like to update you on a number of developments connected with the launch of UK ENUM. UKEC consultation - UK ENUM Consortium (UKEC), the limited company set up with the recognition of the UK Government to administer the UK ENUM TLD are launching a public consultation for one month to help ensure a successful ENUM implementation.

uk: Domain Name, Nominet Change
Nominet released details of amendments to its dispute resolution service policy, known as the drs, which will take effect from 29 July 2008. Its aim is to save complainant's time and money in undefended DRS cases. Other rights include descriptive rights where descriptive domains have secondary meaning; and an additional likelihood of confusion factor concerend with abusive registration.

Balanced approach crucial in governing internet, says Nominet
UK domain name registry Nominet has welcomed the government's plans to fund an e-crime unit, but called for stronger governance of the internet to protect businesses and citizens from online crime.

za: Update: Revised amendments to the .za DNA Memo & Articles [news release]
The special general meeting of the .za DNA members held on 18 June 2008 succeeded in making key resolutions regarding the proposed amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of .za DNA. The proposed amendments have now been revised to include the resolutions of 18 June 2008.

Illegal and Counterfeit Drugs Online and the Cybersquatting Problem
The problem of cybersquatting is something of a concern to international drug-makers as it is a key part in the international problem of counterfeit and illegal drugs sold online.

The Three Views of Trademark Cybersquatting
We all know the formal definition of cybersquatting under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) and the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA). But in the blogosphere, people use the word cybersquatting to mean a variety of different things. The good news for both, trademark holders and domainers, is that both the courts under the ACPA and Arbitration Panels at WIPO and NAF under the UDRP continue to become more consistent in their definition and application of cybersquatting principles in their decisions.

ca: Dion won't shift on green slogan [Canwest]
Liberal Leader Stephane Dion says he doesn't think the Green Shift environmental company is being hurt by his party's use of the same name for its carbon tax policy and "it will be OK." ... The Liberals response to Wright is: "We own the domain name, and we don't believe there is any confusion or that we are in any way a commercial threat to the company. For the time being, we have no intention of changing our website; in fact, Liberals have been discussing a 'Green Shift' policy for some time."

Sukhsagar Successful At WIPO Panel[reg req'd]
The WIPO forum is proving to be an effective means for trademark owners to assert and claim their rights over infringing domain names. In an era where e-trading and e-commerce are gaining prominence day in and day out, the link between the two is getting closer than ever. It seems that soon enough trademarks and domain names will become so inextricably linked that the two shall mirror each other in terms of rights and liabilities.

Cybersquatter offering Andy Murray's girlfriend web address on eBay
AN INTERNET chancer is selling web addresses named after tennis ace Andy Murray's girlfriend.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Waiting for the internet meltdown: Running Out of IPv4 Addresses
The end of the internet is nigh - and in less than three years, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Can it be true? The problem is that the world is running out of internet addresses. More than 85% of the available addresses have already been allocated and the OECD predicts we will have run out completely by early 2011.

VeriSign Board of Directors names company founder Jim Bidzos to Executive Chairman, President and CEO [news release]
VeriSign announced that its board of directors has named Jim Bidzos executive chairman, on an interim basis. Additionally, the board of directors elected Mr. Bidzos president and chief executive officer, on an interim basis, replacing William A. Roper, who resigned from the company and the board of directors effective June 30, 2008.

VeriSign Gets New CEO
Digital infrastructure services company VeriSign has brought back founder and chairman Jim Bidzos to replace outgoing CEO, William Roper, who resigned after just about a year in the top job.

Netcraft June 2008 Web Server Survey
In the June 2008 survey we received responses from 172,338,726 sites. The total number of sites has increased by 3.9 million this month, with the largest gain being seen at ThePlanet.com, where 632,000 new sites maintain its position as the 6th largest hosting company in the world.

Bido Drops "Guarantees" In Domain Auctions
After gaining experience from a couple week?s worth of domain auctions, Bido has made a sweeping change. It will no longer ?guarantee? a certain sales price to sellers.

Deals.de Draws Six-Figure Sum in This Week's Top Reported Domain Sale 
Deals.de changed hands this week for ?65,640 ($102,182) in the fifth largest ccTLD sale reported so far this year. The operators of Aha.de bought the German country code domain with plans to launch a price search engine/shopping platform on the domain. Deals.de was the top sale reported in any extension, nipping Blonde.com, a name that attracted $99,000 at Sedo's GreatDomains.com.

Pound sign = mucho dollares?
This is shaping up to be a great rags to riches story. Published today in DomainesInfo.fr is a piece on the upcoming auction of ?.com, one of a rare breed of single character .COM domains that were registered years ago.


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