[DNS] domain name news - Sept 11

[DNS] domain name news - Sept 11

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 22:38:50 -0700 (PDT)
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Can Non-Western Language Internet Addresses Solve The Digital Divide? The Case Of Arabic Language

Help Define ICANN's Future by Kieren McCarthy

Threat From DNS Bug Isn't Over, Experts Say

A Superlative Scam and Spam Site Registrar

EstDomains: A Sordid History and a Storied CEO

Getting on to the virtual property ladder

Big Spenders Blast Google-Yahoo Ad Deal

U.S. hires lawyer for Google/Yahoo inquiry


Can Non-Western Language Internet Addresses Solve The Digital Divide? The Case Of Arabic Language
Arab information technology experts have welcomed a recent development in internet governance that could allow the use of Arabic script website addresses, saying it will help to protect Arabic culture, remove the language barrier and reduce the digital and knowledge gap between the Arab world and the developed countries. However, they raised some intellectual property considerations as well as technical and cyberspace security concerns.

ICANN Long a Honey Pot for Special Interests - Now a Honey Pot for Employee Salaries
I have never been a fan of ICANN and between 1998 and 2000 wrote extensively against it. My most detailed essay may be retrieved here. ICANN was promoted as a wonderful experiment in industry self governance - an image that was skewered in Michael Froomkin?s landmark essay ?Wrong Turn in Cyberspace.? Under the guidance of its law firm Jones Day it pushed back against the request of its only publicly elected Board member Karl Auerbach to inspect its financial records. Auerbach sued and won.

Help Define ICANN's Future by Kieren McCarthy
Mention ICANN in Internet circles and you will always find a multitude of views of what the organization should do, needs to do, and should have done; how it has to change, and why; and what it needs to focus on.

Look at the ICANN front page! It?s... slightly different
This is a screengrab of the ICANN front page. You?ll notice that it?s slightly different. The changes are explained briefly below, but we?d like to take this opportunity to ask people to think about the future of the website - it?s overall look and it?s overall functioning.

Global Policy Proposal for Remaining IPv4 Address Space ? Background Report - Updated 8 September 2008
Introduction: Global Internet Number Resource Policies are defined by the ASO MOU - between ICANN and the NRO - as "Internet number resource policies that have the agreement of all RIRs according to their policy development processes and ICANN, and require specific actions or outcomes on the part of IANA or any other external ICANN-related body in order to be implemented". Attachment A of this MOU describes the Development Process of Global Internet Number Resource Policies, including the adoption by every RIR of a global policy to be forwarded to the ICANN Board by the ASO, as well as its ratification by the ICANN Board. In this context, the ICANN Board adopted its own Procedures for the Review of Internet Number Resource Policies Forwarded by the ASO for Ratification.

Public Comment: Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy ? Part A ?New IRTP Issues?
Background: The Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) aims to provide a straightforward procedure for domain name holders to transfer their names from one ICANN-accredited registrar to another. As part of a broader review of this policy, a Policy Development Process (PDP) is currently ongoing on new Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy issues. These new Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy issues include questions relating to registrar exchange of registrant e-mail information, the potential need for including new forms of electronic authentication and potential provisions for ?partial bulk transfers.?

ICANN Improving Institutional Confidence Consultation Continues in Geneva
As part of ICANN's "Improving Institutional Confidence" consultation, they will be holding a meeting in Geneva on 15 September. These meetings are part of a series of regional consultative meetings ICANN is running to hear your views on ICANN.

Soon in a Mail Box Near You: Internationalized Email Addresses by Patrick Vande Walle
The EAI working group of the IETF has finished (part of) its work on the interationalization of email addresses. This, together with Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) will make it possible to send email messages to non-7 bit ASCII addresses e.g. m?tte&#167;k?benhavn.dk or ??@??.?? .

The Era of ccTLDs
A new era in the domain industry seems to be underway as hype for ccTLDs continues to increase. With the steady growth of the .cn and the recent success of the .me, more countries are realizing the potential of branding their own ccTLD.

The Google Domination
Frankly speaking, it's time to stop the second-guessing and open-heartedly accept that it's Google's turn now. The next decade clearly belongs to Google, so it's best not to resist and go with the flow. ... The new ICANN policy making dramatic changes on the global domain name registration and opening to Chinese, Arabic and Cyrillic characters all combined will have an explosive yet positive impact on the marketing savvy organization. Trademarking will face new but very positive fronts. The bars of creating global visibility have been raised very, very high, putting immense pressure on the old traditional media demanding new amazingly indescribable platforms -- and that's where Google steps in.

COMMENT: ITU's last chance
The International Telecommunication Union is probably breathing a sigh of relief that last week?s Thai political troubles can be scapegoated for the truly appalling performance of its latest ITU Asia show. Issuing data on the attendances over the weekend, the ITU found that last minute no shows accounted for over a third of registered attendees: providing a good excuse to throw back on unhappy sponsors and exhibitors. ... Clumsy attempts by various individuals associated with the ITU to wrest more control over Internet regulation?such as when the ICANN CEO was locked out of a panel discussion on ICANN at the ITU-affiliated Tunisian information society meet a few years back?pretty much confirmed that some of the assumptions of those in the ITU fraternity aren?t universally shared.

Can becoming an ICANN accredited Registrar save you money?
Many companies tend to focus on the perceived cost savings of becoming an ICANN accredited registrar, even though they are not fully aware of the actual cost involved.

ICANN Announces New Expansion Of The Internet Domain Name System [reg req'd]
ICANN recently approved a series of recommendations which could dramatically change the Internet landscape.

Court of public opinion replacing ICANN?
Last week's tempest in a teapot involved two hosting providers, an anti-spam and anti-phishing organization, and the ghost of ICANN hovering in the background. For those who missed it, KnujOn, a company whose product fight junk email, including spam and phishing, published a report implicating that some domain resellers and hosting providers were complicit with organizations using spam email to lure unsuspecting users into using illegal online pharmacies.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Investing in .me
The numbers of TLDs that exist today are enough to overwhelm even the savviest domainers. However, before you cling to the comfort of the .com, you may want to consider the potential of the new .me ccTLD.

1 Million .MOBI Milestone Reached
DomainNews was able to confirm with Pinkard Alan ?Pinky? Brand, Director New Markets for mTLD, the .MOBI registry, that they have reached an important milestone, the One Millionth .MOBI Registration Mark. Congratulations to the team at mTLD!!! This will be announced in an official press release over the next few days.

Telnic Announces vip.tel Beta Program at DEMOfall
Telnic, the Registry Operator for the .tel top level domain (TLD) today announced its vip.tel beta program would be available shortly. Customers wishing to trial .tel in advance of its commercial availability can apply for a personal domain name by emailing vip&#167;telnic.org.

Telnic talks up new .tel top level domain
Top level domains (TLDs) are typically an integral part of the internet domain name address system but a new TLD authorized by ICANN will have a entirely different purpose when it is finally launched by UK-based Telnic in December.

You are your domain: .tel and .mp
Two domain-based identity sites will be in the media this this week: Telnic's .tel, which launches at DemoFall, and Chi.mp, whose team will be holding court across the street from the TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco on Monday and Tuesday (clever strategy, that). I think these two companies make a trend, but I'm not convinced it's a long-lived one.

Personal top-level domains try to bridge communication gaps
The new .mp and .tel top-level domains, intended to serve as vehicle for personal identification, are being premiered this week. Though similar in purpose, the two are very different in function.

Telnic shows how .tel domains can communicate without web sites
Mere mortals who aren?t technically inclined do not need to know how Telnic?s new .tel service works. We can just think about the benefits. Basically, without using a web site, you can now list your information on the Internet so that people can contact you directly. It?s the mother of all telephone books.

USAF: Cyberspace represents a fifth, costly, realm of warfare
Once the USAF Cyber Command was effectively put on ice recently, coverage of the US military's approach to network warfare and defence also went away. The existing infrastructure and systems that had been in place prior to the attempted set up of Cyber Command still continue to operate and the head of US Strategic Command, General Kevin Chilton, recently spoke about a range of the issues being faced in operating the US military's lesser-classified networks.

Threat From DNS Bug Isn't Over, Experts Say
The Domain Name Server design flaw that threatened the entire Internet earlier this year has mostly been patched, but the threat is far from over, experts say. ... But the patch doesn?t fix the DNS flaw -- it only makes it more difficult for attackers to exploit it, Kaminsky and other experts are quick to say. While hackers ramp up their DNS exploits, DNS server makers and operators likely face another round of patching that will occur before the end of the year.

Japan tops world in attack traffic, Akamai reports
What Japan lacks in geographic size, it more than makes up for in Internet attack traffic. Japan accounted for 30 percent of all attack traffic monitored worldwide for the second quarter of 2008, according to a new study issued by content delivery network provider Akamai. The study, which was conducted by monitoring Akamai's global network of more than 30,000 servers, measured distributed denial-of-service attacks, Web site hacking attempts and DNS hijackings for 139 countries around the world. The United States had the second-highest percentage of attack traffic for the second quarter, at 21.5 percent, while China came in third at 16.8 percent.

Botnets Behind Georgian Attacks Offer Clues
At a closed-door Internet security summit in Estonia this week, a researcher will reveal new findings on the botnets behind the cyber-attacks on the former Soviet republic of Georgia that began last month and remains under way today.

Advertisements Can Lead to Trademark Infingement By Liz Oliveira, Sedo Legal Team
On August 1, 2008 a U.S. District Court in Minnesota held a company liable for trademark infringement when they used a competitor?s mark as a keyword to trigger an online advertisement.

You've Got Mail By Alex Athans, Sedo Legal Team
A recent decision by the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorodo, Biomedical Technology Solutions, Inc. v. www .demolizer .com, held that email service of process is appropriate when there is no other way to contact the domain owner.

us: Gables to sue Venetian Pool website owner, resident
Coral Gables commissioners gave the city attorney the green light Tuesday to sue one of their constituents because he has not transferred a domain name for Venetian Pool as he had allegedly agreed to do years ago.

us: Philbrick pushes 'piracy' case
When Dan Philbrick looked at the Web site with a picture of a pretty co-ed and a list full of links advertising sporting goods, he figured each click by a visitor meant a lost sale for him. The Web site's address was one letter off that of Philbrick's sporting goods shop in Dover, and visitors could use the site to search for adult content, and find things racier than the picture of the smiling college student.

Arbitrators Define DeepThroat.com
Arbitration panel finds in favor of domain registrant in DeepThroat.com case.

Ricks Files Lawsuit to Retain Control of BME.com
Perhaps filing a UDRP for a three character domain name isn?t as cheap as complainant BMEzine.com, LLC thought it would be. BMEzine.com, LLC won the domain BME.com at a WIPO arbitration, but respondent Gregory Ricks has filed a lawsuit against the company to block the transfer. He is also seeking damages.

Just '.sg' away from lewd site
YOU are a housewife, eager to find out how the upcoming Universal Studios at Sentosa is coming along. ...  So you type the URL on your computer: www.rwsentosa.com. And because it's in Singapore, you add the suffix .sg. ... He believed the incident was one of cybersquatting, the practice of registering a domain name similar to that of a well-known or well-established name.

 - IPv4/IPv6
IPv6 laggards to lose big business
Organisations will lose business unless their networks support the next generation of Internet addresses, experts say. The next generation Internet Protocol version 6 (Ipv6) will replace the 25 year-old IPv4 architecture as available IP addresses dry up over the next 18 to 30 months, experts say.

A Superlative Scam and Spam Site Registrar
Over the past week, a number of the Internet's largest data carriers have ceased providing online connectivity to Atrivo (a.k.a. "Intercage"), an ISP that security experts say is home to a huge number of scammers and spammers. This week, I'm turning the spotlight on EstDomains Inc., Atrivo's most important customer and the single biggest reason so many experts have condemned Atrivo.

EstDomains: A Sordid History and a Storied CEO
In this second part to an ongoing investigation into the notorious Web site host and domain name registrar EstDomains Inc., Security Fix examines the company's history, the legacy of its current chief executive, and its future prospects.

EstDomains Accused of Malware
A blogger has accused Estonian registrar EstDomains (estdomains.com) of involvement in hundreds of online scams, even earning the title of the single largest source of domains affiliated with fake "codec" scams and turning a blind eye to such activity.

Why you should seriously begin considering adding a .mobi to your Internet campaign.
If you've been reading my newsletter, TheSEOLady for the last few months then you know that I've been talking and promoting that every website owner should have a .mobi website in addition to their regular .com or .net or .org websites.

Domain Acquisition -- How Much is Too Much?
A company that's redesigning its Web site recently called me to discuss the possibility of my firm assisting them with their SEO efforts. First, I congratulated them on being one of the few companies to consider SEO prior to re-launching their site (that's the way it's done, people!). Then we talked about their domain name.

UBC names learning centre after .ca 'godfather'
The University of B.C. has named a student learning centre after John Demco, the man who once jokingly referred to himself as "the godfather of .ca" when he conceived the dot-ca domain name in 1987.

Rick Schwartz Resigns from ICA
Rick Schwartz, co-founder and Board Member of Internet Commerce Association (ICA), and the face behind TRAFFIC conferences, has resigned from ICA.

A New Frontier: Branding Tech Terms on the Web
To marketers large and small, the Web is a wide open frontier, an unlimited billboard with boundless branding opportunities. ... The first round of trademark conflict on the Internet, focused on cybersquatting, has subsided. Cybersquatters were early profiteers who bought up the Web addresses, or domain names, of well-known trademarked brands, and then tried to charge the companies huge amounts of money to buy them.

Generic domain names 'no longer important'
Businesses setting up a new website may be interested to read that one expert believes generic domain names are no longer as important online as they used to be.

GoDaddy Drops .Net and .Org Prices
A week after increasing .net and .org domain registration prices, GoDaddy has dropped the price. This is the third price change in recent weeks.

No longer a domain
Buying a generic domain name is no longer a useful marketing tool for businesses, according to an expert.

Getting on to the virtual property ladder
Rather than improving bricks and mortar, canny developers are turning to online properties to boost their fortunes: Who'd be a property developer nowadays? The answer: people who develop online properties - rather than physical ones - by snapping up undeveloped sites in a practice known as website flipping. The principle is exactly the same as that of property development: flippers fix up the undeveloped sites and sell them for a profit. As with property development, it's all about adding value. In property, adding value may mean converting a loft. Online, it means increasing visitor traffic and improving website revenue.

Big Spenders Blast Google-Yahoo Ad Deal
The Association of National Advertisers wants the proposed Google-Yahoo advertising partnership blocked. The trade group -- which represents 400 companies that collectively spend over $100 billion in marketing communications and advertising annually -- has sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice objecting to the deal.

U.S. hires lawyer for Google/Yahoo inquiry
The U.S. Justice Department has hired Sandy Litvack, who was its former antitrust chief and Walt Disney Co's former vice chairman, to consult on its probe of Google Inc's search advertising deal with Yahoo , a source close to the investigation said.

Evaluating Direct Navigation Traffic
Late last year, Google made a seemingly small change to its AdWords program, bringing industry-wide attention to a sizeable source of its search traffic that advertisers previously knew little about.

Using the Activity Index in Your Negotiation: Sedo's recently introduced buyer and seller activity indexes
Sedo's recently introduced buyer and seller activity indexes were designed to help buyers and sellers negotiate more effectively. The activity indexes represent how active members are within the Sedo community and are based on the member?s sales activity. Knowing how experienced a member may be is useful in developing a negotiation strategy.

Meet.Me; Ask.Me; Date.Me; Buy.Me; Love.Me
These and many more 'premium' dotme domain names can be yours at the first public auction of dotme domain names later this month.

Domain Convergence Conference Hits Niagara Falls October 6-8
Domain Convergence, a conference focusing on domain monetization and portfolio management, will be held in Niagara Falls, Ontario, from October 6-8, 2008. The conference will be greatly beneficial for portfolio owners looking to do more with their domain names. There will be sessions on parking versus development, development tools and techniques, domain name owners? rights, and more.

Sedo Sells YB.com for $125,000
Domain name aftermarket and parking company Sedo has completed the sale of YB.com for $125,000. This is just one of a number of domains sold in its GreatDomains auction that have been completed over the past week.

Some SEOs Understand the Value of Domain Names
Search engine optimizers are starting to realize the value of good domain names.

Tailored SEO 'important' for regional sites
Tailoring search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to specific regional domains can help boost a website's position in search rankings, it has been suggested.

Using the Activity Index in Your Negotiation: Sedo's recently introduced buyer and seller activity indexes
Sedo's recently introduced buyer and seller activity indexes were designed to help buyers and sellers negotiate more effectively. The activity indexes represent how active members are within the Sedo community and are based on the member?s sales activity. Knowing how experienced a member may be is useful in developing a negotiation strategy.

How To Value City Domain Names
There are a number of ways to value a geographical domain name such as a city. One factor that certainly matters is the population of the city. All else being equal (and it rarely is) a city of 100,000 people is better than a city of 10,000 people.

au: RBA to review PayPal, eBay link
The Reserve Bank has summoned top executives from online auction house eBay Australia and its subsidiary, PayPal, to review their alleged anti-competitive behaviour, in a meeting to be held next month.

RBA, eBay set to discuss PayPal rules By: Julie Shingleton
The Reserve Bank of Australia is set to meet with online auction house eBay Australia and its subsidiary PayPal in the next 30 days to discuss the removal of eBay rules that favour the use of PayPal as a payment option on the site.

NICTA team looks to internet's future
A team of five scientists from Australia's national ICT research centre, NICTA, are lending their wireless expertise to a collaborative European research project that aims to one day lay the foundations for a future internet.

The Queen to visit Google
She already exchanges emails with her grandchildren and she has shared video on YouTube but now the Queen plans to make a further foray into the world of cyberspace with a visit to Google.

Microsoft and Google Give The Browser a Rewrite
Your Web browser is probably the most important program on your computer, and it's now getting the competition it deserves.

Google puts papers' archives online
Google marked another milestone in its ambition to organise the world's information last night, revealing an ambitious extension of its Google News search that will make millions of pages of archived newspaper content available for free.

Google to Digitize Newspaper Archives
Google is scanning microfilm from newspaper archives to make them searchable online, first through Google News and eventually on the papers? own Web sites.

Google to put newspaper archives online
Google has taken another step towards its stated goal of indexing the world?s information by scanning newspaper archives and making them searchable on the internet.

Hiding a Porn Habit Is Part of the Thrill for Many Addicts
Actor David Duchovny's pubic revelation that he was a sex addict had many people asking if sex addiction is a real disorder or just an excuse for bad behavior.

You've got interruptions
Email is proving a dangerous distraction and is just as addictive as gambling.

E-mail is as addictive as gambling
Just when you finally came to terms with your e-mail addiction, blogs came along, then IM, then Twitter, and now we are all zombies. As it turns out, e-mail is a dangerous distraction.

E-Mail Addiction: Five Signs You Need Help
Are you addicted to e-mail? Study finds the odds are good you checked your e-mail within the last 15 minutes. Here are five warning signs.

Nokia turns attention to Internet
Nokia's Internet services are far from ready and the world's top cellphone maker is seeking further acquisitions to speed up the introduction of new services, Niklas Savander, the head of the unit, said in an interview.

The future of newspapers in the age of the internet
Newspaper companies risk dying "a death of a thousand cuts" if they fire staff en masse without drastically reinventing their businesses, a leading international media consultant warned Australian publishing executives this week. ... Mr Senor said newspapers needed to "innovate or die", completely reinvent the formula of the medium and "rediscover the soul of their business".

Rupert Murdoch last hope for newspapers: ABC chief
Rupert Murdoch is the last, best hope for quality newspapers, ABC managing director Mark Scott has declared.

nz: Councillor uses Wikipedia to discredit rivals
Auckland City councillor Aaron Bhatnagar has been caught doctoring the online encyclopedia Wikipedia to paint his opponents in a bad light at last year's local body elections.

U.S. text usage hits record despite price increases
Text messaging is proving to be the goose that laid golden eggs for the wireless industry as usage explodes despite steep increases in the price of the service.

British bosses more likely to ban Facebook than European counterparts
British companies are twice as likely to ban or restrict the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace compared to their European counterparts, according to new research.

Brave New World of Digital Intimacy
On Sept. 5, 2006, Mark Zuckerberg changed the way that Facebook worked, and in the process he inspired a revolt. Zuckerberg, a doe-eyed 24-year-old C.E.O., founded Facebook in his dorm room at Harvard two years earlier, and the site quickly amassed nine million users. By 2006, students were posting heaps of personal details onto their Facebook pages, including lists of their favorite TV shows, whether they were dating (and whom), what music they had in rotation and the various ad hoc ?groups? they had joined (like ?Sex and the City? Lovers). All day long, they?d post ?status? notes explaining their moods ? ?hating Monday,? ?skipping class b/c i?m hung over.? After each party, they?d stagger home to the dorm and upload pictures of the soused revelry, and spend the morning after commenting on how wasted everybody looked. Facebook became the de facto public commons ? the way students found out what everyone around them was like
 and what he or she was doing.

uk: Parentline Plus networking website allows parents to discuss their teenagers
Parents of teenagers are to get a dedicated social networking site to help them to cope with the challenges of older children. Parentline Plus, which runs a 24-hour helpline, is behind the new service that will be funded by the Government.

Twittering From the Cradle
A host of new sites, including Totspot, Odadeo, Lil?Grams and Kidmondo, offer parents a chance to invite friends and family to join and contribute to a network geared to connecting them to the baby in their lives.

Google's Search Goes Out to Sea
Call it Google?s data navy. The search and advertising company has filed for a patent that describes a ?water-based data center.? The idea is that Google would create mobile data center platforms out at sea by stacking containers filled with servers, storage systems and networking gear on barges or other platforms.

How text-messaging slips can help catch murderers
After Danielle Jones disappeared on 18 June 2001, a series of text messages were sent from her phone. Police were suspicious that the later messages in the series were not written by Danielle, and linguistic analysis was able to show that they were in fact more likely to have been written by her uncle, Stuart Campbell. Likewise, when Jenny Nicholl disappeared in 2005, a linguistic analysis showed that text messages sent from her handset were probably written not by her but by her ex-lover, David Hodgson. Both Hodgson and Campbell were convicted of murder, and the linguistic evidence played an important role in their prosecution.

Less toxic iPods rock
Image from flickr iLoungeYesterday Steve Jobs announced Apple new iPod line up. Here?s the bit that really got our attention about the new models: Arsenic-free glass, Brominated flame retardant-free, Mercury-free & PVC-free.

Greenpeace gushes over latest iPods
Greenpeace is praising Apple over its cleaner iPods. The company said on Tuesday that it would be completely eliminating the use of PVC and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) in the upcoming line of iPod nano players.

Obama sex video? Hardly. It's spyware spreading via email
Don't believe everything you read on the Internet: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama isn't a terrorist...or a porn star.

Warning over Obama sex scandal spam
Web monitoring firms are warning IT administrators to update their spam filters after a massive new spamming campaign was detected. Inboxes are filling up with spam claiming to have a link to a web site that carries video footage of a sexual indiscretion committed by presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Three major spam waves in August
Beware of Madonna, MS & CNN: Secure Computing's Research team has found three major spam waves in the month of August.

BitTorrent Spam Seeding Trojan Virus
Spam There's some ingenious virus-laden e-mail spam making the rounds right now.

Google backs $750m African internet project
Google has teamed up with John Malone, the media billionaire, and HSBC on a venture that will offer internet access to three billion people in Africa and other emerging markets as the US search engine continues to expand its presence across the Web.

'Africans to gain' from web plan
Google is helping develop a system to bring high-speed internet connections to three billion people developing countries in Africa and elsewhere.

Google backs project to connect 3bn to net
Google has thrown its weight behind ambitious plans to bring internet access to 3bn people in Africa and other emerging markets by launching at least 16 satellites to bring its services to the unconnected half of the globe.

Space offers high-speed net access to Africa
Greg Wyler, a US technology entrepreneur seeking a worthwhile project after selling his semiconductor cooling devices business, found himself in Rwanda two years ago, trying to bring internet access to one of Africa?s poorest regions.

Mobile phones key to universal ICT access - NTC official
Mobile phones and their applications hold the key to reaching universal access to information and communications technology (ICT) in the [Philippines], not the Internet or broadband, an official of National Telecommunications Commission has said, pointing to the lack of fixed lines in rural areas.

Bridging the digital divide
Robert Conway is the CEO of the GSM Association, which comprises over 800 GSM mobile phone operators, manufacturers and suppliers from across the world. In countries such as India, efforts have led to reduced phone costs and basic services are offered at lower revenues. He participated in the Principal Voices debate in 2005 and talked about how technology impacted development across the world and the role mobile phone technology played. Three years on, CNN caught up with Robert Conway and asked whether there's been any shrinking of the digital divide.

U.S. May Be Preparing Antitrust Suit in Google-Yahoo Partnership
Is the Justice Department preparing to challenge a high-profile advertising partnership between Google and Yahoo?

US authorities hire top lawyer to prepare antitrust case against Google
The US justice department has hired a top Washington lawyer to head up a possible antitrust investigation into the activities of Google.

Yahoo's link-up with Google faces threat of litigation
Yahoo's life-saving advertising alliance with Google could be under threat, after it emerged that the US Justice Department has hired a top competition lawyer to advise on a potential litigation to stop the deal.

us: Massive Takedown of Anti-Scientology Videos on YouTube
Over a period of twelve hours, between this Thursday night and Friday morning, American Rights Counsel LLC sent out over 4000 DMCA takedown notices to YouTube, all making copyright infringement claims against videos with content critical of the Church of Scientology. Clips included footage of Australian and German news reports about Scientology, A Message to Anonymous/Scientology , and footage from a Clearwater City Commission meeting. Many accounts were suspended by YouTube in response to multiple allegations of copyright infringement.

Scientology fights critics with 4,000 DMCA takedown notices
A huge trove of critical videos of Scientology was targeted for takedown late last week by a group called American Rights Counsel. The group sent more than 4,000 DMCA takedown notices to YouTube and claimed that every video infringed on its copyrights, according to the EFF.

Internet drug trafficking skyrockets, experts warn [AFP]
Drug trafficking on the web has soared as Internet use has become commonplace, presenting far more challenges and dangers than traditional trafficking, experts warned at a conference in Stockholm that wrapped up Wednesday.

Saudi arrests five web 'jihadis'
Saudi Arabia said on Wednesday it has arrested five people who used the Internet to propagate extremism and incite youths to go to troubled areas, a reference to supporters of Al-Qaeda.

nz: I was slandered, says teen hacker
A teenager who hacked into a Bebo site says she did it because she felt she was being slandered. The Hastings teen, 19, has been granted diversion by police for the criminal charge of hacking into a schoolgirl's social networking website - an offence punishable by up to seven years in jail.

nz: Cambridge family hot over hacker's penalty
The family of a Cambridge teenager whose Bebo site was hacked have laid a complaint about the way police handled the case.

eu: Brussels in 'frightening' grab for personal information
Civil liberties and privacy are being eroded at a "breathtaking" rate by European Union governments, according to a report: Civil liberties watchdog Statewatch criticised the EU's post-9/11 security strategy as a "frightening" grab for every aspect of individual information.

Dealing With I.S.P. Snooping
Even though Congress has growled loudly enough to get Internet service providers to back off their plans to sell information about their customers? Web surfing to advertising companies, one prominent legal expert argues that the law governing the issue should still be made tougher.

Google Tightens Data Retention Policy - Again
Under pressure from regulators and activists, Google tightened its data retention policies, saying it would anonymize search records after nine months.

Google says EU data laws do not catch its search logs
Google will anonymise search engine data after nine months instead of 18 months after pressure from EU and US privacy activists and regulators. The company also said that EU law does not apply to crucial parts of its data processing operations.

Google moves to ease search privacy concerns [AFP]
Google has moved to calm privacy concerns, with plans to halve the time it keeps users' web search data on record following pressure from European regulators.

Google to dump user data earlier
Google is to halve the amount of time it stores users' personal search data in response to continued pressure from the EU over its privacy policy.

Google cuts how long it stores users' personal data
Google Inc has halved the amount of time it stores personal data gathered from its users' Web surfing habits, a move aimed at improving its privacy policies, a company official said.

BBC iPlayer offered on Nokia N96
Users of the Nokia N96 are to be among the first with the ability to run the BBC's iPlayer on their mobile phones.

High-Ranking Web Site Administrator Sentenced in Peer-to-Peer Piracy Crackdown [news release]
Daniel Dove, 26, formerly of Clintwood, Va., was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge James P. Jones to 18 months in prison for his role as a high-ranking administrator of a peer-to-peer (P2P) Internet piracy group. In addition, Dove was ordered to serve three years of supervised release and fined $20,000. A jury found Dove guilty of conspiracy and felony copyright infringement on June 26, 2008.

DVD copier by RealNetworks is sure to ire Hollywood
People have been avidly feeding music CDs into their computers for years, ripping digital copies of albums and transferring the files to their other computers and mobile devices. This has not happened nearly as much with DVDs, for both practical and legal reasons. But that may soon change.

Video Piracy--Without The Piracy
If the advent of streaming video and direct downloads hadn't already signaled the impending death of video disc sales, add another nail to the DVD distributor's coffin: a technology that lets anyone copy any DVD--and seems to be perfectly legal.

Internet first for band Marillion
Since having a string of chart hits in the 1980s and prompting a surge of babies named Kayleigh, the rock group Marillion have reinvented themselves as unlikely internet pioneers. They plan to appeal to new fans by flooding the peer-to-peer networks typically used to swap pirated songs with copies of their new album.

Zimbabwe bloggers shine a light on their troubled country
With most independent newspapers shut down by Mugabe's regime, activists -- and even a diplomat -- have turned to the Internet.

Syria blocks 160 websites: rights group [AFP]
Syrian authorities have blocked access to 160 dissident websites since 2000 as part of a drive to censure the press and control Internet use, a free speech organisation said on Tuesday.

Moroccan blogger jailed for disparaging king
A blogger who accused Morocco's monarchy of encouraging a culture of dependency where loyalty is rewarded with favors has been jailed for showing disrespect for King Mohammed, his family and rights groups said on Tuesday.

UK computer games industry calls for PEGI ratings system
The computer games industry has again called for the UK government to choose PEGI, the voluntary Pan-European Games Information ratings, instead of a proposed hybrid system.

Wikipedia editors divided over sex shots
CHILD protection campaigners say Wikipedia has "crossed the line" by allowing graphic videos and photographs of sexual acts on its articles - and even some of the site's own editors say the content is dressed-up porn.

uk: Married to a paedophile
Roger Took was a respected art historian and a husband of 25 years. He was also a paedophile. Here, for the first time, his wife explains how he was able to deceive her for so many years and describes her horror upon discovering that his victims had included her grandchildren

nz: Internet providers called on to act
The power of the internet to influence young people giving them instant access to methods of committing suicide was highlighted at the seminar by internet safety education service Netsafe.

Microsoft Pushes Digital IDs for Kids Online
A Microsoft white paper suggesting that children get digital identity cards to verify their age and better protect them online. But not everyone is convinced it's the right approach.

Will the world end on Wednesday?
Be a bit of a pain if it did, wouldn't it? And the most frustrating thing is that we won't know for sure either way until the European laboratory for particle physics (Cern) in Geneva switches on its Large Hadron Collider the day after tomorrow.

CERN reiterates safety of LHC on eve of first beam [news release]
A report published today in the peer reviewed Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics provides comprehensive evidence that safety fears about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are unfounded. The LHC is CERN?s new flagship research facility. As the world?s highest energy particle accelerator, it is poised to provide new insights into the mysteries of our universe.

Into the unknown
Something extremely important is going on today in a giant tunnel beneath the Swiss countryside. But precisely what 'mysteries of the universe' are the scientists at Cern hoping to solve - and does it matter whether or not they succeed? Stuart Jeffries gets to grips with Higgs bosons, quarks, supersymmetric particles and miniature black holes

Cern special: The 9 billion dollar question
Today, mankind?s greatest experiment begins as the Large Hadron Collider powers up. The cost is huge, the scale is massive ? and the discoveries could be enormous. But, asks Andy McSmith, what does it all add up to?

So what the heck is a hadron?
Who is behind today's experiment? This is probably the biggest international collaboration outside of the United Nations. It has involved something like 10,000 scientists and engineers from 500 research institutes in 80 countries. The building of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been co-ordinated by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) in Geneva, which carries out studies into particle physics on behalf of the 20 nations that fund it. Cern has already built several particle colliders, or "atom smashers", which have produced fundamental discoveries in physics leading to several Nobel prizes.

NBC agrees to use Google TV ads for networks
Google is to begin selling advertisements on some of NBC Universal's cable networks. NBC Universal said yesterday that Google would be allowed to sell adverts on some of its cable channels, such as MSNBC, Oxygen and the Sci Fi network. The partnership may be extended later to other NBC Universal properties.

au: Bob Carr backs Telstra in bid for broadband network
Former NSW premier Bob Carr has thrown his weight behind Telstra's offer to build a national broadband network worth up to $30 billion, and has been advising the former monopoly on the bid.

US Congress set to weigh in on tech, telecom issues [AP]
Technology and telecommunications issues will be on Capitol Hill's radar in the months ahead as lawmakers attempt to influence regulators at the Federal Communications Commission and frame the debate for next year's Congress. Among the issues at the top of the agenda: subsidies for telephone service in underserved areas and online privacy.

nz: David Cunliffe and the Three Musketeers?
THERE'S been no shortage of backchat from Vodafone and TelstraClear on National's plan to invest $1.5 billion in a fibre network, and a stony silence from Telecom.

US mobile carrier CEOs still want network control
The wireless Web has prompted mobile operators to change their tune about open networks, but don't expect the mobile market to be as open as the PC Internet anytime soon.

au: Officer faces court on child sex, porn charges
A New South Wales police officer charged with child sex and pornography offences has been ordered not to use the internet or approach his alleged victim.

Policeman faces child sex charges
A Sydney police officer appeared in court today charged with having sex with an underage child and possession of child pornography.

au: Child porn conviction for former teacher
A former Orange High School teacher and police officer has been sentenced to a suspended 12 month jail term for two counts of accessing child pornography.

au: Man jailed over 'thousands' of child porn images [ABC]
A 53-year-old Perth man has been sentenced to 16 months' jail for possessing tens of thousands of images of child pornography featuring children as young as 12 months.

Man pleads guilty to possessing child pornography [ABC]
A 53-year-old man from Perth is behind bars after pleading guilty to possessing tens of thousands of images of child pornography, featuring children as young as 12-months-old.

au: Sick images showed babies bound, gagged
A WELSHPOOL man has been jailed for 16 months for collecting thousands of ''the worst sort'' of child pornography - including images of abuse against babies.

au: Police probe leads to child porn arrest Down Under
A 46-year-old man in Australia has been charged with child porn possession after Barrie police say he struck up an Internet 'friendship' with a local 13-year-old girl.

Canadian child porn case leads to Australia
A child pornography investigation by Barrie Police leading to an arrest in Australia. The investigation started when information from a Barrie teacher revealed a 13 year old student was chatting over the internet with a predator.

nz: Good work undone
The lawyer for a mine disposal expert, who admitted to viewing bestiality and child porn while working in war-torn countries, says he used the internet pornography for relaxation from his dangerous and stressful job.

uk: Shannon Matthews' stepfather denies possessing child pornography [PA]
Police searching for Shannon Matthews found more than 100 indecent images of children on a computer belonging to her mother's then partner, a court heard.

Shannon's stepfather 'had child porn images'
The stepfather of schoolgirl Shannon Matthews had more than 100 indecent images of children on his computer, a court heard yesterday.

Shannon Matthews: Over 100 indecent images found on computer
More than 100 indecent images of children were found on a computer belonging to the then boyfriend of Shannon Matthews' mother during the search for the missing schoolgirl, a court has heard.


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