[DNS] Root Servers & .net.au

[DNS] Root Servers & .net.au

From: David Sexton <david§dscomputing.au.com>
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 13:30:53 +1000
Hi All,

Has any one noticed issues with .net.au at the moment?
One of my clients called saying their site was down - which is actually 
CNAME'd elsewhere, but when I used my secondary's DNS checker, I was 
getting an error saying that domain wasn't listed at Root server.

Tried a few other websites that do similar things on other .net.au 
domains, and seem to be seeing the same thing - they don't appear to be 
able to query .net.au addresses.

Has any one else noticed this, or have any idea whats going on? It's 
possible that I'm just plain mad.

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