[DNS] domain name news - 12 February

[DNS] domain name news - 12 February

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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 14:34:20 -0800 (PST)
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Technology Rises in New Obama Administration

ICANN July 2009 ? June 2012 Strategic Plan Posted

After the dot: the latest net revolution by Kieren McCarthy, ICANN's general manager of public participation

Why Washington Must Face Global-Cyber-Name-Economy?

.BERLIN is already in people's heads!

ICT community abuzz as Nigeria set to auction Internet name

Official: Obama orders review of cyber security [AP]

au: Bottle Domains customers caught in security scare

Australian domain registrar suffers security breach

Kentucky's Seizure of Domains is Unlawful

Technology Rises in New Obama Administration
In the months leading up to his inauguration, President Barack Obama, like any modern lawyer, refused to give up his BlackBerry, much to the chagrin of aides who stressed that presidential e-mails were a potential legal and security risk. However, the problem was resolved and Mr. Obama will be given a smart phone with enhanced security features. ... This article will discuss several of the major technology-related initiatives of the new administration, and the legal issues inherent in such proposals.

The future of the Internet is... regulation?
Academics and policy makers gather in Boulder, Colorado to debate the future of Internet regulation. When it comes to network neutrality, some want rules now, but Verizon's CTO and others argue that government should focus on "real" problems, not crazy hypotheticals.


July 2009 ? June 2012 Strategic Plan Posted
After extensive consultation with the community, the July 2009 - June 2012 Strategic Plan [PDF, 993K] is being posted following its approval by the ICANN Board at its February meeting. The Strategic Plan sets out ICANN?s priorities for the next three years and is used as the basis for shaping ICANN?s annual operating plan and budget. Details of the annual planning cycle can be found at http://icann.org/en/planning/.

Public Comment: ALAC Review WG Draft Final Report
The ALAC Review Working Group (WG) has released its draft Final Report presenting its conclusions on ALAC improvements.

Governments and Country-Code Managers' Interest in the Fast Track Process
Last year, ICANN sent letters to countries and territories informing them about the Fast Track process ? where a limited number of internationalized domain names will be added to the Internet ? and asked them to indicate their level of interest. This is an update on that process.

After the dot: the latest net revolution by Kieren McCarthy, ICANN's general manager of public participation
Changes in the way websites are named could have a massive impact on the internet - and cause controversy along the way.

Why Washington Must Face Global-Cyber-Name-Economy?
The serious objections by US Department of Commerce to ICANN's new policies on creating unlimited domain suffixes are primarily based on old domain name thinking and continued fear of losing control of Internet. The comments lack serious knowledge of global business naming problems surrounded by international demands of multiple-cyber-branding platforms now impacting 99% of buyers and sellers worldwide. Businesses need to create global name brands for the new world with great speed and minimal costs and this time Washington could lead this charge or risk losing support to control the Internet.

Governments and Country-Code Managers' Interest in the Fast Track Process
Last year, ICANN sent letters to countries and territories informing them about the Fast Track process ? where a limited number of internationalized domain names will be added to the Internet ? and asked them to indicate their level of interest. This is an update on that process.

Meltdown Creates New Global Champions by Naseem Javed
We have now arrived right in the middle of that second half of the hyper-accelerated phase, where western brands start to fall like dominos. ... The ICANN?s brand new domain name platform will very positively shake the branding world on a global scale. The traditional costs and times to build global image and unique name identities will be cut by up to 95% in most applications.

Learn what's new with online privacy and ICANN rules
Depending on proposed FTC guidelines, retailers might need to make significant changes to their online marketing programs and the shopping experience they offer customers. Listen to Shop.org and NRF executives discuss potential key policy changes and initiatives for 2009 -- including privacy, online sales tax and what the new administration might do -- that will affect retail.

Icann publishes strategic plan for 2009-12 [sub req'd]
Icann has published its strategic plan for the period 2009-12, following approval at a board meeting. The plan sets the global internet naming organisation's priorities for the coming years and is used to shape its annual budget and operations.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
.BERLIN is already in people's heads!
The first major City TLD project, .BERLIN has now been in the works for several years. We discuss the advantages of a City TLD with DotBerlin CEO Dirk Krischenowski.

Good Marketing and Catchy TLD Gives .ME 200,000 Registrations
Showing that good marketing and a catchy TLD can mean good business, .ME now has 200,000 registrations with the domain name opendoor.me being the domain claimed to be the 200,000th registration.

Global Sensation - .ME Hits 200,000 Registered Domains [news release]
The Internet's most popular new domain name extension, .ME, now includes a portfolio of two-hundred thousand names registered worldwide.

ME TLD Tops 200k Registrations
After less than a year of general availability, 200,000 .me top level domains have now been registered worldwide, making the country code top-level domain for Montenegro the fastest growing new ccTLD launch on record.

ICT community abuzz as Nigeria set to auction Internet name
Industry watchers and the business community are waiting to see what impact the launch of Nigeria?s top level Internet domain name, the ?.ng? will have on life and business in here.

Official: Obama orders review of cyber security [AP]
An administration official says that President Barack Obama has ordered a 60-day review of the nation's cybersecurity to examine how federal agencies are using technology to protect U.S. secrets and data.

Obama orders 60-day cybersecurity review
President Barack Obama on Monday ordered an immediate 60-day review of federal cyber security efforts and named Melissa Hathaway, a top U.S. intelligence official, to oversee the effort, according to a White House statement.

Obama hints at cybersecurity shakeup with review
In a move that could reshape the federal government's cybersecurity efforts, President Obama on Monday said a former Booz Allen consultant would conduct an immediate two-month review of all related agency activities.

U.S. misses DNS security deadline
The federal government missed its first deadline for rolling out DNS security mechanisms on its .gov top-level domain. Federal officials now say they will cryptographically sign .gov by the end of February, one month behind their original schedule.

Kaspersky, OpenDNS Collaborate to Slow Conficker Worm [IDG]
OpenDNS has added a feature to its DNS services to fight a widespread worm, with help from Russian security company Kaspersky Lab.

Cracking down on Conficker: Kaspersky, OpenDNS join forces
Conficker is still making a nuisance of itself and popping off and on the security radar. OpenDNS and Kaspersky Labs have had enough; the two organizations have teamed up to prevent Conficker from catching a foothold anywhere else.

New-age cyber-attack inflicts major damage with modest means
A sustained cyber-attack against a handful of niche pornography sites has demonstrated a novel way to inflict major damage on hardened targets using a modest amount of data, a security researcher has warned.

au: Bottle Domains customers caught in security scare
The Australian Federal Police is investigating a security breach at Australian registrar Bottle Domains that may have exposed an unknown number of account and domain name passwords.

Australian domain registrar suffers security breach
The Australian Federal Police is investigating a security breach at Australian registrar Bottle Domains that may have exposed an unknown number of account and domain name passwords.

Germany's National Defense in Cyberspace
Germany's military, the Bundeswehr, trains its own hackers -- and it's not the only official effort to defend a nation from denial-of-service attacks. Governments around the world are preparing for the future of war.

Cybersquatting the Microsoft Brand: Getting Tough on Trademark Infringement
There has been significant commentary recently on bulletin boards and within the domainer community about Microsoft Corporation's stepped-up online brand protection efforts. Microsoft has been aggressively pursuing any and all domain registrants who have registered domains incorporating any of the Microsoft brands. Instead of a simple domain transfer upon being noticed, Microsoft is demanding money compensation from virtually all domain registrants which Microsoft believes are infringing on their trademark-protected brands.

Statutory Damages Under The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act by David M. Kelly and Scott Harlan
The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act ("ACPA") applies to any person who "registers, traffics in, or uses a domain name" that is identical or confusingly similar to a distinctive mark, or that is dilutive of a famous mark, and who "has a bad faith intent to profit from that mark."1 The ACPA applies to all domain names regardless of whether they were registered before, on, or after the enactment of the ACPA on November 29, 1999.

Fight Back Against Cybersquatters
The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the pond scum who hijacked the name of a not-for-profit animal rescue group. Not that they deserve protection.

Peaches.com Successfully Defended
With the help of attorney John Berryhill, 24-7 Outdoors Inc. has successfully defended its domain name Peaches.com. Domain Name Wire first wrote about this case in December. The complainant, Peaches Uniforms, sells style-conscious scrubs and uniforms to medical practitioners.

Kentucky's Seizure of Domains is Unlawful
The Kentucky Court of Appeals has ruled that the state of Kentucky's seizure of 141 domain names writes Elizabeth Oliveira from Sedo?s Legal Team.

Ohio Takes First Step as Online Gambling Taxed
Lisbon clearly advances the notion that online gambling is not illegal, under any law not contorted beyond recognition of its purpose.

CIRA Refuses to Transfer 'emusic.ca' to EMusic
In the recent case of EMusic.com Inc. v Mogul Arts Inc. (Nov.2008), the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) panel refused to order the transfer of ?emusic.ca? to the Complainant, EMusic.com on grounds that it failed to demonstrate that the domain was registered in bad faith. EMusic.com (?Complainant?), a U.S. based operator of an online music store since 1985, is the owner of the domain ?emusic.com?. It has also owned the Canadian trademark ?EMUSIC? since in 1999. The registrant of the domain in question, Mogul Arts Inc., (?Mogul?) registered the domain ?emusic.ca? in 2001 under CIRA, after the launch of the Complainant?s website and filing date of the trademark but prior to its trademark registration date. Mogul Arts Inc. used the domain as an active web site intermittently from 2001 to 2007.

 - IPv4/IPv6
IPV6 on the agenda in Saudi Arabia
Consultancy group Devoteam Middle East hosted a conference on Sunday, to discuss the future direction of internet services in Saudi Arabia.

Expanding domain name capacity: Aligning security and innovation
Ken Silva, CTO of Verisign, describes ?Project Titan,? the company?s answer to the continual growth of the internet. The project will increase their domain name capacity by ten times as well as prepare them for the migration of telephony to the Internet.

Ken Silva, CTO, Verisign: Aligning security and innovation
Ken Silva, CTO of Verisign, speaks to ZDNet Editor in Chief, Larry Dignan about the biggest security threats facing companies in 2009, and what Verisign is doing to out-innovate the hackers. Silva also discusses the company?s strategy to expand domain name capacity, secure mobile devices, and his philosophy on the intersection of security and innovation.

Keeping the Heat on Registrars
With all the negativity to reflect upon in the world of IT security these days, there has been a pretty cool trend emerging over the last year or two as grassroots researchers have experienced greater success in calling out online miscreants in public and then seeing those organizations snap-to or go under

Re-Ranking KnujOn?s Spam Domain Registrar List
The internet media goes abuzz when KnujOn (?No Junk? backwards) releases its report of the domain name registrars with the most spam. But few people question the methodology behind the report, and blindly shame the top registrars on the report. If you know me, I don?t take things at face value. And that?s why I?m presenting a re-ranking of KnujOn?s report based on a simpler and better methodology.

Sedo No Reserve Auction
Sedo.com will conduct their 1st ever No Reserve Online Domain Auction starting at 1pm February 26 and ending at the same time on March 5. No reserve sometimes produces a low quality catalog, but this event, specializing in .com, .net and .uk domains, will include solid names like Deposits.com, Wait.net and Ran.co.uk.

The Secondary Domain Market
In today's domain world, the secondary market is the place to shop. In today?s domain world, the secondary market is the place to shop. Consider it a domain name thrift store, or flea market. You will be hard pressed to find a valuable, generic domain in the primary market.

Attract More Buyers - This February give your domain names the gift of extra attention.
This February give your domain names the gift of extra attention. You will be happy you did once you start seeing the offers come in. Although we cannot guarantee that your domain name will sell, promoting domains through Sedo, has proven to increase the likelihood of selling a domain name up to five (5) times.

Everyone Loves a Two Letter .com
If youare searching for a domain that is truly a diamond in the rough, a two letter .com may be right for you, writes Stephanie Nichols, Customer Service Associate at Sedo.

While papers fold, television prospers
Subscribers to print newspapers have gone missing, as everyone knows. Book publishers are also wondering where readers have disappeared to.

British teenagers 'spend an average of 31 hours online'
Teenagers spend an average of 31 hours a week online and nearly two hours a week looking at pornography, according to a study.

Cuba looks to expand Internet access
Cuba wants to expand access to the Internet but has been held back by economic problems and bandwidth limitations, Cuban communications minister Ramiro Valdes said on Tuesday.

Google surges in U.S. search engine rankings
Nielsen Online released its January 2009 U.S. search engine rankings Wednesday and not surprisingly, Google has a commanding lead.

au: Social media explodes in wake of deadly bushfires
Social media websites such as Twitter, Flickr and Facebook have become a focal point for victims of Australia's worst bushfire, and those who want to help them out.

Another day wasted as I turn to the Twittering classes to provide suggestions for my column
What's that? You think it's easy filling a page each week with this gibberish? Well, it is. But some weeks aren't as easy as others. For one thing, pretty much all I've been aware of all week is snow tumbling from the sky, and everyone else has already written about that - and I mean everyone, from Melanie Phillips to the late Roy Kinnear. The only other thing I've noticed is some kind of acute muscular spasm in my neck and left shoulder, and that's hardly entertaining, except maybe for the bit where the doctor rather brilliantly prescribed me diazepam so I necked some and walked very slowly around the Westfield shopping centre listening to Henry Mancini's Pink Panther theme on repeat on an MP3 player, smiling eerily at shoppers.

uk: Facebook dating alert for murder suspect
Police hunting a fairground worker suspected of murdering his ex-girlfriend and then burning her body have issued a warning to female Facebook users after discovering that he uses the site to meet women.

Google introduces power meter software to reduce electricity use
Search giant Google is developing new monitoring tools to help families reduce the amount of electricity they are using.

Google crashes the smart-grid party
Company introduces PowerMeter software for tracking home energy use, part of smart-grid plan to make energy data available on the Web for free in real time in standard formats.

EC agrees to online safety deal
The European Commission has brokered a deal with internet companies to help protect children using social networking sites, it announced today.

eu: Teens targeted in net safety push
Half of Europe's teenagers browse the web with no parental oversight or supervision, a survey suggests.

51% of kids surf the web unsupervised
More than half of teens frequently surf the web without any supervision, according to a study from MSN.

EU launches cyber-bullying campaign
The European Commission has launched a campaign to highlight the risks of cyber-bullying.

Safer Internet Day 2009: Commission starts campaign against cyber-bullying [news release]
More than half of Polish teenagers and 34% of Belgian and UK youngsters have been the target of cyberbullying ? harassment over internet sites or mobile messages. That is why the European Commission launches at Safer Internet Day 2009, a campaign including a short video, empowering teenagers to keep control when online. Young people bullied online must be able to report such abuse quickly and easily at the click of a button. The pan-European campaign encompasses all EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. It is part of the Commission's Safer Internet programme (IP/08/1899), which, among other things, works with the social networking companies to fight cyberbullying.

Social Networking: Commission brokers agreement among major web companies [news release]
17 leading web firms have signed for the first time a European agreement to improve the safety of under 18s who use social networking sites. These include Arto, Bebo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Giovani.it, Google/YouTube, Hyves, Microsoft Europe, Myspace, Nasza-klaza.pl, Netlog, One.lt, Skyrock, StudiVZ, Sulake/Habbo Hotel, Yahoo!Europe, and Zap.lu. Social networking sites are an emerging social and economic phenomenon, attracting 41.7 million regular users in Europe and changing the way we interact with each other on the Web.

Facebook, MySpace sign cyber-bullying pact [Reuters]
Seventeen social networking sites in Europe including Facebook and MySpace have signed a pact aimed at curbing "cyber-bullying" and protecting the privacy of underage users, the European Commission said.

Social networking sites sign teen-protection pact with EU
Facebook, MySpace and Google have signed a pact with the European Union to improve safeguards against the bullying and abuse of teenagers online.

Social networking sites, EU ink pact on child safety online
The European Commission and a number of social networking sites have signed an agreement that they hope will help protect kids who use these services online. Though some believe the threat isn't as big a deal as it seems, more and better privacy controls are always a good thing.

Social Networking Sites Sign EU Pact on Child Safety [IDG]
Seventeen social-networking Web sites including household names such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace have signed a voluntary code of practice designed to stamp out online bullying of children and to inform kids how to protect their personal information, the European Commission said Tuesday.

Child safety takes precedence in UK internet regulation debate
The safety of children online, more than any other issue, is driving the growing move to censor the internet in the UK, but international agendas are making it hard to achieve practical results.

A quarter of British teenagers victims of online bullying
The research, which examines the rise in social media and the habits and attitudes of European teenagers, identified that 67 per cent of teenagers spend most of their time on social networking sites while using the internet. Meanwhile 15 per cent spend most of their time on instant messaging services, according to the findings released today in support of Safer Internet Day.

Green light for ISP filtering trials
The federal Government's controversial live ISP filtering trial will finally kick-off with six internet service providers chosen to participate.

Mandatory filtering won't slow net access by Anthony Pillion, Webshield Internet Services managing director
TOO often the technical commentary against ISP level filtering has arisen from a misunderstanding of the dual filtering system in the federal government?s proposal and the different infrastructure needed to build each level.

au: Largest ISPs left out of filter list
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy this afternoon announced the names of six ISPs which will participate in the Federal Government's internet filter trial ? but the nation's largest ISPs are not on the list.

Companies to trial net filtering plan [AAP]
Six companies will take part in the federal government's trial of an internet content filter.

Six providers enter internet filtering trial
The Federal Government's controversial internet filtering trial has moved a step closer with the announcement of six internet service providers ready to take part.

Six ISPs in Australian web filter trial
SIX internet service providers will soon prevent users from accessing obscene material on 10,000 websites under a trial by the Federal Government.

iiNet and Optus shunned in first round of net filter trials
Vocal opponents of the Federal Government?s controversial Internet filters have been excluded from the first phase of the much-anticipated pilot.

Conroy announces first filterers and not a big one in sight
Communications minister Stephen Conroy has named the first six ISPs that will take part in the Government's trial of ISP side content filtering, and only one of them comes from the top ten.

Conroy's paternalism misses target
commentary: Our great Communications Minister's limited focus on scary dangers like Facebook leaves many real net nasties unaddressed in Safer Internet Day activities.

Education, not filtering, the answer: iiNet
AT iiNet we believe that the internet is perhaps one of the greatest creations of humankind. As an internet service provider, iiNet has always looked to innovate within the constantly evolving and transforming space that is the world wide web.

NSW primary schools to get ACMA cybersafety program
The Australian Communications and Media Authority will extend its primary school-focused Cybersmart Detectives program to NSW as part of tomorrow?s Safer Internet Day ?celebrations?.

Australia participates in Safer Internet Day 2009 [news release]
Young people around Australia will participate in activities promoting responsible internet use during Safer Internet Day tomorrow.

Cyberbullying and safe social networking addressed as ACMA marks Safer Internet Day [news release]
The Australian Communications and Media Authority is marking Safer Internet Day 2009 tomorrow, with a series of internet safety events and activities across Australia. This year?s activities focus on the international Safer Internet Day themes of cyberbullying and safe social networking.

Schools should 'do more' about cyber-bullying to really make it a Safer Internet Day
SCHOOLS are being called upon to take an active role in how children use the internet as the world marks Safer Internet Day.

"Scrap the internet filter, give the cash to bushfire survivors"
Senator Conroy is trumpeting that today is "Internet safety day", but members of the online community are calling for the government to scrap the unpopular government internet filter and give the $44 million to bushfire survivor.

Child pornography filtering service launches
A filtering system has been launched that gives users information about pages that have been blocked for containing sexual abuse images.

Australian Censor Celebrates Safer Internet Day 2009
Protect our kids. Protect our pets. Protect ourselves from ourselves. This may be the message that Australia is trying to convey in recent months as some in government attempt to block websites.

Australia participates in Safer Internet Day 2009
Safe social networking and the prevention of cyber-bullying are the themes of Safer Internet Day which is expected to be recognised by more than 50 countries today.

Google Australia Observes Safer Internet Day
Safer Internet Day isn't something you're likely to find marked on a bookstore calendar, and even Wikipedia, which notes that February 10th is when Saint Paul's shipwreck is commemorated, doesn't recognize it. The occasion's important enough within our little online community, though, and Google Australia chose to recognize it.

Safer Internet Day to address cyberbullying, networking [sub req'd]
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is marking Safer Internet Day 2009 on 10 February, with a series of internet safety events and activities across Australia.

Google launches New Zealand online safety resource and YouTube safety centre
The online safety resource and Youtube safety centre have been launched today to coincide with Safer Internet Day.

Google launches online safety page
Google is launching a dedicated New Zealand page for online safety and security tips.

How do we make the net a safe place for kids?
It is almost impossible to find a date in the calendar that has not been chosen to be a remembrance or observation day of some description. Later this month we have International Sword Swallowers Awareness Day, while November 4 sees in National Chicken Lady Day (proclaimed only recently by then-President Bush) and just two days later, National Men Make Dinner Day.

nz: Making the Net a safer place
February 10th is Safer Internet Day and Google is marking the occasion with the launch of a dedicated New Zealand page containing online safety and security tips, as well as a New Zealand safety centre on YouTube, containing information and resources from experts and prominent New Zealand safety organisations like Hectors World, Netsafe and Lifeline Auckland.

Marshal8e6 pushes security portfolio into the education market
Marshal8e6 has pushed itself into the A/NZ education market with an Internet security portfolio for schools, colleges and universities

uk: Schoolkids warned of online dangers
Thousands of schoolchildren are taking part in Safer Internet Day at a series of special assemblies.

UK parents do most in Europe to protect their children online [news release]
British parents are the most web-savvy in Europe when it comes to protecting their kids online.

Monitoring your kids on that pesky Internet
The Internet, just like the real world, is filled with its upstanding citizens, lowlife greaseballs, civic centers, red light districts, libraries, dirty bookstores, video arcades, casinos, museums and bootleg kiosks.

Germany Rejects Three-Strikes Piracy Plan
The German federal government has decided against embracing the Olivennes Agreement - the French model for combating illegal file-sharing activities. The French three-strikes scheme would cut off the ISP connections of repeat offenders who violated copyright by illegally downloading content.

Europeans Likely to Use More Mobile Data Than US, Says Cisco [IDG]
Mobile data traffic is likely to more than double every year for the next five years, driven by video services, and the heaviest users are likely to be Europeans, according to Cisco Systems, which has just published an update to its Visual Networking Index data traffic forecast.

Mobile connections surpass 4 billion mark worldwide
The number of connections on mobile phone networks has crossed the 4 billion mark worldwide, industry association GSMA said on Wednesday, forecasting further growth to 6 billion by 2013.

UK police make new mobile checks
Police forces are being equipped with a new generation of data extraction devices to accelerate the downloading of pictures, personal information and numbers from seized mobile phones.

Making smart phones secure: Aligning security and innovation
Ken Silva, CTO of Verisign, says blocking new technologies from coming into your company, isn?t a smart strategy. Eventually, he says, someone at the top will want to use their iPhone or other mobile device, so planning to do this securely is more savvy.

au: ACCC scolds TPG for false advertising
TPG Internet has been chided by the trade regulator for falsely advertising a high capacity mobile phone plan as unlimited.

EU's charges against Microsoft over IE 'just silly,' says expert
The European Union's pursuit of Microsoft Corp. over new charges that Internet Explorer stifles browser competition is "silly" and "dumb," a noted antitrust expert said today.

Germany's National Defense in Cyberspace
Germany's military, the Bundeswehr, trains its own hackers -- and it's not the only official effort to defend a nation from denial-of-service attacks. Governments around the world are preparing for the future of war.

Cyber-Scams on the Uptick in Downturn
The bear economy is creating a bull market for cyber-crooks. Experts and law-enforcement officials who track Internet crime say scams have intensified in the past six months, as fraudsters take advantage of economic confusion and anxiety to target both consumers and businesses.

Identity fraud fraud up, but low-tech methods still prevalent
Identity fraud rose 22 percent in 2008 from the year before, reaching the highest level since 2004, according to a report released on Monday by Javelin Research.

Malicious insider attacks to rise
The world's biggest software maker has warned companies to expect an increase in "insider" security attacks by disgruntled, laid-off workers.

UK government sites hit by hackers
Thousands of government, NHS, school and police websites have been doctored to include links to pornography, viruses and other inappropriate material.

English court can't stop Italian lawsuit despite arbitration agreement, ECJ says
An English court cannot order someone not to take action in an Italian court in a civil matter even though there was an agreement between the companies involved to settle disputes through arbitration in London, the ECJ has ruled.

us: Judge orders Web site to unmask anonymous posters in libel case
The First Amendment protects the right to free speech and anonymous free speech. But it doesn't offer the right to libel someone, anonymously or otherwise.

Texas judge orders site to identify anonymous trolls, flamers
A Texas judge has ordered an online news site to unveil identifying details about 178 anonymous commenters on the site. The order came after a couple, Mark and Rhonda Lesher, sued the numerous anonymous commenters posting to Topix.com for making what they considered to be "perverted, sick, vile, inhumane accusations" about them.

eBay stops sale of illegal knives
The online auction site eBay has admitted it needs to do more to protect its users after allowing the sale of illegal knives. Researchers on the BBC's Watchdog bought five knives, including a stealth knife and a dagger disguised as a pen, on the website. All were illegal to sell or carry in the UK and cost less than ?10 each. They were sold by US vendors through eBay's British website.

Illegal knives sold on online auction website eBay
The online auction site eBay admitted it needed to do more to protect its members after illegal knives were sold on "the world's online marketplace".

Mozilla to join EU suit against Microsoft [IDG]
The European Commission (EC) has granted Mozilla, the open-source collaboration behind the Firefox Web browser, the right to join the antitrust case against Microsoft, a spokesman said Monday.

Google on trial: Privacy, Italian Style
Criminal charges against four Google executives over an allegedly offensive video posting raise troubling questions about the liabilities of Web companies.

Egypt police beat, detain blogger says rights group
Egyptian police have beaten and detained a 22-year-old Egyptian blogger and activist who has expressed support for Gaza, an Egyptian human rights group said on Monday.

NZ deal to thwart piracy falters
Efforts to broker an agreement between ISPs and the recording industry on how to apply a controversial change to copyright law are teetering on the brink after both parties expressed severe misgivings over a possible compromise.

US Stimulus Bill Bears Imprint of Technology
To rally support for his administration?s economic recovery bill recently, President Obama invited about a dozen chief executives, seven of them from technology and energy companies, to the Oval Office.

Technology Rises in New Obama Administration
In the months leading up to his inauguration, President Barack Obama, like any modern lawyer, refused to give up his BlackBerry, much to the chagrin of aides who stressed that presidential e-mails were a potential legal and security risk. However, the problem was resolved and Mr. Obama will be given a smart phone with enhanced security features. ... This article will discuss several of the major technology-related initiatives of the new administration, and the legal issues inherent in such proposals.

Top 10 Telecom Markets: Asia
The Asia/Pacific region now forms one of the largest telecom markets in the world, and almost certainly the one with the highest growth potential in many areas of telecom. As Pyramid Research pointed out in its October 2008 "Asia-Pacific Market Perspective," the region comprises ?50% of the world?s population and has a relatively low mobile penetration of about 48% in 2008... More than 1.2bn handsets were purchased around the world in 2007, up from 1.05bn in 2006, and 38% of that growth came from Asia.? Penetrations for handsets could easily reach around 70 percent over the next five years.

Telstra takes stake in China mobile, online music companies
Telstra has purchased a controlling stake in two of China's leading mobile content and online music businesses.

Broadband set to grow in Africa [Reuters]
Africa is the fastest-growing telecommunications market in the world, but growth of broadband on the continent has been hamstrung by a patchy national network and costly connections to international systems. That may be about to change.

Undersea Fibre-Optic Cable Nears East African Coast
The wait for the landing of an undersea fibre-optic cable to boost communication in the region could be coming to fruition as indications point that one arm is almost at the East African coast.

Telecoms giant Alcatel-Lucent posts ?4.67bn loss
Alcatel-Lucent, the world's biggest telecom equipment producer, today reported a ?5.2bn (?4.67bn) net loss last year after writing down assets in the final quarter by ?3.9bn.

Still no universal broadband access in Thailand
This year, wholesale Internet costs will fall, more fiber networks will be rolled out to the well-to-do but the country will be no closer to providing cheap connectivity to the masses due to lack of focused government subsidy and strategy on basic telecommunications infrastructure, predicts leading analyst Ovum.


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