[DNS] domain name news - 16 February

[DNS] domain name news - 16 February

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 18:47:04 -0800 (PST)
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All The Web's A Stage: Internet Governance Takes the Floor at Domain Pulse

Microsoft Collaborates With Industry to Disrupt Conficker Worm

DOTZON - Incubating New TLD Name Spaces

au: Bottle Domains security incident

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Collaborate to Clean Up Web

Microsoft offers $250,000 reward to find worm creator

au: Netregistry Survey: Online Business set to Boom during the Bust

Do We Need a New Internet?
Two decades ago a 23-year-old Cornell University graduate student brought the Internet to its knees with a simple software program that skipped from computer to computer at blinding speed, thoroughly clogging the then-tiny network in the space of a few hours.

Internet Governance Policy In 2009: Transition To New Digital Oversight [sub req'd]
This year could be a transitional one for global internet governance policy, as the internet?s technical oversight body may finally lose its ties to the United States, the next generation internet comes into its own, the UN Internet Governance Forum will be reviewed, and the world could see the rapid spread of new internet domains.

All The Web's A Stage: Internet Governance Takes the Floor at Domain Pulse
Domain Pulse 2009, the premier annual domain name conference for the German-speaking countries, took place this year in the beautiful Germany city of Dresden. While domain names are the focus of Domain Pulse, DENIC, this year's organisers, diversified the conference to also include internet governance issues such as political campaigning and web 2.0, publicly financed media and the internet, the mobile internet, identity theft and advertising online.


Microsoft Collaborates With Industry to Disrupt Conficker Worm
Today, Microsoft announced a partnership with technology industry leaders and academia to implement a coordinated, global response to the Conficker (aka Downadup) worm. Together with security researchers, ICANN, and operators within the Domain Name System, Microsoft coordinated a response designed to disable domains targeted by Conficker. Microsoft also announced a $250,000 reward for information that results in the arrest and conviction of those responsible for illegally launching the Conficker malicious code on the Internet.

Recruitment for ICANN Leadership Positions: 2009 Nominating Committee
The 2009 Nominating Committee began its work in November 2008 following the ICANN Annual Meeting in Cairo, Egypt, and is actively seeking qualified candidates for the following key positions within ICANN:

What Do You Want to Ask in Mexico City?
In a little over two weeks, ICANN's 34th international public meeting will take place in Mexico City. An intrinsic part of every ICANN meeting is the ability of the community to ask questions and make comments in a public setting. In Mexico City, we will have two main public forums, as well as numerous other open-microphone periods during specific meetings.

Public Comment: Single and Two-Character .BIZ Domains
ICANN is today opening a public comment forum on a proposed amendment from NeuStar to Appendix 6 and 7 of the .BIZ Registry Agreement.

ACSO Open Joint Sessions in Mexico
On the Monday of the Mexico meeting, there will be a joint meeting of the Advisory Committees and Supporting Organisations. The objective of this ?ACSO? session is to share views and perspectives on common issues in a way that will inform the discussions within those groups during the week.

Field Guide to the ICANN Reforms (Part 2): September 2006 Diagnosis: The GNSO Needs Fixing by Milton Mueller
The current round of ICANN reforms started in September 2006, when the London School of Economics Public Policy Group released a report assessing ICANN's Supporting Organization that makes policy for domain names. In its recommendations, LSE suggested that GNSO be restructured into three basic groupings: Registration Interests (registries and registrars), Businesses, and Civil Society. There was no way around it: in addition to some sensible but less controversial changes, ICANN?s own hired experts were proposing a major redistribution of power in the GNSO.

Resolving the ICANN-Proposed TLDs Debate by Alex Tajirian
ICANN has recently decided to allow any entity to register a top-level domain name (TLD). The best mechanism for valuing this decision, a mechanism that outperforms crowdsourcing, blogs, and committee decisions, is the legal and easy-to-implement solution known as prediction markets.

Trademark Protection Dust-Up Obscures the Potential Value in New gTLDs by John Berard
As a member of ICANN's Business Constituency I have heard first-hand the perfectly appropriate criticisms from trademark holders of ICANN's roll-out of new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs). But while it may be OK for branded companies to wish they didn't have to deal with the matter, the dust that has been kicked up has obscured real value in the program.

Question ICANN's chairman on the web!
For its upcoming meeting in Mexico, ICANN is making sure there's plenty of opportunity for people to participate. Not only will there be more public forum time than at any meeting since Vancouver 2005, with at least one session being moderated by ICANN chair Peter Dengate Thrush, but a new online "question box" has also been opened to allow people to ask questions remotely at those sessions.

Is the IDN ccTLDs fast-track really needed?
Last year, ICANN sent 252 letters to the governments and ccTLD managers of the world to let them know that they would soon be able to request an IDN national suffix and asking them if they were interested in obtaining one.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
DOTZON - Incubating New TLD Name Spaces
With changes taking place to lead to the introduction of new TLDs, expertise in this area is in short supply. To help would-be applicants, the founders of dotBERLIN have decided to share their expertise with others considering applying for a new TLD and founded DOTZON. DOTZON consults, develops and implements TLD projects for companies and organisations.

au: Bottle Domains security incident
auDA has been notified by the Australian Federal Police that there has been a security incident which may have affected customers of accredited registrar Bottle Domains.

Plan for dot-nyc domain
Real estate, from the glass and steel variety to virtual Internet domains, was a hot topic in City Council Speaker Christine Quinn?s plans for the city Thursday.

nyc: New domain name on Web could mean more revenue for city
One of the great cities on the globe soon will have a place on the Internet map, too. By early next year, New York could be the first city in the world with a personalized top-level domain -- that is, a Web address with ".nyc" at the end. The address will allow national brands, local businesses and even regular folks to distinguish themselves from the ordinary ".coms" and ".nets" of the world.

City to Get Rich Off the Internet Too
Even the city is starry eyed over the prospect of making millions online. Lucky for us, it's latest get rich quick plan doesn't involve eBay and a few holy-looking grilled cheeses.

Pretty soon, anyone can snag a hot city address. The Big Apple is poised to get its very own Internet domain - .nyc - for individuals, businesses and government agencies who want a snazzy new option for their Web sites.

Selling NYC at $10 a dot
New Yorkers may soon get to buy some prime real estate for $10. No, it?s not a foreclosure sale but the chance to snap up a new Internet domain name. The agency that licenses Web suffixes like .com and .org plans to offer .nyc among a slew of new city-based names set to go online this year.

tel: A mobile point of contact
The domain-name server .tel aims to cash in on being the simplest way of getting the details of a business or friend - wherever you are

.tel: Valley view: Go with the declining paper flow
... In a similar vein, Telnic, the British internet registry operator opened up its .tel top-level domain this month, targeting small businesses that do not have a web presence.

Dot Travel - The Rise and Fall of a Brilliant Concept.
Personally I still believe in the original dot travel concept, as well as the purity of the dot travel domain extension for travel and tourism related web addresses -

uk: Enter the Nominet Best Practice Challenge 2009
Today we launch our third Best Practice Challenge to celebrate innovation and achievement in the UK Internet Industry. The Best Practice Challenge will recognise organisations, groups or individuals that have worked to deliver a safer, more accessible, diverse and open Internet experience for all.

uk: Nominet launches third Best Practice Challenge
Domain registry Nominet has launched its third annual Best Practice Challenge to highlight the innovative work undertaken by UK organisations and individuals on the internet.

Mitigating Net risks: 'More needs to be done'
The model of relationships and trust that had accompanied the early stages of Internet development is now lacking as users and content on the Web increase, according to the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre.

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Collaborate to Clean Up Web
In a rare instance of collaboration among otherwise fierce rivals, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft said Thursday that they would support a new Web standard that will allow millions of Web publishers to remove duplicate pages from their Web sites. As a result of the effort, search engines should be able to find and index more Web pages, making their search results more comprehensive.

Microsoft offers $250,000 reward to find worm creator
Microsoft has put a price of $250,000 on the head of the creator of the Conficker internet worm, as reported in our blog yesterday.

Cyber Security Community Joins Forces to Defeat Conficker Worm
The quarter-million dollar award Microsoft is offering for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsibile for unleashing the "Conficker" worm may represent the culmination of what security experts say has been an unprecedented and collaborative response from industry, academia and Internet policy groups aimed at not just containing the spread of this worm, but also in creating a playbook for dealing with future digital pandemics.

How the IT world conspired to kill Conficker [IDG]
There have been big computer worm outbreaks before, but nothing quite like Conficker. First spotted in November, the worm had soon infected more computers than any worm in recent years. By some estimates it is now installed on more than 10 million PCs.

Microsoft 'Posse' Puts $250,000 Bounty On Conficker Authors
Microsoft has formed a technology industry "posse" and put a bounty of $250,000 on the heads of those responsible for the Conficker (Downadup) worm.

With global effort, a new type of worm is slowed [IDG]
There have been big computer worm outbreaks before, but nothing quite like Conficker. First spotted in November, the worm had soon infected more computers than any worm in recent years. By some estimates it is now installed on more than 10 million PCs. But ever since its first appearance, it has been strangely quiet. Conficker infects PCs and spreads around networks, but it doesn't do anything else. It could be used to launch a massive cyberattack, crippling virtually any server on the Internet, or it could be leased out to spammers in order to pump out billions upon billions of spam messages. Instead, it sits there, a massive engine of destruction waiting for someone to turn the key.

Microsoft puts bounty on Conficker creator [IDG]
Microsoft has upped the ante in the attack on the Conficker worm by offering a US$250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Conficker's creators.

Microsoft puts $250,000 bounty on Conficker worm [IDG]
Microsoft is trying to put some pressure on the criminals responsible for the worst Internet worm outbreak in years, offering a US$250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Conficker's creators.

Conficker Worm Draws a Counter-Attack
In response to the Conficker worm's massive infection of millions of PCs worldwide, industry heavyweights including Microsoft, Symantec and others today announced they're forming a new team to fight back against the worm.

Microsoft announces $250,000 Conflicker worm bounty
The spreading Conflicker/Downadup worm is now viewed as such a significant threat that it's inspired the formation of a posse to stop it, with Microsoft leading the charge by offering a $250,000 reward to bring the Conflicker malware bad guys to justice.

Microsoft bounty for worm creator
A reward of $250,000 (?172,000) has been offered by Microsoft to find who is behind the Downadup/Conficker virus. Since it started circulating in October 2008 the Conficker worm has managed to infect millions of computers worldwide.

Microsoft Offers $250,000 Bounty For Worm Authors
The company has formed a cybersecurity posse with technology companies, academic organizations, and Internet infrastructure firms to dismantle the Conficker/Downandup worm's infrastructure.

in: IANS sites attacked by suspected Pakistani hackers [IANS]
Hackers, purported to be from Pakistan, once again targeted an Indian portal, attacking the websites of the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS), the premier wire agency and media house headquartered in the national capital.

us: Web site lawsuit again under fire
The wife of a man involved in a lawsuit over Web site ownership again pleaded with city council to end the legal action, but a city attorney reminded her that fight is not one-sided.

Kentucky Wants Additional Pages In Online Gambling Case Briefing
The Commonwealth of Kentucy is asking for 80 pages to explain its case against the owners of 141 internet gambling domain names, instead of the normal 50 pages. Should it be successful, the 141 domain names will become inaccessible not just from Kentucky, but from the rest of the world.

uk: Pallett upset with cybersquatters
Roxanne Pallett has been asked to pay ?10,000 by a team of cybersquatters who own the domain name roxannepallett.com.

New York Eager to Follow in Kentucky?s Footsteps
While the Kentucky Supreme Court takes its time to consider overturning last month?s decision of the state appeals court rejecting Governor Steve Beshear?s attempt to seize 141 domain names on the grounds that they were ?gambling devices?, the state of New York wasted no time introducing legislation to avoid any similar disputes over the interpretation of their state?s anti-gambling measures.

au: Netregistry Survey: Online Business set to Boom during the Bust
The results of a survey of Netregistry domain name customers and non-Netregistry SMEs shows that online business promises to be far more resilient and should see substantial growth through 2009.

Whitelisting of domain names leads to email spam problems for companies
A fifth of email spam now features the domain name of the recipient.

RIPE NCC Membership Survey 2008 Results Available
The RIPE NCC commissioned the market research firm TNS NIPO to carry out the Membership Survey 2008 on its behalf from 17 September - 25 November 2008.

Year's First 7-Figure Sale Shows the High End of the Market Still Has a Pulse 
The severe economic recession brought high end domain sales to a near standstill over the past six months, but just when the coroner was about to pronounce 7-figure sales dead, a blip showed up on the heartbeat monitor. Publicly traded TravelZoo breathed life back into the high end's body with a $1,760,000 cash purchase of Fly.com that was brokered by Sedo. TravelZoo said it will launch a new website on the domain this month.

Sedo Reports .UK Sales Growth of 57%
Sedo has announced more than 1,305 .uk domain sales in 2008. A substantial sales growth of 57%, especially in comparison to the domain giant, the .com, which grew just 42% in 2008 on Sedo?s marketplace.

Aftermarket.com Introduces Zero Percent Financing for Domainer Mardi Gras Auction
A first in the domain auction space, Aftermarket.com has announced zero percent financing on domain name auction purchases made at the Domainer Mardi Gras auction. The six-month interest free financing will debut at the conference and be available thereafter for all Aftermarket.com domain purchases greater than $5,000.

In the Name of the Children: Government Regulation of Indecency on the Radio, Television and the Internet -- Let's Stop the Madness by Eric Segall [Georgia State University College of Law, Legal Studies Research Paper]
Abstract: For a long time the Supreme Court of the United States has assumed that the government has a compelling interest in protecting children from non-obscene, sexually explicit speech. In addition, the Court has also held that radio and television broadcasting receive less First Amendment protection than other forms of media such as cable and satellite television and the internet.

Do We Need a New Internet?
Two decades ago a 23-year-old Cornell University graduate student brought the Internet to its knees with a simple software program that skipped from computer to computer at blinding speed, thoroughly clogging the then-tiny network in the space of a few hours.

Electronic books and newspapers: An iTunes moment?
The growing popularity of electronic books could offer hope for newspapers

How TV ads are taking the net by storm
As apiece of entertainment, it runs the gamut from highbrow to lowbrow. The latest TV commercial from chocolate maker Cadbury, in which two schoolchildren's eyebrows "dance" along to a funky soundtrack, has been hailed as proof that - for advertisers - the internet, not television, is now king.

Royal website gets a makeover worthy of the digital age
She regularly e-mails her grandchildren, enjoys listening to her iPod, and has become something of a YouTube phenomenon. Today, the Queen burnishes her growing technological credentials by relaunching the royal website, with new features that even the most web-savvy whizzkids would be proud of.

The royal website: Now with Queen-tracker map and corgi updates
I first stumbled on the official royal family website back in 2004 when I wanted to track down a good chronology of kings and queens. What I found was an extremely slick, well designed and informative site that was quite ahead of its time in terms of usability.

Queen to launch new-look website
The Queen is to relaunch her website at a Buckingham Palace reception in the company of the world wide web's inventor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Royal watchers can track British Queen on website
More than 30 years after she sent her first email, the Queen will unveil a new version of her website on Thursday that allows her subjects to keep track of the royal family using an online map.

41% of Brits won't shop online
Over 40 percent of Brits refuse to shop online because they are concerned about security, says CyberSource. Research by the company revealed that over a third of those surveyed know someone that has been a victim of online fraud. In response to this a number of web users that do shop online said they take steps to protect themselves against ID theft.

UK teens spend two hours a week watching web porn
UK teenagers spend around two hours a week watching porn online, says Cyber Sentinel. Resarch by the parental-control software company revealed that in total young Britons spend 31 hours a week surfing the web, spending as much time looking at pornography as they do watching videos on Google's YouTube.

Twitter? It?s What You Make It
Writing can be solitary work, but not when you write a tech column. Feedback pours in so quickly ? by e-mail, on blogs, in online comments ? that it?s almost real-time performance art.

Twitterers Worldwide Gather for Twestival
Twitter has been co-opted by celebrities and companies like Starbucks and Bank of America. Now, the San Francisco-based service, which allows people to post updates, or ?tweets,? up to 140 characters in length, is being adopted to organize an global fund-raising event called Twestival.

Facebook hits 175 million user mark
A little more than a month after announcing it had 150 million active users, Facebook has reached 175 million active users--the statistic the social-networking site prefers to use, rather than registered accounts overall.

MySpace 'can't win over Facebook'
Rupert Murdoch will not be happy but the co-founder of MySpace's parent company before it was sold to News Corp in 2005, says the global battle against Facebook is over. Facebook, said the Los Angeles-based Brett Brewer, will dominate MySpace in worldwide user numbers.

How Google Decides to Pull the Plug
Google recently set the blogosphere abuzz by announcing that it was pulling the plug on several products. The victims included Lively, a virtual world that was Google?s answer to Second Life; Dodgeball, a cellphone service aimed at young bar-hoppers who wanted to let their friends know where they were hanging out; Catalog Search, which scanned paper product catalogs so they could be searched online; and Notebook, a simple tool that allowed people to take notes on Web sites they had visited.

Video games are good for children - EU report
Children who spend hours every day on their Playstation or Xbox video consoles may not be rotting their brains, as many parents fear. A report from the European parliament concluded yesterday that computer games are good for children and teach them essential life skills.

Videogames seen good for children
Videogames can be good for children, encouraging creativity and cooperation, a European Union report concluded Wednesday which ran counter to the violent reputation of some titles.

ITU and European Commission mark Safer Internet Day: Focus on protecting children online [news release]
ITU and the European Commission have joined forces to mark Safer Internet Day. This year, the focus is on protecting children online.

us: Teens, Nude Photos and the Law
Ask yourself: should the police be involved when tipsy teen girls e-mail their boyfriends naughty Valentine's Day pictures?

Content filter pilots debunk critics
Internet Service Providers (ISPs) participating in the government's clean-feed Internet pilot have supported the scheme and poured cold water on claims the technology will not work.

Filters an insult to democracy by Andrew Kellerman, Digital Liberty Coalition
DURING 2009 while the rest of the world seeks faster networking infrastructure, we are taking a huge leap back in time. Whether the current government is courting a certain senate seat or has become completely detached from reality and the average Australian has yet to be seen, but one thing is for certain; this filter is not what any educated Australian would want.

Big ISPs snub internet filter trial
The Federal Opposition says the Government's internet filtering trial will lack credibility because the country's biggest ISPs are not taking part.

ISP filtering gathers pace
INTERNET service providers have set their own timetables to fire the starter's gun for live filtering trials. Since most ISPs need time to gather customers, both business and residential, and install equipment for the tests, their start dates will vary.

Federal crackdown on cyber bullying
The Federal Government will target the growing scourge of cyber-bullying in a review of its key anti-harassment policy for schools. The National Safe Schools Framework, developed in 2002 to give schools guidelines to deal with bullying, violence, harassment, child abuse and neglect, will be overhauled to better cover covert forms of intimidation.

au: Internet filtering pilot announced: six ISPs on board
Communications minister, Stephen Conroy, has announced six ISPs will participate in the first phase of the Federal Government?s controversial plan to introduce mandatory filtering of Australia?s Internet feed.

eu: Sites in network pervert pact
SEVENTEEN social networking websites have signed a pact aimed at curbing cyber-bullying and stopping paedophiles grooming kids online.

uk: Kids online: Parents need to regulate, says Ofcom
Parents should take greater responsibility for what their children get up to on the internet, according to Jeremy Olivier, Ofcom?s Head of Convergent Media. Richard Mollett, Director of Public Affairs for the BPI went a step further. He said: ?When it comes to copyright issues, parents may no longer be able to use ignorance as an excuse.?

Pirate Bay founders walk the plank over free downloads
Four men behind the hugely popular Pirate Bay filesharing website are to appear in court in Stockholm today for helping millions of internet users to make illegal downloads of music, films, games and software.

Internet piracy trial of the decade to begin
A courtroom in Stockholm is set to stage the internet piracy trial of the decade. Four men behind the hugely popular Pirate Bay filesharing website are about to go before a judge for enabling millions of internet users to make illegal downloads of music, movies, games and software.

Team behind Pirate Bay filesharing site to stand trial in Sweden over copyright infringement
The most high-profile anti-piracy case in recent years begins on Monday when four men behind the world's largest filesharing website will stand trial in Sweden.

Pirate Bay Trial to Start on Monday [IDG]
The trial against four people involved in running The Pirate Bay, one of the most widely used BitTorrent trackers for music, movies and software, will start on Monday in Stockholm.

Mobile data demand up despite economy: survey
Consumer demand for data services on mobile phones, such as accessing email or browsing the Web on the go, is rising despite the global economic downturn, a survey released Monday found.

Telecom industry faces moment of truth
The world's mobile telecom industry will gather in the Spanish city of Barcelona next week, hoping to find ways to outwit the downturn, powerful new rivals and software developers threatening to steal their thunder.

What to expect from Mobile World Congress 2009
On 16 February, the world's mobile-phone industry will gather in Barcelona to show off its latest products, announce roadmaps and debate the pressing issues of the day at the Mobile World Congress.

WiMax and LTE Supporters Prepare for Battle [IDG]
Supporters of rival technologies WiMax and LTE (Long Term Evolution) will do their best to show momentum behind their respective technologies at Mobile World Congress.

Inflated mobile prices prompt EU to legislate 
As the Bulgarian telecoms regulator drags its feet on bringing down mobile telephone rates, Brussels is preparing legislation that will require all national regulators to make mobile prices reflect costs better, a European Commission spokesperson told EurActiv.

WiMax Florishes -- but Globally, Not Locally, Intel Says [The Industry Standard]
Intel is continuing its effort to build support around WiMax. However, there are signs that growth has stalled in the United States.

Spam Surges as Valentine's Day Nears
Feb. 14 is a favorite holiday for spammers, who are relying on an old standby in these down times: male insecurities

One Laptop Per Child looks to lower price
The One Laptop Per Child Foundation was established to bring the world's poor children a $100 laptop and, according to its founder, Nicholas Negroponte, the organization is still determined to reach that goal.

au: ANU helps close digital divide
Researchers from the Australian National University are working on a new project to help close the digital divide between developed and developing nations.

Italy police warn of Skype threat
Criminals in Italy are increasingly making phone calls over the internet in order to avoid getting caught through mobile phone intercepts, police say. Officers in Milan say organised crime, arms and drugs traffickers, and prostitution rings are turning to Skype in order to frustrate investigators.

Judge Seeks Further Briefing on Constitutionality of Telecom Immunity
Today Chief Judge Vaughn Walker of the Northern District of California federal court asked for further briefing on a key constitutional question in the litigations brought against AT&T and the other telecommunications carriers for their involvement in the NSA's warrantless wiretapping. The Court noted that the FISA Amendments Act, the law passed by Congress last summer that allows the Attorney General to seek retroactive and prospective immunity for the telecommunications carriers, appears to contain "literally no guidance for the exercise of discretion" by the Attorney General in invoking the immunity provisions. This issue was raised by EFF and the other attorneys representing the customers of the major telecommunications companies in attacking the statute as unconstitutional. The Constitution forbids Congress from writing laws that grant unlimited discretion to the Executive Branch.

Facebook pays $65m to settle rival's claim
Facebook paid $65m (?45m) to squash allegations that its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, stole the idea that has grown to become the world's largest social networking site, with more than 150 million users, it has been revealed.

Facebook, ConnectU reportedly reach $65 million settlement
Facebook Inc. reportedly paid out $65 million to settle a lawsuit filed against it by the founders of ConnectU Inc. The suit had charged that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg pilfered their business ideas while a student at Harvard University.

ENISA: Mapping the key stakeholders and NIS situation in each EU Member State in its first edition of ?Country Reports?. [news release]
The EU Agency ENISA [European Network and Information Security Agency] today launched its first, comprehensive 600 pages ?Country Reports? on the status of Network and Information Security [NIS] in 30 European Countries, including mapping of stakeholders and trends.

Amazon blocks sale of rape videogame
Online retail giant Amazon has yanked from its virtual shelves a Japanese computer game that lets players simulate raping girls.

Nigerian scammers release Aussie hostage [AAP]
An Australian man taken hostage in Gambia by Nigerian internet scammers has been released and his captors arrested.

US Agency Skeptical of Internet Privacy Policies
The Federal Trade Commission had some sharp words for Internet companies Thursday, saying that they are not explaining to their users clearly enough what information they collect about them and how they use it for advertising.

CDT Applauds Significant Forward Steps in FTC Behavioral Advertising Guidelines
The Federal Trade Commission today issued a report outlining self-regulatory guidelines for the online advertising industry.

FTC Sticks With Online Advertising Self-regulation [IDG]
A new report by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has expanded the agency's guidelines for online marketers engaged in behavioral advertising, but critics suggested the report doesn't do enough to protect consumer privacy.

FTC Staff Revises Online Behavioral Advertising Principles [news release]
Federal Trade Commission staff today issued a report describing its ongoing examination of online behavioral advertising and setting forth revisions to proposed principles to govern self-regulatory efforts in this area. The key issue concerns how online advertisers can best protect consumers? privacy while collecting information about their online activities.

Canadian judge: No warrant needed to see ISP logs
A Superior Court in Ontario, Canada has ruled that IP addresses are akin to your home address, and therefore people have no expectation of privacy when it comes to their online activities being accessed by law enforcement. This means that, in Canada, police can potentially request information from your ISP about online activities, and can do so without a warrant.

Where you've been on Net not private, Canadian judge rules
An Ontario Superior Court ruling could allow police to routinely use Internet protocol addresses to find out the names of people online, without any need for a search warrant.

uk: ?46m taxpayers' bill for companies to store web use details
Taxpayers face a ?46m bill for the cost of communications companies storing details of all personal email and internet use, the Home Office has revealed.

us: Sprint Official Is Tapped to Shape Telecom Policy
The Obama administration has tapped a Washington executive of Sprint Nextel Corp. to help run an agency that shapes telecommunications policy and will dole out billions of dollars in federal stimulus money to wireless providers.

us: Rep. Boucher Calls for Internet Ad Regulation
In an interview Friday, Rep. Rick Boucher, (D-Va.) called for Congress to take a tougher stance in regulating online ad-targeting, despite the FTC?s endorsement of industry self-regulation.

Google Ends Its Project for Selling Radio Ads
Google entered the radio advertising business with grand ambitions three years ago. On Thursday, those ambitions fizzled.

Google withdraws from radio-ad market
Google is to stop selling advertising on broadcast radio at the end of May. The decision to stop its audio ads service is the second defeat in as many months for the internet search giant in its efforts to expand beyond the online ad market.

nz: Joyce pledges public say on fibre
Communications Minister Steven Joyce has promised the Government will call for public submissions on its plan to invest up to $1.5 billion in a fibre optic access network.

'Doomsday' plan to renationalise BT
The government is believed to have drawn up a contingency plan that would involve the wholesale renationalisation of BT, should the company get into financial difficulty, because of the public purse's exposure to the telecom giant's mammoth pension scheme.

Ofcom ultimatum over broadband access on mobile phones
A fresh dispute is set to break out between the telecoms regulator and five mobile phone companies over how to divide up a key slice of spectrum that allows broadband access on mobile phones.

nz: Chris Barton: $1.5 billion fibre-optic man has chance to leave a legacy
Another year, another Government and the bothersome broadband baton is passed to another Communications and Information Technology Minister - Steven Joyce, former radio station entrepreneur and National Party campaign manager of Hollow Men fame.

US Broadband Program Oversight Questioned
Congress has targeted more than $6 billion to wire rural America with Internet service as part of the nearly $790 billion stimulus plan. But the bill would place much of those funds in an Agriculture Department program that has been criticized for its past management of grants, raising concerns among some public interest groups.

Victoria fires: Man, 39, charged over fatal Churchill fire
A 39-YEAR-OLD man has been charged over the Churchill fire in Victoria's east which claimed 21 lives and destroyed scores of homes. The Herald Sun reports the suspect, who cannot be named, was charged at Morewell Magistrates' Court with one count of arson causing death and one count of intentionally lighting a bushfire.


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