[DNS] domain name news - 20 February

[DNS] domain name news - 20 February

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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 09:09:46 -0800 (PST)
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Draft Applicant Guidebook: What You Told ICANN

Delay expected in bids for new Internet domain names as trademark, security discussed [AP]

Icann delays generic top-level domains

Hells Angels revved over disputed domain names [AP]

Financial Crisis Hits Global Domain Registrations, But Registrations Still Increase 16% in 2008

Internet Domain Names Grow to 177 Million in 2008, Latest VeriSign Industry Brief Shows [news release]


Draft Applicant Guidebook: What You Told ICANN
A second draft of an Applicant Guidebook that details the process of applying for new generic top level domains was released today along with a detailed analysis of comments received so far

Public Comment: Geographic Regions Charter
A community-wide working group has been established by the ICANN Board to undertake a review of ICANN's Geographic Regions. The Working Group has developed a draft charter to guide its efforts. All members of the ICANN community are now invited to review that draft charter [PDF, 44K] and share comments and observations with the Board and community through 24 March 2009.

Public Comment: Fast Track Proposed Solutions
A public comment period opens today on a number of proposed implementation features in the ?Fast Track? process, as well as an updated version of the Fast Track?s Implementation Plan.

Your Input Required for Operating Plan and Budget Framework - Fiscal Year 2010
The release of ICANN?s Proposed Framework for the Fiscal Year 2010 (FY10) Operating Plan and Budget kicks off the operational planning process for ICANN, providing the community the first look at the planned work and financial resources required for FY10. The framework will be discussed with members of the ICANN community at the Mexico City meeting in March, through online public comment areas, and through conference calls with ICANN constituencies. A more detailed draft FY10 Operating Plan and Budget will be posted by 17 May 2009. After more public comment and feedback, the budget is expected to be adopted by the ICANN Board at its Sydney meeting in June 2009.

SSAC Review: Independent Consultants' Report
In October 2008 ICANN appointed JAS Communications as the consultants for the independent review of the SSAC, the Security and Stability Advisory Committee.

Tell us what you think - public comment rundown
In the build up to every ICANN meeting, there is always a glut of public comment periods as reports are finished in time for the community to review them before discussing them in person.

Anchors Aweigh! by Kim Davies
We are pleased today to announce a new service that is a small step toward helping the community toward deploying DNSSEC and consequently securing the domain name system. Called the Interim Trust Anchor Repository, this service is admittedly for the more technically minded, but for those experimenting with early DNSSEC deployments it will provide great utility.

ICANN Revises Plan For Web Changes
Amid fears from big brand owners about sweeping changes to the way top-level domains, such as .biz, .info, and .us, are assigned, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is expected to unveil on Wednesday a revised guidebook for their plan and a 155-page analysis of public comments that is intended to show the effect input from various stakeholders has had. A range of intellectual property stakeholders from Marriott to Verizon are afraid that ICANN's Web address expansion will force them to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to protect their identities from fraud and infringement.

Delay expected in bids for new Internet domain names as trademark, security discussed [AP]
Bids for new Internet addresses to rival ".com" and other suffixes will likely be delayed until the end of the year as a key oversight agency grapples with trademark and security issues.

Icann delays generic top-level domains
Domain name oversight body Icann has admitted that its plans to launch new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are running behind schedule, but insisted that they should still be available before the end of the year.

Domain namer shuffles feet over GTLD delays
Domain name police at Icann have admitted plans to launch new generic top-level domains (GTLDs) are running behind schedule.

VeriSign to Pay $6M More to ICANN in FY 2010
ICANN has published its Proposed Framework for FY10 Operating Plan and Budget (pdf). ICANN?s Financial Year 2010 runs July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010.

Meltdown Creates New Global Champions
... ICANN's brand-new domain name platform will very positively shake the branding world on a global scale. The traditional costs and times to build global image and unique name identities will be cut by up to 95 percent in most applications. With 1 billion users on the Internet and 1 billion plus electronic devices in the hands of global customers, the positioning of the right name identities in the right applications will win the battles, and at times instantly. A study by ABC Namebank on the new global trends points to how new champions must capture the hundreds of deals now emerging on new cyber-branding structures.

Washington urged to lead the charge [sub req'd]
The serious objections by US Department of Commerce to ICANN's new policies on creating unlimited domain suffixes are primarily based on old domain name thinking and continued fear of losing control of the Internet.

Threat of Tiered Pricing Continues in New gTLD Guidebook Version 2
The draft New gTLD Applicant Guidebook (version 2) has been released along with an analysis of the comments to the prior version. The documents are voluminous.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Single Letter .Biz Domains Closer to Reality
Last Friday ICANN opened up a public comment period on .biz registry NeuStar?s proposal to offer one and two character .biz domain names.

City politicians eye '.nyc' domain to generate revenue
When it comes to shopping, many people still think you can't beat New York City.

Nic-Panama to Release 230 Domains in March
Nic-Panama will be releasing 230 domain names to the public for registration on Saturday March 14 2009 according to an email sent to registrants and registrars.

tel: New Website Could Become Ultimate Phone Book
Could the web suffix ".Tel" forever do away with phone books, both printed and online? Unlike the other web suffixes ".Com" or ".Net," users don't create whatever they want with their ".Tel" address. Instead, it is a place to simply keep one's own up-to-date contact information accessible. London-based startup Telnic came up with the idea.

The Internet gets Richer, Adds .tel Domain
The .tel domain allows storing of all types of contact information, and can be populated within minutes. The contact information can vary from premium rate telephone numbers, short codes that enable payment via SMS to links of e-commerce sites.

vn: Law forbids domain name trading
The deputy director of the Viet Nam Internet Network Information Centre, Tran Minh Tan spoke to Buu Dien Viet Nam (Viet Nam Post) about internet management and the use of Viet Nam?s ?.vn? domain name.

Obama taps cybersecurity expert to assess U.S. defenses
The White House has engaged a hard-charging consultant for an unprecedented review of U.S. cybersecurity policy to determine whether the government needs to be more pro-active in slowing cybercrime attacks on individuals and businesses.

DHS privacy committee offers guidance
The Department of Homeland Security's Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee has offered DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano 16 recommendations on how to best address privacy issues currently facing the department. The panel stressed that "the need to update the government's legal authority to protect and defend cyberspace in the U.S. classified intelligence systems raise specific and sometimes significant privacy issues, including the conflict between transparency and redress."

Black Hat DC: U.S. Must Consider Impact Of 'Militarization' Of Cyberspace
The United States is unprepared to respond to a cyber-Katrina or cyberwarfare attack and must consider three hot-button issues as the new administration formulates its cybersecurity strategy: the role of the intelligence community, cyberweapons deployment, and who should be in charge of the nation's response to a cyberattack, said cybersecurity and homeland security expert Paul Kurtz today during his keynote address here at Black Hat DC.

For A Poisoned Internet, No Quick Fix
Six months after revealing a crippling cybersecurity weakness, Dan Kaminsky says the world's systems remain largely unpatched.

Microsoft, ICANN and others, move to block Conficker
Microsoft has announced that it is working with ICANN and others to block the Conficker worm from calling home, looking for a payload. Microsoft has also announced a $250,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of whoever launched the Conficker worm.

Domainers Take A Stand Against Cybersquatting: Rick Schwartz?s Silicon Valley TRAFFIC Show Will Focus on Eliminating Cybersquatters from the Community.
There was time when cybersquatting was pursued vigor as business model. After trademark attorneys and their clients turned up the heat, attitudes changed somewhat. Domainers sought to clean their portfolios of cybersquatted domains in order to avoid domain disputes under the UDRP and ACPA.

Hells Angels revved over disputed domain names [AP]
The Hells Angels are suing a Visalia woman who allegedly registered 20 Internet domain names that would be likely fits for the motorcycle club and tried to auction them off on eBay.

Hells Angels Sue Alleged Cybersquatter for $2 Million
There are two types of cybersquatters: big, systematic cybersquatters and small, just-don?t-know-any-better cybersquatters. Sometimes it?s the big guys that get hit with lawsuits, but a recent case shows even the small time cybersquatter can be hit hard.

Fight Back Against Cybersquatters
The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the pond scum who hijacked the name of a not-for-profit animal rescue group. Not that they deserve protection.

Trademark Holders Continue to Reclaim .Me Domain Names
When .me launched to the general public last year, it was clear that a lot of people hadn?t heard of cybersquatting. Domain names like Porsche.me, Toyota.me, and Firefox.me were snapped up (and not my their familiar namesakes). Many of these domains were picked up at auction for a substantial amount of money.

WIPO: Jackass.com owner a real jackass, but can keep domain
Viacom demands that a "serial cyber-squatter" hand over the jackass.com domain, but the site's owner insists that after six years of showing pay-per-click ads, he's just about ready to put up a website about donkeys and "their contributions to society." The whole ridiculous "tail" inside.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Time to Deploy IPv6 - Governments Urged To Lead Progression Towards European Targets [RIPE NCC]
Advisor to the European Commission, Detlef Eckert, to stress the need to deploy the new Internet protocol now and highlights importance of public sector leadership at RIPE NCC Roundtable meeting for governments and regulators

Financial Crisis Hits Global Domain Registrations, But Registrations Still Increase 16% in 2008
The global financial crisis has impacted on domain name registrations with global domain registrations rising 16 per cent in 2008 to a total of 177 million domain names compared to a 27 percent increase in 2007. Overall in 2008 there were approximately 300,000 less domain name registrations each quarter than there were in 2007, according to the fourth quarter 2008 Domain Name Industry Brief published by VeriSign.

Internet Domain Names Grow to 177 Million in 2008, Latest VeriSign Industry Brief Shows [news release]
The Internet added 24 million new domain names in 2008, according to the fourth quarter 2008 Domain Name Industry Brief published by VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world.

177 Million Domain Names And Counting, VeriSign Shows Growth Is Slowing
So VeriSign released its Q4 2008 Domain Name Industry Brief (PDF) yesterday, a document that zooms in on ?the state of the domain name industry through a variety of statistical and analytical research?. Let?s take a look at their findings and stats.

Real downturn hits virtual world
New registrations for internet domain names are the latest victim of the economic downturn, according to research published on Wednesday. Verisign, the company which manages the .com and .net domains, has found the number of domain names registered in the fourth quarter of last year fell 17 per cent compared with the same period in 2007.

Domain name industry thrives despite the gloom
The domain name industry has defied the economic gloom by posting 16 per cent growth last year compared to 2007, according to the latest figures from VeriSign.

VeriSign: 177 Million Domain Names Registered
VeriSign has released its latest Domain Name Industry Brief, which shows an all time high of 177 million domain names in existence. Although the total base of domains is growing, the growth rate is falling.

24 Million New Domain Names Added In 2008
The Internet added 24 million new domain names in 2008, according to the fourth quarter 2008 Domain Name Industry Brief by VeriSign.

Internet expanding fast despite slowdown, says VeriSign
Growth in demand for domain names has been hit by the recession, research by internet infrastructure provider VeriSign has revealed.

Internet domain names grow to 177M
The Internet added 24 million new domain names in 2008, according to a fourth quarter report by by Internet infrastructure services company VeriSign Inc.

Domain names grow 16% in 2008
The Internet added 24 million new domain names in 2008, growing to 177 million domain names in total, according to new research.

Perspective: The Domain Industry is Doing Fine
When you put the current situation in perspective, the domain name industry is buzzing along nicely.

CADNA's Policy Forum Discusses the $1.5 Billion Business ?Tax? Brands Are Not Expecting [news release]
The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) held a policy forum for government experts and brand owners yesterday, February 3, in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the forum was to explore the state of the Internet and discuss the shortcomings of existing Internet governance and policy development. Attendees shared their ideas about what actions brand owners and the US government can take to change the current course of the domain name space and prevent the Internet from becoming increasingly dangerous and unruly.

Voodoo.com auctioned this week! [news release]
Domain Invest (www.domaininvest.lu) announces the auction of the Domain Name voodoo.com on the 21st February during the Domainer Mardi Gras auction held in New Orleans, at a start price of 300,000 USD.

Aftermarket.com Domainer Mardis Gras Auction
Aftermarket.com has experienced delays in getting their domain auction list confirmed. The problem arises from getting domain seller approvals on their new zero per cent financing that is requiring extra time for confirmation, according to a Twitter announcement from Susan Prosser of AfterMarket.com.

Sedo Announces a No Reserve Auction
Sedo is pleased to announce our No Reserve Auction, the first themed auction of 2009. With everyone watching their budget this year, the domains offered without a reserve price in this auction are an affordable way to drive customers to your business. Sedo?s No Reserve Auction starts February 26th at 6:00 PM GMT and ends March 5th at 6:00 PM GMT. It?s simple, the highest bid over the starting price of 70 ?/?/$ wins!

The Lowdown on Online Advertising
New information from Webvisible and Nielsen shows that there is still a great opportunity for domain owners to profit from an enormous untapped pool of small business end users. MediaPost's Jack Loechner broke down the research results in an article titled Small Business Not Keeping Up With Online Presence that was published Friday. In a nutshell, the research showed that even though small business owners prefer the Internet, by far, over any other medium when they personally search for information on local companies - only 44% of those same business owners have a website of their own! What's more, they spend less than 10% of their ad budgets online even though that is where they go themselves for business information!

Yahoo Shows Search Ads With Images and Video
Yahoo is introducing a new type of search advertising that integrates images and video in paid listings, the company plans to announce Thursday.

Domain name Kosovo.com to be auctioned
Who is going to win the virtual part of Kosovo? The Swiss company Virtual Network SA (VN) is the exclusive broker for the sale of the Super-Premium domain name Kosovo.com.

Toys.com Back On Auction; May Sell for Over $1.25M
Toys.com will be auctioned again; Faculty Lounge will be stalking horse bidder.

TV, the Internet's final frontier
You would be hard-pressed to find a screen today that does not get Internet access. It's not just the PC and the phone - online content now appears in elevators, in the back of taxis and at your airplane seat. Some companies even tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to get the Internet displayed on a refrigerator door.

Asia's shoppers go online as Internet barriers fall
From dresses, to handbags, diamonds and music downloads, consumers in Asia are taking to Internet shopping like never before as the region becomes one of the world's fastest growing e-commerce markets. ... Internet retailing is increasingly making its presence felt in Asia because telecommunications infrastructure has improved, and payment modes, a major obstacle to online shopping, are now more secure, analysts say.

Cyberchondria: The perils of internet self-diagnosis
It's all too easy to consult Dr Google when we're feeling under the weather ? and all too easy to convince ourselves we're seriously ill

Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL search up; Google down
Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL each carved out a little more U.S. search market share in January, but Google still had the biggest piece of the pie, according to a report Wednesday by ComScore.

comScore Releases January 2009 U.S. Search Engine Rankings [news release]
comScore released its monthly comScore qSearch analysis of the U.S. search marketplace. In January 2009, Americans conducted 13.5 billion core searches, a 7-percent gain versus December 2008. Google Sites led the U.S. core search market in December with 63.0 percent of the searches conducted, followed by Yahoo! Sites (21.0 percent), Microsoft Sites (8.5 percent), AOL LLC (3.9 percent) and Ask Network (3.7 percent).

Facebook backtracks after online privacy protest
Facebook is under unprecedented scrutiny for its policies on retention of personal data after users criticised the site for breaching privacy. After a wave of protests, the world's largest social networking site yesterday announced that it was reversing its recent decision to keep copies of users' messages online, even after they had left the network.

Privacy law call in Facebook row
The row over Facebook's change in its terms of service governing users personal data highlights the need for a privacy law, claims a leading watchdog. The Electronic Privacy Information Centre was on the brink of filing a legal complaint when Facebook announced it would revert to its old policy.

Clear English Could Be a Big Winner in the Facebook Affair
Over the last few days, a lot of Facebook users were left wondering whether the company had ambitions to turn their goofy photos into a coffee table book and adapt their wall postings into a Broadway play. (?25 Random Things,? starring Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, and a cast of flying sheep?)

Users force Facebook to withdraw controversial 'copyright' plan
Facebook has withdrawn controversial changes to its terms of service after receiving a storm of complaints from users of the social networking website.

Facebook 'withdraws' data changes
The founder of Facebook says the social network will return to its previous terms of service regarding user data.

Facebook backtracks on change to terms of use after protests
Facebook Inc.'s latest capitulation to offended users offered another reminder of the social network's power for self-criticism.

Facebook Withdraws Changes in Data Use
Facebook, the popular social networking site where people share photos and personal updates with friends and acquaintances, lost some face on Wednesday.

Facebook Backs Into a 'Bill of Rights'
For the past week or so, a dense clot of legalese has been one of the most talked-about texts on the Internet. This document lacks a plot or a setting, but it's still been a compelling -- sometimes enraging -- read for users of the Web's largest social network, Facebook.

Facebook's About-Face on Data
Facebook Inc.'s retreat from changes to its terms of service highlights a debate over the ownership of user information on social-networking sites, and the increasingly important role such data play in company business models.

Facebook policy changes upset NZ users
Thousands of New Zealand Facebook users are upset over policy changes made by the social-networking site.

Facebook's Users Ask Who Owns Information
Reacting to an online swell of suspicion about changes to Facebook?s terms of service, the company?s chief executive moved to reassure users on Monday that the users, not the Web site, ?own and control their information.?

Facebook: Relax, we won't sell your photos
On an otherwise placid holiday weekend, one blog's commentary on a change to Facebook's terms of service created a firestorm of banter on the Web: does the social network claim ownership to any user content on the site, even if the user deletes it?

au: Arsonist' online threats taken down
Facebook has begun removing postings and groups that threaten violence against accused arsonist Brendan Sokaluk, while his MySpace page has been suspended following requests from Victoria Police.

Online hate mail threat to arson case
Thousands of people who posted messages of hate and threats on the internet relating to accused arsonist Brendan Sokaluk in the days after he was charged potentially face serious criminal charges, lawyers and internet regulators warn.

Arson vigilante groups disappear from Facebook
Vigilante internet groups making threats against alleged Victorian bushfire arsonist Brendan Sokaluk have begun disappearing.

Online hate mail threat to arson case
Thousands of people who posted messages of hate and threats on the internet relating to accused arsonist Brendan Sokaluk in the days after he was charged potentially face serious criminal charges, lawyers and internet regulators warn.

au: Vigilantes publish alleged arsonist's image online
Facebook vigilantes, frustrated at a court order protecting a man charged with lighting one of the deadly Victorian bushfires, which killed at least 11 people, have published his photograph on the social networking site and threatened his life.

Accused's photo on vigilante websites
The man accused of lighting the Black Saturday Gippsland fire that killed at least 10 people did not appear in court yesterday but that did not stop his image being plastered all over cyberspace.

Australians Rage Against Arson Suspect [AP]
A man accused of setting one of the deadly fires that ripped across southern Australia this month has been placed in protective custody amid widespread fury and threats of vigilante justice that sprang up on the Internet after his identity was made public.

Facebook's arson vigilantes could face prosecution
The creators of internet groups calling for the torture of the man accused of lighting one of the deadly Victorian bushfires could face prosecution for breaching a court order.

Facebook vigilantes call for accused arsonist's torture
Facebook vigilantes have launched groups calling for the man accused of lighting one of the deadly Victorian bushfires to be "burnt at the stake".

Italian bill aims to block mafia Facebook shrines
Spurred by a row about Facebook pages which honour mafia godfathers, Italian politicians are to vote on new legislation ordering Italian internet providers to block pages on the social networking website which are seen as justifying or encouraging criminal activity.

au: Net filter plan nurtures 'open source government'
The campaign to prevent the mandatory internet filter in Australia has been like no other campaign before it. Though the subject matter naturally lends itself to the type of campaign we're witnessing - and participating in as never before - it also offers a fascinating glimpse into the way more mainstream campaigns will be run in the future. We are witnessing what may come to be seen as the beginnings of open source government in this country.

au: Filtering doesn't breach free speech by Senator Stephen Conroy, Communications Minister
TO ensure confidence in the digital economy, the Government is working to promote an online civil society through its $125.8 million Cyber-Safety Plan. The ISP filtering debate has nothing to do with freedom of speech, according to Communications Minister Stephen Conroy This contains a comprehensive set of measures to combat online threats and help parents and educators protect children from inappropriate material.

Does Conroy's FUD make a Ludd of Rudd?
Senator Stephen Conroy's twice-removed predecessor, Richard Alston, gained the nickname "the world's biggest Luddite" for, among other reasons, his belief that broadband was mainly for pornography and gambling

Sick kids connect on Aussie website
Seventeen-year-old Tamaryn Stevens is a pioneer member of an exclusive online community: a social networking website for young Australians who are chronically ill.

Social network for sick kids
The Starlight Foundation has just launched a social networking website for young people who are seriously ill.

Internet porn ?encourages teenagers to have sex early'
Exposure to internet pornography leads teenagers to lose their virginity at a "much younger" age, researchers have found. A peer reviewed study from the journal CyberPyschology and Behaviour revealed that males aged between 12 and 17 who regularly viewed porn had sex at an earlier stage in their lives and were more likely to initiate oral sex, apparently imitating what they had watched.

eu: MEP?s combat child Internet pornography
MEPs are calling for the criminalisation of all types of sexual abuse of children including "grooming" and paedophile chat rooms on the internet.

Pirate Bay triumphant as prosecution drops half of charges
The prosecution has dropped the most serious charges against the irreverent Swedish filesharing service The Pirate Bay on only the second day of its trial for assisting widespread copyright infringement.

Prosecutor drops some charges in Pirate Bay case
In only the second day of one of the highest-profile copyright trials of the digital era, a prosecutor in Stockholm on Tuesday dropped portions of his case against The Pirate Bay, a Swedish file-sharing service that the movie and music industries have portrayed as their No.1 enemy.

Half of Pirate Bay case dropped in courtroom drama
Prosecutors have been forced to drop their more serious charges against file-sharing links site The Pirate Bay in a dramatic climbdown in the closely-watched trial in Sweden. Around half the charges have been dropped.

Pirate Bay joy at charge change
Half of the charges levelled at the founders of the Pirate Bay file-sharing site have been dropped.

The Pirate Bay in the dock as filesharing trial begins
One of most high-profile trials over copyright infringement in years began today in Sweden. Four men behind The Pirate Bay website ? which enables people to find others willing to share audio, video, games and other files with them ? appeared in court in Stockholm to answer the charge that they had assisted in copyright infringement.

How piracy paved the way in Sweden
The trial against The Pirate Bay site began Monday in Sweden. And while Sweden is depicted by copyright-enforcement groups as piracy's promised land, it is also a nation that experiments with legal music-service alternatives.

Pirate Bay file-sharing defended
The founders of a website which carries links to copies of music, films and TV programmes have gone on trial in Sweden on charges of copyright theft.

How The Pirate Bay sailed into infamy
The Pirate Bay was launched in 2003 and has established itself as the world's most high-profile file-sharing site. But its founders are now on trial for copyright violation and face imprisonment, if found guilty.

NY wants to tax internet downloads
New York Governor David Paterson has proposed a tax on internet downloads in a move that has raised eyebrows because it could apply to everything from software to pornography.

us: Agreement reached on Internet music royalty rates
A group that collects royalties for music artists and recording companies has agreed to reduce rates for thousands of commercial radio stations that also play songs over the Internet.

Mobile makers turning green
As the world economy drops further into economic crisis, discerning - and perhaps cash-strapped - mobile phone users are increasingly being pushed to ask themselves the same questions that have been presented to car buyers for several years.

Is the mobile phone industry really turning itself green?
Perhaps. After years of being criticised by environmental campaigners for their poor green credentials, companies were falling over each other at this week's Mobile World Congress, the sector's biggest annual get-together, to proclaim their transformation.

4G mobile networks edge closer [The Dominion Post]
4G mobile networks have moved a step closer with the announcement by United States telco Verizon Communications that it had selected Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson to supply much of the equipment for its LTE network.

Mobile advertising edges closer to breakthrough
After years of hype and hot air, advertising on mobile phones finally appears to be making some headway, boosted by the popularity of smartphones such as Apple's iPhone and the content found on them.

Mixed support for EU plan to cut mobile call fees
European Commission draft guidelines to slash the cost of mobile phone call routing fees failed to win a clear endorsement from EU governments on Wednesday, raising expectations of changes before adoption.

Telecoms firms get real in Barcelona
Delegates to this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona are getting down to the business of cost-cutting and doing what deals they can as the industry adjusts to the realities of global economic downturn.

Help us beat slump, say European mobile firms
Two of the world's largest mobile phone companies have warned that without a change in Europe's regulatory environment they may not be able to invest in the next generation of services that could help lift the region out of recession.

UK mobile networks use traffic data for advertising stats
All five UK mobile phone networks have monitored users' web surfing habits and submitted the data to an industry body to help generate advertising. Users' permission was not sought but the GSM Association says the project did not break privacy laws.

Telstra says no to mobile flat rates
Telstra chief executive Sol Trujillo has defended the telco's internet pricing structure after Google and Skype said more transparency in data plans was necessary to further the growth and innovation of the mobile internet.

Dangerous mobile phone viruses surge
Viruses and spam attacks targeting mobile phone users are on the increase, says McAfee. According to the security firm's annual mobile phone report, over half of all handset manufacturers have reported instances of malware and spam attacks on mobile phones. In 2008, 17 percent of the world's handset manufacturers reported a total of over one million attacks.

Universal charger for phones plan
The world's biggest mobile phone makers and network operators have backed plans to create a universal phone recharger.

Push for standard cellphone charger gains ground [AP]
With every new mobile phone purchased, another old, incompatible phone charger gets tossed out.

The Cellphone, Navigating Our Lives
The cellphone is the world?s most ubiquitous computer. The four billion cellphones in use around the globe carry personal information, provide access to the Web and are being used more and more to navigate the real world. And as cellphones change how we live, computer scientists say, they are also changing how we think about information.

Downturn and upheaval in mobile world
The world's mobile telecommunications industry will gather here this week hoping to find ways to outwit the economic downturn, powerful new rivals and software developers threatening to steal their thunder.

Microsoft to Upgrade Mobile Software
Microsoft Corp. said a new version of its operating system for mobile phones will be available by year end as the company attempts to strengthen its offerings in the consumer market.

Microsoft takes fight to Apple iPhone with new mobile phone services
Microsoft tried to kickstart a high street battle with the launch of a range of mobile phone services designed to challenge the dominance of Apple's iPhone.

Mobile phone companies take the fight to Apple over new apps
The mobile phone trade show kicked off in Barcelona yesterday but industry insiders believe the economic downturn has taken its toll on the showpiece event of the year.

Telstra ramps up Next G network
Telstra Corporation will roll out what it says is the world's fastest wireless broadband network, over the next two months.

'Mobile health' campaign launched
Three foundations have announced their intention to join in a "mobile health" effort to use mobile technology to provide better healthcare worldwide.

African Nations Need to Better Utilize Emerging Technologies, Say UN Experts [news release]
African Governments are failing to take advantage of technological advances that can improve the delivery of services to their citizens despite the growth in mobile and information and communications technology (ICT) across the continent, United Nations experts told a meeting in Ethiopia.

au: The digital divide holding back disadvantaged kids
The digital divide is exacerbating inequalities in access to good schooling and other children?s services. Many parents are pulled in two ways by the new technology -- they fear its negative impacts: passivity, physical inactivity, pornography and cyber-bullying. But they sense that without adequate exposure and skill acquisition their children will be disadvantaged.

Black Hat DC: U.S. Must Consider Impact Of 'Militarization' Of Cyberspace
The United States is unprepared to respond to a cyber-Katrina or cyberwarfare attack and must consider three hot-button issues as the new administration formulates its cybersecurity strategy: the role of the intelligence community, cyberweapons deployment, and who should be in charge of the nation's response to a cyberattack, said cybersecurity and homeland security expert Paul Kurtz today during his keynote address here at Black Hat DC.

US Lawsuit Says Google Was Unfair to Rival Site
A small Web site operator filed an antitrust suit against Google on Tuesday, accusing it of unfairly manipulating its advertising system to harm a potential competitor.

Verizon to Implement Spam Blocking Measures
Verizon.net is home to more than twice as many spam-spewing zombies as any other major Internet service provider in the United States, according to an analysis of the most recent data from anti-spam outfit Spamhaus.org. Verizon, however, says it plans to put measures in place to prevent it from being used as a home to so many spammers.

Aust vulnerable to cyber crime, police say
Late last year $US9 million was lost in a global ATM heist after a hacker reportedly infiltrated the server at US payment processor RBS WorldPay.

au: Govt warns of stimulus package email scams
The Federal Government has warned of hoax emails being circulated relating to its stimulus package.

Phishing soars as fraud-as-a-service grows
The number of global phishing attacks grew by a whopping 66 per cent last year compared to 2007, equating to 135,426 separate incidents, according to new research from RSA Security.

Surveillance will cost more than ?34 billion say Convention on Modern Liberty
The cost of running Britain?s state-run databases over the next ten years has soared to ?34 billion, according to estimates from a new campaign against what it called the surveillance society. ... A Home Office working party has drawn up three options for surveillance of telephone calls, e-mails and text messages, including a huge government database. Opponents describe this as a Big Brother project that could cost ?12 billion over the next ten years. But the police say that access to data about the time and duration of calls and texts, and the location of callers and senders, is essential. They emphasise that they are not seeking access to the content of calls and e-mails, but believe communications data must be retained in some format.

UK regulators demand clearer privacy policies
Two-thirds of people surveyed by the UK privacy watchdog want marketing opt-outs to be clearer, while 62% want a clearer explanation of how personal information will actually be used. The survey found that 71% did not read or understand privacy policies.

uk: ICO cracks down on misleading small print [news release]
The Information Commissioner?s Office (ICO) is calling for an overhaul of privacy and marketing small print as research1 reveals that half of consumers don?t understand what they?re signing up to when they fill in online and paper forms.

Google wins US Street View privacy case
An American couple who attempted to sue Google over what they claimed was its "privacy invading" Street View technology have lost their case in a Pennsylvania court.

Judge dismisses Google lawsuit
A legal claim by a Pittsburgh couple that Google's Street View feature violated their privacy has been thrown out by a federal judge.

Judge Dismisses Google Street View Case [IDG]
A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Pennsylvania family against Google after the company took and posted images of the outside of their house in its Maps service.

Google wins Street View privacy suit
A couple in Pittsburgh whose lawsuit claimed that Street View on Google Maps is a reckless invasion of their privacy lost their case.

Judge throws out lawsuit against Google Street View
A lawsuit against Google over its Street View mapping service has been dismissed. US District Court Judge Amy Reynolds Hay has concluded that Street View is not an invasion of privacy.

FTC standards for Web marketers fall short, privacy advocates say [Bloomberg News]
The Federal Trade Commission's new Internet-advertising guidelines don't put enough pressure on companies to protect consumer data used in targeted marketing campaigns, privacy advocacy groups said.

Obama taps cybersecurity expert to assess U.S. defenses
The White House has engaged a hard-charging consultant for an unprecedented review of U.S. cybersecurity policy to determine whether the government needs to be more pro-active in slowing cybercrime attacks on individuals and businesses.

Stephen Fry rails against NZ internet law
British actor Stephen Fry has given a global highlight to a protest against a contentious New Zealand internet law due to come into effect next week.

Why New Zealand Copyright Act is worse than US equivalent: legal analysis
Rick Shera of Lowndes Jordan, Barristers and Solicitors in Auckland is a very experienced ICT lawyer, with a masters degree in Internet and copyright law. 

NZ copyright protest blockades parliament
Some 120 protesters descended upon New Zealand's Parliament today in Wellington to deliver petitions expressing concern over sections of the new Copyright Act which will force ISPs to disconnect customers who have allegedly infringed copyright.

nz: IT bodies try to save Digital Development Council
Digital Development Council members are discussing how to preserve the overarching ICT sector body in some form, after the government withdrew funding for the organisation.

nz: DDC forged good links in short life, say members
Major ICT associations involved with the Digital Development Council express hope that no matter what its fate now, in its short life it has cultivated better contacts among them which will lead to positive developments.

nz: Telecom's biggest headaches, part 2: finding $3.5 billion
Telecom will probably be chosen to build the government?s proposed fibre-to-the-premises network, subsidised by $1.5 billion in taxpayer funds. A detailed report commissioned by InternetNZ puts the cost of a fast internet network to 80% of homes at $5 billion; a generally accepted figure.

Aust telcos study fire tragedy lessons
Telstra and Optus will conduct internal reviews and work closely with a royal commission investigating the Victorian bushfires to understand how telcos can improve the resilience of their networks when disaster strikes.

UK businesses demand high-speed telecoms
Nearly 19 out of 20 businesses believe that the UK needs a high-performance telecommunications infrastructure in every part of the country for the UK to compete on a global basis, according to research by the Communications Management Association (CMA).

Controversy surrounds Africa telecom privatization
As African governments move to sell off incumbent telecommunications companies to save them from collapse, controversies that may scare away potential investors are clouding the privatization process.

au: Man faces charges for illegal transactions, child porn
A Canberra man accused over illegal cash transactions worth $72,000 has also been charged with possessing child pornography.

U.S. trial of Montreal teacher on more than 230 child porn charges set to begin [Canadian Press]
Don't ever try to tell Det. John Chapman he's out of his jurisdiction. The straight-talking cop from small-town Virginia has been regularly trolling the web, hunting down cyber predators and child-porn peddlers from different corners of the United States.


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