[DNS] The china .cn scam

[DNS] The china .cn scam

From: Brenden Cruikshank <brenden.cruikshank§spiritconnect.com.au>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 17:37:17 +1000
It's been happening for a good 9 months now.

Spirit Connect Pty Ltd

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Subject: [DNS] The china .cn scam

I have had many clients call us over the past couple of years asking
about a email they get from various registries (sic) within Asia trying
to alert them of a recent request to register the clients domain name in
china a look into this and a google search of the company trying to
register it comes up with a total blank every time so the company is
invented by the looks. I think Auda should put a warning on their
website  to tell registrants that this is going on. They started at the
top end of town who are more savvy but they seem to be working down to
more small businesses who are not as well advised. I would be happy as a
registrar to also put the warning on my sites what do others on the list
think about this?
Rod Keys
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