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arbitrary domain deletions, to breaking the rules accrediting registrars,
auDA is acting more and more as if it is not accountable to anyone.

Whilst many may be reticent to take auDA to task over its mismanagement,
failure to do so is not exactly a recipe for improvement.

Perhaps a clean sweep is required to ensure auDA appreciates and discharges
its responsibilities in an appropriately professional manner.



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I think this raises great questions about whether or not auDA is doing
its job correctly and efficiently. I also wonder how the spending
increases and staff increases can be justified if these basic lapses
in their own process are allowed to fall through.

I really think it's time to re-examine whether or not auDA is still a
suitable body to oversee the .au namespace.

On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 9:05 PM, Cheyne Jonstone
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> Larry,
> I was puzzled by this as well, but my greater concerns are:
> 1. The SafeNames website does not meet even the basic criteria for
> accreditation, so who approved it and why?
> 2. As per item 4.3 states
> I quote "Provisional accreditation is valid for 12 months. If you do not
> proceed to full accreditation within 12 months, you will be required to
> re-apply (ie. resubmit your accreditation application and pay another
> accreditation application fee)". If SafeNames had in fact obtained
> provisional accreditation before October 2007, that period should have
> lapsed in October 2008. As the process was officially closed, they should
> not have been able to reapply.
> 3. While Safenames has a registered business name, the registered foreign
> company (132 273 342) they used for their own .au domain was only formed
> July 2008. As the accreditation name is in fact Safenames Ltd, not
> Safenames, it means the legal entity changed at some point during the
> accreditation process (if we're to believe they were provisionally
> accredited before October 2007). At this point, would it not be considered
> to be a new application?
> I look forward to the answers.
> Regards,
> Cheyne Jonstone
> National Sales Manager
> COVE Business Technology Pty Ltd
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> Hi All,
> Can any registrar confirm that SafeNames was appointed as their reseller
> a period of 6 months prior to their application to become a registrar as
> required by the auDA Accreditation guidelines?
> Did they register any .AU names? They don't appear in the auDA reseller
> search tool:
> Larry
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