[DNS] 2009 Elections

[DNS] 2009 Elections

From: Larry Bloch <Larry.Bloch§netregistry.com.au>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 10:04:05 +1000
No point having any word limit. If a candidate has something to say - let them say it. If it's boring, nobody will read it. 

This statement is the only information the constituency has available to choose between the candidates from.

Without a clearly articulated candidate statement, how are the members supposed to hold a representative accountable? The point of democracy and voting and representation is to select a candidate based on their policy or approach which then gives them a mandate to push through what the electorate voted for. Word limits on statements disenfranchise the electorate by weakening the mandate of elected representatives and thereby preventing the electorate holding them to account.

More than just a statement, candidates should have the opportunity to address the AGM in support of their candidacy. That way, perhaps someone will actually turn up at the AGMs.


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Anyone who becomes a board member for the money has rocks in their head.

Another issue is candidates are limited to 100 words in their statements, so it's difficult to be anything but vague, however given Kim has raised a good issue, maybe it's worth considering upping the word limit for candidate statements to 200-300 words.


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Could it be that they are in it for the $$$?

Kim Davies wrote:
> I was reading the candidate statements for the coming auDA AGM at
> http://www.auda.org.au/pdf/2009_AGM_-_Candidate_Statements.pdf
> I am wondering if the candidates can propose concretely what they
> would like to see change at auDA. Rather than conveniently saying
> things like "increase transparency", "increase stability", "increase
> commercialization(sic)" how would that transfer into actual actions you
> would take on the Board?
> thanks,
> kim
> ps. It would be nice if all candidates published contact details - there
> seems to be no way to email these questions to them directly.
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