[DNS] domain name news - 28 September

[DNS] domain name news - 28 September

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 01:04:30 -0700 (PDT)
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Australian Court Confirms AuDA's Right to Terminate Bottle Domains Registrar Accreditation

au: Bolton tangled in web scam

Court finds in favour of auDA in Bottle Domains proceedings

Australian Style Pty Ltd v .au Domain Administration Limited

Court slams Bottle Domains' lax security

Bolton loses auDA court battle

Supreme Court dismisses claim, confirms Bolton loss of Bottle Domains license

Bolton faces losing internet companies: report

Update on Termination of Red Registrar

Regulating the internet: ICANN be independent - America is poised to loosen its control over cyberspace

US to cede control of ICANN?

Changes loom for internet's key holder [AAP]

61 businesses and individuals, 16 countries in favour of new gTLDs

Update on Termination of Red Registrar
This is an update to the advisory posted on 15 September 2009 regarding the termination of ICANN?s accreditation agreement with registrar Red Register, Inc

Public Comment: Recommended GNSO Council Operating Procedures Available for Review And Comment
The newly-restructured GNSO Council is scheduled to be seated during the upcoming ICANN meeting in Seoul, South Korea. Establishing updated operating procedures consistent with the new ICANN Bylaws is a key step toward seating the new Council. Today, a package of recommended Operating Procedures for the new Council is being made available for public review and comment through 16 October 2009.

Ombudsman Releases 2009 Report - Dispute resolution annual summary by ICANN?s independent officer
ICANN's Ombudsman has released his 2009 report, summarizing the previous 12 months of dispute resolution efforts that he oversees in his role as an independent officer of the organization.

Local communities ? not just governments by Kim Davies
As ICANN staff, it is hard to avoid the news when your organisation is the subject of a hearing held by the United States Congress. This week we saw another such hearing, where the House Judiciary committee discussed the future deployment of new top-level domains.

Regulating the internet: ICANN be independent - America is poised to loosen its control over cyberspace
Forty years ago this month American academics sent the first message over the ARPANET, a military network that was the precursor of today?s internet. A legacy of those efforts is that the American government continues to control the internet?s underlying technology?notably the system of allocating addresses. This is about to change, albeit slightly.

US to cede control of ICANN?
The US government has reportedly agreed to cede control over ICANN once its current pact with the internet oversight body expires next week.

ICANN oversight: a change of phase by Milton Mueller
Details are beginning to emerge about the replacement for the ICANN ? Commerce Department Joint Project Agreement (JPA). The Economist is reporting that the JPA will be replaced by an ?affirmation of commitments? that is only four pages long. This corresponds to what we are hearing from various sources here in Washington.

ICANN Set to Become More Independent
The Internet may seem like a pretty wild and open place with no one party having too much control over it. Still, there are many asking for even more freedom especially when it comes to the domain name allocation system currently run by ICANN. Though an independent organization, ICANN still has some ties with the US government, stronger than many other countries would like. A new agreement to come in effect next week is about to create a much looser relationship between the two bodies though it likely won?t silence all criticism.

Time for U.S. to stop saying ICANN
This week marks the first time Barack Obama stood in front of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. In his inaugural address before an international band of government bigwigs, the U.S. president championed a "new era of engagement" and global cooperation based on mutual interests and respect.

Economist: ICANN Will Be Set Free This Month
The Economist is reporting that ICANN will likely be mostly set free this month, signing a four page ?affirmation of commitments? with the U.S. government.

Changes loom for internet's key holder [AAP]
Changes appear to be in store this week for the low profile but powerful body that administers the web.

ICANN Set to Become More Independent
The Internet may seem like a pretty wild and open place with no one party having too much control over it. Still, there are many asking for even more freedom especially when it comes to the domain name allocation system currently run by ICANN. Though an independent organization, ICANN still has some ties with the US government, stronger than many other countries would like. A new agreement to come in effect next week is about to create a much looser relationship between the two bodies though it likely won?t silence all criticism.

Dot-Whatsthatnow? Domains to Expand Way Beyond '.com.'
Big businesses will shell out for custom Internet domains in the next few years when hundreds of new suffixes become available to supplement .com, .gov, .org and others. Expect domains like .dupont, .exxon-mobil, .amex and .pepsico to flourish.

ICANN Is Ready To Party
The California-based entity that administers the world's Internet addresses has assured lawmakers it is committed to a "long-term, formal relationship" with the U.S. government when its current agreement ends next week -- and now ICANN is ready to party.

The Real Truth About New Top Level Domains
I?ve written before about why I?m opposed to how ICANN is releasing new top level domain names, even though I stand to benefit financially from the release. But over the past couple months we?ve heard plenty of spin from everyone involved in the process. So I want to clear a few things up. I?m going to tell you what everyone is thinking, but may not want to come out and publicly say.

ICANN-JPA Coverage
At the end of this month, September 30th, the JPA between ICANN and the U.S. Department of Commerce (DoC) will come to an end. While ICANN has affirmed its commitment in maintaining a long-term, formal relationship with the United States, talks of new changes and a more independent ICANN is intensifying as the expiration date is quickly approaching.

On New Domains and ICANN Accountability, More Questions than Answers by Steve DelBianco
ICANN went before a Congressional panel this week to defend its plan to create an unlimited number of new Internet domains (like .web, .food, etc.) I was a witness [PDF] at the hearing, which made one thing clear: the "consensus" on new Internet domains is not as strong as ICANN would have us think.

ICANN Defends Plans for New TLDs But Launch Date to Likely Slip by Elisa Cooper
On September 23, ICANN's Chief Operating Officer, Doug Brent was asked by ranking members of the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee why they were continuing to move forward with the launch of new gTLDs when they had not yet been able to resolve complaints.

New ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom Responds to House Judiciary Committee Member?s Letter
Last week, House Judiciary Committee members Lamar Smith and Howard Coble sent a letter (obtained via domainnamewire.com) to new ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom expressing concern over the rollout of new gTLDs and the expiration of ICANN?s joint project agreement with the US Government.

ICANN versus the governments
There's a flurry of activity going on around ICANN, domains and new gTLDs at the moment. First came a letter written by US congressmen and sent to ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom on September 15. The letter can be summarised as a call to delay the introduction of new gTLDs and to see ICANN put under a permanent contract with the US government.

DAGv3 out on October 1st
The long awaited 3rd version of ICANN's Draft Applicant Guidebook for the new gTLD program should be out at the beginning of next month.

ICA Refused to Sign Letter Urging Initiation of New gTLDs
As mentioned yesterday, a group of businesses ? mostly consisting of registrars, new gTLD candidates, and new gTLD consultants ? sent a letter to ICANN urging the Board of Directors to initiate the new TLD system without further delay. While 61 businesses endorsed the letter, the Internet Commerce Association (ICA) declined the invitation replying that ?ICA would not be serving its members responsibly if we joined in a call for ?full speed ahead? when multiple critical details remain in flux.?

Yet Another Reason To Support The ICA: The Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) Is Knocked Out (For Now)
According to the Internet Commerce Association (the ICA), the Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) proposal, will NOT be included in the third version of the Draft Applicant Guidebook for new gTLDs to be released by ICANN in the first week of October.

61 businesses and individuals, 16 countries in favour of new gTLDs
This week, people from all over the world and from all types of backgrounds came together to co-sign a letter to ICANN's management asking for new gTLDs to be launched as soon as possible.

ICA Declines to Sign On To ?Full Speed Ahead? With New gTLDs Letter
A diverse group has just sent a letter to ICANN?s top executives and Board in which they ?urge you to direct ICANN staff to implement ICANN?s plan to introduce new top-level domains without further delay?.

Consumer Fraud by Milton Mueller
Two people in ALAC are pushing to create a Consumer constituency within the new Noncommercial Stakeholders Group. While superficially this may seem like a good idea, nothing in ICANN is simple or straightforward. The Board should not recognize a Consumer Constituency now. There are four reasons why the Board must wait until next year before even considering it.

ICANN Staff Up To Same Old ?Divide & Conquer? of Civil Society Strategy
I had a conversation recently with a person who had been actively engaged at ICANN in its early days but became disillusioned and disengaged after a few years because his participation lead him to the conclusion that ICANN staff manage the organization?s board of directors and the "community" via the GNSO and the At-Large Advisory Committee. 

New rule renders domain tasting bitter for speculators
Domain tasting, or the unsavoury practice of temporarily registering Internet domain names (website names) in overwhelmingly large numbers mainly to test and exploit their advertisement profit potential, has virtually come to an end thanks to pre-emptive action taken about a year ago, according to ICANN.

ICANN plans unlimited number of domain names creation
ICANN went before a Congressional panel today to defend its plan to create an unlimited number of new Internet domains (like.web, .food, etc.) I was a witness at the hearing, which made one thing clear: the ?consensus? on new Internet domains is not as strong as ICANN would have us think.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
au: Bolton tangled in web scam
Nicholas Bolton faces losing his multi-million dollar internet empire after the Supreme Court of Victoria upheld a decision by the industry regulator, auDA, to ban one of his companies from selling or administering domain names.

Australian Court Confirms AuDA's Right to Terminate Bottle Domains Registrar Accreditation
Controversial entrepreneur Nicholas Bolton has lost his dispute with auDA, the policy and regulatory body for .AU (Australian) domain names in the Victorian Supreme Court entitling and is no longer accredited to be a registrar of .AU domain names.http://goldsteinreport.com/article.php?article=9224

Court finds in favour of auDA in Bottle Domains proceedings
Judgement was handed down today in legal proceedings between auDA and Australian Style Pty Ltd t/a Bottle Domains, in favour of auDA.

Australian Style Pty Ltd v .au Domain Administration Limited

Court slams Bottle Domains' lax security
The Victorian Supreme Court has chastised Bottle Domains for its "extraordinary indifference to the effect of credit card fraud on its victims" over attempts to downplay to customers the seriousness of a security breach.

Bolton loses auDA court battle
The Supreme Court of Victoria has ruled that the Australian Domain Name Administrator (auDA) acted correctly when it decided earlier this year to terminate the registrar accreditation of Nicholas Bolton's registry company Australian Style, trading as Bottle Domains.

Supreme Court dismisses claim, confirms Bolton loss of Bottle Domains license
Victoria?s Supreme Court has rejected Nick Bolton?s attempt to retain the license for one of his domain name businesses ? Australian Style trading as Bottle Domains.

Bolton faces losing internet companies: report
Young entrepreneur Nicholas Bolton faces losing a multimillion-dollar internet company after the industry regulator's decision to ban it from selling domain names was upheld by the Supreme Court of Victoria, The Age reports.

Van Wesemael quits as General Manager of DNS BE
Marc Van Wesemael quits his position as General Manager of DNS BE. The Board of Directors has assigned Jo Van Gorp as General Manager ad interim.

EU IDNs - Some Governments Still Don't Get It!
When .eu launched a couple of years ago all member states were given the chance to put names down on a "reserve list". The idea being that these names should only be registered either by the state or its organs.

Portugal (.PT) Introduces Integrated Search of Domains and Trademarks
NIC Portugal is offering a new service that allows registrants to verify if the characters they want to register is already taken as a domain and/or trademark in Portugal. The service also detects if that word is contained in an existing domain or trademark.

Protest of Swedish domain name rules grows
Pirate Bay said it is supporting protestors to Sweden?s plans to scrutinize all domain name registrations that use ?bank? in their name.

Swedish Government Bans the Word "Bank" from .SE Domains
A major uproar has been brewing in Sweden over a recent government ruling banning the word "bank" from any Swedish domains that do not fit the official definition of a financial banking institution.

Swedish Agency Wants Identity Check Made For New .SE Domains Containing "bank"
The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (www.pts.se/en-gb/), which is responsible for the country's electronic communications, considers there is a need to inspect domains prior to registration containing words on a "block list."

Happy 19th Birthday .SU
On 19 September the ccTLD .SU (the Soviet Union) celebrated its 19th anniversary. The .SU ccTLD was delegated to the USSR in 1990 - a year before the collapse of the Soviet Union and 3.5 years before the creation of the Russian ccTLD RU, considered to be the ?.SU successor?.

Quick Delegation of .RU and .SU Domains with DNS untested
Effective September 23, 2009 RU-CENTER clients and partners may independently manage delegation procedure of domain names in RU and SU TLDs. Now the users have an option of checking DNS settings under DNS-Server Standard Testing Procedure or promptly delegate the domain without DNS-server test launch.

Clarifications to a New Version of "Domains Registration Rules in RU TLD"
In June 2009 Coordination Center for TLD RU approved the modifications into the documents, regulating domain names registration in RU TLD. Thus, a new version of the "Domains registration rules in RU TLD" will take effect October 1, 2009.

House subcommittee moves bill to boost cybersecurity
The House Science Research Subcommittee unanimously approved legislation Wednesday intended to address the growing threats from hackers, electronic spies and other cyber-criminals.

April Fool?s joke or serious security threat?
It could be just another April Fool?s joke, but just in case, security experts are warning Microsoft Windows users that the creators of the Conficker computer worm may launch a new campaign tomorrow to infect as many PCs as possible with their malicious software. This third generation of Conficker?the worm has been on the loose since November and has infected nearly 15 million computers?is expected to use new methods of spreading that security pros have yet to completely block.

Cybersquatting Hotel and Resort Trademark Protected Names
Our cybersquatting attorneys represent one of the largest premium resort chains in South America and have been in litigation on cybersquatting claims under the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act against a travel agency which registered over 20 domain names which include our client?s marks.

DotGreen Selects Neustar to Provide Registry and DNS Support to .green TLD [news release]
The DotGreen Registry Corporation, a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation, has selected Neustar, Inc. to provide the registry and DNS (Domain Name System) services required to support the .green global Top-Level Domain (TLD).

Netcraft September 2009 Web Server Survey
In the September 2009 survey we received responses from 226,099,841 sites, reflecting a modest rise of 149 thousand sites.

Highest Hyphenated Domain Sale Ever Reported To Us Leads This Week's Top 20 Chart
Hyphenated domains have always been viewed with disdain by American domain investors. The conventional wisdom is that any hyphenated domain will lose a massive amount of traffic to the non-hyphenated version of the same domain. Most say they would never use a hyphenated domain unless they also owned the non-hyphenated version too.

Jets.com Biggest Sedo Sale of the Week
Jets.com was the big seller of the week to 21 September for Sedo, selling for $US375,000. The second biggest seller of the week was newbrand.de, a strong showing for a ccTLD name, selling for ?120,000 (~$177,000) while tradetracker.com came third, selling for $100,000.

Buyers Are Bullish: End Users Are Buying and Large Portfolio Holders Are Selling [news release]
Rick Latona Auctions announced today that there are still premium slots available for their live and extended auctions coming up next month in New York. Submissions for these premium slots are being considered for their Featured Live Auction at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York, which takes place on 27 October at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott. To submit your premium domain, please visit ricklatona.com/auctions/submission-form/ today. 

Zappos.com CEO and Co-Founder Tony Hsieh Headlines DOMAINfest Global 2010
DomainSponsor, the domain monetisation division of Oversee.net, has announced that Tony Hsieh will be the keynote speaker at the fourth annual DOMAINfest Global event, scheduled for 26 to 28 January, 2010 in Santa Monica, California. Additionally, early bird registration finishes on 30 September.

Domainer Mardi Gras Early Bird Reminder
For anyone wanting to attend Domainer Mardi Gras 2010, a reminder that early bird registration finishes on 15 October. Until then registration costs US$795 rising gradually to the full fee of $1,095 for those who register on the day of the conference, which runs from 11 to 13 February.

5 Tips on Selling Domain Names for Maximum Profit
I would like to present some tips on being a frugal domainer and keeping 100% of sales profits for yourself. By not paying sales commissions and doing some of the work on your own you can earn maximum return on your domain investments. Every bit helps especially if you are working with a portfolio of lower to mid-range value domain names.

Cheating common in cyber sex world
A study has found that over half of all internet users who engage in cyber sex are either married or in a serious offline relationship.

Infidelity rife in cybersex world [AAP]
Infidelity is rife in the world of cybersex, new Australian research shows. A study from the Swinburne University of Technology of 1325 internet users found more than half of those who engaged in cybersex were married or in a serious relationship.

Twitter Appears Set to Raise $100 Million, Valuing It at $1 Billion
Twitter has trained people to compress their thoughts into 140 characters and given a public stage to both dissidents in Iran and voluble stars like Shaquille O?Neal.

Twitter close to securing $100m cash injection that will see value quadruple
Dotcom darling Twitter is close to securing a cash injection of $100m (?62m), with executives due to complete a surprise funding round that would see the total value of the much-hyped Californian company quadruple to an estimated $1bn.

Twitter said to be near a deal for $100 million in venture funding
Twitter may be close to locking up a deal for $100 million in new venture funding, a sum that would nearly triple the total venture capital poured into the 3-year-old messaging start-up.

Twitter closes in on $100m of new funding
Twitter, the fast-growing microblogging site, is close to a deal to secure as much as $100 million of new funding, valuing the company at $1 billion.

Facebook users warned of wall worm
There are reports of a worm spreading on Facebook, hijacking wall posts and threatening to compromise users' computer security.

Facebook, Twitter users too quick to press 'send'
The connected world we live in speeds up both our work, and personal lives. But in sharing information and posting pictures on social networking sites like Facebook, or texting salacious messages ? known as ?sexts? ? many are pressing ?send? too quickly.

Affluent and urban drawn to online social networks: Nielsen [AFP]
Market-tracker Nielsen reported on Friday that the ranks of US online social network users continue to grow, with cyber communities tending to attract people who are affluent and urban.

Apple Launches Major Green Effort
In recent years, Apple has been hammered by several environmental groups. Greenpeace singled it out for its use of toxic chemicals in 2007, and it has done poorly in rankings of the greenest corporations. The criticism is jarring for a company with a cool, progressive image and Mr. Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore, on its board.

us: Federal Register Notice: Online Safety and Technology Working Group Public Meeting
NTIA has published a notice announcing a public meeting of the Online Safety and Technology Working Group. The meeting will be held at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C., on September 24, 2009. Please note: The time for the meeting has been changed from that published in the Federal Register; the meeting will run from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time.

au: Parents told to rethink approach to cyber-bullying
An internet safety expert says teachers and parents need to rethink their approach to combating cyber-bulling. Martin Cocker from Netsafe New Zealand is in Sydney for today's launch of a high school teaching resource called Let's Fight It Together.

au: Students to advise on tackling cyber-bullying
Cyber-bullying in schools has become such a concern for the State Government that it will seek the advice of hundreds of students in a renewed bid to tackle the problem.

ACMA helps teachers fight cyberbullying
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) today launched Let's Fight It Together, a teaching resource to combat cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying?Let?s Fight It Together?the ACMA launches new Cybersmart resource [news release]
The Australian Communications and Media Authority today launched Let?s Fight It Together, a new teaching resource to combat cyberbullying that will be available free to all schools in Australia.

Fighting the scourge of child porn [The Straits Times]
The mere thought of child pornography turns most people's stomachs but when John sits in his office in Canberra, that is exactly what he often surfs for on the Internet.

Mandelson defends plan to disconnect download pirates
Lord Mandelson will try to quell the furore over his proposals to disconnect online pirates tomorrow as some of the biggest names in music assemble at an emergency meeting to hammer out a joint position on filesharing.

Future is TV-shaped, says Intel
The world's biggest chip maker predicts that by 2015 there will be 12 billion devices capable of connecting to 500 billion hours of TV and video content.

Intel tries anew to built its smarts into TVs
Intel may not have attained the same dominance in TVs as it has in personal computers, but the company remains convinced that interactive, networked, computing-intensive tasks will win the company a foothold in the world of video.

British musicians back 'three-strikes' rule for illegal filesharers
The music industry moved last night to heal a rift over illegal filesharing as artists including Lily Allen, George Michael and Sandie Shaw voted to support a "three-strikes" rule that would see online pirates have their broadband connections constrained.

Squeeze file-sharers, stars say
Pop star Lily Allen has joined almost 100 other British musicians at a heated three-hour debate to discuss how to tackle illegal music downloading.

uk: Illegal file-sharers will be cut off as 'last resort'
People who share files illegally over the internet may have their connection suspended under government proposals to tackle piracy, but only as a "last resort", Lord Mandelson, the Business Secretary said.

au: iiNet shields copyright abusers: studios [sub req'd]
Internet service provider iiNet will be accused of encouraging "rampant" copyright abuse for commercial gain when a landmark legal battle against some of Hollywood's biggest movie studios and television networks gets underway early next month.

Why Australians are hanging up land lines [The Sunday Telegraph]
Is it time to ditch the land line? Younger generations have abandoned the home phone in favour of the mobile with 70 per cent of 18-31-year-olds considering the mobile phone their main communication tool, according to Australian Media and Communications Authority data.

AT&T Says Google Voice Violates Net Neutrality Principles
AT&T is playing a ?gotcha? with Google. The big phone company filed a letter with the Federal Communications Commission Friday saying the Google Voice calling system violates the commission?s network neutrality principles.

AT&T: Net neutrality should apply to Web firms too
AT&T Inc said any new "Net neutrality" rules imposed by U.S. regulators need to apply to Web companies like Google Inc as much as to phone companies to ensure a level playing field.

AT&T Blasts Google In New FCC Letter
AT&T asked the FCC on Friday to force Google to play by the same rules as its competitors on the heels of reports that the Internet giant blocked calls to rural areas for users of its Google Voice service and, as a result, is reducing its access expenses. The letter from AT&T Senior Vice President Robert Quinn points out that a June 2007 FCC decision prohibits other providers, including those with which Google Voice competes, from taking such action. Google has argued Google Voice isn't a traditional phone service and shouldn't be regulated like other common carriers.

AT&T looks to flip net rules debate on Google
AT&T Inc said any new "net neutrality" rules imposed by U.S. regulators need to apply to Web companies like Google Inc as much as to phone companies to ensure a level playing field.

Google says its voice service should not be regulated
Google Inc's voice service is an "online software tool" and should not be regulated, a Google lawyer told Reuters on Friday.

Spammers like Idaho best of all [IDG]
No one is quite sure why, but Idaho now gets spammed a little more heavily than any other state in the U.S.

Symantec Announces August 2009 MessageLabs Intelligence Report [news release]
Symantec Corp. announced the publication of its August 2009 MessageLabs Intelligence Report. Analysis highlights how activity levels for Cutwail, one of the largest botnets globally, fell by as much as 90 percent following the shutdown of an ISP in Latvia. Also in August, another prolific botnet called Donbot continued to use shortened URLs in its spam runs, peaking at distributing ten billion emails in just one day.

Russian cybergangs make the Web a dangerous place [IDG]
Russian cybergangs have established a robust system for promoting Web sites that sell fake antivirus software, pharmaceuticals and counterfeit luxury products, according to a new report from security vendor Sophos.

Viagra spam brings bulging returns of more than $4,000/day
Pharmaceutical spam can generate more than $4,000 per day in sales, confirming that spam continues to thrive because of those gullible few who click through and ruin it for the rest of us. And that's not just an estimate: a security researcher from Sophos have combed through sales logs as part of his investigation into the growth of spam networks, noting that Russian affiliate partner networks?also known as "partnerka"?are responsible for some of the largest Canadian pharmacy spam businesses.

The power of mobile money - Mobile phones have transformed lives in the poor world. Mobile money could have just as big an impact
Once the toys of rich yuppies, mobile phones have evolved in a few short years to become tools of economic empowerment for the world?s poorest people. These phones compensate for inadequate infrastructure, such as bad roads and slow postal services, allowing information to move more freely, making markets more efficient and unleashing entrepreneurship. All this has a direct impact on economic growth: an extra ten phones per 100 people in a typical developing country boosts GDP growth by 0.8 percentage points, according to the World Bank. More than 4 billion handsets are now in use worldwide, three-quarters of them in the developing world (see our special report). Even in Africa, four in ten people now have a mobile phone.

A special report on telecoms in emerging markets: Mobile marvels - Poor countries have already benefited hugely from mobile phones. Now get ready for a second round, says Tom Standage (interviewed here)
Bouncing a great-grandchild on her knee in her house in Bukaweka, a village in eastern Uganda, Mary Wokhwale gestures at her surroundings. ?My mobile phone has been my livelihood,? she says. In 2003 Ms Wokhwale was one of the first 15 women in Uganda to become ?village phone? operators. Thanks to a microfinance loan, she was able to buy a basic handset and a roof-mounted antenna to ensure a reliable signal. She went into business selling phone calls to other villagers, making a small profit on each call. This enabled her to pay back her loan and buy a second phone. The income from selling phone calls subsequently enabled her to set up a business selling beer, open a music and video shop and help members of her family pay their children?s school fees. Business has dropped off somewhat in the past couple of years as mobile phones have fallen in price and many people in her village can afford their own. But Ms Wokhwale?s life has been

Net closing on websites conning fans in 2010 Football World Cup ticket fraud
A team of cyberpolice from New Scotland Yard have helped to save tens of thousands of football fans from being duped into buying bogus tickets for the 2010 World Cup finals. Fifa, football?s world governing body, called in the London-based e-Crime Unit to crack down on the internet fraudsters.

au: New CERT early 2010: McClelland
The new national Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) will be operational early next year, federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland said.

Up To 9 Percent Of Machines In An Enterprise Are Bot-Infected
Bot infections are on the rise in the enterprise, and most come from botnets you've never heard of nor ever will. In a three-month study of more than 600 different botnets found having infiltrated enterprise networks, researchers from Damballa discovered nearly 60 percent are botnets, and with only a handful to a few hundred bots built to target a particular organization. Only 5 percent of the bot infections were from big-name botnets, such as Zeus/ZDbot and Koobface.

ITU?s Asia-Pacific Regional Cybersecurity Forum Urges International Cooperation Against Cybercrime
ITU?s Regional Cybersecurity Forum for the Asia-Pacific region opened today in Hyderabad, India, with the aim of reinforcing international cooperation and developing a harmonized approach to combating cybercrime.

EU funding 'Orwellian' artificial intelligence plan to monitor public for "abnormal behaviour" 
The European Union is spending millions of pounds developing "Orwellian" technologies designed to scour the internet and CCTV images for "abnormal behaviour". 

us: DHS set to release privacy report today
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is set to present its annual privacy report to Congress today. The mandated report will provide a "detailed and comprehensive look" at the activities of the DHS privacy office between July 2008 and June 2009, according to a spokeswoman for the agency.

FCC Takes Sides In Net-Neutrality Debate
On Monday, the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission said the agency would write rules requiring Internet providers to do something many of them already say they do: deliver online content without discrimination. So why were there so many long faces in telecom afterward?

?6 UK broadband tax 'will be law' before next election
Stephen Timms, the minister charged with overseeing Britain's "digital revolution," pledged yesterday to pass the ?6-a-year broadband tax into law "before the general election," despite opposition from the Conservatives.

?6 broadband tax to be made law before election, minister says
The government is pressing ahead with plans to introduce its controversial ?6 a year broadband tax before the election, despite potential opposition from the Conservatives.

Google books settlement is delayed until "significant changes" are made
The millions of out-of-print books scanned by Google Inc. and now sitting unread on the company's cyber-bookshelves will have to sit a while longer.

Google Books Settlement Delayed Indefinitely
As currently written, the controversial settlement between Google and groups representing publishers and authors is officially dead. On Thursday, a federal judge gave the parties time to negotiate a new deal that would address some of the many objections filed by various groups.

Judge delays Google books hearing
A New York judge has put Google's vision of creating the world's biggest digital library on hold.

Google Books deal postponed after avalanche of criticism
The judge overseeing Google's controversial agreement with American publishers to digitise millions of books has delayed a hearing into the $125m deal - effectively shutting down the settlement and sending it back to the drawing board.

French publishers take Google to court for 'forgery' [AFP]
French publishers and authors took Google to court Thursday, demanding compensation from the US Internet giant they accuse of counterfeiting their books by digitizing them and posting them online.

French publishers face Google in court over books [AP]
Google has gone on trial in Paris over the insistence by French writers and publishers that the company request permission before putting book excerpts online.

FCC Chairman Outlines Expansive Vision for Open and Innovative Internet
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's speech at the Brookings Institution this morning makes clear that he understands and appreciates what makes the Internet special. His vision of an open Internet that preserves the "freedom to innovate without permission" is one that CDT shares and that all Internet users and innovators should vigorously support. At the same time, he sensibly pledged to keep his effort narrowly targeted on "companies that control access to the Internet" and to "do as much as we need, and no more."

NZ Telecom resale services may be freed from regulation
Telecom has convinced the Commerce Commission that regulation of its resale services is outdated, raising the prospect that the level of oversight will be reduced.

ComCom may reduce regulation [NZPA]
The Commerce Commission is to investigate whether services Telecom provides to other telecommunications companies to be resold should be deregulated.

Anothony Doesburg: Faster, wider bandwith- but what will we do with it?
As the Government inches ahead with its $1.5 billion fibre-to-the-premises plans, the issue is going to become what to do with all that internet bandwidth.

All eyes on Australia's NBN
The sheer scale of the national broadband network (NBN) project has drawn interest from foreign governments including the US, where President Barack Obama has outlined similar plans.

Australia embarks on great broadband adventure [AFP]
From snowy mountains and sun-baked deserts to the steamy tropical north, Australia has begun wiring its vast expanse with a high-tech broadband network in a giant project being closely followed abroad.

South Korea Orders Lower Wireless Charges
South Korea's telecommunications regulator ordered the country's mobile carriers to reduce service charges beginning in November. The move is likely to hurt the profitability of operators, which already have weak margins because of a marketing rivalry in a highly saturated market.


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