[DNS] domain name news - 12 October

[DNS] domain name news - 12 October

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 20:01:36 -0700 (PDT)
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U.S. Not Abandoning Internet Role by Lynn St.Amour (ISOC)

AuDA Calls for Proposals for New .AU 2LDs

.nz Search Functionality Consultation

US/Egypt Phishing Bust Spotlights Online Dangers

Insure.com Sold for $16 Million

IGF-USA plenary voices support for global Internet Governance Forum process by Brenden Kuerbis
The first Internet Governance Forum-USA was held last Friday in Washington DC. During the closing plenary session panelists from all stakeholder groups agreed the IGF is a useful exercise that contributes positively to Internet governance. ?(The IGF) deals with global issues, transnational issues, ones that require coordination across political boundaries, and that is probably the most important thing about the IGF,? IGP's Milton Mueller said. ?We cannot deal with the Internet in a purely national context. We don?t want to put the Internet back into boxes for the purposes of regulation.?

DNSSEC Signed ROOT by July 1, 2010
ICANN Lisbon meeting in 2007 was perhaps one of the most successful and fun meetings I had attended as a staff member. This week I have returned to the same venue in Lisbon , Portugal with different feelings , duties and priorities.

Ask a question direct to the Board in Seoul
An online question box where community members can ask questions directly to the ICANN Board and staff is open.

Bulk Transfer of Red Register Domains to DirectNIC
ICANN has authorized a bulk transfer of registrar Red Register Inc.?s domain names to DirectNIC Ltd., due to the de-accreditation of Red Register Inc. The affected gTLD registries have taken steps to effect bulk transfers of Red Register's names. Former registrant-customers of Red Register should soon receive notices of the transfer from DirectNIC. Customer questions about the transfer should be directed to DirectNIC at:

U.S. Not Abandoning Internet Role by Lynn St.Amour (ISOC)
I and the Internet Society (ISOC) respectfully disagree with Jeremy Rabkin and Jeffrey Eisenach's "The U.S. Abandons the Internet," (op-ed, Oct. 3), which asks if the Obama administration has "just given up U.S. responsibility for protecting the Internet?"

ICANN's Positive Affirmation: Good News for Africa and Emerging Markets by Andrew Mack
Sometimes you get what you are asking for. And this seems to be one of those occasions? and the US government can give itself a pat on the back for having listened to other stakeholder opinions.

What We Can Take to the Seoul ICANN Meeting
The last ICANN meeting in Sydney, Australia was like a great network variety show. There were celebrity guest stars, exotic animals (the gala had a petting zoo) and a big finish (Okay, so it didn?t come at the end but the naming of the new CEO Rod Beckstrom constitutes a big finish). In true variety show form, there were a lot of fireworks, but not much actually happened. Attendees expecting major announcements on any of the hot button topics were not satiated. It was, compared to where things could have gone given deadlines and rollouts, a light meeting.

JPRS Position on Conclusion of Joint Project Agreement between ICANN and U.S. Department of Commerce
On September 30th, 2009, ICANN and the U.S. Department of Commerce concluded the JPA (Joint Project Agreement). On the same day, the Affirmation of Commitments was signed between them.

Afilias statement on ICANN Affirmation of Committments with US Department of Commerce [news release]
Today Afilias President & CEO Hal Lubsen released the following statement concerning ICANN?s new Affirmation of Commitments with the US Department of Commerce:

Loud and clear: ccTLD operators vote (again) for ICANN to sign the root by Brenden Kuerbis
Affirming the results of a 2007 survey and consistent with numerous comments submitted in a 2009 NTIA proceeding on DNSSEC, ccTLD operators have again indicated in a new survey they want ICANN to sign the root. Their request stands in stark contrast to the June announcement made by the DoC which maintained the current root zone management arrangements and recommended Verisign sign the root zone.

Live Event Tonight!: "Civic Representation in ICANN: What Now?" by Brenden Kuerbis
ISOC-NY is hosting a forum, "Civic Representation in ICANN: What Now?," tonight at NYU's Warren Weaver Hall from 18:45-20:45 (EDT). IGP's Milton Mueller, consumer advocate Beau Brendler, and longtime ICANN participant Danny Younger will debate the ongoing GNSO reforms occurring at ICANN, and the possible structures for civil society participation in its policy making activities. You can watch the debate live here and join the discussion.

ICANN Releases DAGv3 ? Board to Decide on TM Protections After November Launch of IDN ccTLDs
As anticipated, ICANN has just released the third version of the Draft Applicant Guidebook (DAG) for new gTLDs. The DAG has been revised in more than 50 areas, so we will be combing through it to fully understand its potential impact on the domain investment community.

Coble questions Internet overseer
At first blush, U.S. Rep. Howard Coble doesn't seem the most likely person to be involved in a dispute over Internet domain names.

How To Fix The GIS Data Mess
Used to be that only local governments and shipping companies cared about geographic information systems. But now, the market is telling us that GIS is a "can't live without" feature of not only place-based applications likeGoogle Maps, but a mainstay of federal economic stimulus programs. ... It's too bad GIS has been a train wreck for years. To understand why that is, imagine that IANA and ICANN don't exist to provide policy guidance and domain name system implementation.

ICANN ? Internet under new management? ? yes says Yahoo!
The Department of Commerce relinquished some of its control over the Internet?s governing body Wednesday in an agreement intended to allow more international participation in the process. Commerce and ICANN will still maintain a relationship, but the United States will not have as much control as it has had since ICANN?s 1998 inception.

The future of the web
Who manages and decides what the Internet domain extensions (.com, .org, .net,?) can be? Who controls the web at the highest level and can simply shut it down if they wanted to?

New dawn for domains
Enhanced security and resilience have been promised for web addresses as ICANN announces its independence. In a statement issued on 30 September, the official governance body for the domain name system (DNS) revealed that it has signed an Affirmation of Commitments with the United States to become a standalone authority.

Oversight of domain names goes global [AP]
As Internet use expands worldwide, the United States said it will give other governments and the private sector a greater oversight role in an organization whose decisions affect how computers relay traffic such as e-mail and Twitter posts.

ICANN Orders Bulk Transfer of Red Register Domains to DirectNIC
The not-for-profit body responsible for the assignment of domain names and IP addresses has authorized a bulk transfer of Red Register domain names to DirectNIC (www.directnic.com), after it was found that Red Register had violated several conditions of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement.

53 indicted in massive phishing plot
The FBI broke up a massive phishing scam last week, indicting 53 people in the United States in connection with a plot that victimized thousands of customers at two major U.S. banks. Another 47 people were indicted in Egypt. ... There are many attempts underway to block this problem. The APWG, reports ComputerWorld.com, is working with organizations such as ICANN to see if it is possible to develop processes that allow domain registrars to quickly remove rogue domain names from the Internet.

Internet first used 30 years ago
On 29 Oct 1969 Charley Kline at the University of California-Los Angeles tried to send information to Stanford University via the network later named the Internet. Though the attempt didn't succeed, Kline is credited with the pioneering use of the technology that has spawned a language and become indispensible to countless lives around the world. It has also generated its own brand of crime, leading to recent discussion about establishing a special police force to control it. ... ICANN coordinates the unique identifiers across the worlde that help people find what they need on the Internet. Though global in reach, it isn't set up to tackle the growing problem of cybercrime.

Photos and Highlights from the Final 24 Hours at the SedoPro Partners Forum in Key West, Florida
... The wide ranging discussion touched on a number of areas, including ICANN's plans to roll out an unlimited number of new gTLDs. I'll have details on this session (and the others conducted during the conference) in a comprehensive show review article that we will be publishing next week.

US government signs pact with Internet domain body
The U.S. government and the body in charge of assigning Internet addresses signed an agreement on Wednesday that allows for greater global participation in the Internet domain name process.

ICAAN Severs Some Ties With U.S. Commerce Department
ICANN said Wednesday that it is severing some ties with the U.S. Commerce Department, giving the organization autonomy and possibly opening up the Internet to a wider global audience.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
TRA launches new campaign to increase .ae registration
If it's in the UAE it's gotta be .ae The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has begun the second phase of its marketing campaign to enhance the registration of the ccTLD of the United Arab Emirates.

TRA encourages .ae registration
The Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) has set its sights on making the UAE's .ae domain name one of the most easily identifiable in the world. The TRA intends to register 20,000 domain names under the .ae realm by the end of this year to add to the 90,000 domain names currently registered there, officials said.

TRA launches new campaign to increase .ae registration
The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has begun the second phase of its marketing campaign to enhance the registration of the ccTLD of the United Arab Emirates -- .ae.

Watchdog Predicts Rise in ?Cyber-Squatting? [McClatchy-Tribune]
Black market trade in internet domain names will increase as a result of the growing popularity of UAE web addresses, officials say. The number of organisations registered with ?.ae? domain names is expected to grow 120 per cent by next year.

AuDA Calls for Proposals for New .AU 2LDs
The Australian Domain Name Adminstrator, auDA, has invited proposals for new second level domains as well as proposals for what to do with the existing, but little used, second level domains conf.au and info.au.

Registro.br to Release 126,000 Domains
Registro.br, the Brazilian ccTLD manager, is releasing more than 126,000 domain names for registration by any eligible registrant on 10 October.

ca: CIRA And The Disappearing Public Interest Mandate
Rick Anderson, a long-time CIRA director, appears this week on TVO's Search Engine to respond to recent criticisms of the dot-ca domain authority. Host Jesse Brown asked Anderson to address my recent column focused on CIRA's disappointing performance in the realm of its social mandate.

ca: CIRA to Launch DNSSEC Test-Bed at Sector Conference
Web spoofing, otherwise known as a phony site pretending to be a legitimate one, will become more difficult to perpetrate in Canada thanks to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). A potent new security tool called DNS Security Extensions, or DNSSEC, will soon be part of CIRA?s arsenal of weapons to counter spoofing.

ch/li: SWITCH warns against bogus offers
SWITCH, the official registry for internet addresses in Switzerland and Liechtenstein wishes to warn you against bogus offers for domain names.

Politician Wants .Gay Domains
Daniel O'Donnell, a gay New York State assembly member, wants online cruising to be a bit gayer.

my: Online presence: your gateway to success
.my DOMAIN REGISTRY is pleased to inform that a Seminar on ?Online Presence: Your Gateway To Success? will be held on:

.nz Search Functionality
Currently it is only possible to search .nz domain names by a specific domain name using the WHOIS search. Comments are sought on a proposal to expand the .nz search functionality to include a search by registrant and also a wildcard-type search of a domain name. It is proposed to limit the nature and eligibility of the searches as outlined below.

Knowing where you're &#167; - and making it truly personal: NZ Domain name commissioner Debbie Monahan
Domain name commissioner Debbie Monahan heads the Domain Name Commission (www.dnc.org.nz) which is responsible for managing the ".nz" portion of cyberspace's real estate. She has some simple advice for small New Zealand businesses wanting to better express themselves online.

.ORG, The Public Interest Registry Releases Its First Ever Domain Name Report, "The Dashboard"
.ORG, The Public Interest Registry (www.pir.org) announces today the release of their first bi-annual domain name report, "The Dashboard." Among other industry data, "The Dashboard" reveals that registrations for .ORG grew 11%, up to 7.69 million total registrations in the first half of 2009, compared to a year ago. 

uk: Nameserver changes and EPP schemas
As previously announced we will be changing our data structure to simplify our representation of nameserver objects within the registry database. We are also releasing beta EPP schemas in preparation for the change.

Analysis: US/Egypt Phishing Bust Spotlights Online Dangers
Phishing arrests highlight massive problem
The massive phishing scam broken up by federal authorities this week is only a hint at what many say is an insidious and growing problem on the Internet. ... The APWG and others are working with organizations such as ICANN to see whether processes can be developed that allow domain registrars to quickly remove rogue domain names from the Internet. But that is an effort that could take years to materialize.

Can a Three Letter Domain Be a Typo?
Here?s an interesting UDRP domain arbitration decided by a National Arbitration Forum panelist. Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, which operates DNB.com, filed for arbitration against DBN.com. The domain owner didn?t respond to the complaint and lost the case. It didn?t help that his parking page at DBN.com has links for products related to Dun & Bradstreet.

Kotak Mahindra Bank wins cybersquatting case at WIPO
Kotak Mahindra Bank has won a cybersquatting case at the WIPO against a South Korea-based person, who was using the name 'Kotak' in an internet domain.

RIPE 59 - Meeting Report
The RIPE 59 Meeting took place at the Hotel Corinthia Lisbon, Portugal, from 5-9 October 2010 and welcomed over 320 attendees during the week.

How To Make Private Domain Name Registration Anonymous?
There has been a lot of discussion about domain private registrations. And as it turns out, many questions still remain.

Internet for Financial Intermediaries & Securities - How to Construct a New Regulatory System within the Domain Name System by Dr. Winfried Boeing, Urs Schneider & Werner Staub
Abstract: CORE has been an active participant in the ICANN, the DNSO and Registrar Constituency processes. CORE supports the launch of new TLDs in a responsible manner and the recognition of TLDs as resources to be managed in the public trust. With this white paper CORE Association is describing the work of experts and stakeholders in the Financial Industry to apply for generic TLDs, such as .bank, .fund or .giro. The initial Project Group is funded by CORE Association and started working in October 2007. The Project Group is part of CORE?s Financial Domains Initiative. Its role is to review requirements and possible solutions with a wide range of stakeholders, paving the way for industry-based working groups tasked with policy definition for various types of financial domain name spaces.

Financial Domain Names - How the Internet Can Help the International Financial Industry Overcome Shortcomings in Trust and Transparency While Improving Speed and Efficiency by Dr. Winfried Boeing, Urs Schneider & Werner Staub
Abstract: It is a coincidence that major reforms are now under way in both financial infrastructure and the Internet. Governments are in the process of overhauling the regulatory framework in response to the 2008 economic crisis. The Internet itself is at a crucial stage of development with the introduction of new TLDs and internationalized domain names that facilitate the use of a wide variety of scripts. The interface between the Internet and the global financial system requires urgent attention.

Description of Financial Domain Name Projects - New Top-Level Domains for Specialized Financial Name Spaces by Dr. Winfried Boeing, Urs Schneider & Werner Staub
Abstract: Domains for financial instruments require a governance model specific to the type of financial instrument where the key stakeholders in the market are represented. Thanks to being instrument-specific, they can eliminate the risk of confusion through appropriate oversight and controls, prior to a given name ever being activated. CORE has launched an international stakeholder group to foster research in and application of Financial Names Spaces for the new TLDs soon becoming subject in global discussions around extending the gTLDs administered by ICANN.

Insure.com Sold for $16 Million
Insure.com has announced it sold the domain name insure.com for US$16 million in cash to QuinStreet, making it the largest reported domain name sale of the year to date, and possibly the largest ever. The domain name insure.com was acquired by Insure.com for $1.6 million in December 2001.

Insure.com Sells For $16 Million
We recently wrote about dominance of number of .com domains and also noted that .com domain registrations were starting to turn around again after a poor 2008.

Insure.com sells domain name, assets for $16M
A Darien-based insurance broker said Friday that it has sold its corporate name, Insure.com, and its related Web site for $16 million, 10 times more than it paid for the moniker in 2001. The company will change its name to Life Quotes.

Insure.com Sells for $16 Million ? Highest Domain Sale Recorded
Insure.comInsure.com, a publicly traded company whose shares trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange, sold its corporate name and related domain name for $16,000,000, and the company will be renamed Life Quotes. The company paid $1,600,000 for Insure.com in 2001.

QuinStreet Buys Insure.com Domain & Media Assets For $16 Million
QuinStreet, the Foster City, CA-based vertical media and marketing firm that is in the process of buying Internet.com division from WebMediaBrands, has paid what some are saying as the highest ever for a domain name: $16 million for Insure.com, and its related media assets (unclear what those are, which may explain the rather inflated price). Quin is buying Internet.com division for $18 million.

Expiring Domains Research Pro Tips
I?ve filtered, sorted and mined my way through literally tens of millions of expiring domains in my years as a domainer / developer. It takes a keen eye, some handy tools and a little domainer mojo to pick the best domain names to buy in the aftermarket or register. Here are some quick pro tips on researching expiring domains to buy.

Privacy Protection for .CA Domain Names Kills Business for Domainers
Privacy Protection for domainers who have legitimate portfolios is a little like a burka on a bikini model.

AfternicDLS sells Ticket.com for $1,525,000
AfternicDLS is pleased to announce the sale of the industry leading domain name Ticket.com.

AfternicDLS sells Ticket.com for $1,525,000 USD
As per a post on their Member Center, AfternicDLS has sold the domain name Ticket.com for US$1,525,000.

The High End of the Domain Aftermarket Stages a Comeback With Five 6-Figure Transactions
Like other areas of the economy, the domain aftermarket has suffered some setbacks in the current recession, especially at the high end of the market. Sales at the low and middle range started accelerating again last spring and lately we have seen some buyers dipping their toes into the deep end of the pool again. That was especially true this past week when five solid six-figure sales were booked.

What?s More Valuable, BusinessWeek The Publication or The Domain? Bloomberg Thinks Its The Domain
There are some very interesting discussions going on in the blogosphere regarding the crumbling magazine industry and the venerable Business Week publication in general.

Why Email No Longer Rules? And what that means for the way we communicate
Email has had a good run as king of communications. But its reign is over. In its place, a new generation of services is starting to take hold?services like Twitter and Facebook and countless others vying for a piece of the new world. And just as email did more than a decade ago, this shift promises to profoundly rewrite the way we communicate?in ways we can only begin to imagine.

Online game addiction rising in UK, counsellors warn
Addiction to online games is becoming more widespread among vulnerable young people, according to a treatment centre that has begun running abstinence courses in Britain.

Two lives and a wombat: Australia's weirdest eBay sales
The lives of two men, a top tennis player's ponytail and a piece of cereal that looks like E.T. are among the strangest items Australians have bought and sold in the past decade, auction website eBay said Friday.

Amazon admits: international Kindle users will pay more
Amazon has admitted that international users of its Kindle book reader will be paying significantly more to buy books than their American counterparts.

Britain's Prince Charles bemoans Internet 'deserts' [AFP]
Britain's Prince Charles said Saturday that people living in rural areas had been left in the Internet's "slow lane", placing them at a "severe disadvantage" in the modern world.

nz: Telecom's price hike upsets users big time
Telecom has angered internet customers by hiking the price of unlimited broadband access.

us: Facebook 'poke' leads to woman's arrest
Shannon D. Jackson, 36, was arrested Friday, Sept. 25 for allegedly violating an order of protection. According to the affidavit filed in Sumner County General Sessions Court, Jackson is accused of using the ?poke? option on Facebook to contact a Hendersonville woman, thus violating the terms of the order of protection, which stipulates ?no telephoning, contacting or otherwise communicating with the petitioner.?

FCC and FTC Chairmen Jointly Encourage The Public to Take Safeguards to Protect Themselves, Their Privacy, and Their Personal Information Online [news release]
As part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairman Jon Leibowitz today encouraged the public to take steps to protect themselves, their privacy, and their personal information online.

FCC, FTC Urge Public To Web Surf Safely
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz on Friday urged the public to take steps to protect themselves, their privacy, and their personal information online as part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. "The Internet has connected Americans to each other and the rest of the world like never before. But those connections can also be exploited by scammers, so consumers need to be alert for online fraud and safeguard their personal information," Genachowski said in a press release. "Consumers should stay alert, recognize the potential risks associated with cyber crimes and take some simple precautions to help reduce their chances of falling victim to scams."

ACMA extends cybersafety education to trainee teachers
The Australian Communications and Media Authority will extend its successful cybersafety professional development program to teachers in training with the introduction of a new program.

ACS: ISP-filtering could affect Internet speeds and prices
The Federal Government?s Internet filtering scheme is likely to impact ISP networks speeds, and ultimately, the cost of Internet access for consumers, a new report from the Australian Computer Society (ACS) e-security Task Force has found.

au: ACMA extends cyber bullying smarts to trainee teachers
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has extended its cyber safety education program to trainee teachers, with the introduction of a new program.

us: Cyber-bullying workshop educates parents & students
Local guidance counselors make a push for more cyber-safety after a student is targeted. A Saint X student was targeted this summer on a social-networking site. Federal prosecutors are now pursuing that case. As a result, guidance counselors at local catholic schools decided parents and students needed more information on how to protect themselves.

us: Child Porn Spreads from Internet to Cell Phones
On Friday s Live_Online at 11 a.m., we talked with Det. James Williams with the Sacramento Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force about the prevalence of child pornography. Williams says it's not only plastered on the internet, it's moving to cell phones.

YouTube Says It Streams 1 Billion Vids a Day
If YouTube streams a billion videos a day, does that make it the world's biggest waste of people's time? The billion videos announcement was made by YouTube's CEO in a blog marking the third anniversary of its acquisition by Google.

YouTube views over one billion a day: co-founder [AFP]
The number of video views a day on YouTube has surpassed one billion, the co-founder of the wildly popular video-sharing site said Friday on the third anniversary of its acquisition by Google.

Pirate Bay sale sinking fast [AP]
Global Gaming Factory X AB, the small Swedish software firm that planned to buy popular file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, says the takeover now looks "uncertain."

Spotify 'could be dead within a year'
Britain?s most popular music-streaming service could be out of business within a year unless it can make more of its users pay for music, industry experts claimed today. Senior executives said that Spotify could soon be ?dead? if it continued to be available free and relied on advertising to fund the service.

Napster offers cut-price service
Napster has relaunched its service, offering unlimited music streaming plus five MP3 downloads for a ?5 monthly fee. A similar deal sprung up in the United States in May for $5 a month.

Spotify earns more than ?1m a month from subscribers
Music streaming pioneer Spotify earns more than ?1 million a month from its premium subscribers, OUT-LAW.COM can reveal. Earnings could be as high as ?72m a year. The figure is derived from statements made by Spotify executives.

Spotify's freemium approach leaves Napster gasping
Only when you put the numbers in perspective does the remarkable nature of Spotify's offering becomes clear. If you're a premium user ? paying ?10 a month ? you can store more than 3,000 tracks offline, to listen to as and when you want (and they're portable if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone).

iiNet in the gun: Aussie copyright case will ripple through NZ
A copyright case between an Australian internet service provider and numerous US film studios could have far reaching effects on the New Zealand film, telecommunications and legal industries, law firm Lowndes Jordan says.

No BitTorrent contracts: studios
A group of entertainment companies suing iiNet for copyright infringement in the NSW Federal Court has accused the Perth ISP of trying to turn the trial into a "political forum".

iiNet CEO Michael Malone to be ISP's first witness
iiNet CEO Michael Malone will be the Internet service provider?s (ISP) first witness in its civil case against the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT).

7 days, 1000 breach notices: Aussie ISP details copyright slam
Australian internet provider iiNet was slammed with more than 1000 breach notices over a week by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft, it was revealed in a federal court in Sydney today.

Fighting for the right to download
It is about time the Australian public rose from the couch. Seemingly overnight, technology has once again made criminals of the majority (recording TV shows was technically illegal until 2006). It might have happened slowly in your household, or perhaps you've been a pirate for a while now.

Carphone Warehouse benefits as British consumers reject mobile internet
Consumers are falling out of love with mobile broadband, ditching their "dongles" and returning to fixed-line services. Amid dissatisfaction with the speed and limited coverage of wireless internet access, they are also switching to a pre-pay package instead of a long-term contract.

Mobile communication subscriptions soar to 4.6 billion, says UN body
The rapidly growing information and communications technology (ICT) industry is set to see mobile subscriptions reach 4.6 billion worldwide by the end of the year, according to figures released by the United Nations telecommunications arm today.

Spam accounts for 86% of all emails
Worldwide spam has surged by nine times and now makes up 86 percent of all emails, says Symantec.

More malware per spam e-mail last month
The volume of malware-infected spam rose nine times between August and September this year, according to Symantec's "October State of Spam" report.

More action needed to fight spammers and protect online privacy, says Commission report [news release]
The European Commission today has repeated its call for EU countries to do more to tackle online privacy threats to the public. A Commission-funded study published today found that although in recent years several EU countries have taken some measures to enforce Europe's ban on spam, including fines for spammers, the number of prosecuted cases and sanctions imposed on lawbreakers vary considerably. The study confirms the need for the legislative improvements proposed under the reform of the EU's Telecoms rules ( MEMO/09/219 ): clearer and more consistent enforcement rules and dissuasive sanctions, better cross-border cooperation, and adequate resources for national authorities in charge of protecting citizens' online privacy.

Craigslist Expands Legal Battle Against Spammers
Craigslist is taking its battle against spammers back to federal court. On Monday, the classified advertising site filed four lawsuits in the northern district of California against companies and people offering tools that automate the mass posting of ads on the site.

ca: Lobbyist Pressure Focused on Watering Down Anti-Spam Bill
The introduction last spring of Bill C-27 - the Electronic Commerce Protection Act - represented the culmination of years of effort to address concerns that Canada is rapidly emerging as a spam haven. Industry Minister Tony Clement?s anti-spam bill has steadily made its way through the legislative process, with the Standing Committee on Industry likely to conduct its final "clause by clause" review over the next two weeks.

Rupert Murdoch Says Google Is Stealing His Content. So Why Doesn't He Stop Them?
The executives who run big, ailing news organizations?in particular Tom Curley of AP and News Corp.'s Rupert Murdoch?complain every chance they get that search engines?in particular Google?are stealing from them, because Google links to their stories but doesn't pay the AP or News Corp. to do so. The way the news bosses see it, that is theft, plain and simple. They say Google is making tons of money by shamelessly lifting their content, and it's driving newspapers out of business.

Identity fraud costs Australian economy $3 billion per year
Identity fraud is costing the Australian economy up to $3 billion a year, police experts will tell a national crime conference on the Gold Coast this morning.

ENISA - celebrating 5 years of ?making Europe safer? [news release]
The EU?s ?cyber security? Agency ENISA, is launching a recap of key achievements during its first five years in a 16p. booklet. At the same time, the outgoing Executive Director Mr Andrea Pirotti summarises his 5 years at the helm of ENISA with an online video clip and an interview.

Analysis: US/Egypt Phishing Bust Spotlights Online Dangers
Phishing arrests highlight massive problem
The massive phishing scam broken up by federal authorities this week is only a hint at what many say is an insidious and growing problem on the Internet. ... The APWG and others are working with organizations such as ICANN to see whether processes can be developed that allow domain registrars to quickly remove rogue domain names from the Internet. But that is an effort that could take years to materialize.

Contest aims to turn Britain's young hackers into cyber security ?top guns?
Britain?s would-be computer hackers are to be targeted in a campaign to persuade them to turn their back on illegal activities and become cyber security ?top guns?.

Six charged over '?5m online fraud' involving Olympics ticket sales
Six people have been charged over an alleged ?5m online ticket scam involving ticket sales for the Beijing Olympics and other sporting and music events.

Phishing attacks and online banking fraud losses soar in the UK
The number of phishing attacks on online banking systems has risen by 26% in the first half of this year. Phishing is the technique that was used to uncover the tens of thousands of Hotmail, Google Mail and Yahoo! Mail passwords revealed this week.

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon loses fight to stand trial in UK
Computer hacker Gary McKinnon lost his long battle to stand trial in the UK today when he was refused permission to appeal to the supreme court against extradition to the US on charges of breaking into the Pentagon's military networks.

Hacker refused extradition appeal
Computer hacker Gary McKinnon has been refused permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court against his extradition to the US. The High Court ruled the case was not of "general public importance" to go to the UK's highest court.

Hacker Gary McKinnon 'suicidal' after losing right to appeal against extradition
The computer hacker Gary McKinnon will make a last plea to Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, against being extradited to the United States after his appeal to go to the Supreme Court was rejected.

us: Fraudulent E-mail Claiming To Be From DHS And The FBI Counterterrorism Division [news release]
Fraudulent e-mails containing the subject line "New DHS Report" have been circulating since August 15, 2009. The e-mails claim to be from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI Counterterrorism Division. The e-mail text contains information about "New Usama Bin Ladin Speech Directed to the People of Europe," and has an attachment titled "audio.exe." The attachment is purportedly an audio speech from Bin Ladin; however, it actually contains malicious software intended to steal information from the recipient's system.

Canadians need to take control of their online personal information: Privacy Commissioner [news release]
As more and more Canadians live their lives online, the Privacy Commissioner is cautioning them to take greater responsibility for securing their privacy and thinking twice about what they post on the Internet.

ca: Commissioner tables 2008 annual report on private-sector issues [news release]
The Privacy Commissioner of Canada?s 2008 Annual Report to Parliament on the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is expected to be tabled in Parliament on Tuesday, October 6, 2009.

Cuba bloggers test government limits
Cuba's dynamic emerging blogging community has recently been testing the limits of free expression with posts ranging from vivid accounts of everyday life to sometimes risky calls for political change in the Communist-run state.

Study: Ethiopia only sub-Sahara Africa nation to filter Net
Though various African countries monitor and restrict Internet access in some way, Ethiopia is the only country with a technical filtering regime in the sub-Saharan region, according to a report by OpenNet Initiative, a collaborative partnership between Harvard, Toronto, Cambridge and Oxford universities.

Green Dam enforcement watered down
The Chinese government's Green Dam-Youth Escort content filtering initiative, where the software was to be installed in public schools and Internet cafes, is facing some hurdles as target organizations are without, or have uninstalled the software.

EU approves new Microsoft pledges
The European Union has voiced its approval for Microsoft's latest pledges to curb its anti-competitive practices. The technology giant has agreed to give customers a wider choice of web browser through its Windows operating system and to share information with rivals.

Google digital library plan opposed by Angela Merkel
German chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday waded into the row over Google's plans to build a massive digital library. The move was a remarkable intervention from a leading world politician in a growing dispute about the threat posed by the internet, and Google in particular, to publishing companies, authors and also newspapers.

Merkel criticises Google for copyright infringement
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday criticised the efforts of Google to build a massive digital library, saying the Internet should not be exempt from copyright laws.

Merkel backs Internet copyright protection [AP]
German Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged Saturday to stand up for authors' rights to control the use of their work on the Internet and underlined her country's concerns over book-scanning plans by Google Inc.

A Library to Last Forever by Sergey Brin
?The fundamental reasons why the electric car has not attained the popularity it deserves are (1) The failure of the manufacturers to properly educate the general public regarding the wonderful utility of the electric; (2) The failure of [power companies] to make it easy to own and operate the electric by an adequate distribution of charging and boosting stations. The early electrics of limited speed, range and utility produced popular impressions which still exist.?

Google hits back at book critics
Google co-founder Sergey Brin has hit out at critics of the company's plans to create what could be the world's largest virtual library. Writing in the New York Times, Mr Brin said he wanted to "dispel some myths" surrounding the project.

In Op-Ed, Google Co-Founder Defends Books Project
Google co-founder Sergey Brin defended his company?s book-digitization efforts in a New York Times op-ed Friday, saying it will broaden the public?s access to a vast number of works.

F.C.C. Probes Google Voice Restrictions
The debate over net neutrality, or at least the lobbying war around it, appears to be intensifying. Last month, AT&T asked the Federal Communications Commission to investigate Google Voice, saying it violated the commission?s net neutrality principles.

FCC asks Google to explain how, why it blocks calls
U.S. regulators on Friday asked Google Inc to explain how the Internet giant's Voice service blocks expensive calls to some rural areas, after lawmakers demanded an investigation.

French government's new gambling law bans Betfair and all exchanges
The French government has effectively outlawed the online betting exchange Betfair after passing an amendment to new gambling laws. These are being closely watched by sports bodies in the UK which are lobbying the government to bring in similar regulations.

ITU Telecom World: Innovation, Growth, Green Technology - And Stronger Copyrights
The 2009 edition of a major United Nations telecommunications agency event opened its doors yesterday, bringing together government, industry leaders, and other stakeholders in a networking effort to address global challenges in the information society. Meanwhile, the head of the UN intellectual property agency took a shot at internet service providers and the need for stronger copyright protection.

Telstra opposes separation
Telstra has firmly opposed the government's plan to revolutionise the telecommunications industry, claiming a forced separation of its business divisions could cost it more than $1.2 billion.

Murdoch Urges China to Open Up to Media
News Corp. Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch urged China's government to allow its media companies to take advantage of the opportunities in new media by addressing copyright piracy and a lack of competition in the domestic market that he said could impede their expansion.


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