[DNS] 2009 auDA Board Elections - Demand Class

[DNS] 2009 auDA Board Elections - Demand Class

From: Simon <simon§domainerincome.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 22:19:44 +1100
Given the recent discussion on the DNS list, requesting candidate 
statements, I thought I'd send through a brief note.

I'm applying for the auDA Board for many reasons:

1. The .au space is over regulated, and that regulation needs to be 
reviewed. Australia has been lagging behind the rest of the world, 
largely due to the restrictions placed on Registrants;

2. To improve the level of transparency and accountability (to auDA 
members). For example, should all members receive an annual report? 
Should members have access to financial statements that meet Australian 
Accounting Standards?

3. Increase the input and involvement of members, to ensure that auDA 
is, and remains a truly representative body;

4. To bring my proven record of experience to the board to tackle new 
threats to the .au domain space;

Over the past week, many Demand Class members have contacted me, asking 
for a position on various topics. Here are a few brief points:


* Too much regulation will have a negative impact on the the industry.

* Should auDA be in a position to tell a legitimate business, what 
domain name it can register, and when they can sell or transfer it?

_Industry Associations_

* I'm not affiliated with ICANN, EFA or any other lobby group / 

* I'd like to see auDA getting the balance right when it comes to 
representation on both the board, and the various committees who provide 
advice to the board.

_Transparency and Accountability_

Should auDA members have access to:

* Documents, circulars and presentations to the Board? (With the 
exception of legally privileged items)

* Voting results for all board members. If you elect a Board member, 
aren't you entitled to see what they voted for?  

_ICANN Expansion of Top Level Domains_

Many of you are aware of my extensive background in Information 
Security, Fraud and Risk. My concern with the existing proposal is that 
it may inadvertently jeopardise the security and stability of the Internet.

What's unclear, is how ICANN will address trademark issues, public 
education (confusion) and additional security issues, such as Phishing.

_Drop Lists / Domain Catching Services_

auDA should take no action in relation to unofficial domain drop lists 
and domain-catching services. Existing auDA policies address any misuse. 
For example, the Misspellings Policy.

_Licensees Holding Multiple Registrar Licenses_

At present I can't see the need for any limits to be placed on the 
number of auDA licensed registrars. After all, its competition, which 
ultimately benefits consumers.


The auDA board needs fresh eyes, new ideas and energy. Given my 
long-standing, proven track record and technical experience, I'm in a 
position to help get us to where we need to be.

I'd encourage all members to vote at this election and wish the 
candidates all the very best. Feel free to contact me directly if you 
have any questions.

Kind regards,

Simon Johnson
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