[DNS] 2009 auDA Board Elections - Demand Class

[DNS] 2009 auDA Board Elections - Demand Class

From: Kim Davies <kim§cynosure.com.au>
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 11:00:18 -0700

Thank you for your answers. Some questions below.

Quoting Simon on Monday October 12, 2009:
| 1. The .au space is over regulated, and that regulation needs to be
| reviewed. Australia has been lagging behind the rest of the world,
| largely due to the restrictions placed on Registrants;

Lagging in what way? What is your measure of "success" for .au?

| * Should auDA be in a position to tell a legitimate business, what
| domain name it can register, and when they can sell or transfer it?

Should the auDA board be in a position of setting policy? Or is its
job merely to ensure that it conducts policy reviews and to act as an
overseer that due process has been followed? It seems to be you are
proposing that the auDA board directly get involved in setting policy
here, a departure I think from its traditional role of implementing
community wishes expressed through review panels.

| _ICANN Expansion of Top Level Domains_
| Many of you are aware of my extensive background in Information
| Security, Fraud and Risk. My concern with the existing proposal is
| that it may inadvertently jeopardise the security and stability of
| the Internet.
| What's unclear, is how ICANN will address trademark issues, public
| education (confusion) and additional security issues, such as
| Phishing.

Can you explain how you see this related to auDA and these elections?

| auDA should take no action in relation to unofficial domain drop
| lists and domain-catching services. 

As a demand-class member, how does this benefit me?

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