[DNS] domain name news - 29 January

[DNS] domain name news - 29 January

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Complete Info on the two teleconferences on Nairobi logistics and security issues ? full details

In Digital Combat, U.S. Finds No Easy Deterrent to Cyberattacks

ICANN boss sees risk of multiple internets [AFP]

Over 1,500 domain names handed to hotels group in single ruling

Australia leads the way in IPv6 education networks

DNSSEC Deployment in Root Zone of DNS Begins at ICANN
The collaboration between ICANN, the Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and VeriSign, Inc. to deploy DNSSEC in the root zone of the Domain Name System (DNS) passed an important milestone today. DNSSEC information is now being served by L-Root, one of the Internet's 13 root servers, operated by ICANN.

Complete Info on the two teleconferences on Nairobi logistics and security issues ? full details
As a part of our efforts to provide more information for attendees and potential attendees of the Nairobi ICANN meeting, the staff are pleased to provide the complete details on the pair of teleconferences I blogged about on the 25th.

Save the Date: Two community teleconferences on Nairobi security and logistics this week
As a part of our efforts to provide more information for attendees and potential attendees of the Nairobi ICANN meeting, the staff are pleased to provide advance notice of an upcoming pair of teleconferences to brief you about about logistical and security arrangements, and allow you to ask questions.

African Internet meet to go on as planned
A key global meeting to discuss the future of the internet will go on as scheduled for March 7 to 12 in Nairobi, contrary to security fears, the organising committee?s top organ has confirmed.

AU meeting kicks off, with no place for ICANN
The Africa Union Summit on ICT and development challenges has kicked off in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, against a backdrop of political and security issues.

African Union gets in gear to drive ICT
When African heads of state dissolved the Organization of African Unity in 2002 and replaced it with the African Union, it was envisaged that the AU would be performing a function like the E.U.ropean Union, leading in policy direction especially relating to the use of ICT to accelerate development. Eight years later, the AU heads of state are still focused more on political resolutions and less on ICT and development issues.

Nairobi gets the green light to host internet conference
Nairobi?s Kenyatta International Conference Centre has been confirmed as the venue for the upcoming ICANN conference in March.

ICANN To Hold Pre-Conference Security Calls on Nairobi Meeting
ICANN is doing something different in advance of its next meeting, to be held in Nairobi: advance security and logistics teleconferences.

ICANN Hires New VP of Policy Development and Why it Matters
ICANN has hired David Olive to take over the position of Vice President of Policy Development.

Comment Period On Uniform Rapid Suspension Procedure Closes Today: Get Your Comments In
As we discussed the other day, ICANN is considering the recommendation of one of its groups to ?create a Trademark Clearinghouse and Uniform Rapid Suspension procedure to protect trademarks?

IDNs: The Next Horizon for GeoDomain Investors
We?ve long been believers in GeoDomains and continue to be on the lookout for new and lucrative niches, which is why we have each individually made substantial investments in IDN GeoDomains.

To defend "freedom", or to defend "hegemony"?
For two weeks or so, U.S. media have gone all out to "promote" the "Google issue" and American politicians repeated great "noises" in accusation of China's internet management policies and insinuate the nation's restriction on "internet freedom". They have been simply concocted or patched up the so-called the theory that Chinese government has been involved in cyber hacking. ... ICANN is, with the authorization of the US administration, to manage all root servers in a uniform way and hold accountable for the global internet domain name root severs, domain name system and IP addresses management. Consequently, counties around the world, the United Nations and other global organizations have once required the United States to ease or relegate its authority but have met with its opposition and been flatly rejected.

Kyrgyzpatent represents Kyrgyzstan in GAC ICANN
The State Intellectual Property Service (Kyrgyzpatent) became an official representative of Kyrgyzstan in the Governmental Advisory Committee of ICANN, press service of the organization reported.

ICANN?s Credibility in the Balance: Are New TLDs Going to Happen?
The letter that follows was sent to ICANN as a comment on their Expressions of Interest (EOI) process. In our view, the EOI debate has become the fulcrum of the new TLD process, and ICANN?s credibility is at stake. The letter explains why now is the time that ICANN must make its choice.

Public invited to attend technology workshop on Thursday
The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) is inviting the public to attend a technology workshop facilitated by ICANN representative, Mr. Shernon Osepa. The workshop will be held on Thursday, January 28th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Treasure Isle Hotel Conference Room and will be covering topics such as the Internet, domain name system, Internet ecosystem and Internet governance.

Four countries win preliminary approval for internet addresses written in native scripts [AP]
Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the first countries to win preliminary approval for Internet addresses written entirely in their native scripts.

ICAAN Accredits Russian Domain .??
ICANN accredited the first four applications for the national domain names. Russian Cyrillic domain .?? is in the list. Also it accredited the domains of three Arabic countries ? Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Websites can have non English addresses
Internet will become really friendly to the masses, only when they can use it in their native language. Although there are plenty of non-English content sites on the internet, you need to type an English website address (eg www.yahoo.com) to reach them.

One Step Closer To Native Web Addresses
... ICANN, is one step closer to allowing the first Internet addresses written completely in non-Latin characters. Previously, in October, ICANN had voted to allow non-Latin web addresses. On January 21st, they approved the first four non-Latin top-level domains (extensions, like .com or .org, that appear at the end of a web address).

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Changes to Registration of .CO Domain Names Imminent
As of 7 February there are changes to the manager of the .CO (Colombia) registry and to the registration policies.

TLD registry guide number 1: dot-eu [sub req'd]
Every week, Managing Internet IP will provide an independent guide to protecting domain names in a particular top-level domain. This week: .eu, the ccTLD for the European Union: Dot-eu is the country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the European Union, which was launched in 2005. Despite the EU not being a country in a conventional sense, Icann felt the political union warranted a ccTLD and approved it in 2005, with registrations for the new domain accepted from 2006.

In Digital Combat, U.S. Finds No Easy Deterrent to Cyberattacks
On a Monday morning earlier this month, top Pentagon leaders gathered to simulate how they would respond to a sophisticated cyberattack aimed at paralyzing the nation?s power grids, its communications systems or its financial networks.

Organizing cybersecurity efforts remains key challenge
With the United States facing threats of cyberattacks from foreign countries, criminal organizations and politically motivated hackers, questions linger about the federal government's approach to cybersecurity.

World Wide Web May Split Up Into Several Separate Networks
Google's threat to exit China is igniting worries that the Web, a linchpin of globalization, may fracture into regional fiefdoms.

Chinese human rights sites hit by DDoS attack [IDG]
Five Web sites run by Chinese human rights activists were attacked by hackers over the weekend, as a separate row continued between Google and China over political cyberattacks.

S.Korea heightens alert against cyberattacks [AFP]
South Korea's spy agency said Wednesday it had issued an alert against cyberattacks aimed at stealing data from government networks.

Web boss sees risk of multiple internets [AFP]
Clandestine efforts by some countries to create alternative versions of the Internet for political ends could put the Web at risk, the man responsible for organizing the network told AFP Wednesday. Rod Beckstrom, the CEO of ICANN -- the firm which oversees how the Internet is organized -- said unnamed nations had tried to create parallel networks, but he expressed confidence they would eventually stick with the global-used original.

DDoS attacks, network hacks rampant in oil and gas industry, other infrastructure sectors
Massive denial-of-service attacks and "stealthy infiltration" of corporate networks by attackers is a common experience for companies in critical infrastructure sectors, including financial services, energy, water, transportation and telecom, according to a new survey.

ICANN Begins Public DNSSEC Test Plan for the Root Zone
The deployment of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) for the root zone got an official start today with its public signing for the first time. DNSSEC for the root zone is a joint effort between ICANN and VeriSign, with support from the U.S. Department of Commerce to improve security of the Internet's naming infrastructure.

Over 1,500 domain names handed to hotels group in single ruling
A hotels group has gained control of over 1,500 domain names, using a dispute resolution process to take control of them from one man in Germany who controls over 70,000 domain names.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Australia leads the way in IPv6 education networks
Australia could be home to one of the largest education networks to operate on the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) platform within two months.

Brands, agencies and vanity URLs: where's the common sense?
Imagine that your name is Harman Bajwa. Your Facebook profile is located at the vanity URL facebook.com/harman. You log into your Facebook account one day only to receive a message indicating that your vanity URL has been "removed for violating Facebook?s policies". This message implies that your vanity URL is unrelated to who you are, and that you've been impersonating someone or something.

Big Changes for Internet Commerce Association
This past weekend I caught word that Internet Commerce Association, the non-profit representing domainers? interests, was effectively shutting down the overarching organization. 

CADNA Is Bringing The Utah Cybersquatting Bill To Washington On Friday To Criminalize Domaning
The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) is holding an event in Washington DC Friday to bring the proposed Utah trademark law that we wrote about a month ago to a federal level, or Snow Bill 2.

Rick Latona Auctions extended sale of 600+ domains runs till 4 February
Rick Latona Auctions extended sale of over 600 domain names is active now and will run until 4 February.

Moniker.com Will Auction Premium Internet Real Estate at DOMAINfest Global 2010 Conference
Moniker.com has released its list of premium domain names for its live and extended online auction at the DOMAINfest Global 2010 conference. The live auction is scheduled for Thursday 28 January. There will also be a low- and no-reserve auction for a package of 51 names, with 50% of the sale proceeds to benefit PAZAPA (http://www.siloe.org/), a nonprofit organization that provides care, treatment, and education for handicapped children in Haiti.

Opening Day Photos and Highlights from the DOMAINfest Global Conference in Santa Monica, California
The 2010 DOMAINfest Global Conference opened with a record breaking crowd on hand at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, California Tuesday (Jan. 26). Show organizer Oversee.net has not released the exact attendance figure yet as late registrations were still coming in, but the wall to wall crowds at every session confirmed their announcement that they had already set a new high water mark for the popular series.

Guardian editor hits back at paywalls
The Guardian editor-in-chief, Alan Rusbridger, has delivered a riposte to Rupert Murdoch's campaign to introduce paywalls to newspaper websites, claiming that it could lead the industry to a "sleepwalk into oblivion".

Bing rings 70% search rise for Microsoft sites
The global search market grew a sizeable 46 percent between December 2008 and December 2009, from 89.7 billion to 131.4 billion searches conducted by people age 15 or older from home and work locations. These searches include the top properties where search activity is observed, not only the core search engines. Google of course took first place, but Microsoft managed to see the biggest percentage change, at least when looking at the top five search properties. When you represent the data visually, though, a larger percentage change isn't so formidable: 

Are Bing and WolframAlpha catching up with Google in search engine battle?
The front of the pack isn't always the best place to be. In a panel of search engine representatives at the Munich DLD conference, Google's Ben Gomes was the most reluctant to give anything away. Alsio on the panel were Conrad Wolfram, of WolframAlpha, Blaise Aguera y Arcas, the architect of Microsoft Visual Earth, and Ilya Segalovich, of Yandex ? Russia's largest search engine.

Britons waste up to eight days a year on computer problems
Britons waste up to eight days a year dealing with computer problems at work and home, a new study found. Users get most annoyed waiting for computers to load, having a laptop battery run out of power and searching for files.

Editorial: Internet Voting, Still in Beta
Internet voting is in its infancy, and still far too unreliable, but states are starting to allow it and the trend is accelerating because of a new federal law that requires greater efforts to help military and other overseas voters cast ballots. Men and women in uniform must have a fair opportunity to vote, but allowing online voting in its current state could open elections up to vote theft and other mischief.

Britain's Daily Mirror blocks NewsNow aggregator
The Daily Mirror has joined an increasing number of newspapers to block news aggregator NewsNow from trawling its website.

Your Facebook friends can be real, after all
Parents who worry that their children spend too much time on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace can relax. A study suggests that the idea that teenagers with hundreds of cyber friends are socially inept and compensating for face-to-face friendships is a myth.

Facebook tool could be exploited by cyber-bullies
A recent Facebook feature can be exploited to be a cyber-bullying tool in the wrong hands, a security vendor warns.

Getting your head around cloud: utility computing in the 21st century
Simon Probert parts the mists around cloud computing, but is it an evolution or a revolution? The 'Cloud' is everywhere it seems, in the media, on the web and bandied about by IT companies left right and centre. All the cloud-vendors seem to agree that cloud is "the future of computing". But what actually is cloud computing? Is cloud simply another cunning industry buzzword for selling more servers, or is cloud computing really a 'paradigm shift' in the way we access computing resources?

UK government to set up own cloud computing system
The government has unveiled a sweeping strategy to create its own internal "cloud computing" system ? such as that used by Google, Microsoft and Amazon ? as part of a radical plan that it claims could save up to ?3.2bn a year from an annual bill of at least ?16bn.

Apple Tablet Portends Rewrite for Publishers
Book publishers were locked in 11th-hour negotiations with Apple Inc. that could rewrite the industry's revenue model after the technology giant unveils its highly anticipated tablet device Wednesday.

IPad? That's So 2002, Fujitsu Says
It?s sleek. It?s mobile. It has a touchscreen. It?s Fujitsu?s iPad from 2002. Sold mainly in the United States, the multifunctional device from the Tokyo technology company helps shop clerks verify prices, check real-time inventory data and close sales on the go.

Fujitsu claims iPad name after Apple launch
Fujitsu has taken some of the shine off Apple?s iPad euphoria after pointing out that it has already applied to trademark the name to use for a handheld computing device.

InternetNZ rejects internet filtering
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) has released a position paper rejecting centralised internet filtering as an acceptable approach for New Zealand.

InternetNZ: Child porn filter ?not the answer?
An online child pornography filter being setup by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has been criticised by online user lobby group InternetNZ.

InternetNZ rejects centrally operated filtering for New Zealand
InternetNZ has today released a position paper that responds to the development by the Department of Internal Affairs of the ?Digital Child Exploitation Filtering System?.

Internet filtering software urged for China's primary and secondary schools [People's Daily Online]
China's Ministry of Education has called on local education administrative departments to implement routine monitoring and surveillance of campus computer networks.

RIAA in pickle over Jammie Thomas ruling
The music industry will have to make some very tough choices within the next week about file sharer Jammie Thomas-Rasset.

German court finds parent liable for child's file-sharing
Parents can be legally responsible for the unlawful behaviour of their children using home internet connections, a German court has ruled. It said that a woman had a duty to monitor the use to which her internet connection was put.

Countries increasingly tackling music piracy head-on [AFP]
More and more countries are following the example of France, Sweden and South Korea in battling illegal music downloads to help prop up the embattled music industry.

Apple bites Australia for profit
Apple announces a record quarterly profit - but how much of that comes from ripping off Australian iTunes customers?

EU to assess piracy detection software
A human rights watchdog has asked the European Commission to assess the legality of software being used to analyse file-sharing in the UK.

iiNet ruling due next week in Australian copyright case
The Federal Court has moved swiftly to hand down its ruling on a landmark internet copyright battle between Perth ISP iiNet and a group of Hollywood giants.

AFACT v iiNet: One week to judgment day
9:30 am. Court Room 18C. Federal Court of Australia, New South Wales Registry. February 4, 2010: Judgment day on the historic civil action between a host of Hollywood film Studios - as represented by Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT ) - and Internet Service Provider (ISP) iiNet, is fast approaching.

uk: Piracy letter campaign 'nets innocents'
More than 150 people have approached consumer publication Which? Computing claiming to have been wrongly targeted in crackdowns on illegal file-sharing.

As Yahoo Compares Itself to TV, Content Acquisitions on the Way
Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz trumpeted the comeback of display advertising on the company?s fourth-quarter call with analysts today by saying: ?Frankly, our competition is television.? Yahoo?s display revenue grew 26 percent on a sequential basis, to $503 million, down just 1 percent from the same three-month period a year ago. Bartz said larger advertisers are now getting back in the mix, ready to spend significant money ? often out of what used to be their TV budgets.

Pornographic text sparks tribal war in Papua New Guinea
Two people are dead after a pornographic text message sparked tribal violence in Papua New Guinea's southern highlands.

Google Voice arrives on iPhone and Palm WebOS devices [Relax News]
Google has released a new, HTML5 version of their Google Voice web application making it much easier for iPhone and Palm WebOS devices to make calls and receive voice mails from their Google Voice numbers.

Rule of Thumbs: Koreans Reign in Texting World
Ha Mok-min is feeling like a gunslinger these days. At the English-language cram school she attends during the winter break, students jealous of her international bragging rights line up to duel with her.

Old software leaved the door open for net nasties
Organisations still using Microsoft's long-superseded Internet Explorer 6 browser should be upgrading in the wake of high-profile breaches of Google's systems and those of more than 30 other US firms.

Is the internet destroying juries?
Juries are a fundamental pillar of our justice system. But many believe that jurors are now routinely accessing and distributing so much prejudicial information online, that the very integrity of the system is in danger

Barricading against attacks in cyber space: McAfee chief executive
David DeWalt could be forgiven for saying: ?I told you so.? Network security has been catapulted to the top of the IT agenda by allegations of Chinese cyber attacks on Google and suddenly the chief executive of McAfee, the internet security company, is the centre of attention.

Identity Thieves Successfully Targeting Wealthy Victims, Study Says
If you're a security pro, you might think that the most likely victims of identity fraud are those with the most poorly-protected systems and the least knowledge of computer security. Identity thieves are drawn to the easiest targets, right?

A Little 'i' to Teach About Online Privacy
A little blue symbol is carrying big implications. Trying to ward off regulators, the advertising industry has agreed on a standard icon ? a little ?i? ? that it will add to most online ads that use demographics and behavioral data to tell consumers what is happening.

Canada to probe Facebook privacy
Canada's privacy commissioner has started a second investigation into social networking site Facebook. The fresh probe is in response to a series of complaints about the privacy policies of the site.

Canada investigates Facebook again over privacy [Reuters]
Canada's privacy czar, who got Facebook to agree last year to better protect users' personal information, will launch a new investigation over complaints that the changes sometimes make things worse.

Twitter plans technology to stop censorship
Twitter, the internet social network, is developing technology that it hopes will prevent the Chinese and Iranian governments from being able to censor its users.

Web censorship in China? Not a problem, says Bill Gates
After pouring billions of dollars into the global fight against malaria and rebranding Microsoft in a more cuddly, human way, Bill Gates had just about shaken off accusations that he represented all that was unappealing about aggressive ?American capitalism.

Bill Gates Defends Google, Then Pans It
Bill Gates dropped by The New York Times on Monday to discuss his full-time job as head of the Gates Foundation, the world?s largest philanthropy, especially its work in global health and development.

Bill Gates says Internet needs to thrive in China
Microsoft Corp Chairman Bill Gates on Monday said the Internet needs to thrive in China as an engine of free speech and described official online censorship by Beijing as "very limited."

We Googlistas want a global debate on information freedom. Why are others so coy?
Four cheers for Google. Risking the loss of ?potentially huge long-term profits in the Chinese internet market, it has struck a blow for one of the great causes of our time: global information freedom. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that everyone has the right "to seek, receive and impart ?information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers". In practice, most people in the world still cannot exercise that right, partly because of crippling poverty and lack of education, but also because governments stop them.

Davos 2010: Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee says China will take a long time to cut internet censorship
China will gradually move to cut censorship of the Internet, but it will take a long time, the man credited with inventing the World Wide Web said.

China to take time to cut Internet censorship: web founder [AFP]
China will gradually move to cut censorship of the Internet, but it will take a long time, the man credited with inventing the World Wide Web said Wednesday.

Clinton on Internet Freedom, and Principled Stands
Secretary Clinton's speech last week on Internet Freedom was an important step in bringing online free expression and privacy to the forefront of the United States' foreign policy agenda.

Chinese censorship strong despite Google [IDG]
The Internet has loosened the control Chinese authorities hold over information in the country, but censorship there will remain strong despite Google's threat to leave China.

Italian regulator criticises proposed Internet bill [AFP]
An Italian government decree seeking to regulate video content on television and the Internet drew criticism Tuesday from the head of Italy's telecommunications regulator, media reports said.

Telstra separation bill delayed again
The Federal Government's proposed legislation for the separation of Telstra has been delayed again thanks to big ticket items to be discussed in the Senate hearings starting on February 2.

NZ Telecom still cool on split [The Dominion Post]
Telecom chief executive Paul Reynolds has doused growing speculation that the company has warmed to the idea of splitting into two separately owned businesses to get a piece of the action from the Government's $1.5 billion ultrafast broadband initiative.

uk: 4G spectrum auction 'unlikely' for 2010
The auction for spectrum that is needed for the rollout of '4G' services in the UK is unlikely to happen until 2011, the country's independent spectrum broker has said.

nz: Warning after computer tech steals pics for porn 
A warning to safeguard private computer files comes after a repairman admitted stealing photos of children for an international paedophile ring.

nz: Computer technician admits child porn charges
Kapiti Coast computer technician has admitted searching customers' computer hard drives and copying images of naked children and pregnant women to share with an international porn trading ring.

nz: Warning after computer tech steals pics for porn 
A warning to safeguard private computer files comes after a repairman admitted stealing photos of children for an international paedophile ring.

Porn network could have stolen images [Dominion Post]
Innocent family records of naked children and childbirth could have gone to an international network of child pornographers from a Kapiti Coast computer repairer.


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