[DNS] domain name news - 16 August

[DNS] domain name news - 16 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 19:45:03 -0700 (PDT)
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Top Internet engineers get ready for the IANA contract rebid by Milton Mueller

Google & eBay, Keywords & Domains, & ICANN by Philip S Corwin

.AU To Get More Secure with DNSSEC

Australia takes a step towards secure internet

au: Australia takes a step towards secure internet

Challenges facing the US in global cybersecurity and governance by Brenden 

Domain Names as Second-Class Citizens by Milton Mueller

East Africa: ICT Experts Root for Regional Code
Internet experts from several partner states of the East African Community (EAC) 
are meeting in Kampala as part of efforts aimed at finding a common internet 
code that will serve the region.

Top Internet engineers get ready for the IANA contract rebid by Milton Mueller
One of the looming milestones in Internet governance is the impending renewal of 
ICANN's contract for the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions. 
The IANA contract is the mechanism through which the US government delegates 
control of the name and numbers space to ICANN. As such, it is the source of all 
of ICANN's real authority over domain name industry and IP address policy; take 
away that contract and ICANN is a shell.

ICANN Community Faces Policy Overload
As I write this, there are currently 30 open or recently concluded comment 
periods at ICANN. You can comment on anything from ?Interim Paper on Policy 
Aspects Regarding Introduction of Single Character IDN TLDs? to ?Proposed Bylaws 
Amendment to Add Voting Director from the At-Large Community to the ICANN Board 
of Directors?. You just missed your opportunity to comment on ?Revised Process 
for Selection of Sites for ICANN International Public Meeting?.

New Associated Cities Leadership Outlines Organizations Goals
Geo-domain name association Associated Cities went through some rough times in 
2009. Reports of trouble with internal conflicts between board members and the 
direction of the group circulated as the 2009 Geo Domain expo neared. It seems 
now that the group is back on track and pushing forward with a new set of board 
members with Fred Mercaldo at the helm.

Google & eBay, Keywords & Domains, & ICANN by Philip S Corwin
Sell a trademark as a keyword for directed search or online auctions and make 
$billions. But use a trademark in a domain name for direct search and lose the 
domain, or worse. The gap between how trademark law treats the two species of 
search has grown wider in the wake of several landmark 2010 trademark law 
decisions -- and provides another sound reason why ICANN should not establish 
any new rights protections for new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) beyond 
those STI-RT compromise positions already included in the fourth version of its 
Draft Applicant Guidebook (DAGv4).

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
African Union endorses .Africa domain
The African Union (AU) has endorsed the DotAfrica domain project, a specific 
Internet namespace for Africa, aimed at building the Africa brand and 
encouraging increased participation on the Internet.

The new .at-report has arrived!
The second issue of the .AT Report presents the twice-yearly statistics for .at 
domains with a special focus on the following questions: Who owns Austrian 
domains? What is the home region of the .at-domain? What is the importance of 
regional attributes in domain names? and What is so special about the town of 
Holzhausen in Upper Austria?

.AU To Get More Secure with DNSSEC
AuDA (.au Domain Administration) has announced the launch of a phased plan for 
the deployment of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) in the .AU 

Australia takes a step towards secure internet
Australia has started down the long road to a safer internet, as the domain name 
regulator kicked off a plan today to secure online communications at their 

au: Australia takes a step towards secure internet
Australia has started down the long road to a safer internet, as the domain name 
regulator kicked off a plan today to secure online communications at their 

.CO Internet Announces Landrush Auctions For .CO Domain Names
.CO Internet S.A.S. announced that auctions will commence today for the more 
than 2,500 .CO domain applications that received multiple bids during the .CO 
?Landrush? phase. The auctions, which will take place over the course of the 
next four weeks, are only open to the individuals and entities that previously 
applied to register a specific .CO domain during the .CO Landrush phase. 
Eligible parties must register at COauctions.co in order to participate.

There are already 700,000 .CZ domains, with the longest one being 63 characters 
The CZ.NIC Association, administrator of the .CZ national domain, registered 
domain number 700,000 on Wednesday 4 August at 10:22 a.m. The average monthly 
increase in the number of .CZ domains has therefore remained around 10,000.

dotFree?s ?free? domain names explained
As I reported a couple of days ago, a Czech company called The dotFree Group 
wants to apply to ICANN for a .free top-level domain, and will offer domain 
names for free.

Movement for '.MLS' domain picks up steam
A total of 34 multiple listing services representing 503,000 real estate brokers 
and agents are now backing an effort to create and manage a new "generic" 
top-level Internet domain, .MLS, that only MLSs would be allowed to use.

VeriSign Plans to Release 1 and 2 Character .Net Domains
VeriSign has asked ICANN to allow it to release one and two character .net 
domain names.

si: WHOIS news
When looking up a domain name via WHOIS now you can also check .si zone records. 
What is the difference?

uk: Nominet Summary of Reserved Short Domains Consultation responses
Following the recent consultation on the release of two letter, one character 
and other reserved .uk domains which ran 8 March and 8 June 2010, we have 
collated the responses and are providing a summary and analysis of the 

uk: Nominet Customer Satisfaction surveys
We are committed to providing all of our customers with the highest levels of 
service and your opinion is important to us. That's why we are launching two 
customer satisfaction surveys to measure the level of satisfaction with the 
support services that we offer. These surveys are being carried out on our 
behalf by an independent market research company called The Leadership Factor.

Challenges facing the US in global cybersecurity and governance by Brenden 
The US General Accounting Office has released a new report which provides an 
overview of US government involvement and the challenges it faces in global 
Internet security and policy. Cataloging the breadth and scope of departmental 
and agency efforts to engage in multiple issues and institutions, it paints a 
picture of a government struggling to identify a cohesive strategic approach to 
Internet governance.

Experts Warn of a Weak Link in the Security of Web Sites
Computer security researchers are raising alarms about vulnerabilities in some 
of the Web?s most secure corners: the banking, e-commerce and other sites that 
use encryption to communicate with their users.

Registrar DNSSEC Implementation Cheat Sheet
At the Public Interest Registry, our continued commitment to security is rooted 
in ensuring our Registrars can protect their customers from attacks such as 
pharming, cache poisoning, DNS redirection, and domain hijacking.

An Attack on DNS is an Attack on the Internet by Peter van Eijk
On Saturday Aug 7th, DNS provider DNS Made Easy was the target of a very large 
denial of service attack. As far as can be determined the total traffic volume 
exceeded 40 Gigabit/second, enough to saturate 1 million dialup Internet lines. 
Several of DNS Made Easy's upstream providers had saturated backbone links 
themselves. There are indications that not only DNS Made Easy suffered from this 
attack, but the Internet as a whole.

Internet Domain Name Disputes - Judicial Trends in India by Ranjan K. Misra
Abstract: Cybersquatting, is a crime against the laws and regulations of cyber 
law. It can be defined as registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name 
with bad-faith i.e. mala fide intent to make profit from the goodwill of a 
trademark belonging to someone else. The cybersquatter then offers to sell the 
domain to the person or company who owns a trademark containedwithin the name at 
an inflated price.

us: Using God in Web name triggers dispute
When Moses wrote ?thou shalt not take the name of the lord thy God in vain,? he 
probably was not referring to Web addresses and intellectual property. But one 
Johnson City evangelist was struck down by the finger of God.TV when he created 
a website called GodTVNetwork.com.

Domain Names as Second-Class Citizens by Milton Mueller
A new book by Dr. Konstantinos Komaitis (Lecturer in Law at the University of 
Strathclyde) provides a passionate yet legalistic and well-researched overview 
of the legal, institutional and ethical problems caused by the clash between 
domain names and trademarks. This is really the first decent book-length 
treatment of what is now a decade and a half of legal and political conflict 
between domain name registrants and trademark holders. But this is more than a 
static compilation and description of the subject: Komaitis has an original and 
fundamentally important argument to make.

Afilias Opens .INFO Awards to Select the Best Websites of 2010
Afilias, a global provider of Internet infrastructure services and registry for 
the .INFO TLD, today announced the opening of its fourth annual .INFO Awards 
program which recognizes the best .INFO websites around the world.


Netcraft August 2010 Web Server Survey
In the August 2010 survey we received responses from 213,458,815 sites. This 
month saw four of the major web servers gaining hostnames but only two gaining 
market share.

Hot on the Heels of Good News About the Domain Aftermarket Buyers Respond By 
Taking a Break!
This was an unusual week for the domain aftermarket. It started with several 
reports of sales increases for 2Q-2010 vs. the previous quarter as well as the 
same quarter last year (our own data showed a 38% jump in total dollar volume 
over 2Q-2009 and a 26% increase over 1Q-2010). So how did buyers respond to the 
good news? By taking a bit of a break!

Stocks.com, Cable.com, Rate.com and Other Premium Domain Names Headline Live 
Auction at DOMAINfest New York
Moniker/SnapNames have released the final live auction catalogue for the Live 
Auction at DOMAINfest New York with some quality domain names up for grabs 
including XXX.com, BigApple.com, Physicians.com, stocks.com and LocalNews.com. 
The Moniker auction will occur on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 from 16:00 to 19:00 
and will be followed by the Moniker auction of the premium names Following the 
Moniker auction, SnapNames will host an online auction that will run through 
Wednesday, August 25 at 17:00. US Eastern time.


If Parking is Dead How Come Another New Company Has Just Entered the Space? 
Plus, Major Domain Auctions Will Highlight Four Conferences This Month
Parking revenues have fallen so far over the past couple of years that some have 
gone as far as to declare that form of domain monetization dead. I wouldn't go 
that far, but there is no denying that parking has become a critically ill 
patient. In this environment, no one would dream of starting up another parking 
company, right? I would have thought so, but I would have been wrong.

A Comparison of Network Neutrality Approaches In: The U.S., Japan, and the 
European Union by Kenneth R. Carter, Tomoaki Watanabe, Adam Peake & J. Scott 
Abstract: In this paper, we compare and contrast three different regulatory 
approaches to addressing Network Neutrality.

Internet Access: Where Law, Economy, Culture and Technology Meet by Sulan Wong, 
Eitan Altman & Julio Rojas-Mora
Abstract: Internet growth has allowed unprecedented widespread access to 
cultural creation including music and films, to knowledge, and to a wide range 
of consumer information. At the same time, it has become a huge source of 
business opportunities. Along with great benefits that this access to the 
Internet provides, the open and free access to the Internet has encountered 
large opposition based on political, economical and ethical reasons. An ongoing 
battle over the control on Internet access has been escalating on all these 
fronts. In this paper we describe first some of the ideological roots of free 
access to the Internet along with its main opponents. We then focus on the 
problem of ?Internet piracy? and analyze the efficiency of efforts to reduce the 
availability of copyrighted creations that are available for non-authorized free 

The internet: is it changing the way we think?
American writer Nicholas Carr's claim that the internet is not only shaping our 
lives but physically altering our brains has sparked a lively and ongoing 
debate, says John Naughton. Below, a selection of writers and experts offer 
their opinion

Google and the Search for the Future: The Web icon's CEO on the mobile computing 
revolution, the future of newspapers, and privacy in the digital age.
To some, Google has been looking a bit sallow lately. The stock is down. Where 
once everything seemed to go the company's way, along came Apple's iPhone, 
launching a new wave of Web growth on a platform that largely bypassed the 
browser and Google's search box. The "app" revolution was going to spell an end 
to Google's dominance of Web advertising.

Stalkers Exploit Cellphone GPS
Phone companies know where their customers' cellphones are, often within a 
radius of less than 100 feet. That tracking technology has rescued lost drivers, 
helped authorities find kidnap victims and let parents keep tabs on their kids. 
... Mr. Helwig, in an interview, acknowledged using the service to track his 
wife on some occasions. He says he signed up for the tracking service last year. 
"AT&T had this little deal where you could find your family member through her 
cellphone," he says. But he didn't use it to find his wife that day, he says. 
Mr. Helwig, who is awaiting trial on related assault charges, declined to 
comment further about the matter. He has pleaded not guilty.

China Moves to Dominate the Next Stage of the Web [ReadWriteWeb]
Blogging, Tweeting and Facebook have changed the world by making it easier than 
ever for everyday people to publish and distribute their thoughts and media to 
the world. The resulting tidal wave of data now offers opportunities for 
innovative entrepreneurs to build entire new products, services and companies 
based on processing that data and offering recommendations, analytics and other 
information products to consumers.

Starbucks Will Win the US Cafe Wi-Fi War
Analysis: Laptop homesteaders are prompting coffee shops to reconsider their 
wi-fi policies, but here's what they don't realize about their decisions.


Coffee shops are taking Wi-Fi off the menu: to stimulate sales, coffeehouses are 
pulling the plug on the Net
Housed in an old San Francisco warehouse, Four Barrel Coffee ? with its vintage 
record player, 53-year-old coffee roasting machine, tables hewn from recycled 
wood and wall of mounted boar heads ? calls one of the world's most wired cities 

Digital drug peddlers target teens with iDoses
Spaced-out adolescents in headphones litter YouTube, some panting and others 
wincing as they listen to droning, pulsating soundtracks known as iDoses. ... 
Helane Wahbeh, an assistant professor at Oregon Health and Science University, 
has done several studies into binaural technology, and recently told US National 
Public Radio there was insufficient evidence showing that it could create 
altered states.



Mobile banking yet to take off in rural India
Regulations in the country have been relaxed but the adoption of mobile banking 
services in rural India is still held back by various challenges including 
low-value transactions, lack of focus from banks, financial illiteracy and 
paucity of cash-points.

Google prepares for battle with Facebook
Through acquisitions, investments and internal development, Google is piecing 
together the makings of a potent social networking infrastructure, one 
explicitly designed to challenge Facebook, which has quickly emerged as one of 
the most potent forces on the web.

nz: Faceless Facebook site faces setback
Access to an internet site set up to attack Whangarei Mayor Stan Semenoff has 
been restricted and much of the content removed.

What's the carbon footprint of ... the internet?
All carbon footprints are hard or impossible to pin down accurately, but the 
internet is a particularly complex case. This isn't just due to the fact that 
the "net" consists of millions or even billions of machines owned by countless 
people and companies. There's also another problem: even if we knew exactly how 
much energy all these devices consumed (which we don't), we still wouldn't know 
how much of that energy was spent on offline jobs (such as creating documents in 
Microsoft Office) and how much was spent on online jobs (such as emailing those 
documents to a friend or colleague).

Net needs to go on a diet, say power-savers
Pressure on electricity supplies will grow unless a way is found to control 
telecommunications' energy appetite.

uk: 'Panic button' sparks leap in Facebook alerts [Press Association]
More than 200 Facebook users have reported suspicious behaviour online since the 
launch of an anti-abuse application last month, figures showed today.

Facebook child protection app prompts 211 reports of suspicious online activity
Reports through Child Exploitation and Online Protection app all classified as 
very serious offences, such as sexual grooming

Facebook 'panic button' leads to 'increase in reports'
More than 200 UK Facebook users have reported suspicious behaviour following the 
launch of a "panic button" application last month, figures show.

ClickCEOP Status Update
Since its launch on 12 July 2010, the ClickCEOP application in Facebook has been 
downloaded over 55,000 times which will give users a direct link to advice, help 
and the ability to report a problem to the Child Exploitation and Online 
Protection (CEOP) Centre if they are worried about someone?s behaviour towards 
them online.

au: Apps and games to face censor, says ALP
The Labor Party has flagged it will shut down a major loophole in the mobile 
phone industry. The loophole has allowed games and applications to go online 
without any kind of classification.

au: Digital drug peddlers target teens with iDoses
Spaced-out adolescents in headphones litter YouTube, some panting and others 
wincing as they listen to droning, pulsating soundtracks known as iDoses.

se: Pirate Party amends manifesto on child porn
The Swedish Pirate Party has changed its election manifesto after criticism over 
its position on child pornography.

ch: SWITCH Junior Web Award: launching the anniversary round! [news release]
The website competition for school classes is meeting with a high level of 
interest in all four language regions of Switzerland. Today, it is being 
launched for the fifth time round. The competition is aimed at teachers 
interested in designing a website with their class.

Apple iPhone repairs 'a rip-off'
Apple has been accused of "ripping off" iPhone users over the amounts it charges 
to repair handsets.

Mobiles a 'threat' to privacy: Australian Law Reform Commission report
Laws controlling the use of mobile phones in toilets, shower areas and change 
rooms would be tightened, and the filming of assaults with mobile phones for 
entertainment would be banned, under recommendations in a new report into the 
growth of public surveillance.

ALRC Report 112: Secrecy Laws and Open Government in Australia

India Warns It Will Block BlackBerry Traffic That It Can?t Monitor
The Indian government said Thursday that it would block encrypted BlackBerry 
corporate e-mail and messenger services if wireless companies did not enable law 
enforcement authorities to monitor those messages by the end of the month.

RIM 'optimistic' about BlackBerry in India
BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion is "optimistic" the company can 
resolve security demands from the Indian government regarding its popular 

BlackBerry assures India on access to services
Research In Motion has promised India a technical solution for decoding 
encrypted BlackBerry data, a senior official said on Friday, a step that could 
allay Indian security concerns about the smartphone and avert a shutdown.

India threatens to suspend BlackBerry by 31 August
India has given the maker of BlackBerry phones a deadline of 31 August to 
provide the government access to all of its services or face being shut down.

India sets deadline for BlackBerry compliance
India piled fresh pressure on Research In Motion today when it gave the company 
less than three weeks to satisfy its concerns over its BlackBerry smartphones or 
face seeing some services banned.

India gives RIM until Aug 31 to yield on BlackBerry
India, the world's fastest-growing telecom market, said it would hobble Research 
In Motion's BlackBerry smartphone unless the company gives it the keys to decode 
encrypted email and messages by the end of August.

Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Device Sales Grew 13.8 Percent in Second Quarter 
of 2010, But Competition Drove Prices Down [news release]
Worldwide mobile device sales to end users totaled 325.6 million units in the 
second quarter of 2010, a 13.8 percent increase from the same period in 2009, 
according to Gartner, Inc. Smartphone sales to end users accounted for 19 
percent of worldwide mobile device sales, an increase of 50.5 percent from the 
second quarter of 2009.

Google's Android on course to topple BlackBerry
Google's android mobile phone operating system (OS) is set to pip Research in 
Motion (RIM) to second place in the global market by the end of this year, more 
than 18 months earlier than expected.

Low prices drive second quarter phone sales up 14 pct - Gartner
Sales of mobile phones rose 13.8 percent to 326 million units in the second 
quarter but average selling prices fell by more than expected amid intense 
competition, IT research firm Gartner said on Thursday.

nz: Spam gets personal
There?s a growing trend down under of unwanted emails being sent from personal 
email accounts.


Experts Warn of a Weak Link in the Security of Web Sites
Computer security researchers are raising alarms about vulnerabilities in some 
of the Web?s most secure corners: the banking, e-commerce and other sites that 
use encryption to communicate with their users.

French arrest cyber-crime suspect for U.S.
A founder of one of the world's most sophisticated Internet sites for 
trafficking stolen credit card information has been arrested by French police 
based on a U.S. criminal indictment unsealed Wednesday, the U.S. Secret Service 
and Justice Department announced.

Call to improve password security
The growing use of graphics cards as surrogate supercomputers could spell 
trouble for users of short passwords. Researchers say the growing number of 
processors on graphics cards will soon make it trivial for them to crack short 

Pirate traders exploit Internet sales model
Internet sales of counterfeit and pirated goods to European consumers are 
frustrating attempts to stem illegal trade, a European Commission report said 
yesterday (22 July).

French court orders ISPs to block gambling site
A French court has told internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to a 
gambling site that is operated out of Gibraltar and does not have a licence to 
operate in France, according to news agency Agence France Presse (AFP).

us: Personal Jurisdiction and the Internet [reg req'd]
An Article discussing the factors that US courts consider in determining whether 
a foreign company's website may subject it to personal jurisdiction in the US.

Web Photos That Reveal Secrets, Like Where You Live
When Adam Savage, host of the popular science program ?MythBusters,? posted a 
picture on Twitter of his automobile parked in front of his house, he let his 
fans know much more than that he drove a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Facebook, Germany Still at an Impasse Over Data Collection [IDG]
Facebook officials met with Hamburg's Data Protection Authority on Thursday, but 
the two entities are still at loggerheads over how the social-networking site 
collects the information of unregistered users.

Germany Keeps an Eye on Google's Street View Tool [IDG]
German data protection officials are keeping close watch on Google as the 
company prepares to launch an online tool that lets people proactively block 
images from appearing on its Street View photo mapping Web application.

au: Senate inquiry into online privacy
The Senate has recently referred its inquiry, 'The adequacy of protections for 
the privacy of Australians online', to the Senate Standing Committee on 
Environment, Communications and the Arts for inquiry and report.

Apple censorship: Playboy forced to cover up for anti-porn Jobs
Apple and Playboy are rather unlikely bedfellows. Hugh Hefner, who runs 
America's sauciest publishing house, has made billions from selling sex and ? up 
until January at least ? continued to enjoy the company of three live-in lovers 
whose combined ages were still two decades younger than his 84 years.

New China Search Engine Will Be State-Controlled
In an apparent bid to extend its control over the Internet and cash in on the 
rapid growth of mobile devices, China plans to create a government-controlled 
search engine.

Indian Govt: Google, Skype, RIM must meet security needs
India will go after any company, including Google, after cracking down on 
BlackBerry in its bid to keep the world's fastest growing mobile phone market 
safe from militants and cyber spying, a government source said on Friday.

India 'may shut down' Google and Skype services [Reuters]
India may shut down Google and Skype Internet-based messaging services over 
security concerns, the Financial Times reported on Friday, as the government 
threatened a similar crackdown on BlackBerry services.

vn: Hanoi clamps down on Internet cafes [AFP]
Authorities in the Vietnamese capital are clamping down on Internet cafes in 
what they say is a bid to address online gaming addiction and inappropriate 


Net neutrality: No, these are special puppies - Google has joined Verizon in 
lobbying to erode net neutrality
Two firms want to redefine the internet. Or so it seems, judging by the 
?legislative framework proposal? that Google and Verizon, an American telecoms 
operator, published on August 9th.

A Better Way to Keep the Net Open and Accessible
Neutrality has been great for Switzerland ? and it could be for the Internet, 
too, say supporters of the idea that broadband providers should give equal 
priority to all digital traffic, from e-mail to bandwidth-hungry video.

Google Plan Disillusions Some Allies
On Friday at lunchtime, as Google employees dined al fresco, a hundred 
protesters descended on the company?s Silicon Valley campus. A group called the 
Raging Grannies sang a song called ?The Battle Hymn for the Internet,? and 
others carried signs reading, ?Google is evil if the price is right.?

EU joins FTC in Apple business investigation
Regulators from the European Union are getting involved in the Federal Trade 
Commission investigation of Apple's business strategies that was opened up in 
June, according to a New York Post report on Tuesday.

Editorial: The Google/Verizon Payment Plan
For months, the Federal Communications Commission?s efforts to guarantee 
nondiscriminatory access to broadband Internet have met opposition from the 
companies that provide broadband service and from their allies in Congress. On 
Monday, Verizon and Google created a stir by jointly proposing an alternative 
set of rules as the basis for new legislation governing the Internet.

Reporters Without Borders slams Wikileaks
Reporters Without Borders has criticised the Wikileaks website's "incredible 
irresponsibility" in publishing the names of Afghans who had helped 
international troops fighting insurgents.

Open letter to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange: ??A bad precedent for the 
Internet?s future??
Dear Mr. Assange, Reporters Without Borders, an international press freedom 
organisation, regrets the incredible irresponsibility you showed when posting 
your article ?Afghan War Diary 2004 - 2010? on the Wikileaks website on 25 July 
together with 92,000 leaked documents disclosing the names of Afghans who have 
provided information to the international military coalition that has been in 
Afghanistan since 2001.

nz: Telco-users' champion to step down from role
The voice of New Zealand's telecommunications users is stepping down after more 
than a decade in the role.

The NZ gamer is older than you think
The average New Zealand video game player is aged over 30 - that's the finding 
of a new study into New Zealand's video game playing habits.

Telstra shares tank as mobile phones take over
Telstra shares collapsed almost 10 per cent yesterday - their second-biggest 
fall since listing on the stockmarket in 1997. The company admitted reaching an 
"inflection point" where fixed-line customers were hanging up faster than it 
could sign them to mobiles.

Little need for 1Gbps broadband: Thodey
Telstra's chief executive said today that household demand for 1 gigabit per 
second internet speeds is probably a few years away.

us: Telecom Industry Opposes State Fees on Internet Telephony
AT&T, Verizon, Vonage and other leading telecommunication companies sent a 
letter to the FCC recently urging the commission not to subject Internet 
telephony to state fees for the Universal Service Fund, a program that 
subsidizes telecommunications costs in low-income and rural areas.

T-Mobile Looks to Lag in Offering US 4G Service
Deutsche Telekom risks getting left behind in the U.S. market?again.

us: Tapping the Web, 22,000 Miles Up
Satellite companies have been the also-rans of Internet providers. They serve a 
little more than one million customers, most in rural areas that have no other 
options. Their services can be painfully slow and cost twice as much as 
high-speed broadband.

nz: Man sent 2000 explicit texts to 13-year-old sex victim
A 34-year-old Whangarei man sent more than 2000 explicit and threatening text 
messages to a 13-year-old girl.


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