[DNS] domain name news - 19 August

[DNS] domain name news - 19 August

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Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 21:22:35 -0700 (PDT)
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New TLDs - Its All in the Tea Leaves by Robert Rozicki

ICANN Board briefing materials: more cover pages than information

Casino.com plotting top-level domain bid?

Parked Network Solutions domains served up malware

Jeff Kupietzky?s 5 Myths of the Domain Name Industry

au/nz: Deadline approaches for internet awards [NZPA]

Top ccTLD Sales Continue to Grow At Non-.COM?s Expense

Choice Domain Names Pitched as Investments [IDG]

Accountability and Transparency Review Team ? Independent Expert Case Studies
The Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT) announced the selection 
of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society (Berkman) as an Independent Expert 
to assist its review under the Affirmation of Commitments (AoC).

FY11 Travel Support Guidelines Version 1 Now Posted
Explanation: In April-May 2010, a public comment period was held for 30 days on 
the topic of community travel support to ICANN meetings.

New TLDs - Its All in the Tea Leaves by Robert Rozicki
... The last time I gathered a list of proposed TLDs was in December 2009. At 
that time there were 43 proposed New TLDs across 47 applicants. When I broke 
them down by category this is what we saw. 60% of applicants were Geographical 
in nature. These included applicants such as .london and .hamburg. Community 
applications such as .gay accounted for 21% and specialist TLDs such as .horse 
made up the remaining 20%. December was an interesting month. Many industry 
experts and commentators were still not convinced about the future of new TLDs 
and trademark issues looked to derail the whole process.

ICANN Board briefing materials: more cover pages than information
At its recent meeting in Brussels, the ICANN Board resolved that it would 
publish the briefing materials that are supplied to it in order to make 

ICANN releases (censored) board briefing docs
ICANN has given an unprecedented glimpse into the workings of its board of 
directors, with the release of hundreds of pages of staff briefing papers.

New TLD ownership rules punted to ICANN board
The ICANN board will be asked to untangle the policy mess that currently bans 
domain name registrars from applying for new top-level domains, after a GNSO 
working group failed to reach consensus.

Openness and Transparency: ICANN Takes an Important Step in the Right Direction 
by Michael D. Palage
Over the years I have been critical of ICANN's inability on several occasions to 
match its words on openness, transparency and accountability with its actions. 
Therefore, it was a very pleasant surprise to see ICANN post the Board briefing 
documents in connection with two of its last three Board meetings.

Who voted against three Arabic ccTLDs and why?
Two ICANN board members voted against the recent resolution to grant Arabic 
top-level domains to Palestine, Jordan and Tunisia, it has emerged.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Africa domain attracts interest
Even though ICANN has not yet issued the license that will allow for the 
creation of the .africa domain name registry, there seems to be a lot of 
interest at the pan-African level.

Casino.com plotting top-level domain bid?
Casino.com, in this frankly odd press release, seems to be dropping hints that 
it would be interested in applying for a new TLD when ICANN opens up the bids 
next year.

Casino.com Expresses Interest in gTLD Application
Casino.com, an online gambling site, seems to be interested in applying for its 
own generic Top Level Domain assuming ICANN approves gTLDs and begins accepting 


Will Pornography Rule Private Domains or Will Online Gaming Get its Own Domain 
as Well? [news release]
ICANN has recently granted the pornography industry with a domain dedicated 
solely to pornographic sites. Analysts are wondering if the same thing will 
happen in the online gambling industry as well.


VeriSign plans single-letter .com auctions
VeriSign has confirmed that it wants to auction off single-character .com domain 
names, following a test with the equivalent .net domains.

Dissecting a Scareware-Serving Black Hat SEO Campaign Using Compromised .NL/.CH 
Over the past week, I've been tracking -- among the countless number of 
campaigns currently in process of getting profiled/taken care of internally -- a 
blackhat SEO campaign that's persistently compromising legitimate sites within 
small ISPs in the Netherlands and Switzerland, for scareware-serving purposes.

Dot-Jobs Draws Worry; Site Operators Fear Domain Expansion Will Crowd Market
Job-site operators are bracing for an influx of competitors as the dot-jobs 
domain widens its reach. So far limited to only employers' names, as in 
Disney.jobs or Whirlpool.jobs, the dot-jobs Internet domain will begin accepting 
applications next month for generic names like hospitality.jobs and 
virginia.jobs. But the mostly small businesses that run job sites ending in 
dot-com say they worry how the development will affect their already crowded and 
distressed sector of the economy.

.ORG, The Public Interest Registry Releases Results Of Bi-Annual Domain Name 
Report, "The Dashboard"
.ORG, The Public Interest Registry today released the results of its bi-annual 
domain name report, ?The Dashboard,? detailing the continued unparalleled growth 
of the world?s third largest generic Top Level Domain (gTLD). In the first six 
months of 2010, the .ORG domain grew by 7.6 percent?more than doubling last 
year?s first half gain of 3.2 percent. This increase in registrations has 
brought .ORG?s total domains under management to an astounding 8.5 million.

Company Wants Trademark for .Secure
A Wisconsin company has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark 
Office to get the service mark ?.secure?.

Sweden scores highest in ccTLD brand strength
Sweden's country code top-level domain (ccTLD) .se has the highest local value 
in terms of top-level domain awareness, relevance and preference in Europe, 
according to a study by the organisation that administers the European top-level 
.eu domain, EURid.

The sheriffs of the wild web
The internet has its very own magnificent seven. They are a group of security 
experts across the globe who can reboot cyberspace if it comes under attack.

Beneath the flag was a line of Persian poetry which read: "We shall strike if 
the leader orders, we shall lose our heads if the leader wishes." 

As many as five million Web sites hosted by Network Solutions have been serving 
up malware, probably for several months, a security expert said today.

Millions of Network Solutions Parked Pages Were Serving Malware
Armorize, a web security company, reported on their blog today that Network 
Solutions had been displaying a widget box that contains malware. The company 
was notified and quickly remedied the parking pags. Based on a yahoo search 
only, there are over 5 million domain names with NSI parked landers that may 
have been affected by this drive by malware.

Parked Network Solutions domains served up malware
Some parked domains from Network Solutions that display "page under 
construction" messages were found to be serving up malware from a widget that 
was later disabled over the weekend, a security researcher told CNET on Monday.

Network Solutions pulls widget that tainted up to 5m websites
Network Solutions has admitted that a software widget designed to help small 
business to build websites was contaminated with malware.

Who will save the world when the web goes down?
On a Thursday evening in December a remarkable attack by a shadowy group of 
hackers briefly paralysed Twitter. For two hours anyone who typed 
www.twitter.com into their Internet Explorer's address bar was re-routed to a 
simple black screen showing a green flag and the words: "This site has been 
hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army."

ke: One of our own now holds the key to the internet
Who is Moussa Guebre? This question occupied many internet analysts a few weeks 
ago. Mr Guebre joins a group of seven men who have literally been given a key to 
the internet.
http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/One of our own now holds the key to the 

Website operators use new defenses to fight R-J copyright suits
New defenses are being asserted by websites and bloggers facing copyright 
infringement lawsuits for online postings of material from the Las Vegas 
Review-Journal. The Review-Journal's copyright enforcement partner, Las Vegas 
company Righthaven LLC, has sued 98 North American websites and blogsites in 
federal court in Las Vegas since March -- typically demanding $75,000 in damages 
and forfeiture of the defendants' website domain names.

Jeff Kupietzky?s 5 Myths of the Domain Name Industry
Today at DOMAINfest in New York, Oversee.net CEO Jeff Kupietzky tried to dispel 
5 myths about the domain name industry.

Simplifying The Lives Of Web Users
I?m about to make your life better. No need to thank me. But first, a warning: 
On the way to understanding how your life will get better, you?ll have to read 
about some technical, fairly arcane topics. Trust me: it?ll be worth it. In this 
case, the topic is your Web browsing, and the magic wand is a free service 
called OpenDNS.

Go Daddy Marches Toward $1 Billion
Domain name registrar will get close to $1 billion in cash flow this year.

au/nz: Deadline approaches for internet awards [NZPA]
The deadline is fast approaching for the second Australia and New Zealand 
internet best practice awards.

Top ccTLD Sales Continue to Grow At Non-.COM?s Expense
Sales of ccTLD names continue to grow at the expense of non.COM gTLDs an 
analysis of the top reported domain name sales from 2007 to mid-2010 has shown. 
Using Domain Name Journal?s lists of top reported sales for the period to 30 
June 2010, sales of ccTLDs have increased from 6.9 per cent of the top 100 sales 
(sales can total more than 100 due to ties for 100th position) in 2007 to 19 per 
cent in 2009, while dipping to 15.9 per cent in the first six months of 2010.

Moniker Brokers Sale of 5 T-Shirts For $1.265m
Moniker.com announced they have successfully brokered the sale of five 
t-shirt-related .COM domain names for $1.265 million.

Choice Domain Names Pitched as Investments [IDG]
Forget real estate, the stock market or Internet startups, the new way to make 
fast money is to invest in domain names, argues a domain name brokerage that 
will auction off a passel of domain names on Wednesday in New York.


DomainFest NYC 2010 Live Auction Results
We will be were live blogging the auction results of the auctions at the 
DomainFEST Power Networking Day in New York City. As always we do not guarantee 
the accuracy of these results. Unsold names will be included in the Extended 
Silent Auction which will run for the next 7 days until August 25, 2010, Wed at 
3:15pm ET (12:15pm PT).

DOMAINfest NYC Wrap Up
DOMAINfest?s Power Networking day in New York City attracted more than 200 
people for the all-day event.

Official Tally From DomainFest Today: $537K
Moniker?s live auction at DomainFest New York concluded today with an official 
tally of $537K in Domain names sold.

Five billionth device about to plug into Internet
Sometime this month, the 5 billionth device will plug into the Internet. And in 
10 years, that number will grow by more than a factor of four, according to IMS 
Research, which tracks the installed base of equipment that can access the 

Is the Web Dying? It Doesn?t Look That Way
Is the Web dead? Chris Anderson, Wired magazine?s editor in chief, says the Web 
is being crippled by a world of apps and screens in a cover story titled ?The 
Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet.?

Britons spend half waking hours using TV, mobiles
Britons spend almost half of their waking hours watching TV and using their 
mobiles or other communication devices but are paying less to do so, media 
watchdog Ofcom said on Wednesday.

Multitask Britons text, view and chat
Social networks and increasingly sophisticated mobile phones have made the UK a 
nation of media multitaskers, new research shows.

TV, phones and internet take up almost half our waking hours [news release]
Montage of communicatiuons usesUK consumers are spending almost half (45 per 
cent) of their waking hours watching TV, using their mobiles and other 
communications devices, new Ofcom research reveals today.

Less Web Access Among Chronically Ill
Although the number of ?cyberchondriacs? ? people who research health 
information online ? is at an all-time high, those who are afflicted with 
chronic conditions are less likely to have Internet access, according to data 
from Pew.

Internet at home goes hand-in-hand with romance: study [AFP]
Dim the lights, turn on the schmoozy music, and log on. Adults who have Internet 
access at home are more likely to be in romantic relationships than adults who 
don't, a study presented Monday found.

Google chief: My fears for Generation Facebook
Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Google, has issued a stark warning over the 
amount of personal data people leave on the internet and suggested that many of 
them will be forced one day to change their names in order to escape their cyber 

Google boss Eric Schmidt warns on social use of media
Young people may one day have to change their names in order to escape their 
previous online activity, Google boss Eric Schmidt has warned.

Google chief warns on social networking dangers
Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of search Google, has predicted that web users 
will one day be able to change their identity in order to escape the traces of 
their misspent youth available on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Google says: Change your name
Google's chief has put forth a novel solution for today's teenagers whose wild 
online antics threaten to follow them into their adult life: change your name.



Rocker John Mellencamp likens Internet to A-bomb
Rocker John Mellencamp said on Tuesday that the Internet was the most dangerous 
invention since the atomic bomb, although new technology could paradoxically 
delay the inevitable demise of rock 'n' roll.

Obsessed Internet gamers in South Korea now have a league of their own
One Saturday this month, roughly 10,000 South Koreans interrupted their usual 
weekend activity of playing Internet games for something else: to watch 
professionals play Internet games.

Facebook 'dislike' scam warning
Facebook users are being targeted in a scam that offers them a chance to install 
a "dislike" button. The scam tricks users into allowing a rogue application to 
access their profile page, which then posts spam messages.

Facebook users warned over 'dislike' scam
Facebook members were warned today of a rogue "dislike" feature luring users 
into giving away personal information to scammers.

Facebook 'dislike' button scam spreads virally [CSO]
The latest viral scam making its way around Facebook is a lure that asks users 
if they want to install a "dislike" button, says the security firm Sophos.

Facebook Places location tool unveiled, sparking fresh privacy concerns
Facebook risks a privacy backlash today when it launches a feature that 
automatically shares information on the location of users with their online 

Facebook Unveils a Service to Announce Where Users Are
Facebook introduced a long-anticipated service called Places on Wednesday that 
could help the company tap local and small-business advertisers and sharpen its 
competition with Google.

Facebook Checks In to the World of Locations
The 800-pound gorilla of social networks, Facebook, is jumping into the location 

Facebook to let users track friends, services
Facebook's 500 million-plus users will soon be able to track friends' 
whereabouts, as the world's largest Internet social network adds technology to 
increasingly tie its virtual world to everyday life.

North Korea Takes to Twitter and YouTube
North Korea has taken its propaganda war against South Korea and the United 
States to a new frontier: YouTube and Twitter.

North Korea makes Twitter debut
While North Korea was last month threatening to deal out "the severest 
punishment no one has ever met in the world" to its southern neighbour, the 
country's government was also quietly opening up a new front in the propaganda 
war ? an official Twitter account.

Outdoors and Out of Reach, Studying the Brain
... It was a primitive trip with a sophisticated goal: to understand how heavy 
use of digital devices and other technology changes how we think and behave, and 
how a retreat into nature might reverse those effects.

Germany faces obstacles in its bid to lead the global fight against Internet 
child pornography
Germany sees itself in the forefront of the fight against Internet child porn - 
a battle critics say it's losing due to international law discrepancies and its 
own protection laws.

au: Greens side with Coalition on internet filtering policy
Labor's hopes of getting its internet filter plan through federal parliament 
look destined to fail, with the Australian Greens calling for a PC-based 

au: Ratings review may alter net filter: Conroy
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has conceded that a Classification Board 
review could "substantially" change the proposed mandatory internet filter.

Refused classification could prove death knell for Labor filter
The Classification Board?s review of refused classification (RC) material could 
signal the death of the Labor party?s proposed mandatory ISP-level internet 
filter, pending its results next year.

Parliament decides if filter is dead: Conroy
An undefeated Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has refused to declare the 
government's mandatory internet filter policy dead in the water.

Fears smartphone game apps could get the chop in Australia
The games industry has slammed federal government moves to censor mobile game 
apps, with developers saying they will stop selling their apps to Australians 
due to the prohibitive costs.

uk: Anti-bullying charity to close unless new funding found
An anti-bullying charity which specialises in helping victims of online abuse 
says it will close unless it finds ?50,000 over the next two weeks.

Google TV plan is causing jitters in Hollywood
Many worry that Silicon Valley will upend the entertainment industry just like 
the Internet ravaged the music and newspaper industries.

Google TV Is a Tough Sell Among Would-Be Partners
Google Inc. is launching a campaign to line up TV networks' support for its new 
Google TV software, but many remain reluctant to partner with a service they 
believe encroaches on their turf.

How Google TV will make money still up in the air
Google made a big splash in May announcing its entrance to the TV business, but 
how the company plans to make money for Google TV and for its content partners 
is still a bit muddled.

RIM Offered Security Fixes: In India Talks, BlackBerry Maker Said It Could Share 
Metadata, Notes Show
Research In Motion Ltd. has offered information and tools to help India conduct 
surveillance of wireless email and messaging services on RIM's popular 
BlackBerry, say people familiar with the negotiations, illuminating RIM's 
dealings as it seeks to balance sovereign security concerns with its customers' 

India sets Blackberry monitoring deadline
India has sent formal notices to the country's mobile operators telling them 
they must have equipment to monitor Blackberry services by 31 August. The move 
will increase pressure on Blackberry maker Research in Motion (RIM) to allow 
Indian security agencies access to encrypted messages.

BlackBerry access deal 'ready' in India
BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion will allow Indian authorities partial 
access to its Messenger chat services to placate security fears, a senior 
government source has told the Reuters news agency.

India May Soon Resolve BlackBerry Dispute
Indian officials and Research In Motion, the maker of popular BlackBerry 
devices, appear to be making progress toward resolving a battle over the 
government?s ability to monitor encrypted e-mail and instant messages.

India to reprieve some BlackBerry services - source
India will allow BlackBerry's messenger service to continue beyond an August 31 
deadline, but could shut down its secure email service if access is not given to 
its encrypted data by then, a senior government source said.

'I wrote 2U B4'! British Library shows up textspeak as soooo 19th century
If u really r annoyed by the vocabulary of the text generation, then a new 
exhibition at the British Library should calm you down. It turns out they were 
doing it in the 19th century ? only then they called it emblematic poetry, and 
it was considered terribly clever.

uk: Nine arrested over iPhone scam that made millions
Police have moved to shut down a criminal network suspected of running a complex 
global scam which made millions of pounds from UK mobile phone networks using 
stolen iPhones and premium-rate phone lines.

au: Explosion of mobile phone spam
Nuisance SMS texts are of growing concern for the industry's watchdog, which 
says you can act.








New SMS mobile rules to stop rogue operators [news release]
Consumers will not be billed for premium SMS and MMS from suspect mobile premium 
service providers under new rules introduced by the Australian Communications 
and Media Authority.

New victim in India-Pakistan 'cyberwar' [AFP]
The "cyberwar" between India and Pakistan has claimed another victim, with the 
hacking of a high-profile lawmaker's website that experts say highlights the 
woeful lack of Internet security in South Asia.


Britons at risk of identity fraud through careless use of passwords on internet
More than half of Britons admit making their online passwords easily available 
on the internet and never change their details unless prompted to do so, 
research indicates.

us: NYC woman to Google: Who's posting trash about me? [AP]
A business consultant wants a court to force YouTube and owner Google to unmask 
a cyber cipher who posted what she says are unauthorized videos of her and 
online comments that hurt her reputation.

Businesswoman takes Google to court over YouTube 'whore' slur
A business consultant is taking Google to court in an attempt to force them to 
unmask an anonymous internet user who posted videos of her on YouTube which 
"called into question her chastity".

Brainy ex-model Carla Franklin suing Google to expose cyberbully who called her 
'whore' on YouTube
A brainy beauty wants to expose the creep who slimed her as a "whore" on 

Researcher Cracks ReCAPTCHA
Homegrown algorithms for cheating Google's reCAPTCHA released earlier this month

Google Sued in Spain Over Data Collecting
A judge in Spain opened an investigation into whether Google unlawfully 
collected data from unsecured wireless networks while gathering photographs for 
Google?s photo-mapping service Street View.

Spain takes on Google over privacy violations in Street View
Spain has became the latest country to take on internet search giant Google over 
alleged privacy violations made during mapping for its ?Street View? feature.

Privacy Panic Focuses on Wrong Issues by Larry Magid
Lately I've gotten a sense that lots of Internet users are suffering from 
"privacy panic," not unlike the "predator panic" that plagued the Internet a few 
years ago when lots of people falsely believed that children faced a grave risk 
of being sexually abused by Internet predators.

UK minister hints that libel reform will create privacy law
A justice minister has said that there is "consensus" that a privacy law is 
needed, though he stopped short of committing the Government to introducing one. 
A fellow senior Liberal Democrat said Parliament needed to "get hold" of privacy 

Thai Groups Denounce Website Censorship; Government Blocks Thousands of Pages 
Following Clashes
Criticism over Thailand's efforts to curb political debate online is mounting as 
the government restricts thousands of websites following deadly protest clashes 
earlier this year.

Malaysians use social media to bypass censorship [AFP]
Malaysia bumps along the bottom of international rankings for press freedom, but 
the explosion of social media like Twitter and Facebook is revolutionising how 
journalists work.


Internet Challenges Overwhelm German Government
Google has been talking about introducing its Street View service in Germany for 
years. But now that the launch has officially been announced, the German 
government appears to have been taken by surprise. It's just another example of 
how the authorities are struggling to meet the challenges of the Internet age.

Setting Hurdles for Google and Others: 'Germans Like to Look, But Not to Be 
Looked At'
Chancellor Angela Merkel's government is responding to pressure against Internet 
giant Google over its controversial Street View service. A summit is being 
planned for September between politicians and Internet companies. But critics 
ask why the government is now scrambling to address the issue when it has known 
of Google's plans for at least two years.

nz: File-sharing bill could extend surveillance culture - Bott
Civil liberties lawyer Michael Bott thinks the crack opened in access to 
personal computer activities by the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Bill 
might be the first of several consensual arrangements between ISPs and agents of 
law enforcement to allow access to such data at the ISP level without the 
subject being aware a search has been conducted.

Four Democrats urge U.S. to act on Internet traffic
Four Democrats on a U.S. congressional panel called on regulators on Monday to 
press ahead with their own Internet traffic rules instead of relying on a 
proposal from two communications companies.

us: House Democrats oppose Net neutrality deal [IDG]
Four Democrat members of the U.S. House of Representatives will oppose a network 
neutrality proposal offered by Google and Verizon Communications last week. The 
lawmakers say the two companies shouldn't set the rules for how U.S. residents 
access the Internet.

US bill seeks to make electronics accessible to blind, deaf
Blind and deaf consumers, who have fought to make home phones and television 
more accessible, say they are being left behind on the Web and many mobile 
devices. Touch-based smartphone screens confound blind people who rely on 
buttons and raised type. Web video means little to the deaf without captioning.

Microsoft invests in Kiwi tech education
The University of Canterbury and Microsoft New Zealand have unveiled a 
?public-private? partnership that will see the formation of a world-class 
education centre of excellence in the region.

Nonprofits Review Technology Failures
At a gathering last month over drinks and finger food, a specialist at the World 
Bank related the story of how female weavers in a remote Amazonian region of 
Guyana had against all odds built themselves a thriving global online business 
selling intricately woven hammocks for $1,000 apiece.

Cloud uptake grows in Asia-Pacific
Cloud computing momentum has accelerated across the region, especially in 
Southeast Asia where more businesses are carrying out deployment plans this 
year, according to findings of a new study.

uk: Stephen Glover: Why is this injunction in the public interest?
A new case confirms that a judge-made privacy law, largely developed by Mr 
Justice Eady, has transformed the way in which the tabloids in general and the 
News of the World in particular operate. Last Thursday The Daily Telegraph 
reported that Colin Montgomerie, the golfer, who is Europe's captain during this 
autumn's Ryder Cup in the United States, had used an injunction to prevent the 
publication of a story about his private life.

au: Tony the Tower: Abbott's 'technical ignorance on a national scale' on 
wireless and broadband
Experts have again ridiculed Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's sheer lack of 
knowledge surrounding broadband and labelled the Coalition's policy "technical 
ignorance on a national scale".


Internet to slow down unless more undersea cables are laid
As the internet rapidly expands with ever more videos, web pages and posts, more 
ocean-spanning cable lines will be needed to string together this essential 
global computer network.

What if ISPs had to advertise minimum speeds? In Hungary, they do
The Federal Communications Commission reported this week that broadband users 
see about half the advertised "up to" speeds promised by Internet providers, and 
similar findings were made earlier this year in the UK. (Keep in mind that some 
speed problems are outside the control of the ISP, including poor indoor wiring, 
bad WiFi setups, outdated computer hardware, and Internet congestion.)

au: Online predator charged under new law
POLICE have charged a 33-year-old man from NSW with predatory online sexual 
activity towards a minor.


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