[DNS] domain name news - 26 August

[DNS] domain name news - 26 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 21:11:38 -0700 (PDT)
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ICANN Publishes Draft Agreement on .XXX

Applicants Sought from Internet User Community for Seat on Board of Directors

Anatomy of a Domain Name Land Rush by John McCormac

.AU/.NZ and .INFO Best Practice Awards Open

Alexa Raad Resigns As President And CEO of .ORG/Public Interest Registry

Domain-name security measure expands

IPv6: If you build it, they will come by Leo Vegoda

Verizon: Businesses Need Move on IPv6

The window of opportunity for ccTLDs by Jon Lawrence

Judges named for NZ Open Source awards

EFF at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum
With the slogan "developing the future together," the fifth annual meeting of 
the United Nations Internet Governance Forum will take place in Vilnus, 
Lithuania, September 14-17, 2010.

In 1993, the Clinton administration proposed to build up "the national 
information infrastructure" and listed six possible enemies who might attack US 
key network infrastructure.
In May 2009, Microsoft announced on its website that they would turn off the 
Windows Live Messenger service for Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan and North Korea, in 
accordance with US legislation. In January 2010, Google, the company which owns 
the largest Internet information resources, declared that in order to establish 
a more open Internet environment, they had to abandon the Chinese market. What 
is even more worrying is that Senator Joseph Lieberman, chairman of US Homeland 
Security Committee, recently presented to the US Senate a bill titled 
"Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset." ... After the 9/11 attacks, the 
Bush administration officially upgraded Internet security to the strategic 
height of national security. Anti-terrorism was the theme of Internet security 
during the Bush era. In 2004, the US cut off the ".ly" domain name by using the 
root server, resulting in Libya's disappearance in Internet for three days. It 
generated worldwide criticism of the US hegemony on the Internet and concerns 
over Internet security.

ICANN Publishes Draft Agreement on .XXX
A Revised Proposed Registry Agreement with ICM to be designated as the Registry 
Operator for a .XXX Sponsored Top Level Domain (.XXX), as well as documentation 
submitted by ICM Registry in connection with the expedited due diligence 
conducted at the direction of the Board are being posting today for public 

Applicants Sought from Internet User Community for Seat on Board of Directors
The ICANN group representing individual Internet users is calling for 
applications from those who may be interested in helping to develop policy while 
serving on the organization?s Board of Directors.

Save the Date! Learn About Meetings For the Next Decade Survey Results and Next 
Starting 7 September, you will be able to register on the ICANN eLearning page 
icann.org/en/learning/webinars.htm to receive the call and adobe connect details 
needed in order to participate.

Bulk Transfer of Domain Names from Lead Networks Domains to Answerable.com
ICANN has authorized the bulk transfer of Lead Networks Domains Pvt. Ltd.?s gTLD 
domain names to Answerable.com (I) Pvt. Ltd., in response to a request from Lead 
Networks to designate Answerable.com as the gaining registrar for this bulk 
transfer effective upon the termination of Lead Network?s RAA, and in accordance 
with ICANN?s Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy and Procedures.

Letter from Rod Beckstrom to Janis Karklins
Response to Project Agreement Proposal on the Development of the IDN ccTLD 
Reference Table for Cyrillic Script

ICANN Publishes Draft Agreement on .XXX With 30 Day Comment Period
ICANN has published a revised proposed registry agreement with ICM, the 
controversial applicant for the .XXX Sponsored Top Level Domain (.XXX sTLD) as 
well as documentation submitted by ICM Registry in connection with the expedited 
due diligence conducted at the direction of the Board are being posting today 
for public comment. There is a 30 day public comment period that closes on 24 

.xxx 'adult' domain names one step closer
ICM, the organisation that has been battling for six years to get a .xxx top 
level domain names accepted by ICANN is one step closer to achieving its goal: a 
draft proposal, its fourth, has been issued by ICANN for public comment.

ICANN posts .xxx contract for comment
ICANN has just published the proposed contract for ICM Registry?s porn-only .xxx 
top-level domain, and over a dozen supporting documents.

Anatomy of a Domain Name Land Rush by John McCormac
The launch of a new or repurposed Top-Level Domain (TLD) is always surrounded 
with speculative activity. Some domainers will register domains in the new TLD 
with hopes of getting rich quick. Others will do so because the same domain in 
.com is worth a lot of money. And then there are the developers who see the 
prospect of building a carefully branded website in the new TLD. And with all 
those proposed new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs), this cycle will be 
repeated. But what does a Domain Name Land Rush look like? more?

The IDN ccTLD Landscape: .?? and .?? by Aaron Krawitz, Gary Males & Patrick 
Change is afoot in the world of IDN ccTLDs. Just a few days ago, we learned that 
the registry, JPRS, was the only one to apply to manage the .?? IDN ccTLD 
(meaning ?.Japan? in Japanese). JPRS is the current .JP registry and has 
previously spoke out in favor of aliasing or unlocking .JP in an IDN equivalent. 
As such, the practical implication of the above application is that we will 
likely soon see owners of IDN.JP domains owning IDN.?? names as well.

ITU chief snubs ICANN?s Beckstrom
That?s pretty much the message sent to ICANN chief Rod Beckstrom by the 
International Telecommunications Union?s secretary general, following his 
request to attend a top-level ITU policy meeting.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
.AU/.NZ and .INFO Best Practice Awards Open
The registries for .AU(Australia) and .NZ (New Zealand), auDA and InternetNZ, 
have announced their Best Practice Awards for 2010 while .INFO registry Afilias 
has opened its fourth annual .INFO Awards programme.

Policy makers aim to strengthen East Africa domains
Policy makers in East Africa's Internet space are setting up a working group to 
help strengthen the country-code top-level domains there and establish a 
business case for the .EastAfrica domain.

Poles hold 5th most .eu domain names
Polish people hold the fifth highest number of the .eu internet domain name, 
just behind France and just ahead of Italy, Home.pl has found.

.ORG the Public Interest Registry Announced Today That Alexa Raad Has Resigned 
As President And CEO
The Board of Directors of .ORG the Public Interest Registry announced today that 
Alexa Raad, the President and Chief Executive Officer of PIR, has decided to 
resign from her positions with the company effective on September 24th, 2010. 
Her resignation concludes 3 1/2 years of service and leadership at PIR.

Alexa Raad Resigns As President And CEO of .ORG/Public Interest Registry
In a shock announcement, the Board of Directors of .ORG the Public Interest 
Registry announced today that Alexa Raad, the President and Chief Executive 
Officer of PIR, has decided to resign from her positions with the company 
effective on September 24th, 2010. Her resignation concludes 3 1/2 years of 
service and leadership at PIR.


ps: Balkanisation headache for internet body
Change of a country?s name is creating strife in cyberspace too. After much 
deliberation, the internet governing body ICANN has finally recognised ?ps? as a 
country level domain for Palestinian territory.

ICANN to release shorter dot-travel domains
ICANN has approved and will soon release all one- and two-character dot-travel 
domain names, according to the The Travel Partnership Corp.

Registrars ?unprepared? for DNSSEC
Only one in 10 domain name registrars believes it is fully prepared to offer 
DNSSEC services today, according to new research out from Afilias, the .info 

Domain-name security measure expands
Thirteen more top-level domains will get the DNS Security Extensions this year, 
thanks to an Irish company called Afilias, a provider of Internet registry and 
back-end services. The company plans to begin with the .info TLD in September.

DNSSEC Updates
Back in February we announced the start of our production network trial of 
DNSSEC, a technology which adds security to DNS (the telephone book for the 
Internet). Since that time our trials have gone very well, and the pace of 
DNSSEC deployments world wide has steadily moved forward.

Registry Operator Afilias Embraces DNS Security
Afilias, which operates .info and more than a dozen other Web site extensions, 
will announce on Monday plans to deploy an emerging standard known as DNSSEC 
that adds a layer of encryption to the Internet's Domain Name System.



Afilias plans to deploy Domain Name System Security Extensions in 13 more 
top-level domains 

Afilias, a global provider of Internet infrastructure services, today announced 
that it will deploy DNSSEC across its registry platforms, signing 13 more TLDs 
and increasing DNSSEC deployment among domain registries by 50 percent.

DNSSEC Will Drive Certificate Market
With the landmark deployment of DNSSEC in the root a little over a month ago and 
the acceleration of TLDs jumping onto the DNSSEC bandwagon through the end of 
this year and 2011, a big question remains: what does this protocol improvement 
mean for the digital certificate market?

US Defense official discloses cyberattack
Now it is official: The most significant breach of U.S. military computers was 
caused by a flash drive inserted into a U.S. military laptop on a post in the 
Middle East in 2008.

 - IPv4/IPv6
If you build it, they will come by Leo Vegoda
As you would expect, most of ICANN?s external services, including this blog, are 
available over IPv6 as well as IPv4. And at the request of the ICANN Board, a 
regular comparative measure of IPv6 use at the ICANN and IANA websites has been 
provided to them for months. The good news is that the trend from the 
measurement shows an increase in the use of the ICANN and IANA web sites using 
IPv6. IPv6 hits on our web sites in June were about 1.7% of all hits.

Verizon: Businesses Need Move on IPv6
Verizon Business has a message to companies still reluctant to migrate their 
networks to IPv6: You're better off doing it now than later.

Lack of vision, high costs hinder IPv6 migration
Some Southeast Asian markets can't anticipate Web addresses required for future 
growth, says analyst who adds countries must look at Internet and mobile usage 
growth to maintain long-term economic growth.

APNIC 30 to push IPv6
One of the biggest global gatherings of the people that design and implement 
technologies that affect the internet will take place on the Gold Coast this 

The window of opportunity for ccTLDs by Jon Lawrence
The announcement that .co has already achieved over 450,000 new registrations 
since the opening up of the second-level a month ago demonstrates that there is 
strong demand in the global domain name marketplace for quality new domain 


Catching Up with The Internet Commerce Association by Philip S. Corwin, Counsel, 
Internet Commerce Association
Thanks to Andrew for this opportunity to blog about what ICA has been up to so 
far this year ? while he takes a well-deserved vacation. Domain Name Wire is an 
indispensable resource for anyone involved in the domain game and he deserves 
broad appreciation for his consistent, high quality work.

Judges named for NZ Open Source awards
Seven open source experts will form the judging panel of the 2010 Open Source 
Awards, due to be held in Wellington on November 9th.

Melbourne IT looks to social media for growth
Listed services company Melbourne IT will turn to social networking, cloud-based 
hosting and desktop virtualisation to help it grow its business over the next 
twelve months.


27 Billion Queries Served: OpenDNS Sees Record Traffic
I personally love OpenDNS, at least as much as you can love a DNS service. It 
offers a number of admin features that are usually reserved for bigger and 
badder ISPs and the service is free, fast, and fun (not really, but I liked the 

ccTLDs under the hammer at UK domainer conference
The UK will get a rare domainer conference and live auction at the end of the 
week. MeetDomainers, organized by NameDrive and the Polish domain investment 
outfit ddfund.eu, will open its doors for three days at the Hilton in 

Germany's Biggest Domain Conference - DomainvermarkterForum - Is Coming Up Next 
Week in Munich + Zak Muscovitch Running for CIRA Board Seat
A 2010 domain conference that we haven't talked about (before now) - an 
important one on the international calendar - is coming up next week. It is the 
6th edition of the DomainvermarkterForum that will be held September 2-3 at the 
five-star Hotel Sofitel Bayerpost in Munich. This is Germany's biggest show and 
the only major event dedicated to the German market. The event was started in 
2006 by Christoph Grueneberg and Thomas Mueller and it has steadily grown over 
the years, drawing attendees from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other 
European nations as well as from the United States.

Smoking marketed on YouTube - NZ study
Tobacco companies have turned to video-sharing website YouTube to market their 
products, new research from Otago University suggests.

Microsoft finally fueling Yahoo's search engine [AP]
Microsoft Corp.'s technology is now processing all the search requests on Yahoo 
Inc.'s website in the U.S. and Canada, completing a long-awaited leap that 
creates a more formidable challenger to Google Inc. in the most lucrative part 
of the online advertising market.

Online football fails to score with British viewers
New research shows a distinct lack of appetite for internet streaming of 
football matches, just as the Football League looks to the web for new revenue 

M'sia's rural areas lagging behind with broadband
Malaysia says it is on track with plans to connect half its households with 
broadband services by year-end, but citizens in far-flung states still feel left 
out when it comes to Internet infrastructure and service.

For teens today, online ties as strong as family
For those of us who went to high school before the Internet had made its way 
into most households, back when evenings were more likely to be spent twisting 
telephone wire around our fingers than typing messages to our friends, having 
online relationships that are equally important to those that happen in person 
may sound implausible.

Googling a hire power: should employers use the net to vet?
Using Google to check for skeletons in potential employees' closets is exposing 
job seekers to discrimination but there's nothing much even they can do, lawyers 


Be careful mixing politics and Facebook, counsel office says
Federal employees could become a "friend," a "fan" or even "like" a Facebook 
page a political party or candidate created, but they cannot do so during work 
hours or while in a federal workspace, according to new guidance the Office of 
Special Counsel has issued.

Teens on Facebook GOL (grumble out loud) as mothers become friends
Mothers have found a even better way to humiliate their children than showing 
baby pictures: becoming a friend on Facebook.

Social networking site Tribe aims to secure customers and investment for 
A Franco-Israeli entrepreneur is hoping to rekindle some of the optimism of the 
dotcom boom with a new social networking site that combines the mass-audience 
reach of eBay with the trend for grassroots funding of small businesses.

Lady Gaga overtakes Britney Spears for Twitter record
Lady Gaga has become the most popular person on the social networking site 

Lady Gaga is "queen of Twitter'
There may be no reliable way to make money off Twitter yet, but Lady Gaga seems 
pleased that she surpassed Britney Spears over the weekend as the tweeter with 
the most followers.

us: Study: 56 million have played social-network game
NPD Group estimates more than 56 million in the U.S. have played a game on a 
social-networking site over the past three months.

Foursquare Privacy Basics: 5 Tips to 'Secure' Your Check-Ins [CIO]
It's hardly practical to believe there are "right" and "wrong" ways to employ 
social networking services like Twitter or Facebook. However, there are "smart" 
and/or "safe" methods of use, especially for location-based services (LBS) that 
identify your whereabouts at a given time, like popular social network/LBS 


Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime
... The technology makes the tiniest windows of time entertaining, and 
potentially productive. But scientists point to an unanticipated side effect: 
when people keep their brains busy with digital input, they are forfeiting 
downtime that could allow them to better learn and remember information, or come 
up with new ideas.

Technology industry faces chip shortage
The technology industry faces a growing shortage of semiconductors and other 
high-tech components following a failure to invest in new manufacturing 
facilities during the recession, experts have warned.

au: Opinion: The Filter is dead, but it'll be back
The Greens' success over the weekend in cementing their hold on the balance of 
power in the Senate has sounded the death knell for the government?s 
controversial ISP-level internet content filter.

au: Filter takes back seat for independents
As the nation eagerly awaits the outcome of the parliamentary stalemate, only 
one of the three independent MPs at the centre of the uncertainty has provided 
an opinion on controversial cyber-security policies.

Teens toy with death online
It's dangerous, sometimes deadly, and is played almost exclusively by children 
and young teens. It's called the choking game and YouTube has served up a new 
twist to what the experts warn is literally ?dicing with death?.



nz: Police warn of internet stranger danger [Southland Times]
Police will warn a Hastings-based internet user after he befriended more than 50 
Invercargill schoolgirls, including falsely arranging to meet one girl, via 
social networking site Facebook.


Social Networking and the Overshare Generation
... ?People put data up on the web and they just don?t realize the implications 
of this data? says Martin Cocker, Executive Director of NetSafe, a non-profit 
organization that promotes safe and responsible use of Cyberspace.

Scientists find online games help social skills
Scientists have found that children who spend hours playing online games may be 
developing friendships and nurturing vital social skills, a news report said 

us: New Oak Harbor anti-bullying plan includes cell phone search [AP]
Oak Harbor school principals may start looking through cell phones as a way to 
crack down on cyber-bullying, but some students and their parents in the Island 
County school district say the proposed policy is an invasion of privacy.

us: Expert has tips for handling Net bullies
A year ago, many did not know what cyberbullying was. Today, parents across the 
country are concerned about it and want to know what to do to prevent it. The 
Internet provides a free and anonymous tool for bullies to heap on the abuse.

Junior Web Award geht in die Jubil?umsrunde
Der Webseiten-Wettbewerb f?r Schulklassen findet in allen vier Sprachregionen 
grossen Anklang. Heute startet die f?nfte Durchf?hrung. Gesucht werden 
Lehrpersonen, die mit ihrer Klasse eine Webseite gestalten.

In the Living Room, Hooked on Pay TV
It is a fantasy shared by many Americans: dropping cable television and its fat 
monthly bills and turning instead to the wide-open frontier of Internet video. 
Some are finding that the reality is not that simple.

Crowded Field for Bringing Web Video to TVs
If you want to watch Internet video on most televisions, you need a gadget that 
pulls it in. And a growing number of technology companies want to sell it to 

Apple blocks iPhones from green ranking scheme
Apple has refused to allow its iPhones to be included in the UK's first-ever 
green ranking scheme for mobile phones.

O2 launches eco rating system for mobiles
O2 has become the first UK operator to implement an eco rating system for mobile 
devices from various manufacturers.

O2 Launches UK?s First Eco Mobile Phone Rating Scheme [news release]
With 44% of consumers saying environmental factors would have an influence on 
their mobile phone purchase1, O2 today launches eco rating, the UK?s first 
sustainable rating system for mobile phones.

Mobile-Phone Farming in India
Which pesticide will protect my crops? It's a question most farmers in 
insect-ridden rural India ask themselves or their neighbors. But it's also a 
question to which very few have the correct answer.

Final India decision on BlackBerry on Aug 30 - source
India will take a final decision on August 30 on whether to block some 
BlackBerry services over which the country has security concerns, a senior 
government source said on Tuesday.

LTE subscribers to hit 300 million by 2015
The number of people who subscribe to LTE next-generation wireless broadband 
services is expected to reach 300 million by 2015, compared with 500,000 this 
year, according to a report released Wednesday by Juniper Research.

Mobile operators predict app sales boom: Apps expected to outstrip voice 
services by 2013
Mobile operators expect app downloads to become their biggest source of income 
in developed markets within three years and want to charge content providers for 
preferential access to their networks, raising further questions about net 

Smartphones to make up over half of Asian sales by 2015 [AFP]
Smartphones will make up over half of Asian mobile phone sales by 2015, with 477 
million units likely to be sold, an industry report said Monday.


Telecoms executives see end of flat rates - survey
The mobile telecoms industry is leaning towards ending flat-rate data plans, 
which have fuelled an explosion in network traffic while bringing in little 
extra revenue, according to a survey published on Monday.

Rustock botnet responsible for 39 percent of all spam
Botnets are now responsible for sending 95 percent of all spam, up from 84 
percent in April, and almost half of that spam comes from a single botnet, 

Spam botnet sends 43bn emails per day
More than 40 percent of the world's spam is coming from a single network of 
computers that computer security experts continue to battle, according to new 
statistics from Symantec's MessageLabs' division.

Spam botnets tighten stranglehold on UK PCs
The UK jumped into the top four spam sending countries globally in August as 
volumes of spam sent from infected PCs in the region almost doubled, according 
to the latest report from Symantec Hosted Services.

Malicious Spam Exploits Fake Celebrity Deaths
Miley Cyrus is fine. Beyonc? did not perish in a plane crash. Brad Pitt did not 
meet an untimely demise. Everyone take a deep breath and--whatever you do--do 
NOT click on any file or link that arrives as a part of a sensational e-mail 
declaring a celebrity death.

Symantec Announces August 2010 MessageLabs Intelligence Report [news release]
Symantec Corp. today (24/8) announced the publication of its August 2010 
MessageLabs Intelligence Report. Analysis reveals that the percentage of spam 
sent from botnets has increased to 95 percent of all spam up from 84 percent in 
April. Rustock remained the most dominant spam-sending botnet responsible for 
the majority of botnet spam, 41 percent in August up from 32 percent in April, 
but shrinking in the number of bots under its control from 2.5 million in April 
to 1.3 million in August.

Secret US military computers 'cyber attacked' in 2008
A 2008 cyber attack launched from an infected flash drive in the Middle East 
penetrated secret US military computers, a Pentagon official says.

Military Computer Attack Confirmed
A top Pentagon official has confirmed a previously classified incident that he 
describes as ?the most significant breach of U.S. military computers ever,? a 
2008 episode in which a foreign intelligence agent used a flash drive to infect 
computers, including those used by the Central Command in overseeing combat 
zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

US Defense official discloses cyberattack
Now it is official: The most significant breach of U.S. military computers was 
caused by a flash drive inserted into a U.S. military laptop on a post in the 
Middle East in 2008.

nz: Key to explore suicide laws
An internet safety group has backed the Prime Minister's view that the public 
reporting of suicide is now virtually beyond control, because young people 
routinely discuss cases on websites.

PM steps up NZ suicide debate
Debate over the reporting of suicide is growing in New Zealand, with Prime 
Minister John Key stepping it up a notch this week by saying restrictions on 
media coverage are 'somewhat defunct'. ... Martin Cocker, director of the 
NetSafe internet safety group, said Key's assessment was 'bang on', the New 
Zealand Herald reported on its website on Wednesday.


Hacker's Arrest Offers Glimpse Into Crime in Russia
On the Internet, he was known as BadB, a disembodied criminal flitting from one 
server to another selling stolen credit card numbers despite being pursued by 
the United States Secret Service.

Web scam hits iTunes and Paypal
iTunes accounts linked to PayPal have been hacked with a number of users 
complaining that they have been cleaned out.

US Police probe Facebook hit list murders [AFP]
Police in Colombia say they are investigating disturbing hit lists circulating 
on Facebook that have been linked to the murders of two teenagers.

us: AGs call on Craigslist to banish adult ads
Craigslist's adult services section is under fire once again. Attorneys general 
from 17 states sent a joint letter on Tuesday that asks the site to immediately 
remove the section because it promotes prostitution and child trafficking.

East Africa Prone to Cyber Crime, Say Experts
Computer systems in East Africa will continue to come under cyber-attacks if no 
proper law is put into place, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has 

Germany Plans Limits on Facebook Use in Hiring
As part of the draft of a law governing workplace privacy, the German government 
on Wednesday proposed placing restrictions on employers who want to use Facebook 
profiles when recruiting.

Google Street View cars back too soon, says French watchdog [IDG]
Google said its Street View cars resumed their photography of French streets on 
Friday, annoying the French data protection authority, which launched an 
investigation into the privacy implications of the service earlier this year.

Cyberactivists unblock Wikileaks for Thai Netizens [AP]
A group of anonymous Internet activists has set up a website to display 
information about Thailand that comes from the whistle-blower site Wikileaks, 
which is blocked to some viewers in the Southeast Asian country.



Online Gambling Banned in South Africa
According to the Gauteng Gambling Board which has fought a long-running battle 
with online casinos, it is now illegal to gamble using digital products inside 
South Africa.

nz: ISP definition in Copyright Bill under fire
Submissions to the Commerce select committee on the Copyright (Infringing File 
Sharing) Bill show there is still considerable concern that the Bill?s 
definition of an internet service provider (ISP) could be too wide, capturing 
universities, libraries and other businesses that provide internet access to 
employees or customers.


Noose to tighten on internet piracy
After more than two years of negotiations, Australia and 10 countries 
formulating a landmark copyright agreement are hopeful of a resolution by next 


How WikiLeaks Keeps Its Funding Secret
The controversial website WikiLeaks, which argues the cause of openness in 
leaking classified or confidential documents, has set up an elaborate global 
financial network to protect a big secret of its own?its funding.

Plotting Doubted in WikiLeaks Case
Although Swedish prosecutors have yet to complete their review of sexual abuse 
accusations that two Stockholm women made last week against Julian Assange, 
founder of the WikiLeaks Web site, those who say they have detailed knowledge of 
the case discount conspiracy theories linking it to efforts to discredit 

Sweden Defends Reversal of Warrant for Founder of WikiLeaks
The Swedish prosecutor?s office on Sunday defended its handling of allegations 
made by two Swedish women against Julian Assange, founder of the WikiLeaks Web 
site, saying that a senior prosecutor withdrew the arrest warrant that had been 
issued for Mr. Assange on a rape charge after reviewing a judgment made by a 
more junior official before additional information became available.

Google offers free voice calls via Gmail
Google is taking on internet telephone companies like Skype by allowing users to 
call from its free web-based email service.

Use Gmail to make VoIP calls: Hands-on review
With Google's Wednesday rollout to Gmail, the built-in Google Talk chat app is 
finally getting its own voice. Specifically, a plugin that lets you surface a 
dial pad so you can launch VoIP calls from the Gmail.com in-box, or from within 
iGoogle. The big caveat is that the service is currently being rolled out only 
to U.S. Gmail users.

Google Is Offering Phone Calls via Gmail
Google entered a new businesses beyond Internet search on Wednesday with a 
service within Gmail to make phone calls over the Web to landlines or 

nz: Pacific Fibre 'definitely happening'
The capital needs of home-grown oceanic cable project, Pacific Fibre, have 
shrunk to just $150 million, says one of the founders of the project to create a 
competing cable to Telecom's Southern Cross cable joint venture, linking 
Australasia with the Internet's nerve centre, the US.

Telecom NZ welcomes regulatory freedom on resales
Telecom, which is fighting to get a share of the government's $1.35 billion fund 
to roll-out high-speed internet, is set to get the freedom to set the terms for 
its resale services.

"Fiber Power": la carte de disponibilit? en Suisse romande
Fiberpower Depuis quelques mois, Cablecom bombe le torse. Son offre "Fiber 
Power" doit en effet donner des cheveux blancs ? Swisscom puisqu'elle permet de 
surfer ? des vitesses de l'ordre de 100 Mbits/sec ? des prix d?fiant clairement 
l'op?rateur national, qui pose toujours sa fibre pour r?pliquer.

au: Chaplain accused of accessing child porn [AAP]
A chaplain at a Perth private girls school has been stood down after being 
charged with accessing child pornography.

uk: Paedophile John Nicoll reacted against strict childhood
A paedophile developed an interest in child pornography as a reaction to a 
strict childhood in the US.


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