[DNS] domain name news - 30 August

[DNS] domain name news - 30 August

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Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 21:27:59 -0700 (PDT)
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Temporary Drafting Group Work Session on New gTLD Registry Agreement Issues ? to 
be held 8 September 2010

Applicants Sought from Internet User Community for Seat on Board of Directors

ICANN's Tokyo Meeting Provides a Little More Clarity on the New gTLD Program by 
Tony Kirsch

White House Calls Meeting on Rogue Online Pharmacies

nz: Consultation on DNSSEC Implementation

IPv6 is being deployed but not in the expected places

Will New gTLDs Be Successful? Distribution Will Be Key by Ken Hansen, Neustar

Nominet chief tells domainers to grow up

Temporary Drafting Group Work Session on New gTLD Registry Agreement Issues ? to 
be held 8 September 2010
As reported on this blog on 23 and 28 April 2010, ICANN has consulted with an 
open drafting consultation group on several issues relating to implementation of 
the new gTLD program. Earlier this year the ?Temporary Drafting Group? group met 
twice to discuss the Trademark Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Process and 
the process for future amendments to the registry agreement for new gTLDs.

Applicants Sought from Internet User Community for Seat on Board of Directors
The ICANN group representing individual Internet users is calling for 
applications from those who may be interested in helping to develop policy while 
serving on the organization's Board of Directors.

ICANN's Tokyo Meeting Provides a Little More Clarity on the New gTLD Program by 
Tony Kirsch
New gTLDs continue to be a major topic of discussion within ICANN circles, and 
the regional meeting currently underway in Tokyo has revealed some interesting 
updates for potential applicants. ICANN's Chief gTLD Registry Liaison, Craig 
Schwartz, delivered a great presentation on the progress being made behind 
closed doors at ICANN and provided the attendees with an insight into a couple 
of key changes that are likely to be seen in the Final Applicant Guidebook.

White House Calls Meeting on Rogue Online Pharmacies
The Obama administration is inviting leaders of the top Internet domain name 
registrars and registries to attend a three-hour meeting at the White House next 
month about voluntary ways to crack down on Web sites that are selling 
counterfeit prescription medications.

White House Wants to Meet with Registrars and ICANN Over Counterfeit Drugs
The White House has called for a meeting with domain name registrars, 
registries, and ICANN to discuss rouge online pharmacies.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Nic.at reports almost 940,000 .at domain registrations
Austrian domain registrar Nic.at has seen the number of .at domain registrations 
grow by almost 31,000 during the first six months of this year to 939,951 on 30 

CZ.NIC has successfully finished the switch to NSEC3
The administrator of the Czech national domain concluded the switch from NSEC to 
NSEC3 yesterday (24 August) and according to the schedule.

Eurid Report Shows Registrants Prefer Local Registrars
Eurid, the registry operator for .eu, have released a report in relation to how 
registrants register their .eu domain names ie. if you are based in country X, 
are you more likely to use a registrar based "in country" or go overseas?

The first phase of the Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSec) for 
Finnish domain names in use
FICORA will introduce the Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSec) for 
Finnish domain names in two phases. The first phase, signing the .fi root, began 
on 18 August.

.jobs landrush beauty contest opens
Employ Media has made a request for proposals from companies that want to apply 
for generic .jobs domain names, to predictable criticism.

FAQ on .my DOMAIN REGISTRY and Website Related Complaints
We have received some queries in regards to websites ending with .my. .my DOMAIN 
REGISTRY has published an FAQ which aims to shed some light on complaints 
concerning ".my" based websites.

SIDN has successfully implemented DNSSEC for the .nl zone
SIDN, which looks after the .nl zone and ENUM NL, has this evening successfully 
signed the .nl zone with DNSSEC. Signing the zone is the first step towards a 
large-scale roll-out of DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) within .nl. DNSSEC is 
an extension to the existing DNS (Domain Name System), which makes it possible 
for service providers to check whether the DNS information that they receive is 
trustworthy. Its introduction will mean that the .nl domain ? already one of the 
safest anywhere and the world?s third-biggest country-code domain ? is an even 
more secure environment for internet users.

Consultation on DNSSEC Implementation
.nz is preparing to introduce the Domain Name System Security Extensions 
(DNSSEC) to strengthen the security and reputation of .nz.

tl: ITU welcomes Timor-Leste as 192nd Member State
ITU is proud to announce that the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste has become 
the Union's 192nd Member State, effective from 24 August 2010. The country, 
which gained its independence on May 20, 2002 to become the 21st century's first 
new sovereign state, utilizes the international dialling code +670, and the 
Internet top-level domain country code (TLDcc) .tl.

uk: Nominet Industry research
We are committed to providing all of our customers with the highest levels of 
service and your opinion is important to us. That's why we will shortly be 
launching two stakeholder surveys. These surveys will build upon similar 
research conducted last year to assess opinions and any changes in perception of 
Nominet and of the Internet industry more generally.

uk: Nominet news - August issue
We are pleased to announce that we have published the August issue of our 
Nominet News electronic newsletter. This is an interesting and useful source of 
information about the .uk domain name industry for all Nominet members, 
registrars and other stakeholders.

What .xxx means for trademark holders
Trademark holders have been screwed over by ISP domain name wildcarding more 
than they realise, I?ve discovered from the .xxx contract documents.

Why .xxx will be domainer-friendly (and why it won?t)
The proposed .xxx top-level domain may be ?sponsored?, but the restrictions on 
who will be able to register names are so loose that pretty much anybody, 
including domainers, will be able to register one.

DARPA takes aim at insider threats
Looking to protect its massive networks from myriad insider security threats, 
the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency rolled out a project that would 
let security personnel quickly detect and stop network insiders stealing or 
distributing military or government information.

Research Experiment Disrupts Internet, for Some [IDG]
An experiment run by Duke University and a European group responsible for 
managing Internet resources went wrong Friday, disrupting a small percentage of 
Internet traffic.

VeriSign antitrust case heading to District Court
The Coalition For ICANN Transparency will have its day in court, after VeriSign 
this week asked for a ?speedy resolution? to the five-year-old antitrust case.

 - IPv4/IPv6
IPv6 is being deployed but not in the expected places
IPv6 exists for more than 15 years and it is rumored to be deployed extensively 
in Asia and especially in Japan and China with Africa being the last continent 
to deploy IPv6. Another place where there should be a lot of deployments is of 
course in the USA with the US Government IPv6 mandates.

AT&T sees businesses wading slowly into IPv6
Even though we're due to run out of IPv4 addresses in the next year, AT&T 
doesn't expect enterprises to be fully IPv6-ready when D-Day arrives.



IPv6: The future of net addresses explained: Why it'll make things easier but 
won't solve security issues
Why is there so much fuss about IPv6 at the moment? Why do we need it, and 
what's it for? The answers are becoming increasingly important as the pool of 
IPv4 addresses finally begins to run out.

2007-01 - Phase 3 Draft Procedures & Call For Feedback
As announced during the RIPE NCC Services Working Group session at RIPE 60, the 
RIPE NCC will provide the RIPE community with a draft procedure for Phase 3 of 
the policy implementation for "Contractual Requirements for Provider Independent 
Resource Holders in the RIPE NCC Service Region".

Will New gTLDs Be Successful? Distribution Will Be Key by Ken Hansen, Neustar
Will new gTLDs will be successful? The answer I?ve always given is, ?yes and no? 
and, ?it depends on how you define success?. For some gTLDs, success simply 
means serving the needs of a specific community or advancing a cause, while 
generating enough cash to support ongoing operating expenses.

Nominet chief tells domainers to grow up
The chief executive of .uk domain manager Nominet has called for the "domaining" 
community to "grow up" and start looking more respectable.

Million Dollar Package Sale at Moniker and a Pair of 6-Figure Deals Lead the 
Domain Aftermarket to Another Good Week 

Domain buyers were very active again this week. Moniker.com closed a $1.265 
million package sale as well as a separate 6-figure transaction and Sedo.com 
scored big with a $200,000 .net sale, the second largest non .com gTLD sale of 

DomainName.com To Be Auctioned Tuesday
DomainConsultant.com?s auction of DomainName.com is taking place on Tuesday, 
August 31.

Oxford Dictionary faces internet-only future [AP]
It weighs in at more than 130 pounds, but the authoritative guide to the English 
language, the Oxford English Dictionary, may eventually slim down to nothing.



Smartphones good for business [AAP]
The smartphone fad will boost the digital economy, but Australians' love of 
technology will drive up energy use, a report has found.



Technology developments in the digital economy [news release]
Smartphones are expected to drive significant future growth in mobile 
communications and further unlock major opportunities in the digital economy for 
innovative content and applications, according to a report on technology 
developments by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

au: ACMA takes the measure of the digital economy
The ACMA has produced a timely analysis of major developments in information and 
communications technologies that explores the implications of these changes.

Technology Developments in the Digital Economy
Smartphones are expected to drive significant future growth in mobile 
communications and further unlock major opportunities in the digital economy for 
innovative content and applications for consumers, business, government and 
non-government organisations, according to a report on technology developments 
by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

North Korea launches cyber charm offensive
It is known as the hermit kingdom, has a population of 23 million people cut off 
from the world without satellite TV, mobile phones or the internet.

Unleash your creativity: Hartigan
News Limited chief John Hartigan has argued mobile technologies have created a 
"tipping point" that requires journalists to be more entrepreneurial.

Cigarette firms 'are using product placement on web'
Tobacco companies may be using interactive websites such as YouTube to market 
their products to young people, according to a study.

Iran Plans to Set Up National Internet Search Engine by 2012, Shargh Says
Iran is planning to set up a national Internet search engine by the end of March 
2012, Shargh reported, citing the head of research at the state-run Information 
Technology Co., Hadi Malekparast.

us: Neighborly Borrowing, Over the Online Fence
Online start-ups are allowing people to rent out their belongings locally, for a 
small fee.

Social Networking Use Doubles Among Older Internet Users
While young adults are the heaviest users of social networking sites like 
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, older users over 50 are starting to catch up. 
According to a new report from the Per Internet and American Life Project, 47% 
of Internet users between the ages of 50 to 64 and 25% of online adults over 65 
now use social networking sites. Compared to just a year ago, the number of 
Internet users over 50 in the U.S. who use social networking services has nearly 


4 Reasons Why Older People Are on Social Networks Now
Once the exclusive domain of youngsters, social networks such as Facebook are 
increasingly catering to an older clientele. A new study from the Pew Internet 
and American Life Project says the number of social networking users ages 50 and 
older nearly doubled in the past year, continuing a trend of strong growth that 
was first spotted during the summer of 2009.

us: Older Adults' Use of Social Networking Grows
Social networking use among older adults soared over the past year according to 
a Pew study released on Friday.

Location-based social networks: Where are you? A tale of fake mayors and real 
Marketing, its veterans like to say, is all about the ?three Rs?: reaching the 
right person in the right place at the right time. Hence the growing interest in 
marketing circles for mobile-phone-based social networks such as Foursquare and 
Gowalla that let users ?check in? to shops or restaurants and instantly tell 
their friends where they are. Fans of such services gush that they will mint 
money by allowing ads to be targeted at folk who are about to make a purchase. 
But the networks must negotiate some important hurdles first if such lofty 
predictions are to come true.

Google moving into Facebook territory with eye on social networking games
The tweet sent a quiver through the blogosphere: "Google to launch Facebook 
competitor very soon." That line from Kevin Rose, the tech entrepreneur who 
founded the content-sharing site Digg, unleashed a sense that the online world 
as we know it was about to fundamentally change.

Ford Uses Wi-Fi to Customize Cars: Wireless Technology Adds Software to Cars on 
Assembly Line, Opening Way to Personalized 'Apps'
The auto industry is getting fired up about wireless technology in cars and 
trucks but it's not just for connecting passengers' laptops or streaming 
Internet radio stations.

Cash use in Singapore drops as e-transactions climb
The amount of funds transacted via e-money in Singapore increased at compound 
annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14 percent between 2004 and 2008, driven largely by 
the proliferation of e-money and cards for contactless payments, according to a 
new report Thursday.

uk: International paedophile network smashed as private Facebook group 
infiltrated [news release]
A network of paedophiles who shared child sexual abuse images on the social 
networking site Facebook has been smashed in an international operation led in 
the UK by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre and Sussex 
Police and in partnership with police in Australia and Canada.

uk: IWF publishes international briefing [news release]
IWF experience, tactical suggestions and wider considerations on combating 
online child sexual abuse content at national and international levels

Facebook gives way after child porn bust
Facebook has agreed to pass information about criminal activity on its site to 
Australian police, after revelations it had ignored repeated warnings about an 
international child pornography ring operating among its pages.



Facebook failed to tell Australian police about paedophile porn ring
Facebook management failed repeatedly to reveal the activity of an international 
child pornography syndicate operating on their site and ignored continuing 
admissions by one of the ring's Australian members.



Aussie police crack Facebook paedophile ring
Australian police warned social networking sites today to be alert to illegal 
child sex activity after cracking an alleged paedophile porn ring operating on 

Facebook lax on child porn
The Australian Federal Police has accused Facebook of failing to reveal the 
activities of an international child pornography syndicate on its site.

Facebook urged to tell police of child porn groups
Police have urged social networking sites to be more vigilant after cracking an 
international child pornography ring operating on Facebook.

Paedophile built Facebook child porn ring
A British paedophile was unmasked today as the mastermind behind a global child 
pornography ring that swapped as many as 100,000 indecent images over Facebook.

Facebook child-porn ringleader jailed over 100,000 indecent images
A convicted sex offender has been jailed for four years after he was found 
guilty yesterday of using Facebook to share more than 100,000 indecent images of 

Child porn pictures posted on Facebook
The ringleader of an international child porn network was jailed for four years 
today after he admitted sharing up to 100,000 indecent images on Facebook.

US Cell phone bills fell 50% in last ten years
The big get bigger. A new report on the cell phone industry from the Government 
Accountability Office (GAO) opens with the line, "The biggest changes in the 
wireless industry since 2000 have been consolidation among wireless carriers and 
increased use of wireless services by consumers." Both parts of that sentence 
are significant; though only four players dominate 90 percent of the US wireless 
market, consumers have seen serious benefits over the last decade.

Bahrain to World: BlackBerrys Welcome
A full-page ad in The Economist this week features a photo of an actual-size 
BlackBerry, smack in the middle of the sheet. But the advertisement wasn?t taken 
out by RIM for its business-minded smart phone. Instead, it is promoting the 
Middle Eastern nation of Bahrain. The BlackBerry?s screen declares: "Bahrain has 
the most liberal telecoms market in the Gulf."

RIM refuses to back down in India
Research in Motion and the Indian government were on Friday set for an impasse 
over New Delhi?s demand for access to BlackBerry e-mails and messaging services 
after the Canadian company said this was technically impossible.

India may extend deadline on BlackBerry security row
India may extend an August 31 deadline in its standoff with Research In Motion 
(RIM.TO) over access to Blackberry data, if the Canadian firm says it has a 
solution and asks for time, a government source said on Friday.

RIM looks forward as India and other challenges loom
Research In Motion, its global growth and its secure-email niche challenged by 
both rivals and governments, is preparing for a long fight it may yet lose on a 
shifting battlefield.

Blackberry makes offer to India ahead of ban deadline
Blackberry-maker Research in Motion has said it is willing to work with India to 
support the country's need for "lawful access" to encrypted services.

RIM suggests forum on BlackBerry solution in India
Research in Motion offered on Thursday to lead an industry forum to look at 
India's need to have "lawful access" to BlackBerry's encrypted mail and 
messenger in the latest effort to stave off the blocking of the popular service 
in the world's fastest growing telecoms market.

Which Countries Have the Safest Web Access?
Seven of the 10 safest countries in which to surf the Internet are in Africa, 
with Sierra Leone rated the safest, according to a study by the Internet 
security firm AVG.

Facebook tries to limit use of 'Book' by others
Facebook has filed suit against Teachbook.com, an online community for teachers. 
The lawsuit accuses Teachbook of ?misappropriating the distinctive BOOK portion 
of Facebook's trademark.?


S'pore Facebook arrest unlikely to be last
Following news this week that local man had been arrested for posting comments 
on Facebook that authorities alleged incited violence, analyst says similar 
cases are likely to happen in future.

Wikileaks case could be the push to update espionage laws
Gilead Light, an attorney at Venable LLP, has defended numerous clients against 
espionage charges, which for now means he punches holes in laws that stem back 
to the turn of the 20th century.

Microsoft Co-Founder Launches Patent War
They're the everyday fixtures of the Internet experience: pop-up stock quotes on 
a website, suggestions for related reading near a news article, videos along the 
side of your screen.

Paul Allen sues tech giants over 'patent violations'
The co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, is suing several high-tech giants for 
infringing patents held by a firm he founded in the 1990s.

The Paul Allen Suit: A Look at the Patents
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen?s Interval Licensing is suing 11 companies, 
including tech giants Apple and Google, alleging patent infringement. Below, a 
look at the patents in the lawsuit.

au: Sony obtains ban on PS3 'jailbreak' hack
Sony has won an injunction preventing three Australian distributors from selling 
a world-first hack that allows PlayStation 3 owners to run pirated games on the 

Sony halts sales of PS3 jailbreak
Australian court orders resellers there to temporarily halt presales of PS 
Jailbreak, a USB dongle that would allow PlayStation 3 owners to dump borrowed 
games onto the system's hard drive.

us/kr: Judge gives go-ahead to 'game addict' lawsuit [AP]
A federal judge has ruled that a man who says he's psychologically dependent and 
addicted to an online video game can proceed with some of his lawsuit against 
the game's South Korean manufacturer.

Digging up dirt to salvage a cyber reputation
Your digital footprint might benefit from a discreet nip and tuck, or perhaps a 
complete makeover.


German law bans Facebook research for hiring decisions
Employers in Germany will be allowed to enter job applicants' names into search 
engines and professional networking sites but must not look at their profiles on 
Facebook, under a draft law that was approved by the Federal Cabinet yesterday.

au: ACMA feels regulatory squeeze of evolving networks
The influx of new internet access technologies and accompanying devices has put 
pressure on the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to rethink 
how it regulates service providers and manages user identities.

Opinion: Google's 'open Internet' proposal looks disappointingly conventional
The company's stance on net neutrality shows it's trying to monopolize a market 
just like a conventional, Microsoft-style Bigfoot would, with corporate guile 
and misdirection.

The Two-Tier Internet: Fighting for Control of the Web's Future
As data volumes continue to grow, it's clear that the Internet's infrastructure 
needs upgrading. What's not clear is who is going to pay for it. Web activists 
fear the development of a two-tier Internet, where corporations have priority 
and dissenting voices get pushed to the margins.

nz: Rural fibre pioneer shut out of govt broadband scheme
InspireNet, a Manawatu-based provider of rural fibre broadband, has been shut 
out of the $300 million Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) following the 
government?s announcement yesterday that it will only consider national 

au: Wilkie threatens pokies with telco laws
Federal Labor MP Andrew Wilkie has threatened the New South Wales State 
Government with new powers under corporations and telecommunications legislation 
if it didn't get on board with poker machine reform plans.

Secondary Liability Under Scrutiny in Copyright Pact
The U.S. may remove controversial language from the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade 
Agreement (ACTA) that would have made Internet firms liable for intellectual 
property rights infringements by individuals, Inside Trade reported on Friday.

Jordan amends cyber crimes law after media outcry
Jordan on Sunday approved a temporary law on cyber crimes after amending it to 
appease the fury of journalists who said the legislation was a means to control 
local news websites.

Gartner Says Western Europe PC Market Grew 19.6 Percent in Second Quarter of 
PC shipments in Western Europe totaled 15.6 million units in the second quarter 
of 2010, a 19.6 percent increase from the same period in 2009, according to 
Gartner, Inc.

Intel warns amid global PC slowdown
Intel added to worries about advanced economies as it warned that consumer 
demand for computers was slackening amid widespread fears of a double-dip 

ITU welcomes Timor-Leste as 192nd Member State
ITU is proud to announce that the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste has become 
the Union's 192nd Member State, effective from 24 August 2010. The country, 
which gained its independence on May 20, 2002 to become the 21st century's first 
new sovereign state, utilizes the international dialling code +670, and the 
Internet top-level domain country code (TLDcc) .tl.

US Regulators Ask Google for ITA Data
Google Inc. said Friday it had received a second request for information from 
U.S. regulators looking at its proposed $700 million acquisition of flight 
information software company ITA Software Inc.

Waiting on a missed connection
Government intervention will be required to give Australian households 
super-fast fibre. ... The researchers were particularly impressed with France's 
approach to telecommunications, and not just the ideological judgments. The 
French regulator cracked down on anti-competitive behaviour by the incumbent, 
France Telecom, in 2002, such as predatory pricing, discriminating against 
competitors' access to local exchanges and charging competitors excessive labor 

nz: Rural broadband: final proposals sought [news release]
The government has today issued a request for proposals for its Rural Broadband 
Initiative. In April, expressions of interest were sought from organisations and 
groups of organisations interested in participating with the government to 
roll-out fast broadband infrastructure to rural New Zealand.

nz: Giants might fight over fibre coverage
Changes to the rules surrounding the Government's rural broadband initiative 
(RBI) could cause a battle for market supremacy between Telecom and 
Auckland-based energy company Vector.

us: ITS Launches Its First Telecommunications Science Video Series for the 
Public [news release]
The Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS), a division of NTIA, released 
a collection of online training and educational videos for public viewing. These 
videos cover telecommunications topics ranging from an easily understandable 
review of the fundamentals of radio spectrum ? such as defining decibels using 
common logarithms ? to in-depth explanations of complex engineering issues like 
resolving signal-interference problems.

Vodafone joins queue of firms to leave China
Telecoms company is planning to sell its ?4bn stake in China Mobile.

uk: Teachers suspended over child porn investigation
Two primary school teachers have been suspended after their arrest on suspicion 
of possessing indecent images of children, it was revealed today.

Facebook child abuse images ringleader jailed
The ringleader of an international network who shared up to 100,000 indecent 
images of children on Facebook has been jailed for four years.

nz: Real estate agent admits trafficking child porn [ONE News]
A New Plymouth real estate agent has admitted trafficking child pornography 
after sending objectionable material to an undercover police officer.


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