[DNS] 2010 auDA Election

[DNS] 2010 auDA Election

From: Kim Davies <kim§cynosure.com.au>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 11:09:55 -0700
Dear Erhan,

Quoting Erhan Karabardak on Monday October 11, 2010:
| Your Last Chance to Make a Difference
|    Dear Kim
|    I recently wrote to you to seek your support in the upcoming auDA Board
|    Election.
|    The response from members has been very positive. This is likely to be a
|    very close election, so every vote counts. If you have not yet voted I ask
|    for your support.
|    If I am elected to the auDA Board I will pursue an _ACTIVE AND POSITIVE
|    AGENDA_, and will campaign for:
|     1. The  _reduction  of  domain name prices_ ??? by reducing auDA???s fee to
|        Registrars;

What impact would this have on auDA's programmes, budget or expenditure? Are there
specific services auDA performs that should be reduced to accommodate this?

|     3. Greater _involvement of members_ in auDA and its operations;

What specifically do you mean by this? What tangible changes do you want to see?

|     4. Improvement of auDA Policy to _promote innovation, accessibility and
|        fairness_;

The role of the Board, as I understand it, is to provide corporate governance, not
to set policy. The role of policy definition is by review panels that are constituted
from time to time. Can you explain how you envisage this will change?

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