[DNS] domain name news - 27 January

[DNS] domain name news - 27 January

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Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 21:18:32 -0800 (PST)
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Resolution Urges White House To Keep UN Away From Net

A damaged process and a damaged community

Governments to take trademark concerns to ICANN

ca: CIRA to host national event on the future of the Internet

.XXX demands approval in Brussels

New gTLD Auctions and Potential Unintended Consequences by Michael D. Palage

Qualified Success Claimed Against Computer Worm

Google's guru puts the case for IPv6

Internet body may use up IPv4 addresses this week [IDG]

Huston: Address shortage threatens the open internet

Resolution Urges White House To Keep UN Away From Net
Rep. Mary Bono Mack, R-Calif., Wednesday re-introduced a nonbinding resolution 
calling on President Obama to oppose any efforts by the United Nations to take 
over governance of the Internet.

A damaged process and a damaged community
I haven?t written for a while. There?s usually two reasons for that: either I 
have been horribly over-worked, or I need a break from the strange, incestuous 
and often bitter world of Internet policy and governance. In this case, 
unusually, it is both.

Governments to take trademark concerns to ICANN
ICANN?s Governmental Advisory Committee will head to Brussels next month 
determined to persuade ICANN to strengthen the trademark protections in its new 
top-level domains program.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
ca: CIRA to host national event on the future of the Internet
On February 25, 2011, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority will present 
the findings from a national consultation on how the Internet is run at a public 
event in Ottawa.

uk: Businesses lack overseas domain name presence
Research suggests even technology companies are slow to build their domain name 
presence online, prefering to rely on one .co.uk or .com website

Network Solutions Offers Suite of Services for New gTLDs
Company offers private label domain registration services for companies, 
organizations and communities planning to register, manage and sell new gTLDs.

Letter from Stuart Lawley, ICM Registry, to Peter Dengate Thrush
Consultation with GAC regarding ICM Registry and .XXX

.XXX demands approval in Brussels
ICM Registry has called on ICANN to quickly give final approval to its .xxx 
top-level domain contract after its meeting with governments next month.

New gTLD Auctions and Potential Unintended Consequences by Michael D. Palage
Auctions will play a critical role in ICANN's new generic Top-Level Domain 
(gTLD) process, the only question is whether they reinforce ICANN's position as 
a steward of a global public resource, or undermine it. Auctions are one of two 
widely used mechanisms used in the allocation of scarce global resources, the 
other being a comparative analysis (aka beauty contest). ... This paper seeks to 
highlight those potential unintended consequences and propose a more equitable 
model consistent with ICANN's role as a steward of public global resource. more?

.Jobs Changes Are Not an Example of the Power of New Top Level Domains
Over the weekend I read The Washington Post?s article about the liberalization 
of the .jobs TLD and what this means for companies such as Monster and Career 

Launch of .jobs Web sites shakes up employment advertising industry
A massive network of employment Web sites - where any company can list job 
openings for free - launched this week over the protests of newspapers and 
online recruitment companies, who fear billions of dollars in lost revenue.

Qualified Success Claimed Against Computer Worm
Cybersecurity experts combating the Conficker worm claimed qualified success but 
said millions of computers world-wide were still infected by the malicious 

 - IPv4/IPv6
Google's guru puts the case for IPv6
After years of talk, internet pioneer Vint Cerf says it's time to act on 
switching to the new internet address standard, IPv6.

Internet body may use up IPv4 addresses this week [IDG]
The current crop of Internet addresses could start to disappear this week if a 
regional Internet registry makes one more request for two blocks of addresses.




Internet running out of IP addresses [AFP]
As everything from smartphones to internet-linked appliances and cars get 
online, the group entrusted with organising the web is running out of the "IP" 
numbers that identify destinations for digital traffic.

Huston: Address shortage threatens the open internet
APNIC chief scientist Geoff Huston has delivered a pessimistic view of the 
future of the internet, with no obvious solution in sight to the looming 
shortage of IPv4 addresses.

Opinion: What is life without Cerf-ing the net?
The internet has become so much a part of everyday life so quickly that it's 
probably hard for the average young-ish person to imagine a time when it wasn't 
around, writes Jillian Allison-Aitken in this week's Online.

Enterprise IPv6 address planning considerations
With interest in IPv6 accelerating and adoption heating up more attention is 
being paid to address planning, but where do you start?


The internet has run out of IP addresses and what happens after that is anyone's 
Since its inception, the internet has become the life source of our economy, and 
our daily lives ? a vast, neverending supply of information delivered to our 
homes and workplaces at rapid speeds.

World to run out of IP addresses soon, Internet expert says
ICANN confirmed Tuesday that Internet Protocol (IP) addresses will soon run out 
and a shift from IPv4 to IPv6 is underway.

LCA 2011: APNIC scientist warns of impending IPv4 doomsday
Many who warn of an impending doomsday can be put into the chicken little class. 
Geoff Huston does not fit into that bracket.

Go Daddy?s new billion-dollar business?
Go Daddy has officially unveiled its Premium DNS service, which will enable its 
customers to buy and use managed DNSSEC services for the first time.

28 Free Places to List Your Domains For Sale
There are lots of great marketplaces available today to feature your domain 
names for sale. However, some marketplaces and auction houses require listing 
fees or membership subscriptions. These fees may end up causing you to lose 
money if your domain doesn?t sell, especially if you are just getting started 
and are not absolutely sure of the value of your domains.

Sex.com Broker Jeff Gabriel Named President at DomainAdvisors.com
Less than a week after announcing a new partnership with Linton Investments, PPX 
International's DomainAdvisors.com unit has made another major move - hiring 
former Sedo broker Jeff Gabriel as President of the domain consultancy service. 
Gabriel was the lead broker on the $13 million sale of Sex.com - the largest 
all-cash sale of a domain name ever reported.

2 billion people now surfing the net: UN [AFP]
The number of Internet users worldwide has mushroomed to reach the two billion 
mark, the head of the UN's telecommunications agency, Hamadoun Toure said.




O2 to build free Wi-Fi network across the UK
The mobile operator O2 will today launch an ambitious drive to install Wi-Fi 
hotspots across the UK, bringing it into conflict with broadband rivals BSkyB 
and BT.

O2 plans UK-wide wi-fi network
Mobile operator O2 is launching free wireless in the UK, which it promises will 
be double the size of existing networks by 2013.

O2 launches free Wi-Fi service
O2 launches its free nationwide Wi-Fi broadband network today, pitting the UK's 
largest mobile operator head-to-head with rivals including BT and The Cloud.

BBC Online: 360 staff to lose jobs
The BBC today confirmed that 360 staff in the corporation's online operation are 
to lose their jobs as the department's budget is cut by 25% to ?103m by 2013.

Two-thirds of U.S. Internet users lack fast broadband
Two-thirds of U.S. Internet connections are slower than 5 Mbit/sec., putting the 
U.S. well behind speed leaders South Korea and Japan.


Facebook changes its 'Friend Finder' over German privacy worries
German privacy concerns lead to a change of Facebook's controversial feature 
that allowed the social network to approach third parties that weren't even 
using Facebook. Privacy experts say it's still not enough.

Facebook Makes Deal With German Privacy Group
Facebook, facing potential fines for violating strict privacy laws in Germany, 
agreed on Monday to let users in the country better shield their e-mail contacts 
from unwanted advertisements and solicitations it sends.

nz: Pitfalls emerge as social media takes off
Local experts are warning companies to beware of the dangers posed by some 
strategies and advice given to those finding their way on the social media 

Social networking leads to sex faster - survey
Nearly four out of five women and three of five men say they believe texting, 
Facebook and other social networking tools cause new couples to jump into bed 
faster, a survey released on Monday showed.


Pope warns of alienation risk in social networks
Pope Benedict gave a qualified blessing to social networking on Monday, praising 
its potential but warning that online friendships are no substitute for real 
human contact.


Pope promotes Christian netiquette [IDG]
Pope Benedict XVI Monday gave his blessing to social networking, urging Catholic 
Internet users to adopt a respectful Christian netiquette when spreading the 
Gospel online.


How Facebook Could Reach $125 Billion
Now that Facebook has raised a $1.5 billion financing round, led by Goldman 
Sachs, its new investors are waiting for their fortunes to multiply.

Facebook blames bug for Zuckerberg 'hacking'
Facebook has said "a bug" was to blame for an odd posting purporting to come 
from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Computer memory heralds green PCs
A new form of computing memory which could lead to faster starting, 
user-friendly computers has been developed by US researchers.

au: Police' turn away cyberbullying victims'
Independent Senator Nick Xenophon is backing a former policewoman who claims 
Victoria Police is endangering the lives of young people by refusing to 
investigate cyberbullying.

Protect your child from cyber bullying
CYBER bullying is intentional, repeated behaviour by individuals or 
organisations using online technology to cause distress or humiliation to 
another individual or to attempt to humiliate, intimidate, control or to 
otherwise put that person down.

us: When ISPs delete data, child pornographers can't be found
Many Internet service providers keep records of user behavior?though not for 
long. The US government would, once again, like to change that by adopting some 
form of "data retention" requirement for ISPs. That's because, as Jason 
Weinstein of the Department of Justice put it today, "data retention is [now] 
fundamental to the Department?s work in investigating and prosecuting almost 
every type of crime."

us: New Bill Would Let Sexting Teens Avoid Charges [AP]
New Jersey teenagers caught texting or posting sexually explicit photos online 
could avoid prosecution under a measure that would give first-time offenders the 
chance to complete a diversionary program.

ie: Irish start-up combats cyber bullying with new mobile app
Dublin start-up Associate Mobile has developed a new parental supervision 
platform called Mobileminder, so parents can monitor their child?s mobile 
activities remotely. The platform is now available for a 14-day free trial on 
Android phones.

Kinderporno-Websperren: EU-Richtlinie soll entsch?rft werden
Eine ?berparteiliche Gruppe will Darstellungen von Kindesmissbrauch eher l?schen 
lassen als den Zugang zu sperren. Bei ?sterreichs Meldestelle sind 2010 fast 950 
F?lle registriert worden.


Deutschlands Jugend ist online
Das Internet geh?rt fest zur Lebenswelt von Kindern und Jugendlichen. 98 Prozent 
der deutschen Kinder und Jugendlichen im Alter von 10 bis 18 Jahren sind im 
Netz; selbst Kinder im Alter von 10 bis 12 sind bereits zu 96 Prozent online.

uk: Law firm ACS: Law stops 'chasing illegal file-sharers'
A lawyer has dramatically withdrawn from pursuing alleged illegal file-sharers 
in the middle of a court case he brought.

ACS:Law ceases claims against illegal filesharers
The controversial London-based law firm which sent tens of thousands of letters 
demanding payment from people it accused of illegal filesharing has dramatically 
quit its copyright litigations, claiming death threats are causing "immense 
hassle" to the lead solicitor's family.

Facebook says mobile a 'primary focus'
Facebook chief technology officer Bret Taylor dropped a hint for whats coming 
next: bringing more Facebook to mobile phones.

India's mobile boom unabated, as 3G rolls out [IDG]
Large numbers of Indians are acquiring new mobile connections, which rose to 23 
million in November, up from 19 million in the previous month.

Battle begins for Africa's mobile banking business
Remigius Okafor's hair-care products distributors used to risk theft by carrying 
thousands of dollars into Sierra Leone's ramshackle capital to pay him for 

us: Internet 'kill switch' bill will return
A controversial bill handing President Obama power over privately owned computer 
systems during a "national cyberemergency," and prohibiting any review by the 
court system, will return this year.

Qualified Success Claimed Against Computer Worm
Cybersecurity experts combating the Conficker worm claimed qualified success but 
said millions of computers world-wide were still infected by the malicious 

Online Attacks Spreading Faster, Wider, Researcher Says
Just as computing power rushes to the cloud and users' attention shifts from PCs 
to their mobile devices and social networks -- so does the focus of the bad 

au: Court told of eBay fraud scheme
A court has heard a man defrauded 28 people through a complex scheme on the 
trading website, eBay.

Facebook offers protection against wireless Firesheep attack [IDG]
Facebook is rolling out a more secure way to connect to its website, which will 
protect users from a widely publicized wireless networking attack called 

The Digital Forecast Is Cloudy by Viviane Reding
European consumers need protection against misuse of their information in the 
online "cloud," writes Viviane Reding, European justice commissioner.

Google and Mozilla Announce New Privacy Features
Add two more Internet browser makers to the list of companies planning to offer 
Web users new ways to control how their personal data is collected online.

Google, Mozilla detail new privacy features
Google and Mozilla announced that they will have new privacy features in their 
browsers that allow users to exert more control over how their information is 
used by advertisers. After the Federal Trade Commission recommended that a 
do-not-track feature be implemented in all browsers, Internet Explorer announced 
that IE9 would have that option.

Mozilla to offer new feature for improved online privacy [IDG]
Mozilla, the developer of the Firefox browser, is working a feature that will 
allow users to opt-out of online behavioral advertising.

Privacy watchdog urges stronger data protection in EU law review
Organisations which lose personal data should be forced to disclose the data 
security breach, the European Union's privacy watchdog has said. Planned changes 
to EU privacy law do not go far enough, said the official.

au: Privacy be damned, cops need our records
NSW Police this week said they want access to phone records of missing people 
whether there's suspicion of foul play or not. And why shouldn't they?

Egypt denies clampdown on Twitter and Facebook
Egypt's government has denied that it has blocked sites such as Twitter and 
Facebook, which have been used to help organise protests in Cairo, despite some 
sites reporting to the contrary.

Egypt blocks social media websites in attempted clampdown on unrest
Internet sites such as Twitter and Facebook were cut off within Egypt today as 
the government of President Hosni Mubarak tried to prevent social media from 
being used to foment unrest.

Syria tightens Internet ban after Tunis unrest
Syrian authorities have banned programs that allow access to Facebook Chat from 
cellphones, tightening already severe restrictions on the Internet in the wake 
of the unrest in Tunisia, users said Wednesday.

Can Governments Really 'Block' Twitter? Not really. The domain name is 
inaccessible, but it's not that hard to get around.
This week, Egypt became the latest Middle Eastern country to see massive 
anti-government street demonstrations. As in Tunisia earlier this month and Iran 
last year, activists have made heavy use of social networking sites like Twitter 
and Facebook -- and the Egyptian regime has responded harshly. On Jan. 25, 
Twitter officially confirmed reports that access to its site had been blocked. 
Is it really possible to do that?

Twitter inaccessible in Egypt amid unrest [AFP]
Twitter's website was inaccessible in Egypt on Tuesday, in an apparent move to 
thwart protesters using the social network in a campaign to oust President Hosni 


Twitter site blocked in Egypt - Harvard's Herdict
Egyptians say the Twitter Web site is blocked on all Internet Service Providers 
in their country, a representative of Harvard University's Herdict Web 
monitoring service told Reuters on Tuesday.

Twitter confirms it is blocked in Egypt
Twitter confirmed on Tuesday the Internet messaging and communications site had 
been blocked in Egypt, where thousands of people have taken to the streets to 
protest President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule.

Apple removes banned Nazi anthem from German iTunes
Apple removed a notorious anthem of the Nazi Party from the German version of 
its iTunes online music store on Wednesday, a German spokesman for the U.S. firm 
told Reuters.

Internet providers are the new secret police, says report [IDG]
More and more European Union member states are delegating online policing to 
private companies and Internet service providers, according to a report released 



New Study Documents Growing Role for Private Companies in Policing Online 
European Digital Rights has published a study on the increasing tendency for 
governments to ask, demand or coerce Internet intermediaries to carry out 
surveillance, policing, judging and sanctioning measures on their customers. The 
document looks at the causes for this development, case studies of the damage 
caused by such policies and a selection of the European and international 
initiatives to spread this approach in the future. 


us: GOP pushing for ISPs to record user data
The House Republicans' first major technology initiative is about to be 
unveiled: a push to force Internet companies to keep track of what their users 
are doing.

DOJ seeks mandatory data retention requirement for ISPs
The U.S. Department of Justice and an organization representing police chiefs 
from around the country renewed calls on Tuesday for legislation mandating 
Internet Service Providers (ISP) to retain certain customer usage data for up to 
two years.


us: Senator proposes mobile-privacy legislation
Federal law needs to be updated to halt the common police practice of tracking 
the whereabouts of Americans' mobile devices without a search warrant, a 
Democratic senator said today.

us: Senator wants privacy protections for device location [IDG]
The U.S. needs consistent rules for how law enforcement agencies can access the 
ever-growing collection of location-based data from mobile devices, a U.S. 
senator said Wednesday.


DOJ pressed for details on Internet tracking plan
Members of Congress chided the U.S. Department of Justice today for suggesting a 
new law requiring Internet companies to keep records of user activity, but not 
disclosing details on how it should be crafted to aid criminal investigations.

Congress pushes for specifics on internet monitoring plan
ISPs could be required to collect their users' internet activity, although DoJ 
spokesman Jason Weinstein said there is not yet a "specific proposal".

Obama's technology proposals will be tough to implement
In his State of the Union address, President Obama offered technology companies 
something they say they desperately need to stay competitive in a global 
economy: a substantial and potentially historic increase in federal funding for 
research and development. But with no details about how this goal would be 
achieved, or guarantees that Congress will approve the proposed spending hikes 
in this era of belt-tightening, the pledge is a headline grabber that will be 
tough to implement.

uk: Vaizey sets ISP costs for chasing suspected web pirates
The government has given details of the costs that ISPs will be required to pay 
in helping to track down and contact people suspected of sharing copyrighted 
material online.

uk: Government lays ISP copyright notification plans before Parliament
The Government has laid before Parliament its proposal on how the controversial 
copyright infringement notification system proposed in last year's Digital 
Economy Act (DEA) will work.

A year later, Microsoft picture looks very different
A year ago, Microsoft Corp blew away Wall Street's earnings forecasts with 
blistering sales of its new Windows 7 operating system and trumpeted optimism 
about the recovery in tech spending.

Three Funky Mice Made for Laptops
It isn't easy being a computer mouse these days. While laptop sales grow and 
desktop sales decline, more people rely solely on laptop touchpads, many of 
which offer more functionality than mice. And tablets like Apple's iPad and 
Samsung's Galaxy Tab shun the mouse altogether.

Obama pushes expanding high-speed wireless service
U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday called for expanding high-speed wireless 
services to meet the voracious appetite of consumers and businesses, a task that 
could be tough because airwaves are a finite resource and demand is almost 

ca: CRTC endorses complaints agency
Canada's broadcast and telecommunications regulator gave a vote of confidence to 
the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services Wednesday, 
noting that the agency is doing a good job serving as an intermediary between 
customers and the big communications companies.

au: Child pornography stash 'the very worst', says judge
A CENTRAL Victorian man who sexually abused three children, including a boy, 8, 
had a child pornography stash a judge labelled as the worst he had seen.

Central Victorian child molester jailed
A CENTRAL Victorian man who videotaped himself sexually abusing young children 
has been jailed for 12 years and will be registered as a serious sex offender 
for the rest of his life.


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