[DNS] domain name news - 31 January

[DNS] domain name news - 31 January

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 21:28:45 -0800 (PST)
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The US Commerce Dept position paper for the ICANN Board negotiations by Milton 

So what does that weird GAC wording actually mean?

RU-CENTER Statement on Findings Made by the Committee on Analysis of .?? Launch

US wants veto power over new TLDs

us: Homeland Security moves full-speed-ahead on Einstein cybersecurity tool

Cyber-attacks now the most feared EU energy threat

The Difference Engine: No more addresses

IPv4 Countdown ? the end is nigh

Internet gets ready for impending 'IPocalypse'

Egypt severs internet connection amid growing unrest

NZ slips in global state-of-the-internet report

US Republican Moves to Keep UN Away From Internet Governance
The Republicans in the US are working hard to keep the UN's mitts off internet 
governance, with Rep. Mary Bono Mack, R-Calif., reintroducing "a nonbinding 
resolution calling on President Obama to oppose any efforts by the United 
Nations to take over governance of the Internet," reports Tech Daily Dose.


The US Commerce Dept position paper for the ICANN Board negotiations by Milton 
IGP has obtained a copy of the US Commerce Department's position paper for its 
February 28 negotiations with the ICANN Board over the new top level domain 
program. The USG Submission to the GAC Scorecard shows that the U.S. Commerce 
Department's ICANN crew has gone off the rails. It supports direct governmental 
veto power over domains and demands that ICANN completely rewrite most of the 
consensus policies developed over 4 years.

So what does that weird GAC wording actually mean?
The ICANN Board just published the minutes from its meeting on Tuesday and 
intriguingly it has formally ?triggered? the GAC-Board consultation that is 
explained in greater depth below. 


Analysis of ICANN's "eAffirmation of Commitments" by A. Michael Froomkin, 
University of Miami
Abstract: This article examines the legal and political effects of the 
"Affirmation of Commitments" between the United States Department of Commerce 
and ICANN. The agreement purports to recast the public-private relationship at 
the heart of the management of the DNS.

ICANN sets March deadline for new TLDs
ICANN appears determined to put debates about its new top-level domains program 
to bed at its San Francisco meeting in March.

New TLD Guidebook May Be Approved in March After All
After what seemed like disappointing news last week, now things are looking up 
for potential new top level domain name applicants.

ICANN Briefing Documents Still Full of Redactions
ICANN is continuing to redact large portions of its board briefing documents, 
despite the recommendations of its Accountability and Transparency Review team.

ICANN Board to Meet With GAC Feb 28 in Brussels
ICANN announced Friday that a meeting between the corporation's board of 
directors and the Government Advisory Committee has been scheduled for Feb. 28 
and March 1 in Brussels, at the Square Brussels Meeting Centre, Mont des 
Arts?Kunstberg, Brussels.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
10 February 2011: IDN workshop organised by AFNIC
As part of the opening of the .fr TLD to Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), 
AFNIC is organising a workshop on the issue in Paris on 10 February 2011. In 
addition to being a venue for exchanging and sharing information, the workshop 
is organised around two keynote presentations:

.my DOMAIN REGISTRY now supports Internationalized Domain Names for Jawi at the 
Second Level
We are proud to announce that .my DOMAIN REGISTRY now supports Internationalized 
Domain Name.

ISO27001 certificate for SIDN
On Tuesday 25 January, SIDN, the .nl registry, was awarded an ISO27001 
certificate by DEKRA. SIDN is one of the first registries in the world to gain 
recognition for ensuring that its operations meet this international quality 
standard, which focuses on internal information security.

RU-CENTER Statement on Findings Made by the Committee on Analysis of .?? Launch
The mass media have brought findings of the Committee on Analysis of .?? Launch 
set up by the Coordination Center for TLD RU. On January 26, 2011 it was 
presented to the Coordination Center Council members. Now we are looking forward 
to the resolution text to be published by the Coordination Center Council which 
has reviewed the committee findings and made several decisions on some specific 

The CC?s Board meeting to review findings of the commission on examination of 
the curent situation with the open registration of domain names in IDN tld .??
On 26 January 2011 the CC?s Board extra meeting was held to review findings of 
the Commission on Examination of the Current Situation with the Open 
Registration of Domain Names in IND TLD .??. The next day, on 27 January 2011, 
at the press conference held by the Coordination CENTR for ccTLD .RU the 
Conclusion of the Commission and the rulings of the CC?s Board meeting were 
announced. The Commission comprised representatives from the CC, the Internet 
community and deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

On 27 January Commission on examination of the curent situation with the open 
registration of domain names in cctld .?? will make public its findings
On 27 January at 10am the Coordination Center for ccTLD .RU will hold a press 
conference to announce rulings of the CC?s Board meeting on findings by the 
Commission on Examination of the Current Situation with the Open Registration of 
Domain Names in ccTLD .??. The Commission comprised representatives from the CC, 
the Internet community and deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Mobile applications handy to register domain names in ccTLD .RU ? .?? keep 
coming out
New mobile applications for iPhone and Android that ensure complete access to 
all types of operations with domain names have been put on the market. REG. RU, 
domain names registrar, has produced the applications.

ICANN approves short and numeric-only .tel domain names
Telnic Limited today announced that, following the ICANN board meeting conducted 
in January 2011, ICANN has now approved the release of both short (such as 
jj.tel) and numeric-only (such as 442074676450.tel or 88.tel) .tel domain names 
for registration.

Numeric Only Domains Coming to .Tel
Soon you?ll be able to register .tel domain names existing solely of two or more 

US wants veto power over new TLDs
The United States is backing a governmental power grab over ICANN?s new 
top-level domains program.

India Gets 7 IDN County Code Domain Names
India gets seven IDN ccTLDS and more good news for IDN domain name supporters.

us: Homeland Security moves full-speed-ahead on Einstein cybersecurity tool
The Homeland Security Department will finish by 2012 installing a somewhat 
controversial system, called Einstein 2, that monitors traffic on federal 
computer networks for potential intrusions, and will start the next phase of the 
application, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said during an address on the state 
of the agency.

Cyber-attacks now the most feared EU energy threat
In the wake of last week's cyber-fraud on the world's carbon market, a senior EU 
official has told EurActiv that of all threats to Europe's energy supply, 
cyber-attacks are "probably the most to be feared".

us: Half of federal Web sites fail DNS security test
Half of U.S. government Web sites are vulnerable to commonplace DNS attacks 
because they haven't deployed a new authentication mechanism that was mandated 
in 2008, a new study shows.

Conficker thwarted, but worm remains on millions of PCs [AFP]
A unified effort has lopped the head off a treacherous Conficker computer worm 
but the malicious computer code lives on in infected machines.

 - IPv4/IPv6
The Difference Engine: No more addresses
REMEMBER the panic over the ?millennium bug?, when computers everywhere were 
expected to go haywire on January 1st 2000 thanks to the way a lot of old 
software used just two digits to represent the year instead of four? Doomsters 
predicted all sorts of errors in calculations involving dates when the clocks 
rolled over from 99 to 00. In the event, the millennium dawned without incident. 
That may have been because of the draconian preparations undertaken beforehand. 
Or perhaps, as many suspected, the problem was grossly exaggerated in the first 
place. Certainly, the computer industry made a packet out of all the 
panic-buying of new hardware and software in the months leading up to the new 

Internet gets ready for impending 'IPocalypse'
In the coming week, the global authority that allocates internet addresses is 
expected to run out of stock.

IPv4 Countdown ? the end is nigh
Anyone with even a passing interest in the technical workings of the Internet 
will be well aware of the ongoing, rapid depletion of IPv4 addresses.

Net approaches address exhaustion
The last big blocks of the net's dwindling stock of addresses are about to be 
handed out. The event that triggers their distribution is widely expected to 
take place in the next few days.

Egypt severs internet connection amid growing unrest
... Egyptian authorities are also reported to have stunted net access by 
shutting down official Domain Name Servers (DNS) in Egypt. These act as address 
books and are consulted by web browsing software to find out the location of a 
site a user wants to visit.

DNS not to blame for Egypt blackout
Egypt got disconnected from the internet last night, but it does not appear that 
DNS is to blame.

MasterCard?s Support for COICA Threatens A Free And Open Internet
In the last months of 2010, the WikiLeaks wars reminded transparency activists 
of something copyright and trademark lawyers know all too well ? online speech 
is only as strong as the many service providers on which it depends. All too 
often web hosts, domain name registrars and other service providers cave at the 
slightest legal or government pressure, with disastrous consequences for their 

Domain pulse on 17 and 18 February 2011 in Vienna
Domain pulse is the most significant event in the German-speaking world for 
current topics and trends associated with all aspects of domain names. In 
cooperation with the registries for Switzerland (SWITCH) and Germany (DENIC), 
the Austrian Registry (nic.at) hosts this year's Domain pulse conference on 17 
and 18 February 2011 in Vienna.

NZ slips in global state-of-the-internet report
US company Akamai has released its latest global state-of-the-internet report, 
covering the third quarter of 2010. The report finds: New Zealand has over 1.4 
million unique IP addresses with an average connection speed of 3.2Mbit/s (up 
from 2.97Mbit/s in Q2); New Zealand drops two spots from the second quarter to 
41st; Australia maintains global rank for 48th fastest broadband speed; 
Australia reports more than 9.3 million unique IP addresses with an average 
connection speed of 2.9Mbit/s

Verisign Reports 10% Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth in 2010
VeriSign ... reported financial results for the fourth quarter of 2010 and year 
ended December 31, 2010. ... Verisign Registry Services ended the quarter with 
approximately 105.2 million active domain names in the adjusted zone for .com 
and .net, representing a 9% increase year-over-year. In the fourth quarter, 
Verisign added 7.6 million new domain name registrations, representing a 4% 
increase year-over-year.

The State of the Industry January 2011: 19 Industry Leaders Identify 2010's Most 
Important Trends and Predict What Lies Ahead This Year
These in-depth January reports are the most ambitious project we take on each 
year and we believe the time invested in reading what a broad cross section of 
industry leaders has to say will benefit anyone whose business depends on 
staying abreast of the latest developments in the domain world.

AfternicDLS Rings Up a Half Dozen Five-Figure Sales Including the Week's Biggest
The AfternicDLS is off to a quick start in 2011 with the top three sales on our 
first Year-To-Date Chart of the New Year (combining sales from the first two 
weeks of 2011). On the aftermarket's second lap around the New Year track over 
the past seven days, the AfternicDLS rang up four of the top eight sales, 
including the biggest - MAAC.com at $63,000. They took six places overall on our 
latest weekly all extension Top 20 Sales Chart.

How Do Advertising Standards Affect Online Advertising? by Avi Goldfarb & 
Catherine Tucker
Abstract: The technological transformation and automation of delivery has 
revolutionized the advertising industry. Increased reliance on technology has 
also led to requirements for standardization of advertising formats. This paper 
examines how the memorability of banner advertising changed with the 
introduction of new standards regularizing the size of display advertising. 
Using data from randomized field tests, we find evidence that for most ads, 
recall of banner advertising declines as a result of standardization. The 
decline is much weaker when a standardized ad is the only ad on the page, and 
when the ads appear to be more original, so a likely explanation is that 
standardization makes it harder for basic ads to distinguish themselves from 
their competition.

Anonymous Defamation by Internet by James B. Astrachan [The Daily Record, Legal 
ADvice column]
Abstract: This article discusses possible courses of legal action if defamed by 
an anonymous internet poster, and protection afforded to certain potential 
defendants by the Communications Decency Act.

Italy Gets Wired with Free W-LAN
Efforts in Germany to establish free Wi-Fi networks in big cities have so far 
failed. Not so in Italy, where pilot projects in Rome and Florence show that a 
bit of creative thinking can make widespread free Internet access possible.

Will Google Survive Facebook?
"How can we not be happy?" Google CFO Patrick Pichette asked rhetorically last 
week as the Internet search giant unveiled stellar earnings and revenue for the 
fourth quarter and full year 2010.

us: Court Rejects Judge's Assertion of a Child Pornography Gene
A federal appeals court in Manhattan overturned a six-and-a-half-year sentence 
in a child pornography case on Friday, saying the judge who imposed it 
improperly found that the defendant would return to viewing child pornography 
?because of an as-of-yet undiscovered gene.?

EU in 'secret talks' to stop illegal downloads
The European Commission stands accused of reneging on copyright rules as it is 
reportedly discussing a private deal to allow companies to disconnect users from 
the Internet for suspected piracy. 


Mobile app revenue will triple to $15 billion this year, Gartner says
Gartner Inc. on Wednesday predicted that mobile application revenue will nearly 
triple in 2011, to $15.1 billion, from $5.2 billion last year.

App sales worth $15bn in 2011, say analysts
Last weekend, a woman in Kent downloaded the free mobile phone game, Paper 
Glider, from Apple's App Store. It was the 10 billionth application downloaded 
in just two-and-a-half years.

Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Application Store Revenue Forecast to Surpass $15 
Billion in 2011; Revenue Between 2010 and 2014 is Forecast to Grow 1,000 Percent 
to Reach $58 Billion [news release]
Worldwide mobile application store downloads are forecast to reach 17.7 billion 
downloads in 2011, a 117 percent increase from an estimated 8.2 billion 
downloads in 2010, according to Gartner, Inc. By the end of 2014, Gartner 
forecast over 185 billion applications will have been downloaded from mobile app 
stores, since the launch of the first one in July 2008.

Calif. man files class action suit against Apple over broken iPhone 4 glass
The California resident filed a class action lawsuit Tuesday against Apple Inc. 
alleging that Apple's iPhone 4 has a manufacturing defect that causes its glass 
housing to break after "reasonable use."

Mobile Phone Market Grows 17.9% in Fourth Quarter, According to IDC [news 
The worldwide mobile phone market grew 17.9% in the fourth quarter of 2010 
(4Q10), a new quarterly high driven by smartphones. According to the 
International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, 
vendors shipped 401.4 million units in 4Q10 compared to 340.5 million units in 
the fourth quarter of 2009. Vendors shipped a total of 1.39 billion units on a 
cumulative worldwide basis in 2010, up 18.5% from the 1.17 billion units shipped 
in 2009.

How Facebook Killed (Most) Spam Using Smart Filters
Facebook announced this week that they cut down the number of annoying messages 
you receive from the likes of FarmVille and Mafia Wars by 95% last year. Here's 
how they did it.

How you and Google are losing the battle against spam in search results
Earlier this month, my friend Rebecca Skloot replaced her hulking big-box TV - I 
can vouch for its girth, having moved it once - with a flat-screen no thicker 
than an iPad. She turned it on and, horror of horrors, the picture was lousy. 
... Data seem to back them up. Google's success rate, as measured by the 
percentage of users visiting a Web site after executing a search, fell 13 
percent last year, according to Experian Hitwise, which monitors Web traffic. 
Microsoft's Bing search engine increased its search efficiency by 9 percent over 
the same period.

Aussie spam levels drop
Australia's spam rate has fallen by more than 15 per cent since July 2010, and 
it's now 1.3 percentage point below the average 78.6 per cent registered 
globally, according to a report published today by Symantec's MessageLabs 

Mobile services in poor countries: Clever services on cheap mobile phones make a 
powerful combination-especially in poor countries
Counterfeit drugs can make up around a quarter of all those sold in poor 
countries, according to some estimates. They provide a lucrative and lethal 
business, against which most consumers are powerless. ?If your anti-malaria pill 
is made of any old white powder, you may not survive,? says Bright Simons, one 
of the founders of mPedigree, an advocacy group from Ghana.

us: Homeland Security moves full-speed-ahead on Einstein cybersecurity tool
The Homeland Security Department will finish by 2012 installing a somewhat 
controversial system, called Einstein 2, that monitors traffic on federal 
computer networks for potential intrusions, and will start the next phase of the 
application, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said during an address on the state 
of the agency.

Cyber-attacks now the most feared EU energy threat
In the wake of last week's cyber-fraud on the world's carbon market, a senior EU 
official has told EurActiv that of all threats to Europe's energy supply, 
cyber-attacks are "probably the most to be feared".

Opinion: 25 Years of Digital Vandalism
In January 1986, Basit and Amjad Alvi, sibling programmers living near the main 
train station in Lahore, Pakistan, wrote a piece of code to safeguard the latest 
version of their heart-monitoring software from piracy. They called it Brain, 
and it was basically a wheel-clamp for PCs. Computers that ran their program, 
plus this new bit of code, would stop working after a year, though they 
cheerfully provided three telephone numbers, against the day. If you were a 
legitimate user, and could prove it, they?d unlock you.

uk: Police arrest five over Anonymous WikiLeaks attacks
Five people were arrested yesterday in connection with a spate of online attacks 
last month in support of WikiLeaks.

Five arrested over 'Anonymous' web attacks
Five men have been arrested over a spate of recent web attacks carried out in 
support of Wikileaks.

Anonymous: UK arrests are a 'declaration of war'
Anonymous has issued a warning to the UK government after five young men 
suspected of being connected to the group were arrested on Thursday.

uk: Teens arrested over cyber attacks on anti-WikiLeaks companies [The Times]
Three teenagers are among five males arrested on suspicion of carrying out cyber 
attacks on the websites of companies that have refused to do business with 


UK police arrest WikiLeaks backers for cyber attacks
British police arrested five young men on Thursday following an investigation 
into Internet activists who carried out cyber attacks against groups they viewed 
as enemies of the WikiLeaks website.

F.B.I. Warrants Into Service Attacks by WikiLeaks Supporters
The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it had executed more than 40 search 
warrants in the United States on Thursday as part of an investigation into an 
international group of computer hackers who attacked corporate Web sites last 
year in a show of support for WikiLeaks.

FBI Targets Cyber Attackers Supporting WikiLeaks
The FBI announced Thursday that it has executed 40 search warrants throughout 
the country in connection with a series of coordinated cyber attacks against 
"major companies and organizations."

Police arrest WikiLeaks backers for Web attacks
Police arrested five young men on Thursday as they and U.S. authorities 
conducted searches as part of a probe into Internet activists who carried out 
cyber attacks against groups they viewed as enemies of the WikiLeaks website.

Search Warrants Executed in the United States as Part of Ongoing Cyber 
Investigation [news release]
FBI agents today executed more than 40 search warrants throughout the United 
States as part of an ongoing investigation into recent coordinated cyber attacks 
against major companies and organizations. Also today, the United Kingdom?s 
Metropolitan Police Service executed additional search warrants and arrested 
five people for their alleged role in the attacks.

Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and the German Hacker Heist
A few young Germans have the world's biggest record companies at their knees. 
After hacking into the computers of famous recording artists and their managers, 
they have placed unreleased songs by the likes of Lady Gaga and Shakira on the 
Internet. Two have been caught, but the others are still at work.

us: Groups, Firms Weigh In On Privacy Report
Happy Data Privacy Day! It is a day celebrated in Canada, most of Europe and the 
United States to raise awareness and discussion about data privacy and 
protection. Whether it was meant to coincide with Data Privacy Day or not, 
Friday is also the deadline for comments on the Commerce Department's draft 
privacy report.


Mozilla Leads the Way on Do Not Track
Earlier today, Mozilla announced plans to incorporate a Do Not Track feature 
into their next browser release, Firefox 4.1. Google also announced a new 
privacy extension today, but we believe that Mozilla is now taking a clear lead 
and building a practical way forward for people who want privacy when they 
browse the web.

Protect your personal information because the Internet never forgets, Privacy 
Commissioner of Canada says [news release]
The Internet lets you share information with anyone, anywhere, at any time, but 
not without some peril to your privacy, Canada?s Privacy Commissioner Jennifer 
Stoddart warned today.

Spotlight Again Falls on Web Tools and Change
Fear is the dictator?s traditional tool for keeping the people in check. But by 
cutting off Egypt?s Internet and wireless service late last week in the face of 
huge street protests, President Hosni Mubarak betrayed his own fear ? that 
Facebook, Twitter, laptops and smartphones could empower his opponents, expose 
his weakness to the world and topple his regime.

Egyptian protesters are not just Facebook revolutionaries
The internet has galvanised dissidents, but the key events that fuelled the 
uprising happened offline 


Egypt Cuts Off Most Internet and Cell Service
Autocratic governments often limit phone and Internet access in tense times. But 
the Internet has never faced anything like what happened in Egypt on Friday, 
when the government of a country with 80 million people and a modernizing 
economy cut off nearly all access to the network and shut down cellphone 

How Egypt pulled out of the Internet
Renesys, an internet security firm based in Manchester, N.H., has given its 
commentary on how Egypt managed to shut down all Internet access in the country.

Experts condemn Egypt's web shutdown [AFP]
Egypt's crackdown on the net and mobile phones amid protests against President 
Mubarak is unprecedented in the history of the web, experts said.



Egyptians Find New Routes to the Web [IDG]
"When countries block, we evolve," an activist with the group We Rebuild wrote 
in a Twitter message Friday.

Egypt Withdraws From Web, Blocks Phones After Protesters Take to Streets
Egypt, following days of anti- government protests, ?withdrew? from the Internet 
after Egyptian authorities shut connections to the outside world.

Egypt Internet, social media users find some relief, Cairo blogger says
Cairo-based Egyptian blogger and journalist Wael Abbas tweeted Saturday that 
some social media users had been able to access the Internet in the capital city 
on the fifth day of growing unrest there.

Egypt severs internet connection amid growing unrest
Internet connections across Egypt have been cut, as authorities geared up for a 
day of mass protest. Net analysis firms and web watchers have reported that the 
vast majority of the country's internet has become unreachable.

When Egypt turned off the internet
About a half-hour past midnight on Friday in Egypt, the internet went dead. 
Almost simultaneously, the handful of companies that pipe the internet into and 
out of Egypt went dark as protesters were gearing up for a fresh round of 
demonstrations calling for the end of president Hosni Mubarak's nearly 30-year 
rule, experts said.

Internet Security Savvy is Critical as Egyptian Government Blocks Websites, 
Arrests Activists in Response to Continued Protest
As we've seen in Iran and Tunisia, social networking tools have given activists 
in authoritarian regimes a powerful voice, which can be heard well beyond their 
own country. But the use of social networking tools has also given their 
governments ways to identify and retaliate against them. This week we are 
watching the same dynamic play out in Egypt. This is why it is critical that all 
activists ?in Egypt and elsewhere?take precautions to protect their anonymity 
and freedom of expression. The protests in Egypt this week also highlight 
another important point: authoritarian governments can block access to social 
media websites, but determined, tech-savvy activists are likely to find ways to 
circumvent censorship to communicate with the rest of the world.

CDT Statement on Egypt Shutting Down Internet Access
Today, the Center for Democracy & Technology released the following statement in 
response to the news that Egypt had cut Internet access and mobile services 
throughout the country:

Egypt shuts off the Internet - Sen. Lieberman take note by Milton Mueller
By now almost everyone connected to the Internet knows that Egypt has literally 
cut off the entire country from Internet access and mobile telecommunication. 
Aside from joy at the contagious challenge to dictators we see unfolding in the 
region, and concern about the safety of the people there, we have two immediate 


Egypt?s net and phones fall silent
Egypt faced an internet and mobile-phone blackout on Friday, as authorities 
attempted to restrict communication between anti-government protesters and the 
watching world.

Online activism fuels Egypt protest
Egyptian authorities have blocked internet and mobile services in a bid to quell 
anti-government protests, but the measures may have come a bit too late.

In Egypt, should Internet access be an inalienable right?
Riots and unrest in Egypt have been ongoing all week, but the Internet only 
seemed to take notice when it affected the Internet. On Friday, news reports 
revealed that the government had shut down Internet access to its 80 million 
citizens, also blocking text messaging and mobile services. Access to the 
outside world was gone, as was the ability to organize protests from within.

Without Internet, Egyptians find new ways to get online [IDG]
"When countries block, we evolve," an activist with the group We Rebuild wrote 
in a Twitter message on Friday.

How Egypt Killed the Internet
How do you turn off the Internet in an entire country? In the case of Egypt, it 
was probably done with a few phone calls, says Jim Cowie, the co-founder and 
chief technology officer of Renesys Corp., a company that analyzes how the 
Internet is performing around the world.

How Egypt pulled its Internet plug
To sever its link with the outside digital world, Egypt "raised the drawbridge" 
in mere minutes by forcing the country's providers to make simple changes to 
their routers, experts said on Friday.


Egypt moves to cut access to Internet
Opposition activists in Egypt vowed to defy a government ban and turn out by the 
thousands for demonstrations Friday, prompting authorities to apparently cut 
access to the Internet in an attempt to limit their ability to organize.

Egypt cuts off internet access
Egypt appears to have cut off almost all access to the internet from inside and 
outside the country from late on Thursday night, in a move that has concerned 
observers of the protests that have been building in strength through the week.

UNESCO hosts discussions on freedom of expression and journalism ethics
An International Symposium on Freedom of Expression is bringing together today 
an impressive group of international experts and an audience of key stakeholders 
to examine issues central to UNESCO?s mandate to promote ?the free flow of ideas 
by word and image".

China tightens grip on press freedom
Leading journalist Zhang Ping was this week forced out of his job at Southern 
Media Group

Malaysian govt under fire for online media controls
The Malaysian government's move to introduce policies that will provide more 
control over online content has come under fire from opposition politicians and 
industry watchers.

us: Homeland Security moves full-speed-ahead on Einstein cybersecurity tool
The Homeland Security Department will finish by 2012 installing a somewhat 
controversial system, called Einstein 2, that monitors traffic on federal 
computer networks for potential intrusions, and will start the next phase of the 
application, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said during an address on the state 
of the agency.

FCC Backs Net Neutrality Against Recent Lawsuits
The Federal Communications Commission filed motions on Friday to dismiss what it 
calls "premature" lawsuits from Verizon and, more recently, MetroPCS over net 

Dealing With Assange and the Secrets He Spilled
This past June, Alan Rusbridger, the editor of The Guardian, phoned me and 
asked, mysteriously, whether I had any idea how to arrange a secure 
communication. Not really, I confessed. The Times doesn?t have encrypted phone 
lines, or a Cone of Silence. Well then, he said, he would try to speak 
circumspectly. In a roundabout way, he laid out an unusual proposition: an 
organization called WikiLeaks, a secretive cadre of antisecrecy vigilantes, had 
come into possession of a substantial amount of classified United States 
government communications. WikiLeaks?s leader, Julian Assange, an eccentric 
former computer hacker of Australian birth and no fixed residence, offered The 
Guardian half a million military dispatches from the battlefields of Afghanistan 
and Iraq. There might be more after that, including an immense bundle of 
confidential diplomatic cables. The Guardian suggested ? to increase the impact 
as well as to share the labor of handling such a trove ? that The New York Times 
be invited to share this exclusive bounty. The source agreed. Was I interested?

Closed Apple headed for trouble as Jobs's ego bites: Netgear CEO
The global chairman and CEO of home networking giant Netgear has launched into a 
scathing attack on Apple and its founder Steve Jobs, criticising Jobs's "ego" 
and Apple's closed up products.


NZ 'a tourist death trap' says hate website
A hate-filled website has appeared on the internet warning foreigners they risk 
murder, rape or being killed in a car crash if they visit New Zealand.

TOMORROW FOCUS and comScore Announce Results of ?Brand Advertising Online in 
Germany? Study at DLD Conference [news release]
TOMORROW FOCUS AG and comScore, Inc. presented the results of a study showing 
the potential of the internet as a brand building channel at the DLD (Digital 
Life Design) conference in Munich. The study, building upon previous research 
which shows that click-through rates are extremely low across the world and have 
continually declined over the past few years, found that measuring campaign 
effectiveness using click-through rates (CTRs) alone under-values the ability of 
the online channel to build brands.

ACMA amends numbering rules to accommodate VoIP services [news release]
The Australian Communications and Media Authority has changed the geographic 
numbering rules to improve flexibility in the Numbering Plan to recognise the 
realities of newer services, such as voice over internet protocol (VOIP) 


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