[DNS] domain name news - 17 March

[DNS] domain name news - 17 March

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Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 03:12:18 -0700 (PDT)
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Internet must be developed on democratic principles, says Alun Michael

Domain debate is part of larger struggle by Michael Geist

ICANN Leader Calls for Broad Support of the Multi-Stakeholder Model of Internet
Governance = New Generic Top-Level Domains Likely to Dominate ICANN?s 40th Public Meeting

Crucial discussion on new Internet extensions makes little progress

Obama admin calls for more ICANN accountability

US Government Opposes ITU Veto Of ICANN Board Decisions

Beckstrom calls for ICANN?s independence

ICANN staff grilled over new TLDs

Australia reaches 2 millionth domain name [AAP]

KnujOn Releases New Security, Abuse and Compliance Report by Garth

Internet must be developed on democratic principles, says Alun Michael
The development of the internet should be based on "people-centric" principles, says MP Alun Michael, who represents the UK at the UN's Internet Governance Forum (IGF).

ICANN Seeks Expressions of Interest for Registrar Data Escrow Service
ICANN launched its Registrar Data Escrow (RDE) program in November 2007 in order to help protect domain name registrants in the event of the failure or de-accreditation of their

Letter from Raul Echeberr?a, NRO, to Rod Beckstrom
IANA Contract Renewal

Letter from David H. Holtzman, Depository, Inc., to Rod Beckstrom
Bulk Access Denial by the American Registry for Internet Numbers

ICANN Bolsters Its Contractual Compliance Team with Two New Hires [news release]
ICANN has announced that two seasoned professionals have been hired to bolster its contractual compliance team.

Bolstering ICANN?s Contractual Compliance Team
We are pleased to announce two new hires who are joining ICANN?s contractual compliance team. If you?re unfamiliar with the contractual compliance team, it provides the backbone of
ICANN?s enforcement of the rules negotiated with contracted parties.

Bulk Transfer of Domain Names from Best Bulk Register to BigRock Solutions
ICANN has authorized the bulk transfer of Best Bulk Register, Inc.?s gTLD domain names to Big Rock Solutions Pvt Ltd., due to a compliance action taken by ICANN that resulted in the de-accreditation of registrar Best Bulk Register, Inc. (Best Bulk Register).

Domain debate is part of larger struggle by Michael Geist
A simmering battle over governance of the Internet is set to take centre stage in California this week as ICANN, a California-based non-profit corporation charged with the principal responsibility for maintaining the Internet's domain name system, holds one of its regular meetings in Silicon

ICANN names compliance chief
ICANN has found itself a new senior director of contractual compliance, nine months after the post was vacated.

Off to a Good Start...
You wait all morning for a bus and then 3 of them come along together. Until about a week ago, NOT A SINGLE WOMAN had applied via the 2011 NomCom for a leadership position within ICANN. Now, we?re glad to say, two women have applied. That?s 2 out of 40, so not great odds still. And similar to last year?s final tally of 4 women applicants out of

ICANN Leader Calls for Broad Support of the Multi-Stakeholder Model of Internet Governance = New Generic Top-Level Domains Likely to Dominate ICANN?s 40th Public Meeting
Rod Beckstrom, the President and Chief Executive Officer of ICANN, said the organization?s multi-stakeholder model has been validated over many years by the smooth and reliable functioning of the Internet.

Schedule Update for GAC/Board Sessions
As communicated earlier today, there was no GAC-Board meeting this afternoon at 4PM. The Board and GAC continue to work separately. The Board continues its review of the exchange of information, and is considering the recent community inputs as well as transcripts from the recent public

Crucial discussion on new Internet extensions makes little progress
A crucial discussion between governments and the ICANN Board on the introduction of new Internet extensions has got off to a slow start in San Francisco, raising fears of yet another delay in the process.

Obama admin calls for more ICANN accountability
The Obama administration today called for improvements in the mechanisms used to oversee Internet domain names, saying changes are needed to make the process more "accountable" and "transparent."

US Government Opposes ITU Veto Of ICANN Board Decisions
The US government is opposed to proposals for the International Telecommunications Union to have a veto over ICANN board decisions, said Larry Strickling at the welcome
ceremony for the ICANN Silicon Valley-San Francisco meeting on Monday.

ICANN Board to Vote Friday on .XXX [news release]
In response to a question at a press conference yesterday during the week-long ICANN meeting in San Francisco, ICANN Board Chair Peter Dengate Thrush said the .XXX sponsored TLD will be put before the Board for a vote Friday.

US Gov't Still Wants More Control Over ICANN
It's really amazing how tone deaf the Obama administration can be on certain issues. For years, foreign countries have accused the US of having too much control over the internet via

Beckstrom calls for ICANN?s independence
ICANN president Rod Beckstrom has called for the organization to be allowed to further loosen its ties to the US government.

ICANN staff grilled over new TLDs
ICANN?s San Francisco meeting kicked off this morning with staff members responsible for the new TLDs program answering ? and trying to answer ? stakeholder questions.

Rod Beckstrom, CEO of ICANN, talks about new domain names
The Internet could be on the verge of opening the doors to a deluge of proposals for new domain names, cyber suffixes that would compete with the likes of .com and

Eureka! We've Struck ? Consensus by Steve DelBianco
It took a trip to California - the land of the gold rush - to discover that most elusive of ICANN aspirations: consensus. ICANN kicked off this week's meeting in San Francisco with a parade of Internet pioneers discussing the past, present and future of ICANN. ... ICANN insiders might focus on points of contention that came out of this morning's comments -- whether on new gTLDs or the future of the IANA functions -- but I was more interested by those areas where ICANN pioneers clearly agreed.

ICANN To Vote on .XXX Domain
After nearly a decade of debate and delays, the decision to enable a .xxx TLD is once again on the table at ICANN. 

Rest of the World Is Still Waiting... by Andrew Mack
Good news. In now my 15th ICANN meeting or so it's clear that the internet governance community is finally taking some real note of the rest of the world -- including the over 50% of humankind that doesn't use Latin script characters to communicate. In fact, talk of emerging markets is everywhere at the San Francisco ICANN meeting this week. The ICANN Board and Government Advisory Committee (or GAC, a group of government representatives that advise the Board) are talking about the needs of developing countries.

?- ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Australia reaches 2 millionth domain name [AAP]
The internet community has celebrated a significant milestone with the registration of the two millionth Australian domain

Qatar: ICT explores new domains
With a move to become one of the first countries to offer non-Latin language scripts in domain names, Qatar is pushing forward with efforts to help accelerate the development of e-services and e-commerce environments throughout the Arabic-speaking world. In February, the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR) announced that its website had became the first to use a Qatar-specific domain name in Arabic, with more Arabic domains set to be available for government entities and registered trademark holders starting in March.

OpenRegistry wins .sx contract
OpenRegistry, the recently formed registry services provider, has won its first TLD deal.

Syria launched registration for top-level
The Syrian National Agency for Network Services (NANS) on Sunday launched the registration service on Syrian Arab TLD (.Syria) so that establishments, companies and individuals could get Arabic titles for their websites, SANA reported.

Company, city aim to put .vegas among top Internet domains
A Nevada company and the city of Las Vegas think that Vegas should be a virtual destination as well as a physical one.

City OKs .vegas domain deal despite Greenspun opposition
The Las Vegas City Council on Wednesday endorsed a local company?s push for a .vegas Internet domain suffix despite protestations from the Greenspun Corp., which has been preparing a similar

WIPO to examine trademarks on the internet
WIPO is set to consider the protection of trademarks online, including recommendations for a harmonised dispute resolution procedure between mark owners and internet service providers. The topic sits on the agenda for the upcoming meeting of WIPO?s Standing Committee on the Laws of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications (STC) on March 28 to April 1. Other topics tabled for discussion include use of trademarks as keywords on search engines and use of trademarks in virtual worlds and social media.

ICANN Snubs Bulgaria's Cyrillic Internet Domain Name Again
ICANN has made it clear one more time that Bulgaria has slim chances for registering a domain name in Cyrillic with a "??"

AusRegistry International and Crowell & Moring join forces to support new Top-Level Domain applicants
AusRegistry International, a leading provider of Domain Name Registry Services, today announced the establishment of a strategic relationship with Crowell & Moring, a leading international law firm recognised for its expertise in a number of areas including the domain name industry, to offer a range of consulting and technical registry services to new TLD applicants.

New generic top-level domain application process brings business opportunities, issues
Beginning later this year, ICANN is expected to accept applications for new generic domain suffixes for industries, interests and communities, such as ?.bank,? ".movie? or ?.music.? In addition to the generic terms, this round also includes the potential for
various geographic tags that are not country codes (e.g., ?.nyc? or ?.andes?), brands (?.pillsbury?) as well as non-Latin characters (e.g., ?.???). ICANN is expecting to approve between 200 and 500 new gTLDs in this round and to have new application rounds approximately every two years.

GAC New gTLD No Fly Zone by Michael D. Palage
I have struggled over the past couple of weeks to come up with a metaphor to succinctly describe the standoff between the ICANN Board and the ICANN GAC over the new gTLD implementation process. So here's my best attempt to explain these dynamics in terms a layperson may be better to understand. I chose the metaphor for its timeliness, without meaning to offend anyone.

Why ICANN Isn't Being Very Sensible: Part I - .brands by Paul
We have long argued that ICANN should consider categories for new gTLDs because different categories will have markedly different benefits and impacts for consumers. It is difficult to represent the complexities of the world in any system and the flat, first come first served single level approach ICANN is proposing is actually more cumbersome, more restrictive, more expensive and less equitable than the very successful existing system it is seeking to extend.

Why ICANN Isn't Being Very Sensible: Part I - .brands by Jean Guillon
This article is a feedback on the sensitive .WINE dotVinum project which aims to create an extension for the wine community on Internet. Questions to Be Answered: Protection of rights at an international level: how to protect trademarks? Funding: who has the financial capacity to invest in such a

KnujOn Releases New Security, Abuse and Compliance Report by Garth Bruen
We have just issued a new report detailing abuse of the Domain Name System and Registrar contract compliance issues. The report specifically discusses several items including: Registrars with current legal issues; Illicit Use of Privacy-Proxy WHOIS Registration; A study on the contracted obligation for Bulk WHOIS Access; and more.

DNSSEC - Let's Stay the Course! by Rick Rumbarger
I don't know about you, but I'm starting to think that DNSSEC being so hot these days is a mixed blessing. Yes, it's wonderful that after so many years there is finally broad consensus for making DNSSEC happen. But being so prominent
also means the protocol is taking shots from those who don't want to make the necessary software, hardware and operational modifications needed. And DNSSEC has taken some shots from those who just want to be contrarian.

Private sector not adequately defending U.S. cyberspace, security expert warns
For more than a decade, the United States has relied mainly on voluntary action by private companies to protect the nation's critical cyber infrastructure, but "it's not working," a cybersecurity expert told lawmakers.

us: Silicon Valley Congresswoman: Web seizures trample due process (and break the law)
At 9:30pm PST on February 11, US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) seized the domain mooo.com. They ordered the domain name's
registrar to redirect all traffic headed for mooo.com to a government IP address, one which displayed a single stark warning that the domain name had been seized for involvement with child pornography.

More Reasons Why Homeland Security Seizing Domain Names Is Unconstitutional
We've raised a number of reasons as to why the federal government's domain name seizures (via Homeland Security's Immigrations and Customs Enforcement group) are almost certainly not Constitutional. And while we've run these arguments by a number of well respected Constitutional lawyers who are extremely interested in these issues (and may be getting involved in various ways), some in our comments have insisted that our points could be ignored because we are not

U.S. trademark owners beware: foreign domain name & registration scams
Have you recently filed a new federal trademark application or obtained a new trademark registration? And have you since received an invoice for foreign trademark work that you don?t remember authorizing? Or an unsolicited email ?warning? you that someone is trying to register your trademark as an ?Internet Brand? or domain name in a foreign country? If so, beware, as these communications are most likely part of a scam.

?- IPv4/IPv6
Africa Ready for New Internet Address Regime
The emergence and proliferation of Internet-enabled mobile phones, e-readers
and other connected devices has spurred fresh demand for a new Internet addresses protocol and depletion of the current Internet address regime.

IPv6 Address Allocations by Mirjam Kuehne
Last year, we presented statistics on the number of RIPE NCC members and the resources distributed to them. Now, one year later, we revisit the topic and look at how things evolved in 2010. We were particularly interested to see how the number of IPv6 allocations increased over time.

Children's Playground Games and Songs in the New Media Age: Research by Professor Andrew Burn, Higher Education Institute, Institute of Education, University of London
Abstract: This project is updating, analysing and re-presenting the Opie Collection of Children's Games and Songs at the British Library. The project aims to preserve this important aspect of our national culture; but also to explore how it continues to be a part of the lives of children living in the age of computer games and the internet. What does this oral tradition borrow from the media; and how might it connect with the entertainment and information technologies of the age of new

Japan's Internet largely intact after earthquake, tsunami
Japan's Internet infrastructure has remained surprisingly unaffected by last week's devastating earthquake and tsunami, according to an analysis by Internet monitoring firm Renesys.

SXSW 2011: The internet is over
Oliver Burkeman went to Texas to the South by Southwest festival of film, music and technology, in search of the next big idea. After three days he found it: the boundary between 'real life' and 'online' has

Children still delight in playground games: Two-year research project shows youngsters incorporate computer games and TV shows into breaktime activities
Deprived of Facebook and Wiis and shunted out into the bright light and fresh air of the playground, today's children do not, it seems, stare morosely at the concrete or send texts until the bell is rung.

Brits spend more time on social media than anything else online
After toppling Google in the US in early 2010, Facebook became the UK?s number one website at the end of last year ? but only for a day.

UK's shopping basket updated: apps in, fleeces are out
Smart phones, apps and dating agency
fees have been added to the basket of goods the government uses to calculate the cost of living.

Poker Bots Invade Online Gambling
Bryan Taylor, 36, could not shake the feeling that something funny was going on. Three of his most frequent opponents on an online poker site were acting oddly, playing in ways that were so similar it was suspicious.

Internet breeds 'gamble anytime' generation
The rise of internet-based sports betting is changing the face of problem gambling in Australia, say addiction experts who report a surge in younger men in need of help.

Publisher Limits
Shelf Life for Library E-Books
Imagine the perfect library book. Its pages don?t tear. Its spine is unbreakable. It can be checked out from home. And it can never get lost.

EU to force social network sites to enhance privacy
The European Union is to enshrine a "right to be forgotten online" to ensure that, among other things, prospective employers cannot find old Facebook party photos of someone wearing nothing but a lampshade.

EU wants Facebook, Google to comply with new data rules
Social-networking sites such as Facebook, or search engines such as Google, may face court action if they fail to obey planned EU data privacy rules, European Union justice chief Viviane Reding said on

When the Marketing Reach of Social Media Backfires
Social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been embraced by Madison Avenue as effective new ways to reach consumers. But what happens when behavior on social media is deemed antisocial?

Con artists taking advantage of Facebook buzz
The wild popularity of Facebook and other social media sites has spawned a cottage industry of con artists promising average investors a chance to cash in on the frenzy through shares in the companies ahead of their initial public

Eighteen, not on Facebook, and still smiling
IT HAS instigated possibly the greatest social revolution of a generation: political uprisings have been changed by it, movies have been made about it, anthropologists now study it.

uk: Child abuse images removed faster
Internet companies are getting better at removing images of child sexual abuse, according to the charity that
monitors the problem. The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) said that the time it took websites and broadband providers to respond to complaints had halved in the past year.

Global campaign rids web of child sexual abuse images in half the time [news release]
The UK?s Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) today launched its Annual Report 2010 in which it reveals the success of a new collaborative project to have child sexual abuse images removed from the web faster across the globe. Results show a dramatic reduction in the length of time these criminal images remain active, down from around a month only a year ago, to an average lifespan of just 12 days today, irrespective of where in the world they are hosted and only a matter of hours if hosted in the UK.

us: Anti-Bullying
Conference at the White House
In a packed East Room, the President and First Lady hosted the first-ever White House anti-bullying conference yesterday. Speaking in their duel roles as first couple and parents of two young children, they spoke to many of the issues that families across the country face as they raise their kids.

au: Net classification costly: Telstra, RIM
Classifying all games and movies for mobile phones and the internet will be too costly and inefficient, according to Telstra and BlackBerry creator Research In Motion (RIM) submissions to a government inquiry.

au: Law proposed against uploading violent images on the internet [AAP]
The South Australian government wants to make it an offence to post violent or other degrading images on the

Filming bashings to be banned in SA
Filming assaults and posting the footage on the internet will be made illegal in South Australia.

New laws target cyber thugs
CYBER thuggery will be outlawed under new laws to be introduced by Attorney-General John Rau.

au: New laws to target cyber bullying
The South Australian government wants to make it an offence to post violent or other degrading images on the internet.

au: Govt boosts welfare
officers to tackle bullying
The State Government will dramatically increase the number of welfare officers in Victorian primary schools, to help tackle bullying.

au: Video of tables turning on bully sounds alarm bells
It lasts just 41 seconds but is a distressing insight into schoolyard and cyber bullying in Sydney.

au: Schools lack time and resources to fight cyber bullying, principals say [Courier Mail]
SCHOOLS can't increase cyber-safety education because they don't have the time or resources, principals and teachers

au: Parents at a loss to stop online bullying [Herald Sun]
MORE than half of Victorian parents fear their child is being cyber-bullied, and they have no idea how to stop it.

au: New laws to crack down on cyber bullying
Authorities are rushing to find new ways to crack down on cyber bullying after a disturbing video was posted online of a schoolyard brawl.

au: Facebook party invite mayhem: youth could face jail
A 17-year-old NSW student has been charged after a girl's 16th birthday party invitation went viral on

Australian charged over Facebook party hoax [AP]
Police say an Australian teenager hijacked a girl's Facebook page and posted an open invitation to her 16th birthday party that drew more than 200,000 positive replies.

How to make the web safe for kids [Reuters]
Following this year's Safer Internet Day, which took place last month, NSPCC
Northern Ireland has called on parents and carers to make sure both they and their children are web-wise.

Apple stops kids racking up iTunes bills [AAP]
Apple Inc. has changed how purchases inside iPhone and iPad games are authorised after customers complained that their kids were racking up hundreds of dollars worth of charges.

au: iiNet calls for piracy mediator
In the wake of its recent victory against the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft in the Federal Court, iiNet has called for an independent third party to police
internet copyright infringement.

au: iiNet, Comms Alliance calls action on legit movie downloads
The Communications Alliance has come out in support of Perth-based ISP iiNet?s discussion paper, calling for greater access to legitimate online portals for Australians and the formation of an independent body to assess copyright infringement claims.

RIM Hits India's Email Demands
A top executive of BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion Ltd. said Indian security agencies are making "rather astonishing" demands for increased powers to monitor email and other data traffic, raising serious privacy issues that threaten to harm the country's reputation with foreign

Google Is Said to Ready Test of Payment System in New York, San Francisco
Google Inc. plans to start testing a mobile-payment service at stores in New York and San Francisco within four months, letting shoppers use their phones to ring up purchases, two people familiar with the project said.

Report: Google planning mobile payment trial
Google plans to begin testing a mobile payment service within the next four months, according to a report today.

Singapore sets new rules for data roaming, broadband speeds
The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore has introduced new consumer protection measures for mobile and broadband services, including regulations for
data roaming services and requiring providers to be more transparent about broadband speeds offered.

Mobile phones give hotel guests the upper hand
Travel today, from luggage to laptop, is increasingly high-tech. Yet every hotel room hosts a costly anachronism: a traditional telephone.

U.S. Fights to Shut Massive Text Spammer
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is taking legal steps to shut down a massive text-messaging spam operation that blanketed mobile phones with millions of unsolicited texts over the past year and a half.

Skype security
weaknesses could endanger 'vulnerable users'
The free messaging and internet phone service Skype carries a number of worrying security concerns which could put users living in oppressive regimes in danger, says the advocacy group Privacy International.

Criminals kick off Japanese disaster scams at record speed
Criminals have jumped on Japan's twin earthquake and tsunami disasters at record speed, security experts said today.

Beware New Japan Disaster Relief Web Sites
First came the massive earthquake in Japan. Then the even bigger tsunami and threat of nuclear meltdown. Now there?s the totally predictable deluge of new Web sites promoting relief fundraising, which, if past experience in the Internet age is any judge, will prove to be
havens of inexperience, inefficiency, profiteering or outright fraud.

In the Wake of Japan's Massive Earthquake, FTC Warns Consumers About Potential Charity Scams [news release]
After the earthquake that rocked Japan?s northeast coast and triggered a widespread tsunami last week, the Federal Trade Commission is urging consumers to be cautious of potential charity scams.

Private sector not adequately defending U.S. cyberspace, security expert warns
For more than a decade, the United States has relied mainly on voluntary action by private companies to protect the nation's critical cyber infrastructure, but "it's not working," a cybersecurity expert told

us: Senate Taking Early Lead In Privacy Debate
The Senate Commerce Committee will begin debate Wednesday on consumer online privacy as one of the panel's key members works on legislation that would require firms to tell consumers more, and offer more choices, about what information is being collected about them.

White House to Push Privacy Bill
The Obama administration plans to ask Congress Wednesday to pass a "privacy bill of rights" to protect Americans from intrusive data gathering, amid growing concern about the tracking and targeting of Internet users.

Commerce To Back Privacy Legislation
A key Commerce Department
official is expected Wednesday to call on Congress to enact baseline privacy legislation that would establish a "consumer privacy bill of rights."

US Officials Push For Action In 'Online Privacy War'
Top senators and members of the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday criticized the current state of Internet privacy regulations and pushed for legislation that would give consumers more control over their personal information online.

FTC, White House urge Internet privacy measures
Top federal officials pushed forward Wednesday on efforts to establish mandates for Internet

Julian Assange tells students that the web is the greatest spying machine ever
The internet is the "greatest spying machine the world has ever seen" and is not a technology that necessarily favours the freedom of speech, the WikiLeaks co-founder, Julian Assange, has claimed in a rare public appearance.

Internet is world's 'greatest spying machine': Assange [AFP]
Julian Assange, the founder of whistleblower website WikiLeaks, has warned that the internet was the "greatest spying machine the world has ever seen" and an obstacle to free

When Unrest Stirs, Bloggers Are Already in Place
As the protests spread across Tunisia for weeks, many international news organizations scrambled to cover the unrest just before President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali fled on Jan. 14, ending 23 years of authoritarian rule. But Amira al-Hussaini was all over the story.

au: ISPs don't want to be Big Content's "judges, juries, and
Australia's second largest DSL service has clearly had it with the burden of copyright enforcement being placed on Internet Service Providers. iiNet recently won a case in which a court confirmed that ISPs are not copyright cops; a judge ruled that they don't have an automatic duty to sanction subscribers upon receipt of piracy allegations against them.

uk: Defamation Bill intended to kill off 'libel tourism'
Major changes to Britain's antiquated defamation laws will be outlined by ministers today with the publication of a bill to provide greater protection for free speech and an end to "libel tourism".

uk: Government unveils libel law reforms
The government on Tuesday unveiled sweeping
changes to the libel laws aimed at protecting freedom of speech and bringing an end to so-called "libel tourism" from abroad.

uk: 'Huge battle' over future of internet
The government is meeting internet providers to debate the issue of 'net neutrality'. Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones explains what the term means, and Professor Timothy Wu, of Columbia Law School, looks at what the implications are for users.

Berners-Lee warns ISPs on net neutrality
The inventor of the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has warned internet service providers (ISPs) that plans for a "two-speed" internet go against the principles that have let the net grow so rapidly in the past two decades.

SXSW 2011: Al Franken warns of
'outright disaster' over net neutrality
Democratic senator Al Franken has has issued a rallying cry to "innovators and entrepreneurs" at SXSW to fight back against Comcast and other companies lobbying to pave the way for a two-speed internet.

TechCrunch Interview: Senator Al Franken Talks Net Neutrality (And His Morning Workout Routine)
If you care about the well-being of the Internet, you care about net neutrality. You just might not realize it yet.

IAC Chief Barry Diller: We Should Be 'Screaming' For Net Neutrality
Barry Diller says we should be "screaming" for net neutrality. The IAC chief stated his stance at SXSW, according to Business

Franken: Protect Net Neutrality
Telecom lobbyists are driving efforts in the House to overturn rules aimed at guaranteeing equal speed for all on the Internet, Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) said on Monday.

White House wants new copyright law crackdown
The White House today proposed sweeping revisions to U.S. copyright law, including making "illegal streaming" of audio or video a federal felony and allowing FBI agents to wiretap suspected infringers.

White House Calls For Stricter Copyright Laws, Greater Enforcement Authority
The Obama Administration is calling for greater law enforcement authority and tougher penalties, including prison in some cases, for people convicted of copyright

us: Opinion: The Case for Antitrust Action Against Google
Congressional calls to investigate Google for antitrust violations are heating up. The Senate Antitrust Subcommittee plans to look at the company's likely antitrust violations, with Chairman Herb Kohl, D-WI, saying in a release:

uk: David Cameron's 'Google-model' vision for copyright under fire
It was a speech delivered last autumn by David Cameron, setting out his vision for a "Silicon Roundabout" in Shoreditch, east London, that first gave ammunition to the conspiracy theorists.

Austria implements EU Data Retention Directive at
long last
In 2009 the European Commission began proceedings against Austria for breaching EU law by failing to implement the EU Data Retention Directive (2006/24/EC). These proceedings resulted in the European Court of Justice ruling against Austria in 2010. Austria's reluctance primarily stemmed from major data protection and privacy concerns. After years of discussions, the Austrian government has now finally decided to implement the directive. This update sets out the key points covered by the draft legislation.

UFB changes risk undoing competition ? InternetNZ
Changes proposed in the Telecommunications Amendment Bill ?risk undoing many of the achievements of the past ten years in building a more competitive telecommunications market, delivering better prices and services for New Zealand consumers and businesses?, says InternetNZ
in its submission on the bill.

Joyce raises possibility of extra time for 'rushed' telco bill submissions
Various contenders say they need more than 10 minutes to make submissions on the proposed legislation, which would let the government buy into Telecom and/or Telecom buy into lines or fibre companies without M&A scrutiny.

nz: Concerns over Telecommunications Amendment Bill
Telcos and consumer representatives are calling for more time to present submissions on a bill dealing with Telecom's possible split and the rollout of the Government's Ultrafast Broadband plan.

nz: Concern at Govt speed to push through telco
Telcos and consumer representatives are calling for more time to present submissions on a bill dealing with Telecom's possible split and the rollout of the Government's Ultrafast Broadband plan.

New Zealand telcos seek more time for bill submissions
New Zealand telecommunications groups, including consumer representatives and telecommunications companies, have united in opposition to government timelines on the Telecommunications Amendment Bill.

Telco Groups Unite Over Bill Timelines
Telecommunications groups, including consumer representatives and telecommunications companies, have united in opposition to Government timelines on the Telecommunications Amendment

uk: Mobile firms told to cut charges by Ofcom [PA]
The cost of calling mobile phones from other networks and landlines is set to become cheaper after Ofcom imposed a reduction in charges.

Mobile phone call charges to tumble
The cost of calling mobile phones from other networks and landlines is set to become cheaper after Ofcom imposed a reduction in charges.

Lower mobile rates to benefit consumers [news release]
Ofcom today announced a reduction in mobile termination rates ? the
wholesale charges that mobile operators make to other operators to connect calls to their networks ? designed to benefit UK consumers.

India to charge suspects in telecoms case
Charges are to be brought against India?s former telecoms minister and two companies suspected of corruption by the end of March, the country?s investigating authorities have told the Supreme Court.

World's largest paedophile ring uncovered
Police from around the world say they have broken up the largest internet paedophile ring yet discovered.

Global paedophile network smashed: More than 180 people arrested worldwide after online
ring uncovered
A global online paedophile network has been smashed in a worldwide police operation that has led to hundreds of arrests and many convictions.

Europol smashes online child porn ring
Police announce one of their biggest successes in smashing a worldwide pedophile network. Over 180 arrests have been made and more are expected in the coming weeks.

Global Pedophile Ring Busted, Police Say
Europol said Wednesday it broke up the largest international ring of pedophiles ever uncovered, a network that was allegedly centered on an Internet child pornography forum with 70,000 members across the globe, including in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia.

Australians caught in global paedophile ring
Australians have been arrested in a crackdown on what international police say is the world's largest internet paedophile ring.

World's 'biggest ever' paedophile ring cracked
More than 100 suspected paedophiles in Britain were arrested after police cracked the world's "biggest ever" ring of child abusers.

How the AFP helped smash a paedophile network
Like creatures turning on their hosts, the men allowed the enemy to breach the castle walls.

Paedophile bust saved children
Three Victorian children have been ''saved'' by federal police who helped smash the largest international online paedophile network ever

Police arrest 184 in global paedophile ring [AFP]
SCHOOL teachers and scout leaders are among 31 Australian men arrested as part of the largest international paedophile ring police bust. 

More than 200 children identified and rescued in worldwide police operation [news release]
With the leading support of Europol, police have arrested 184 suspected child sex offenders and identified over 200 victims of child abuse following one of the biggest investigations of its kind by law enforcement agencies across the


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"Every time you use fossil fuels, you're adding to the problem. Every time you forgo fossil fuels, you're being part of the solution" - Dr Tim Flannery?????????

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