[DNS] domain name news - 23 May

[DNS] domain name news - 23 May

From: David Goldstein <david§goldsteinreport.com>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 16:55:51 +1000
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2nd Asia Pacific Regional IGF (APrIGF) 2011

Joint ICANN Board - GAC Statement: Teleconference on New gTLDs

ICANN Still Hopeful of June Approval For New gTLDs

High Noon in Singapore? ICANN's new gTLD program at a crossroads by Wolfgang Kleinw?chter

WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center observations on ICANN?s ?April 2011 Discussion Draft of the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook?

auDA Working Group reviews operation of .au secondary market

au: Information Sharing and Collaboration for Emergency Services forum by Leonie Dunbar

kp: North Korea's Internet domain is in new hands [IDG]

.nz Dispute Resolution Service Policy Amendment

The Africa Union Commission Clarification on Dot Africa

AusRegistry International appoints former ICANN manager Donna Austin

U.S. Government Starts New Round of ?Pirate? Domain Seizures

au: Parents register digital identities for children on Twitter, Facebook, domain registers 

A Prehistory of Internet Governance by Malte Ziewitz & Ian Brown [Research Handbook on Governance of the Internet]
Abstract: What social, technical, economic and political developments played a role in constituting a field, in which the idea of ?Internet Governance? could thrive? What are the events, stories and ideas that preceded and made possible today?s discussions about governance on, of and through the Internet? In this chapter, we take a closer look at the prehistory of Internet governance ? the period from the mid-1960s to the mid-1990s before the Internet became the mass phenomenon it is today.

2nd Asia Pacific Regional IGF (APrIGF) 2011
Internet is everywhere a part of our lives, its importance most vividly captured in the recent news in the Middle East for political change, and in Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.

Chaos of Internet Will Meet French Sense of Order
The Tuileries Garden in Paris, a celebration of grand geometric vistas and tightly trimmed topiary, will be invaded next week by the denizens of a decidedly more chaotic space: the Internet.

Joint ICANN Board - GAC Statement: Teleconference on New gTLDs
The ICANN Board and ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) held another productive meeting to discuss the limited number of remaining issues related to the anticipated launch of the new gTLD program. This teleconference was the latest in a series of proactive, issue-oriented collaborations targeted at addressing GAC concerns to ensure the stable and secure delegation of new TLDs.

ICANN Still Hopeful of June Approval For New gTLDs
ICANN has announced they are still hopeful of gaining board approval of the new gTLD programme at the upcoming Singapore meeting, with the date slated being Monday 20 June.

ICANN: We Might Still Be Able To Approve New TLDs in June
ICANN?s Board thinks it might still be able to approve the new TLD name program at the beginning of next month?s meeting in Singapore.

Bi-Partisanship Concerns about ICANN and gTLDs Prevail During House Judiciary ICANN Hearing
Republican and Democrat members of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition, and the Internet came together on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, to ask critical questions of ICANN during the ?ICANN gTLD Oversight Hearing.?

High Noon in Singapore? ICANN's new gTLD program at a crossroads by Wolfgang Kleinw?chter
To clash or not to clash: that?s the question for the forthcoming 41st ICANN meeting in Singapore. Will the booming Lion-City on the South-Asian Peninsula see a Shakespeare drama in June 2011, a shoot out between the ICANN Board and the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) to end the nearly 15 years of discussion on the introduction of more gTLDs into the legacy root of the Internet?

WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center observations on ICANN?s ?April 2011 Discussion Draft of the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook?
General perspective: The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center operates on a non-profit basis to help design and administer balanced IP-based systems in a global context. For example, the WIPO Center is the principal resource center under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). In a process characterized by politicized attrition, appropriately reflecting existing trademark norms in an expanding DNS appears to have posed significant challenges to ICANN stakeholders.

Tucows Comments on ICANN Applicant Guidebook by Elliot Noss
The latest ICANN Applicant Guidebook was released in mid-April and covers the introduction of new gTLDs. The introduction of new gTLDs has been an ongoing conversation for more than a decade. We have an opportunity to approve the final draft in time for consideration of the new gTLD implementation program during the ICANN Board meeting, which will be held on Monday, 20 June 2011, in Singapore. We submitted our comments yesterday and wanted to share them with you.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
auDA Working Group reviews operation of .au secondary market
auDA has convened the Secondary Market Working Group to: examine the operation of the .au secondary market and identify any points of market failure; and provide advice and recommendations to auDA on any actions that should be taken to address any identified market failures.

au: Information Sharing and Collaboration for Emergency Services forum by Leonie Dunbar
I was very grateful to be able to speak at an Information Sharing and Collaboration for Emergency Services forum held in Melbourne on 12 May. The forum organisers invited auDA to participate in this event as they were specifically interested in us sharing information about the Community Geographic Domain Name (CGDN) websites that we set up for ?Black Saturday?-affected communities and, more recently, Queensland and Victorian Flood affected communities.

cz: There are already 700,000 .CZ domains
The CZ.NIC Association, the administrator of the national .CZ domain, registered domain number 800,000 today at 8:20:48 a.m. The average monthly increase in new .CZ domains continues to be around 10,000. CZ.NIC statistics indicate that nearly half of all domain holders have a single registered domain; the largest number of domains registered to a single holder is 2,752.

Sunrise period for .EE domain names containing letters with diacritical marks begins today
Today the Estonian Internet Foundation has started the sunrise period for domain names containing letters with diacritical marks. The sunrise period enables reservation of .EE domain names containing letters with diacritical marks based on a prior right (trademarks, names of physical and legal persons) before commencement of registration of such domain names on a first-come, first-served basis. This pre-registration has been organised in cooperation with the Association of the Estonian Patent Attorneys.

".eu" is fast approaching the 3.5 million registration mark, five years after its launch
The ".eu" domain celebrates its 5th birthday. In April, .eu's birthday was celebrated during the European Parliament plenary in the presence of 130 MEPs and the agency running it, EURid, a common endeavour by the ".be", ".it" and ".se", domains from Belgium, Italy and Sweden.

kp: North Korea's Internet domain is in new hands [IDG]
Control of North Korea's top-level Internet domain has been formally assigned to a government-backed venture after the previous operator, a German company, let the national domain disappear from the Internet for several months.

First copy of ?25 years of .nl? magazine presented
SIDN, the company behind .nl, today presented the first copies of the magazine ?25 years of .nl? to Jan Karel Lenstra, Director of the Centre for Mathematics & Informatics (CWI), and to Ted Lindgreen, one of SIDN?s founders.

.nz Dispute Resolution Service Policy Amendment
This is to advise of amendments to the .nz Dispute Resolution Service Policy and Procedure following the recent review.

si: New prices for registrars from 1 June, 2011.
Our tariff for registrars will change on 1 June 2011.

Don?t rush to defensively register .xxx domains
Trademark owners trying to figure out how to protect their brands in the .xxx TLD should wait for ICM Registry to reveal its full suite of anti-cybersquatting measures before deciding whether to defensively register a large portfolio of domains.

Reserve or Block Your Brand in New Domain, .XXX
EnCirca has met the accreditation criteria to accept Sunrise applications for the new TLD .XXX as an ICANN registrar.

The Africa Union Commission Clarification on Dot Africa
It has come to the attention of the African Union Commission that an organization calling itself DCA is claiming that it has the support of the Commission to bid for the Dot Africa strings. The African Union Commission would like to bring the following clarifications on the matter of the bid for authority and mandate over the use of dot Africa domain name.

African Union yanks .africa bid support, seeks registries
The African Union has called for registry operators to express their interest in managing the proposed .africa TLD.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Great new tool just in time for World IPv6 Day
APNIC is launching a new tool to provide information on the IPv6 readiness of the websites in your network. It is a simple script that utilizes Google Analytics to measure the visitors on both your and your clients' websites.

IP addresses as money 	Internet by John Levine
It's no secret that the supply of IPv4 addresses, on which the Internet has been based since the dawn of digital time, is rapidly running out. The official replacement is much larger IPv6 addresses, but I can report from experience that the task of switching is not trivial, and for a long time there will be a lot of the net that's only on IPv4. So once the initial supply of IPv4 addresses run out, and the only way to get some is to buy them from someone else, what will the market be like?

AusRegistry International appoints former ICANN manager Donna Austin
AusRegistry International announced today it has appointed Donna Austin to the role of Senior Domain Name Industry Consultant, in a move that reinforces the organisation's mission to establish an industry-leading position as a provider of Domain Name Registry Services.

AusRegistry International appoints former ICANN manager Donna Austin
AusRegistry International announced today it has appointed Donna Austin to the role of Senior Domain Name Industry Consultant, in a move that AusRegistry believes will reinforce their mission to establish an industry-leading position as a provider of Domain Name Registry Services.

U.S. Government Starts New Round of ?Pirate? Domain Seizures
US authorities have resumed ?Operation In Our Sites? and have seized several domain names associated with copyright infringement or counterfeit related crimes. Among the new targets are two sites that linked to copyrighted films hosted on third party streaming sites such as megavideo.com and veoh.com. Homeland Security?s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has yet to officially announce the new operation.

Why Google Would Defend The Pirate Bay
So important is the principle of free speech to Google, that the search giant is ready to stand up for sites like the Pirate Bay as European governments prepare to launch new laws to block them. ... ?I would be very, very careful if I were a government about arbitrarily [implementing] simple solutions to complex problems,? he said. A government might find taking down a domain name server (DNS) an appealing solution, ?but it sets a very bad precedent because now another country will say ?I don?t like free speech so I?ll whack off all those DNSs? ? that country would be China.?

The dark side of the World Wide Web is on trial
Received the response and it was very well done. If the Plaintiff were not pro se, it would be almost enough for the judge to dismiss the sleepspot.com claim. The sleepspot.com claim will, however, remain until a jury decision as will the eartheye.com claim. It will NOT be dismissed because of a technicality a pro se litigant missed. NameMedia Inc is a company of serial CYBERSQUATTERS!

CitizenHawk Adds Domain Management, Online Monitoring to its Suite of Brand Protection Services [news release]
CitizenHawk, a provider of online reputation and brand protection solutions, has expanded its suite of services to offer clients an array of options for managing their online brands and digital assets. The company's new services -- Corporate Domain Management and Online Monitoring -- complement its proven capabilities in Global Domain Recovery.

Amazon.com Acquires A.CO, Z.CO, K.CO and Cloud.co Domain Names
.CO Internet S.A.S., the official domain registry for the .CO domain, announced today that it has signed an agreement with Amazon.com, Inc., in which the world?s largest online retailer has acquired the registration rights to the single letter domain names A.CO, K.CO and Z.CO; and to the premium reserved domain name Cloud.CO.

This Week in Internet Censorship: A Wave of Anti-Censorship Protests in Turkey
In towns across Turkey this Sunday, thousands of citizens took to the streets to protest proposed new Internet filters. Beginning in August, Turkey?s Information and Communication Technologies Authority, or BTK, has proposed a selection of opt-in filters that Internet subscribers could choose from. Additionally, BTK has proposed a list of banned words for use in domain names.

au: Parents register digital identities for children on Twitter, Facebook, domain registers 
PARENTS are registering domain names and Twitter accounts for their young or even unborn children in an attempt to secure their digital future.

What's a Domain Name Worth? by Jeremiah Johnston
Quite literally, the average price of a .COM domain name is $2,595, according to a study released last week that analyzed 10,608 domain sales during the first quarter of 2011. That's useful information for digital marketers to work into their budgets, but more importantly, they should look at the overall value that a domain provides because the return on investment can be fairly substantial.

AfternicDLS Solves Aftermarket Puzzle to Claim Top Two Spots on This Week's Domain Sales Chart
The Afternic DLS has always had a laser like focus on the small to medium sized business market where the sweet spot for domain sales is in the four figure range. They ring up hundreds of those weekly but this week they also took a side trip to the ultra high end of the market by selling Puzzle.com for $500,000.

Regulation and Control of Communication: The French Online Copyright Infringement Law (HADOPI) by Nicola Lucchi [Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law / Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property & Competition Law Research Paper]
Abstract: In January 2010, after a troubled process, the French law for ?creation and Internet?, commonly known as Hadopi 2, was finally adopted in an amended form. The enacted text was the result of corrective action undertaken by the Conseil constitutionnel (France?s highest constitutional authority), through Decision No. 2009-580 DC of the 10th of June 2009.

Broadband Infrastructure and Economic Growth by Nina Czernich, Oliver Falck, Tobias Kretschmer & Ludger Woessmann [Economic Journal]
Abstract: We estimate the effect of broadband infrastructure, which enables high-speed internet, on economic growth in the panel of OECD countries in 19962007. Our instrumental variable model derives its non-linear first stage from a logistic diffusion model where pre-existing voice telephony and cable TV networks predict maximum broadband penetration. We find that a 10 percentage point increase in broadband penetration raised annual per capita growth by 0.91.5 percentage points. Results are robust to country and year fixed effects and controlling for linear second-stage effects of our instruments. We verify that our instruments predict broadband penetration but not diffusion of contemporaneous technologies like mobile telephony and computers.

'Like' Button Follows Web Users
Internet users tap Facebook Inc.'s "Like" and Twitter Inc.'s "Tweet" buttons to share content with friends. But these tools also let their makers collect data about the websites people are visiting.

Children with internet access at home gain exam advantage, charity says
A million children's exam results will be on average a grade lower than their peers this year because they do not have internet access at home, according to a leading charity.

Scientists set new download speed record
Scientists have set a new data speed record using just a single laser to transmit the equivalent of 700 DVDs in one second.

Change the World, and Win Fabulous Prizes
The Internet is revitalizing an old stalwart in the innovation game: the prize as incentive. Every few weeks, some big new contest arrives. This month, Overstock.com, the online retailer, announced that it would sponsor a competition paying $1 million to the person or team who comes up with new technology that most improves its product recommendations. And Qualcomm and the X Prize Foundation ? a group known for its huge prizes for grand challenges, like private space flight ? announced a $10 million competition for a smartphone application that could diagnose health problems as accurately as human physicians could.

The Privacy Challenge in Online Prize Contests
Two big new prize contests just getting under way take a page from the innovative, exciting competition run by Netflix. In a nail-biting finish in the fall of 2009, the movie rental service paid $1 million to a global team of data mavens, who just edged out another group, in most improving its online film recommendations.

E-Books Outsell Print Books at Amazon
In the latest chapter in the unfolding tale of the book evolution from ink to pixels, Amazon.com said Thursday that its customers now buy more e-books than print books.

Google ditches newspaper archive plan
It was a key part in Google's attempt to organise the world's information ? but the search giant has abandoned its ambitious plan to digitise hundreds of years of newspaper archives and make them available online.

Study: iPad Readers Retain Less Than Newspaper Readers
A new study from French internet company Miratech took a look at the reading patterns of newspaper readers versus iPad readers. Utilizing eye tracking technology and using subjects who already owned iPads, they were able to conclude that, for various reasons, newspaper readers were able to retain more of the information they read than iPad readers.

How many teens have "Internet addiction?"
One in every 25 teens reported an "irresistible urge" to be on the Internet, tension when they weren't online, or said they had tried to quit or cut down on Internet time, according to a U.S. study.

Online gambling causing real problems
A new survey has found an increase in online gambling is creating serious problems for Australians.

This Is Your Brain on Twitter
In his latest column for The New York Times Magazine, Bill Keller, The Times?s executive editor, likens clearing the way for his 13-year-old daughter to join Facebook to handing her ?a pipe of crystal meth.?

The Twitter Trap by Bill Keller, executive editor of The New York Times
Last week my wife and I told our 13-year-old daughter she could join Facebook. Within a few hours she had accumulated 171 friends, and I felt a little as if I had passed my child a pipe of crystal meth.

Opinion: Demonising porn use unleashes more evil
My primary school scripture teacher tried to warn us of the evils of pornography. She'd just written a book about her son's schizophrenia in which she describes finding "poor Danny's" stash of smutty magazines.

Facebook images open to access
Any Facebook image, no matter how strong the privacy settings, can be publicly accessed, security experts have warned.

au: Brocial Network back online
The creator of a sexist Facebook group that spread raunchy images of women without their knowledge has allegedly resurfaced and appears to be selling a line of T-shirts.

au: Six Roos in 'Brocial' group
NORTH Melbourne footballers were active members of a Facebook group sharing photos of women in bikinis and lingerie, the club conceded last night.

The man who saw the future: How the sci-fi writer Geoffrey Hoyle predicted 2011's technologies in 1972
Webcams, microwaves, touchscreens, Ocado, jumpsuits... When Geoffrey Hoyle was asked in 1972 to imagine what the world might be like in 2011, little could he have known quite how many advances he would correctly predict

Children growing weaker as computers replace outdoor activity
Children are becoming weaker, less muscular and unable to do physical tasks that previous generations found simple, research has revealed.

The Protection of Children Online: Working paper: Forthcoming 
As increasing numbers of children worldwide enjoy the benefits of the Internet, they also face a spectrum of risks to which they are more vulnerable than adults. This reports examines these risks as well as the policy responses of governments and other stakeholders to improve the protection of children online.

Facebook?s New Way to Combat Child Pornography
As online photo sharing has exploded so has, tragically, the distribution of child pornography. But while the rise of the Internet and digital cameras have revived a scourge that had nearly been eliminated in the late 1980s, new technology may also help to beat it back again.

Facebook to scan for child porn [AFP]
Facebook's chief technology officer said the social network will start scanning for child pornography and images of missing children.

Kids Under 13 are Already Allowed on Facebook
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has sparked a minor controversy by suggesting that children under 13 should be allowed to join social networking sites. The thing is, there is nothing stopping Facebook from allowing children to join now...except Facebook.

Safe habits shake off cyberstalking
Increasingly connected world has its pitfalls, and combating online dangers calls for user awareness and education to complement legislation, says official.

nz: Sex content left on phone
An 11-year-old girl whose cellphone was stolen from her classroom had it returned full of explicit sexual material.

nz: Editorial: Keeping safe in a virtual world
Barely a decade ago the word "virtual" was harmless. It meant "almost", as in "the job is virtually done".

nz: Logging off Facebook
A Takapuna Grammar pupil has found a way to help students get better grades by removing distracting internet sites. Kun Qian found his studies disrupted by Facebook.

How much of the Internet are you missing because of filters
The vast frontier of the Internet is not as vast as we may think. When we click on favorite websites or search for specific information, we may not be seeing what others who visit the same website and do the same search are seeing. Part of that is because of tracking cookies and part of that is due to Internet filters that sift through all the results available and choose what we get to see. In other words, the ?personalization? of our web experience by news sites, advertisers and even social media sites are skewing what information we receive.

se: Game pulled amid child porn accusations
Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS has been pulled in Sweden amid accusations that it violates that country's child pornography laws.

While in France, Watch What You Download
More than 800 members of the global digerati are to gather this week in Paris, at the invitation of President Nicolas Sarkozy, to discuss the future of the Internet. Here are a few tips for participants in the so-called E-G8 Forum.

Apple rebuts Amazon's stance that 'app store' is a generic term
Apple rebutted Amazon.com's stance that "app store" is a generic term in its latest filing related to its trademark infringement suit against the Amazon Appstore.

Joint CDT, FPF Statement on the Development of App Privacy Guidelines [news release]
Today, the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) and the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) released the following statement in response to this morning?s Senate hearing on ?Consumer Privacy and Protection in the Mobile Marketplace.? CDT and FPF are working together to improve mobile and app privacy and take the opportunity of the Senate hearing to make this statement on app privacy:

eu: Brussels eyes end to roaming surcharges
A new draft regulation prepared by Digital Commissioner Neelie Kroes envisages lower caps on cross-border telephone charges and is expected to put mobile roaming prices on an equal footing with national tariffs by 2016.

Senators press Apple, Google on location privacy
Apple and Google returned to Capitol Hill this morning to defend themselves against accusations from U.S. politicians who claim that the companies aren't doing enough to protect their customers' location privacy.

Gartner: Android and Apple Win Big Globally in Q1 [IDG]
Android became the most popular smartphone operating system worldwide in the first quarter of 2011, while Apple saw its share of the market grow, according to a report Gartner issued Thursday on sales of mobile phones to end users.

Gartner: Android dominates smartphone sales worldwide
Another day, another report saying Android rules the smartphone world, this time from Gartner.

Gartner Says 428 Million Mobile Communication Devices Sold Worldwide in First Quarter 2011, a 19 Percent Increase Year-on-Year [news release]
Worldwide mobile communication device sales to end users totaled 427.8 million units in the first quarter of 2011, an increase of 19 percent from the first quarter of 2010, according to Gartner, Inc. Smartphones continued to outpace the rest of the market, and a newly competitive mid-tier smartphone market will drive smartphones into mass adoption and accelerate this trend.

Google moves to fix Android leak
Google is fixing an issue with Android phones that could have exposed users' personal data.

North Korean 3G mobile subscriptions hit half a million [IDG]
The number of 3G cellular subscriptions in North Korea passed half a million during the first quarter, the country's only 3G cellular operator said this week.

Study Sees Way to Win Spam Fight
For years, a team of computer scientists at two University of California campuses has been looking deeply into the nature of spam, the billions of unwanted e-mail messages generated by networks of zombie computers controlled by the rogue programs called botnets. They even coined a term, ?spamalytics,? to describe their work.

Anatomy of a Spam Viagra Purchase
What happens if you buy something advertised via spam? This graphic shows the flow of Internet traffic and money following a purchase of Viagra from a spam email.

Judge calls for new era of online controls in attack on ?those who peddle lies?
The Lord Chief Justice made an outspoken attack on "modern technology" yesterday and drew a parallel between those who spread lies on the internet and paedophiles who circulate child pornography.

Twitter users and the courts go to war over footballer's injunction
Attempts to identify a famous footballer hiding behind a privacy injunction have spiralled into an online battle over freedom of speech, as internet users responded to high court action by repeatedly naming him on Twitter.

Twitter row prompts call for superinjunctions debate in parliament
Judges face a furious backlash from MPs who have demanded a parliamentary debate over the widespread use of superinjunctions.

Superinjunctions granted far too readily, judges say
Superinjunctions should only be granted in "very limited circumstances" and normally for short periods of time, according to an influential judicial committee studying privacy orders.

uk: Twitter users and the courts go to war over footballer's injunction
Attempts to identify a famous footballer hiding behind a privacy injunction have spiralled into an online battle over freedom of speech, as internet users responded to high court action by repeatedly naming him on Twitter.

uk: Footballer takes proceedings against Twitter
Legal proceedings are being taken by a professional footballer against Twitter for allegedly publishing information covered by a super-injunction.

UK privacy row sparks 'war on internet' [The Times]
A privacy row in Britain has escalated with the government considering contempt action against a newspaper for identifying a footballer already named in thousands of Twitter messages.

Scottish newspaper identifies injunction row footballer
An escalating privacy battle between celebrities and users of social media websites took an unexpected turn on Sunday when a Scottish newspaper printed a front-page photograph of a footballer who is alleged to have had an affair with a model.

Sunday Herald names footballer accused on Twitter
A Scottish newspaper has named a footballer accused of being linked to a privacy injunction by users of social networking website Twitter. ... In its editorial explaining the move, the Sunday Herald said it named the sportsman being linked to the injunction on Twitter because it was "unsustainable" for newspapers to be prevented from sharing information which is easily available on the internet.

He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named (In The UK) Sues Twitter Over A User Naming Him
Earlier this month, a random Twitter user wreaked havoc on the lives of a bunch of British celebrities by publishing a series of tweets claiming they had affairs, were into prostitutes, and harassed their employees. The tweep claimed that the news had been suppressed by ?super injunctions,? legal gag orders that British citizens can get to prevent news agencies from mentioning their names or that an incident happened at all. It?s a privacy protection measure that?s increasingly hard to enforce in the social media age when news giants are not the only ones with publishing powers.

Free Speech on Twitter Faces Test
What began as seamy gossip about an affair between a famous British soccer player and a reality TV star has quickly become another test over how far the rights to privacy and free speech extend online, where social media operate in countries with vastly different laws.

Criminal Justice Blog Moves to Dismiss Sham Copyright Troll Lawsuit - Unsealed Documents Show Righthaven Not True Owner of News Article's Copyright
The publisher of a criminal justice blog that provides resources for difficult-to-prosecute murder cases has asked a judge to dismiss the sham infringement lawsuit filed against him by copyright troll Righthaven LLC. Recently unsealed documents show that Righthaven is not the true owner of the copyright of the news article that is the basis for the lawsuit.

UN agencies team up to make the online world safer: ITU announces significant new landmarks in the fight against cyberthreats [news release]
ITU has cemented new global partnerships designed to make cyberspace a safer, more secure place to be for consumers, businesses, and ? most crucially ? children and youth.

Krebs?s 3 Basic Rules for Online Safety
Yes, I realize that?s an ambitious title for a blog post about staying secure online, but there are a handful of basic security principles that ? if followed religiously ? can blunt the majority of malicious threats out there today.

Six rising threats from cybercriminals
Hackers never sleep, it seems. Just when you think you've battened down the hatches and fully protected yourself or your business from electronic security risks, along comes a new exploit to keep you up at night. It might be an SMS text message with a malevolent payload or a stalker who dogs your every step online. Or maybe it's an emerging technology like in-car Wi-Fi that suddenly creates a whole new attack vector.

au: Reporters' iPads shielded by privilege, says lawyer
Criminal law specialists have condemned the actions of the Queensland Police Service after the seizure of a Herald journalist's iPad as evidence of a potential crime.

au: Cybercrime embarassing for victims: O'Connor [AAP]
The internet has opened up a lot of doors for criminals but the victims of cybercrime often feel too embarrassed to come forward, federal Justice Minister Brendan O'Connor says.

Cyber security: India co-operating with US [PTI]
The United States is having close co-operation with India on a range of issues related to cyber security and the country wants to expand it, a US official has said.

European Commission vows to simplify data protection [IDG]
The European Commission has vowed to simplify rules on data protection and is considering establishing a voluntary register for companies in non-E.U. countries that agree to abide by the region's data protection standards.

New Yorkers sue China over internet censorship
Eight New York residents are suing China and its biggest search engine company, accusing Baidu of conspiring with the government to censor pro-democracy content.

Google's Eric Schmidt: Blocking file-sharing sites would make U.S., Britain like China
Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman, said on Wednesday that proposals from the U.S. and British governments to block Internet access to file-sharing websites would endanger freedom of speech and push both countries toward being more like China, according to a report.

Baidu Accused of Aiding Chinese Censorship in U.S. Suit
Eight New York residents filed a lawsuit Wednesday against China and Chinese online-search provider Baidu Inc., alleging they violated the plaintiffs' U.S. constitutional rights by blocking prodemocracy speech from Baidu search results.

China's Great Firewall a Big Inconvenience: Shoe Thrower [IDG]
The man who threw a shoe at the architect of China's Internet censorship systems on Thursday, said he did so because the censorship has made his life inconvenient.

Shoe attack on China web censor sparks online buzz [AFP]
Internet users in China are hailing a student who claims to have thrown a shoe at the architect of the country's so-called "Great Firewall" of Internet controls during a university appearance.

Documenting Tools for Beating Internet Censorship
Network censorship and surveillance is a booming business. Censorship schemes continue to fragment the Internet and new censorship proposals are constantly introduced around the world, including in liberal democracies. (Lately governments have gotten fascinated by the idea of forcing ISPs to censor particular sites from the DNS, so users can't find them even though the sites are still there.) Censors usually assume that most Internet users don't know how to bypass the censorship (or, often, that many users won't even realize the censorship is going on!).

This Week in Internet Censorship: A Wave of Anti-Censorship Protests in Turkey
In towns across Turkey this Sunday, thousands of citizens took to the streets to protest proposed new Internet filters. Beginning in August, Turkey?s Information and Communication Technologies Authority, or BTK, has proposed a selection of opt-in filters that Internet subscribers could choose from. Additionally, BTK has proposed a list of banned words for use in domain names.

Chaos of Internet Will Meet French Sense of Order
The Tuileries Garden in Paris, a celebration of grand geometric vistas and tightly trimmed topiary, will be invaded next week by the denizens of a decidedly more chaotic space: the Internet.

UK copyright law - Old media 1, new media 0: Old-fashioned copyright laws are set to be left largely intact
Just about everyone agrees that Britain?s 300-year-old copyright laws stifle innovation. An entrepreneur trying to launch a whizzy new way of distributing entertainment, or even a broadcaster wanting to put a programme in an online archive, must hack through a thicket of rights and permissions. A team of experts led by Ian Hargreaves, a journalism professor, has now taken a hard look at this tangle on the government?s behalf, lamented its many hazards?and decided pretty much to leave it alone.

Google Was Warned on Rogue Drug Ads
Google Inc. was warned repeatedly by a group of state regulators and industry watchdogs that many of the online drugstores advertising on its network were violating U.S. laws, according to interviews and documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

au: ALRC releases classification review paper
The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) is calling for public submissions to its review into the national classification scheme amid the classification and censorship system?s apparent inability to come to terms with rapid technological change.

nz: Libraries fear internet closure over download law
Libraries may have to close their public internet services if the process used to identify offenders infringing copyright by downloading and uploading is allowed to stand, says the Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa (Lianza).

New FCC Report: More Than 20 Million Americans Denied Access to Jobs & Economic Opportunity Within Broadband Economy [news release]
The latest Broadband Progress Report to Congress from the Federal Communications Commission reveals that approximately 26 million Americans, mostly in rural communities located in every region of the country, are denied access to the jobs and economic opportunity made possible by broadband. 

FTC Testifies on Consumer Privacy and Protection in the Mobile Marketplace [news release]
The Federal Trade Commission today told Congress that while mobile technology, such as smart phones, is giving consumers a vast array of new products and services, it also presents new consumer privacy challenges.

Nominations open for InternetNZ Lifetime Achievement Award
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) announced the launch of a new award recognising those who have contributed to the development of the Internet in New Zealand.

Baring your soul online can open a can of worms
Former private investigator Warren Olson once tracked down a man who was thought to be dead after he used his airpoints. ... But while the legislative framework is changing and agencies such as Netsafe and even big businesses that understand the need to protect valuable information are joining the movement to help make people more aware, much of the onus needs to be placed on the individual, she says.

uk: Ofcom urged to expand mobile internet
Millions of Britons living in rural areas will be left "isolated and undermined" unless communications regulator Ofcom expands mobile internet access to 98% of the UK, MPs have warned.

uk: Mobile operators in charge challenge to Ofcom
Leading mobile operators have launched an appeal to try to overturn the industry regulator?s move to force through steep cuts in the charges they levy for connecting phone calls to their networks.

U.S. lagging in broadband adoption, speed - FCC report
The United States continues to lag behind other countries in broadband adoption and download speeds, according to a report released by the Federal Communications Commission on Friday.

Carlos Slim eyes Canada telecom market - analyst
Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim may be talking with Canadian telecoms about a deal to use their networks to give him a toehold in a market in which foreign participation is tightly restricted, an analyst said on Thursday.

us: FCC May Weigh Phone Data Caps
Consumer and small-business advocacy organizations are asking the FCC to step in and limit the ability of ISPs to put caps on the amount of data broadband customers can use, warning that 56 percent of all broadband connections come with data caps.

Africa?s ICT sector booms
For 48 long hours, employees of Senegal?s National Telecommunications Company cut telephone and internet connections to the rest of the world. That bold action, in August last year, sought to force the government to back down on a plan to grant a US company exclusive rights to manage incoming international phone calls.

UAE still lags behind Arab world on telecoms competition
Competition in the UAE's telecoms sector is still dragging behind most of the Arab world, according to new data released by the Arab Advisors Group.

Digital Agenda: better choice & more competitive prices for German broadband customers thanks to EU action
German consumers stand to benefit from better choice and more competitive prices for broadband internet access thanks to EU action which has obliged the German Government to comply with EU law and so not protect Deutsche Telekom from competition on the broadband market. If applied as originally drafted, a German law would have made it difficult for telecom operators to compete on this market.

Kenya a model for sub-Saharan Africa telecoms sector growth
Kenyan telecommunications is a ?showcase? for the increasing interest of international investors in sub-Saharan Africa, because of its ?innovative? progress over the past five years, according to a new report.

Libya says telecoms staff to act shield against NATO
Libya said on Monday that tens of thousands of telecoms workers would act as human shields to deter NATO strikes on communications infrastructure, which it said had inflicted serious financial damage.

nz: 470 schools may fall through RBI-UFB cracks
Following the award of contracts for the Rural Broadband Initiative, an analysis has been done showing as many as 470 schools fall into the so-called Zone 3, which is not covered either by the RBI or the urban-based Ultrafast Broadband (UFB) initiative.

nz: Rural schools may miss out on broadband plan
Nearly 500 rural New Zealand schools may not receive a fibre internet connection under the Government's ultra-fast broadband scheme or rural broadband initiative (RBI).

InternetNZ, Tuanz concerned about rural schools' broadband
New Zealand internet industry group InternetNZ, the Telecommunications Users Association New Zealand (Tuanz), and Federated Farmers have expressed concern that a substantial number of schools and students in Zone 3 may be missing out on fibre connections in the initial rollout of the government's broadband programmes.

nz: Govt broadband plans miss out 100,000 students
A significant number of schools, located in towns too big to be rural but too small to be urban, look set to miss out on broadband funding, according to an independent analysis.

nz: Small town schools to get ultrafast broadband
About 300 small town schools will fall between a gap between the ultrafast broadband scheme, which covers 33 cities and towns, and a contract signed with Telecom to wire up rural schools under the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI).

nz: Some schools 'could miss out' on broadband roll-out
Farmer and internet groups are concerned that a large number of schools could miss out in the initial roll-out of the Government's broadband programmes.

nz: Joyce: Small town schools to get ultrafast broadband
Some 300 small town schools in New Zealand will be connected to ultrafast broadband under a new contract with the government.

nz: The TechDay Weekender
Telcos were back in the news in a big way this week thanks to a surprise move from the Government and a marketing stunt that probably didn't get quite the kind of publicity hoped for.

nz: FORUM: ComCom in from the cold
So the Commerce Commission is to have full oversight into wholesale pricing of the Ultra Fast Broadband after all.

NZ education networks signs to Pacific Fibre
New Zealand?s government-owned education fibre network has signed on as anchor tenant to the $US400 million Pacific Fibre submarine cable venture, significantly boosting the service provider?s international capacity.

Queensland porn ring smashed: police arrest 21
One of the world's largest child pornography rings, based on the Gold Coast, has been smashed by Queensland police, leading to the rescue of 29 children and the arrest of an alleged internet porn kingpin.

An Australian-led operation has rescued 21 exploited children in one of the world's largest busts
An Australian-led police operation has smashed one of the world's largest child pornography rings, rescuing 21 children from exploitation and capturing an alleged internet porn kingpin in his Gold Coast home.

Queensland police arrest 21 in child porn website bust
Queensland police say they have saved almost 30 children in five countries after shutting down a large child pornography website, arresting 21 people across the state.

Qld police reveal child porn website bust [AAP]
Queensland police tracked one of the world's largest child pornography websites for more than a year before springing the trap.

Police shut down child exploitation website [news release]
Police have dismantled a large child exploitation website seizing more than 307,000 images of children from around the world.

Children saved in porn raids
FOUR children from NSW are among 29 victims of child abuse rescued after a crackdown on one of the world's largest child pornography websites. An 11-year-old Brisbane boy, eight children in Russia, five in Mexico and others in Britain were also rescued.

Fake myki survey leads to child porn download [AAP]
AUTHORITIES have detected a fake survey circulating on social networking sites which, when accessed, downloads child pornography to the user's computer.

Austrian professor jailed for downloading child porn [IANS]
A professor at the University of Graz in Austria has been sentenced to four months in jail and fined 8,000 euros (over $11,000) for downloading thousands of indecent images of children, Xinhua reported.

at: University professor jailed for downloading child porn
A professor from the University of Graz was sentenced Friday to four months in jail and fined ?8,000 (about $11,461) for downloading and processing thousands of indecent images of children.

Sweden: 23 women suspected of child pornography [AP]
Twenty-three women and a 43-year-old man were charged Friday with child pornography offenses in what investigators say is a unique case because of the number of female suspects.

Sweden Busts 23 Women on Child Porn Charges [AP]
Twenty-three women from across Sweden have been charged with involvement in what investigators call a unique child pornography case because most of the suspects are female. A 43-year old man was charged today with having provided them with 510 films and photos of children being exploited in an "especially ruthless" manner.


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