[DNS] the non-domain domain name news - 5 April

[DNS] the non-domain domain name news - 5 April

From: David Goldstein <david>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 17:14:52 +1000
China vows faster, cheaper Internet [AFP]
China has said it will aim to bring faster and cheaper Internet access to more people, following complaints that a near monopoly by state-backed firms had hurt service.

China pledges faster, cheaper Web access
China has vowed it will bring faster and cheaper Internet access to more people, in light of grievances that a near-monopoly controlled by state-backed companies has hurt service standards.

UK online advertising spend nears ?5b
Against a weak economic backdrop, brands in Britain spent almost 5 billion pounds advertising online in 2011, with video ads and marketing on social media platforms driving growth to its biggest increase in five years.

UK web advertising spend to hit ?5bn
UK internet advertising spend is likely to reach ?5bn in 2012, with Facebook on track for an estimated 60% revenue surge to ?288m.

rw: High speed internet exists, but is inaccessible
With the omnipresence of the Internet today, thanks to mobile phones and laptops, it would be easy to forget that the technology only came to Rwanda at the turn of the century. Back then, the horrible dial-up connections were used where you could spend almost an hour sending one email.

YouTube and Yahoo Want Women Viewers
Low-cost reality lifestyle programming aimed at female audiences ? from Hoboken cake bakers to pro house flippers ? has acted as a kind of revenue growth hormone for cable TV programmers over the last decade.

Facebook Misses Privacy Deadline in Ireland. Now What?
Following a three-month audit by Ireland?s Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC), Facebook promised at the end of last year to make a slew of changes to give users more control over their privacy. The social networking company gave itself a series of deadlines for this, the first falling on March 31 of this year.

Privacy backlash over Girls Around Me mobile app
An app that allowed users to find nearby women who had "checked in" on a social network has been withdrawn by its developer after complaints.

The Biggest Tech Revolution Since the Internet
A silent yet very real tech revolution is taking place and it is not in Silicon Valley. Where can you find 40 percent of the five largest Internet companies in the world? Where can you find a microblogging site already eight times bigger than Twitter and growing much faster? The answer is China and this trend is not new.

Google unveils Project Glass augmented reality eyewear
Google has revealed details of its research into augmented reality glasses. It posted a brief introduction to Project Glass, photos and a concept video at its Google+ social network.

Google unveils a prototype of its glasses
Google is apparently on a mission to make wearing glasses cool again.

nz: InternetNZ survey highlights ignorance of child exploitation filtering system
An InternetNZ survey on the public?s view of the Digital Child Exploitation Filtering System (DCEFS) shows that less than half the respondents had heard of it.

nz: Most favour extending govt?s internet filter
Most favour extending the reach of the government's internet and website filter into areas beyond child exploitation images, according to an InternetNZ survey - but a majority also want to decide for themselves whether they're covered by Internal Affairs' censorship technology.

Few kiwis know their content is filtered: InternetNZ
Fewer than half of New Zealanders are aware that many of the country?s ISPs use an automatic system to filter their internet content, according to a survey published by InternetNZ.

46% of New Zealanders aware of govt internet filter - survey
A survey by InternetNZ has found that most of the public are not aware of the Digital Child Exploitation Filtering System (DCEFS).

nz: Facebook shams using ?friend? trick for women
Facebook shams using ?friend? trick for women Wellington: Facebook cons have found a new way to trick people through internet, as they are now hijacking the network?s live chat system to cheat users out of cash.

uk: Children becoming addicted to video game fantasy worlds, teachers warn
A growing number of young children are acting out violent scenes from adult computer games in the playground, teachers have warned.

Al-Qaeda?s online forums go dark for extended period
Al-Qaeda?s main Internet forums have been offline for more than a week in what experts say is the longest sustained outage of the Web sites since they began operating eight years ago.

Al-Qaeda websites go silent 'after cyber attack'
Al-Qaeda's main internet sites have gone silent for more than a week in an unprecedented blackout that is most likely the result of a cyber attack, analysts said.

Google ads ruling hands win to watchdog
The consumer watchdog has won a major battle against Google, the Federal Court finding the search giant engaged in false and misleading advertising using search ads.

au: Google deceived web users with search engine ads
Google has been found guilty of misleading or deceptive conduct through its placement of advertisements when searches are conducted.

ACCC wins appeal against Google [news release]
Today the Full Federal Court unanimously upheld the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission?s appeal filed in October 2011 against Google.

Europe Opens Patent Investigations Into Motorola Mobility
The European Union?s competition office on Tuesday opened two antitrust cases against Motorola Mobility for possibly abusing its patents following complaints by two rivals, Microsoft and Apple.

EU probes Motorola after Microsoft, Apple complaints
EU regulators are investigating whether phone maker Motorola Mobility breached antitrust rules by allegedly over-charging Microsoft and Apple for use of its patents in their products, the European Commission said on Tuesday.

European Commission Opens Antitrust Investigation of Motorola Mobility [IDG]
Europe's top competition regulator has launched two antitrust investigations into Motorola Mobility.

Facebook Accuses Yahoo of Infringing on Patents
It appears that two can play at the patent infringement game.

Facebook launches patent counterattack against Yahoo
Facebook fired back on Tuesday in its legal battle with Yahoo by accusing the Web pioneer of infringing 10 of Facebook's patents, according to a court filing.

Facebook fires back at Yahoo, says it infringed 10 patents [IDG]
Facebook has denied Yahoo's claims of patent infringement and shot back with counterclaims that Yahoo infringed 10 Facebook patents.

Megaupload lawyer says case could affect other storage services [IDG]
A verdict against Megaupload in the U.S. would mean other cloud storage providers can be held criminally liable for illegal content stored by customers on their networks, an attorney representing the shuttered file-sharing site said Tuesday.

nz: Botched Dotcom Mega-Raid Back in Court
Justice Potter has reserved her decision over whether Kim Dotcom gets his boatload of cars and other assets back, following what appears to have been something of a botched, if not overblown raid on the Megaupload Mansion.

London 2012 prepares for cyber-attacks
When it comes to Olympics security, the chief information officer for London 2012 is quite clear: "We will get cyber-attacks, for sure. Previous Games have always been attacked, so we will be attacked. We are working with partners and government to make sure we have the right defences," Gerry Pennell said. Speaking in January 2011, he insisted it was "inevitable" that there would be attempts to bring the systems down.

uk: Businesses could be liable for criminal offences under proposed cyber attack laws
Companies will be liable for any cyber attacks that others commit "for their benefit" under legislative plans approved by the European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee.

FBI: Cyberattacks grow as national security menace
Cyberattacks are starting to eclipse terrorism as a threat to the country, say top officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, speaking before an audience of security professionals here at the GovSec Conference today.

CDT: Cybersecurity bills raise major civil liberties concerns [IDG]
A group of cybersecurity bills that the U.S. Congress may soon vote on contain serious privacy and civil liberties flaws, with some of the bills allowing private companies to share a wide range of their customers' online communications with government agencies, the Center for Democracy and Technology said.

Singaporeans value online data, lack protection knowhow
Internet users in city-state have basic understanding of current security climate but unsure of how to secure information due to 'confusion' over security tools, Symantec exec says.

us: Consumer Reports, Times polls find broad data privacy concerns
Most consumers are "very concerned" about Internet firms selling information about them without their permission, according to a Consumer Reports survey.

China Eases Web Crackdown
China's popular microblogging services lifted a three-day ban on user comments on Tuesday morning, ending government-imposed limits that illustrate Beijing's efforts to meet the challenge the Internet poses to its traditional grip on information and the media.

uk: Government retreats on digital 'Big Brother' plan
Plans to allow the authorities to monitor the online activity of every person in Britain were pushed back last night after being condemned by MPs of all parties.

uk: Police and MI5 get power to watch you on the web
Police and intelligence officers are to be handed the power to monitor people's messages online in what has been described as an "attack on the privacy" of vast numbers of Britons.

uk: Email surveillance plans face Lib Dem rebellion
Senior Liberal Democrat MPs are threatening to rebel over the coalition government's plans to extend the powers of the security services to monitor the public's email, telephone calls and social media communications.

uk: Internet companies warn over government email surveillance plans
Internet firms have warned that government plans to monitor email and social media use in Britain are liable to be used by repressive regimes elsewhere in the world to justify their state surveillance.

uk: The surveillance state: growing under a coalition that pledged to reverse it
If the government were to suggest monitoring every building that each person in the UK visits, and making a note of every conversation they had, the policy would be seen as electoral suicide. Assurances that the actual content of conversations wouldn't be recorded would be unlikely to help.

Britons Protest Proposal to Widen Surveillance
British lawmakers and rights activists joined a chorus of protest Monday against plans by the government to give the intelligence and security services the ability to monitor the phone calls, e-mails, text messages and Internet use of every person in the country.

uk: Plans for greater email and web monitoring powers spark privacy fears
David Davis, the former Conservative shadow home secretary, has warned that government plans to allow police and security services to extend their monitoring of the public's email and social media communications are unnecessary and will generate huge public resentment.

au: IIA seeks input into iCode review from ISPs, security vendors
The Internet Industry Association (IIA) has called for participating internet service providers (ISPs) and security vendors to contribute to a review of the IIA?s iCode.

au: Online Industry weapon against Cybercrime under review [news release]
The Internet Industry Association (IIA) has commenced a review of its icode. The icode is a voluntary industry code that is used by service providers to help fight cybercrime through protective systems and cooperation on reporting and disclosure. The icode has been recognised internationally and is being examined for adoption in the US and Europe.

Trip Advisor adds its voice to Europe's Google probe
Holiday review site Trip Advisor has joined the swelling ranks of firms complaining to the European Commission about Google.

TripAdvisor files competition complaint against Google
Google is under growing threat of being charged with stifling competition by the European Commission, after TripAdvisor became the latest in a string of companies to file a complaint against the search giant.

TripAdvisor latest to file antitrust complaint against Google
Online travel site TripAdvisor has become the latest company to take aim at Google.

Apple's Chief Puts Stamp on Labor Issues
A day after Timothy D. Cook, Apple?s chief executive, toured a Chinese factory where the company?s products are made, an audit commissioned by Apple criticized the long hours and dangerous working conditions at plants run by Foxconn, the operator of the factory Mr. Cook visited last week.

How the Love Affair With Apple Might End
If you stopped people on the street and asked them to name a successful design brand, many of them would say Apple. And why not? Apple?s products have won shoals of design prizes. Devotees camp outside its stores in the hope of snapping up its new products. Sales have soared, as has its share price, and whenever Apple executives discuss the reasons for the company?s success, its commitment to design is invariably among them. Yay!

InternetNZ funds more Christchurch rebuild projects
InternetNZ - the non-profit organisation that generates around $7 million a year from administering and wholesaling .co.nz web addresses - has awarded more than $370,000 of grants funding in a fresh Christchurch Funding Round.

Wi-Fi, videoconferencing receive InternetNZ quake funds
InternetNZ has announced funding for four Christchurch rebuild projects, including school videoconferencing services and free public Wi-Fi for Lyttelton and Sydenham. Over $370,000 has been granted to the recipients.

nz: Opinion: Computer Society contemplates a rebrand
As many will be aware, we?re currently asking NZCS members and others in the IT community the age old question, ?what?s in a name?? as we seek a mandate to change the Society?s name to the Institute of IT Professionals.

Singapore's innovation output 'below expectations'
Country's return on investment on innovation front disappointing, and needs change in mindset of local companies, Singapore Business Federation exec says.

nz: Key warned on Huawei, claims Curran
New Zealand security agencies warned Prime Minister John Key in 2010 there was no guarantee New Zealand's broadband infrastructure would not be compromised if Huawei was awarded the contract, Labour's Clare Curran claimed in Parliament yesterday.

Italy passes telecoms law, EU concerned
Italian lawmakers on Wednesday approved legislation to open up the country's telecoms market despite concerns from the European Commission and telecoms operators such as Telecom Italia that it may undermine the national regulator's independence and power.

au: Man jailed for pornography made with own children
A man from the New South Wales Central Coast has been sentenced to at least 15 years in jail for making internet pornography with his own children.

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