[DNS] auDA domain name news - 3 June

[DNS] auDA domain name news - 3 June

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ICANN?s Approval of ACDR as UDRP Provider Leaves Standard Contracts Issue Unresolved by Philip Corwin

auDA Releases Transfers (Change of Registrar of Record) Policy (2013-02)

DNCL launches 2nd consultation on .nz registration

USSR's old domain name attracts cybercriminals [AP]

.TK Rockets To Largest ccTLD, Second Largest TLD

Part 2 of 5; Internet Infrastructure: Stability at the Core, Innovation at the Edge

IPv6: Switzerland is now the world's biggest adopter

au: Domain name scams

au: ACCC calls for caution in domain name renewals

The Geopolitics of the Internet: Seeing the Negotiating Table
Will the Internet?s future resemble its past? That seems increasingly unlikely, given the growing influence of new global powers, the determination of many governments to control Internet access and content, and the difficulties of balancing security and civil liberties. This was the take-home message at a meeting last week on ?The Geopolitics of Internet Governance,? hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The coming transformation may well challenge the longstanding U.S. vision of an open network whose governance remains largely in private hands.

Internet fragmentation is a ?law of history? by He Baohong, China Academy of Telecommunications Research, Ministry of Information Industry and Technology, Peoples Republic of China
The formulation ?One World, One Internet? seems very familiar to Chinese People because the slogan of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games was ?One World, One Dream.? But due to the global economic downturn, the results turned out to be ?One World, Many Dreams,? as various countries moved toward trade protectionism and junk currency behaviors in order to maximize their individual interest. Thus, it can be said that ?One World, One Internet is another Dream.?

RIPE NCC Report on the ITU WTPF-13
The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) held its fifth World Telecommunications/ICT Policy Forum (WTPF) in Geneva from 14-16 May 2013. The RIPE NCC participated in the event together with the four other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and industry partners to discuss Internet governance issues.

Next Set of Initial Evaluation Results Released
Total Number of Passing Applications Now 514. View Them Here.

ICANN Appoints First Two New gTLD Data Escrow Agents
Iron Mountain Intellectual Property Management, Inc. and NCC Group have been approved by ICANN to provide data escrow services to new gTLD registry operators.

NomCom Receives Largest Number of Applicants Since 2003
... At the deadline, the NomCom had received 110 Statements of Interest, more than in any one year after 2003, when there were also 110.

Bulk Transfer of Domain Names from C I Host, Central Registrar, Power Brand Center, and Dotted Ventures to Astutium Limited
ICANN has authorized the bulk transfer of gTLD domain names from three registrars: C I Host, Inc., Central Registrar, Inc. DBA Domainmonger.com, Power Brand Center Corp. to Astutium Limited due to compliance actions taken by ICANN that resulted in the de-accreditation of registrars C I Host, Central Registrar and Power Brand Center.

ICANN?s Approval of ACDR as UDRP Provider Leaves Standard Contracts Issue Unresolved by Philip Corwin
The Arab Center for Dispute Resolution (ACDR) has been approved as a UDRP provider by ICANN?s Board of Directors. However, the language of the Board resolution of approval leaves unresolved the critically important issue of whether all UDRP providers will be placed under a standard and enforceable contractual agreement.

Could dotless domains be on the horizon?
ICANN has announced a study into the potential security and stability risks that dotless names raise. While technical in nature, it is a study worth following as, if introduced, dotless domains could impact the way consumers navigate the web.

ICANN warns AsiaRegister over late payments
ICANN has sent a breach notice to AsiaRegister, Inc. for its failure to pay past due accreditation fees.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Domainwire Stat Report Available
CENTR has published its biannual statistics report on the state of the domain name industry (edition 2013/1). The report gives detail on the following aspects with focus on European ccTLDs.

.AL: domain registrations are now also possible for foreign companies
The Albanian Electronic and Postal Communication Authority (AKEP), operator of the ccTLD .AL, has changed the rules for domain allocation from May 1. .AL domains can now be registered by foreign companies.

auDA Releases Transfers (Change of Registrar of Record) Policy (2013-02)
Following a detailed industry panel review, auDA has implemented the recommendations of the 2012 Industry Advisory Panel by publishing Transfers (Change of Registrar of Record) Policy (2013-02).

Call for feedback: Draft model of Redemption Grace Period for .de
Upon consultation with the Cooperative members, DENIC eG has decided to introduce a Redemption Grace Period (RGP) for the TLD .de. It shall protect domain holders against unintentional loss of their domain by accidental deletion and give them the possibility to restore the original registration condition of their domain during this period. DENIC describes the intended process and procedure in a draft, which is made available to the community for discussion and feedback until 21 June 2013.

Slovakia tops 40,000 .eu registrations
Slovak companies and residents have to date registered more than 40,000 .eu domain names, according to EURid, the registry for the .eu TLD. In terms of registrations, Slovakia is the 14th largest market in the European Union, behind Hungary and Greece, ahead of Denmark and Ireland.

.eu available in Croatia as of 1 July
On 1 July 2013, Croatia will join the European Union. As of that day, Croatian residents, organisations and companies will be able to register .eu domain names.

EURid Announces .EU Available In Croatia From 1 July
On 1 July 2013, Croatia will join the European Union and as of that day, Croatian residents, organisations and companies will be able to register .eu domain names EURid has announced.

High growth in .fr domain names in two departments of France
How is the distribution of domain names under the .fr TLD changing in French departments? Find out in this month?s issue of the Afnic Industry Report

.INFO Security Standards Serve As Model For The Industry
The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) enthusiastically endorses Afilias' new anti-abuse policy for the TLD .INFO, aimed at fighting ?the growing scourges of spam, phishing, and other Internet problems."

nz: DNCL Second Level Consultation and Submissions (Round 2)
DNCL released a consultation paper in May 2012 about allowing the registration of .nz domain names directly at the second level. After examining the 115 submissions received, it was clear that there was no clear consensus as to whether people were for - or against - the proposal.

DNCL launches 2nd consultation on .nz registration
New Zealand's Domain Name Commission (DNCL) has launched a second consultation on the registration of .nz domain names directly at the second level.

Cybercriminals go back to the USSR
The former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics gained some Internet status in 1990 by being awarded its own TLD. A year later, the USSR was no more, but its domain lived on?to the delight of cybercriminals.

USSR's old domain name attracts cybercriminals [AP]
The Soviet Union disappeared from the map more than two decades ago. But online, an "e-vil empire" is thriving.

.TK Rockets To Largest ccTLD, Second Largest TLD
The .TK ccTLD, one of the three TLDs with the most malicious domain registrations and whose domains are mostly given away for free, has rocketed into first place among ccTLDs with 16.7 million active registrations according to the latest CENTR DomainWire report.

Tiny Tokelau now has the biggest ccTLD in the world
The .tk domain is now the biggest ccTLD in the world, according to the latest stats from Centr.

ICM price cut sees 10 times more .xxx sales
ICM Registry saw 13,348 newly added .xxx domain name registrations in May, a period during which it and its registrars were offering the names at .com prices.

Update: NGPC Progress on GAC Advice on New gTLDs
ICANN recently released an update on the New gTLD Program Committee?s (NGPC) discussion about how and when it would address the Governmental Advisory Committee?s (GAC) advice from Beijing.

Applicant Update Webinar Sheds Some Light on the New gTLD Process
ICANN recently held an Applicant Update Webinar led by Christine Willett, VP of Operations, as part of a series intended to provide information on the evaluation progress, program developments, and other topics of interest to new gTLD applicants. While the webinar didn?t produce any groundbreaking news, applicants should take note of key dates for ICANN auctions and Community Priority Evaluations.

Verisign says people might die if new gTLDs are delegated
If there was any doubt in your mind that Verisign is trying to delay the launch of new gTLDs, its latest letter to ICANN and the Governmental Advisory Committee advice should settle it.

ICANN won?t say how Demand Media passed its new gTLD background check
After badgering ICANN for a few weeks, I?ve finally got a firm ?no comment? on the question of how new gTLD applicant Demand Media managed to pass its background checks.

Private gTLD auctions really will be private
The first new gTLD auctions to be held by Innovative Auctions is set to take place on Monday, but we won?t know which applicants took part until after the fact.

ICANN reveals 81 passes and one failure in latest new gTLD results batch
The weekly batch of new gTLD Initial Evaluation results has just been published, revealing 81 passes and one failure ? the first failure that isn?t a dot-brand.

Chinese geo gTLD bidder drops out of two-way fight
The Chinese government-controlled news agency Xinhua has dropped out of the race for the new gTLD .?? ? the local name of Guangdong, China?s most populous province.

Bloggers as Brands
Consumer-generated advertising from a well-known blogger or vlogger can be a major coup for a brand, especially since some blogs and YouTube Channels draw visitors in the seven-figure range. Conversely, a well-known blog or vlog can draw the attention and money from an established brand.

Domain '.book' claim ignites fresh e-battle
Herman Melville's character Bartleby the scrivener famously said he ''would prefer not to'', and 160 years later the owner of Bartleby's Books would prefer not to see Amazon.com control internet addresses ending in .book.

The Role of Trust in Determining a New TLD's Business Success by Thomas Barrett
Warren Buffet famously said, "It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it." Like it or not, every TLD is a brand in the eyes of the consumer. So, just how important is trust in the success of the new top-level-domains? I'm no branding expert, but I grasp that no brand, no matter how memorable, will fail to achieve its goals if it does not gain the public's trust.

Part 2 of 5; Internet Infrastructure: Stability at the Core, Innovation at the Edge
For nearly all communications on today?s Internet, domain names play a crucial role in providing stable navigation anchors for accessing information in a predictable and safe manner, irrespective of where you?re located or the type of device or network connection you?re using.

Verisign: ICANN Needs To Put Early Warning System In Place Not To Break Root
In the second part 2 of a 5 part series of articles released by Verisign on its blog was written by Danny McPherson on the possible dangers of the impending rollout of the new gTLD program.

Multi-Layer Security Architecture - Importance of DNS Firewalls by Jesse Dunagan
In today's world with botnets, viruses and other nefarious applications that use DNS to further their harmful activities, outbound DNS security has been largely overlooked. As a part of multi-layer security architecture, a DNS Firewall should not be ignored. After serving as a consultant for multiple organizations, I have encountered many companies that allow all internal devices to send outbound DNS queries to external DNS servers - a practice that can lead to myriad problems.

China continues to deny carrying out cyberattacks against U.S.
China on Wednesday again denied that it has used cyberattacks to steal U.S. military and business secrets, after new accusations were leveled this week.

Ministers to meet to review NATO's cyber defences
NATO defence ministers hold their first review of cyber defence next week in a sign the issue is making its way to the top of the alliance's agenda as fears grow that Western infrastructure and military secrets are vulnerable to hackers.

U.S. and China Agree to Hold Regular Talks on Hacking
The United States and China have agreed to hold regular, high-level talks on how to set standards of behavior for cybersecurity and commercial espionage, the first diplomatic effort to defuse the tensions over what the United States says is a daily barrage of computer break-ins and theft of corporate and government secrets.

Hagel, in Remarks Directed at China, Speaks of Cyberattack Threat
In remarks directed at China, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke Saturday of a ?growing threat? of cyberattacks against the United States and called on America and its allies to ?establish international norms of responsible behavior in cyberspace.?

Cyber threats pose 'stealthy, insidious' danger - U.S. defence chief
Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Friday that cyber threats posed a "quiet, stealthy, insidious" danger to the United States and other nations, and called for "rules of the road" to guide behaviour and avoid conflict on global computer networks.

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel uses security conference to warn China on cyber attacks
Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel delivered a two-pronged message to Beijing ? holding out hope for a slowly improving military relationship with the Asian giant while issuing a stern warning on cyber attacks coming from that country. But he was met with immediate scepticism from the Chinese delegation in the audience, who questioned America's role in the Pacific.

Hagel chides China for cyber espionage
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel took China to task for alleged cyber-espionage on Saturday, drawing a sharp response from a Chinese general who questioned whether America?s growing military presence in Asia is anything more than an affront to Beijing?s rise.

An Elizabethan Cyberwar
As Barack Obama and China?s president, Xi Jinping, prepare to meet in California next week, America?s relations with China are feeling increasingly like the cold war ? especially when it comes to cybersecurity.

Prolexic Stops Massive DNS Reflection Attack
Distributed denial of service protection services provider Prolexic announced on Thursday it has successfully mitigated what it says is the ?largest DNS reflection attack ever recorded,? which peaked at 167Gbps.

White Blackbirds: Defining the Exceptional Cyber-Squatter by Joshua Counts Cumby [Santa Clara Law Review/George Mason Law & Economics Research Paper]
Abstract: This paper has two interrelated goals. The first is resolution of a recent circuit split on the availability of attorney?s fees awards in trademark cases where the prevailing party seeks an award of statutory, rather than actual damages. A detailed review and analysis of both the relevant statutory and the legislative history of the remedial provisions of the Lanham Act reveals that neither the text nor the intent and purpose of Congress in providing remedies in trademark disputes precludes a prevailing party who elects to receive statutory damages from also recovering attorney?s fees, ?in exceptional cases".

The (Tea) Party?s Over...
Former US Congressman and candidate for President of the United States, Ron Paul, recently unsuccessfully attempted to recover several domain names containing his name: RonPaul.com and RonPaul.org. Two complaints (one per domain name) were filed with The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and both were denied. 

Why Trademark Owners Should Think Twice Before Reclaiming Domains by Yvette Miller
A recent kerfuffle around Italian chocolate and confectionery producer Ferrero SpA and fan Sara Rosso is the latest example of how important it is for companies to consider carefully the domain and user names they decided to reclaim. Sometimes, enforcing trademark rights online can go really wrong, really quickly. In 2007, Ms. Rosso chose February 5 to be "World Nutella Day" - a time when "Nutella Lovers Unite for One Day!" She built a web presence around Nutella Day that included a nutelladay.com website.

 - IPv4/IPv6
IPv6: Switzerland is now the world's biggest adopter
Switzerland has raced to the top of the league table of world IPv6 adoption. IPv6 adoption stands at 10.11 percent in Switzerland ? the highest penetration of any country, according to stats from Google, which takes a snapshot of adoption by measuring the proportion of users that access Google services over IPv6.

NRO Calls for Greater Investment in IPv6 Deployment
The Number Resource Organization (NRO) has reiterated the need to enhance efforts to deploy and adopt IPv6 around the world. The organization said IPv6 is a critical factor in global telecommunications and will determine the stability of the Internet in the near future given the impending exhaustion of IPv4.

The big shift: IPv6 bug haunts firms
Transition to the newest internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the latest bugbear for IT managers: several companies may find that their hardware may not be IPv6 compatible.

U.S. Government Seizes LibertyReserve.com
U.S. federal law enforcement agencies on Tuesday announced the closure and seizure of Liberty Reserve, an online, virtual currency that the U.S. government alleges acted as ?a financial hub of the cyber-crime world? and processed more more than $6 billion in criminal proceeds over the past seven years.

Matt Cutts Addresses Google?s Approach to Advertorials
Yesterday Matt Cutts posted a new video on YouTube reiterating Google?s policies on Advertorials. While Google has not changed anything in their Advertorial policies recently, the WebSpam team, led by Matt Cutts, has noticed an increase in companies and individuals who violate the standing guidelines.

Verisign whois falsely returning ?no match? results
Verisign?s whois service for .com and .net is sometimes falsely returning a result of ?no match? the initial time you search for a domain name.

au: Domain name scams
A recurring internet scam involving domain names has resurfaced targeted at small businesses. The scams involve notices being sent to small businesses indicating an urgent need to renew or register domain names associated with that business. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) last month reissued a warning to small businesses, advising them to beware of domain name scams.

au: ACCC calls for caution in domain name renewals
The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission today called for domain name licence holders to exercise caution when renewing their domain name licences. The ACCC has supported .au Domain Administration's (auDA) checklist for licensees renewing their domain names.

Go Daddy IPO ?not off the table?
Go Daddy may be on the IPO track with its new investors and management.

Financial firm and new TLD applicant buys IG.com domain name
UK Financial firm IG Group has acquired the domain name IG.com, which was previously used by a Brazilian search portal.

Spread betting player IG gets IG.com web domain
NetNames,the online brand protection and domain name management specialist, announced that it has acquired a broad portfolio of domain names including IG.com on behalf of IG, the global leaders in financial spread betting and CFD trading.

NetNames.com Brokered The Sale Of IG.com for ?50% off Asking Price?
According to a story in the retail-digital.com, it was the the online brand protection and domain name management company NetNames.com that brokered the deal for the purchase of the domain name IG.com on behalf of its client IG, the global leaders in financial spread betting and CFD trading.

Domain Name Broker Tips from the World Record Holder of Domain Name Sales ? With Jeff Gabriel
If you want to learn about domain name sales and negotiations, why not go directly to the broker who facilitated the world record-setting sale of Sex.com for $13 million?

Sedo Announces Auction of Newly Released .INFO Domain Names
Sedo, the world?s largest domain marketplace and domain monetization provider, today announced the availability of newly released premium .INFO domain names via an online auction that will run from May 29 through June 4, 2013.

New .Info Domains in Exclusive Sedo Auction Bid on previously unreleased premium .Info names
Sedo has partnered with Afilias, the registry behind the .info domain extension, to auction never-before-released .info domain names.

Photos & Highlights From Friday's Closing Day of the 2013 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas Conference
The 2013 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas conference closed with a busy day and night of activity Friday (May 31) at the beautiful Bellagio Hotel. The final business day began with a breakfast sponsored by Email.biz where company founder Anshul Goyal (in the photo at right) provided guests with information about the innovative email service we wrote about in December.

au: Gen X continues to dominate online shopping
Figures released today show a continued growth in the amount Australians are spending on online purchases.

Asia Opens Up to Online Dating, ?E-Stalking?
Looking for love in Asia, as in the West, is an increasingly digital exercise, and one that should come with a warning: Google not, lest ye be Googled.

British pop bubble bursts ? but Robbie Williams still flies the flag
... But research by two leading economists now suggests fears that British and American music would end up conquering the world were largely overblown. Indeed Britain, though still a pop music success story, no longer penetrates the global charts as it did in Lennon's heyday and again in the mid-80s when Duran Duran, Wham! and Culture Club were making records. ... More surprisingly, however, the authors found that interest in domestically-produced music has risen steadily throughout the world over the past 15 years, possibly due to the appearance of locally-tailored MTV channels, the growth of the internet, and domestic airplay quotas like those governing French radio.

Belarus becomes world's top country ... for SPAM
Belarus has eclipsed the US to become the biggest single source of global spam, according to cloud-based email and web security firm AppRiver.

Spam catchers catching spammers better
A year ago, the state of the spam-catching art was in dire straits. As I reported back then, spammers were getting better ("better" in the eyes of the beholder, of course), and spam filters were getting worse.

Computer Scientists Urge Court to Block Copyright Claims in Oracle v. Google API Fight [news release]
Dozens of computer scientists urged an appeals court today to block the copyright claims over application programming interfaces (APIs) in the Oracle v. Google court battle, arguing that APIs that are open are critical to innovation and interoperability in computers and computer systems.

EFF Makes Formal Objection to DRM in HTML5 [news release]
Today the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a formal objection to the inclusion of digital rights management (DRM) in HTML5, arguing that a draft proposal from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) could stymie Web innovation and block access to content for people across the globe.

EFF Launches Full-Court Press To Bust Podcasting Patent [news release]
The patent trolls have gone far enough: Starting today, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is mounting a new, focused campaign to bust the dangerous patent that a Texas company has been using to shakedown podcasters. EFF intends to challenge the original grant of that patent before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by proving that the company, Personal Audio, did not really invent anything new.

Cyber Criminals Using Photo-Sharing Programs to Compromise Computers [news release]
The FBI has seen an increase in cyber criminals who use online photo-sharing programs to perpetrate scams and harm victims? computers. These criminals advertise vehicles online but will not provide pictures in the advertisement.

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom granted access to police evidence
A New Zealand court granted Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom access on Friday to all evidence seized by police in a 2012 raid, bolstering the internet entrepreneur's fight against extradition to the United States to face online piracy charges.

nz: Cyber fraudsters target lovestruck Kiwi
Cyber fraudsters sent a fake death certificate to try to dupe a lovestruck Kiwi woman into sending money.

au: IIA seeks public comment on iCode
The Internet Industry Association (IIA) is asking for public feedback on the iCode, a voluntary industry code used by Internet Service Providers to identify malware on customer computers.

EFF and Facebook Stand Up for User Privacy and Control in California Case
EFF filed an amicus brief in support of Facebook in California state appellate court yesterday, urging the court to protect the privacy rights of social media users by requiring that all requests for their account information?including content?be directed to the users, rather than to third parties like Facebook.

Google ordered to hand private customer data over to FBI investigators
A US judge has ordered Google to comply with FBI secret demands for customer data, despite earlier ruling the warrantless orders unconstitutional.

us: Trial on E-Book Price-Fixing Puts Apple in Spotlight
Government lawyers are set to face off against Apple this week in a Manhattan courtroom, trying to prove that the company conspired with publishers to raise prices in the e-book market.

U.S. takes Apple to trial over e-books price-fixing
Apple Inc goes to trial Monday over allegations by federal and state authorities that it conspired with publishers to raise the price of e-books.

uk: Snooper's charter is threat to internet freedom, warn web five in letter to May
The five biggest internet companies in the world, including Google and Facebook, have privately delivered a thinly veiled warning to the home secretary, Theresa May, that they will not voluntarily co-operate with the "snooper's charter".

uk: Leading internet companies warn Government of 'harmful consequences' of 'snooper' laws
Five leading internet companies have warned the Government about the "potentially seriously harmful consequences" of creating new laws allowing police and public authorities to monitor electronic communications.

Top internet companies - including Google and Facebook - write to Home Secretary Theresa May expressing concern about 'snooper's charter'
The "Big Five" giants of the internet - including Facebook and Google - have written privately to the Home Secretary Theresa May expressing their concern over the "snoopers' charter." In a letter leaked to The Guardian, also signed by Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo, they say the proposals will be too expensive and are still "highly contentious."

European commission investigating claims Apple exploited mobile networks
The European Commission is investigating whether Apple has used its influence to secure unfair terms from the mobile networks that sell its phones.

More Australian government departments admit censoring websites
A national security agency has used federal powers to block Australian access to websites, in the latest development surrounding revived fears of internet censorship.

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