[DNS] auDA Domain News - 6 June

[DNS] auDA Domain News - 6 June

From: David Goldstein <david>
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2013 13:03:54 +1000

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Huge registrar shake-up coming to .biz and .info

New .au Domain Name Registry security protocol to add a further level of protection against website hijacking

au: Lessons learnt from the Distribute.IT cyber security incident

Business Unsure About New gTLDs But Awareness Strong Among Larger Companies

ICANN Auctions or Private Auctions? by Antony Van Couvering

New TLD?s Can Help Address Online Banking Security Concerns

APWG Report: Cybercriminals Perfect Mass Attacks on Server Farms to Mount Phishing Blitzkriegs [news release]

One Year After World IPv6 Launch, Number of IPv6-Connected Internet Users Doubles

au: Internet industry reports progress on IPv6, but work remains

au: 10% of Internode customers use IPv6

Internode customer use of IPv6 tops 10%

EU Net neutrality plan to outlaw throttling, site-blocking
Internet service providers will be barred from blocking or throttling customers' access to services that rival their own under new Net neutrality rules that could soon be enforced across Europe

The EU, safeguarding the open internet for all
Net neutrality can be a polarising debate. And if the net neutrality debate shows anything, it is how important the internet has become. Not just basic broadband, but high quality connections that are open, fast, enabling. Connectivity is at the heart of our innovative future. And people care about it deeply.

Myanmar holds forum to discuss cyberspace governance
Myanmar recently hosted its first Internet Freedom Forum with the aim of developing a set of proposals governing cyberspace for the government to consider.

The Internet Against the World
Why are so many nations willing to gather and discuss Internet governance under the umbrella of the UN, when it's fairly clear none of them require the body's approval to do just exactly as they please within their own borders? It's a question of international norms, said Eli Dourado, a Mercatus Center research fellow.

Call for applications to participate in the First African School on Internet Governance in Durban
The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency?e-Africa Programme are pleased to announce the call for applications for the first African School on Internet Governance to be held in Durban, South Africa, from 10-12 July 2013.

Proposed Renewal of .INFO gTLD Registry Agreement
Purpose (Brief): ICANN is posting today for public comment a proposed agreement for renewal of the Registry Agreement for .INFO. This proposal is a result of discussions between ICANN and Afilias Limited.

Proposed Renewal of .BIZ gTLD Registry Agreement
Purpose (Brief): ICANN is posting today for public comment a proposed agreement for renewal of the Registry Agreement for .BIZ. This proposal is a result of discussions between ICANN and Neustar, Inc.

Pre-Durban ICANN Policy Update Webinar Invitation 27 June 2013
Whether you plan to participate in the upcoming ICANN meeting in Durban remotely or in person, you're invited to a quick reminder of the background and current status of each major policy issue currently under discussion in ICANN.

Call for Expressions of Interest for 2014 Nominating Committee Chair and Chair-Elect
ICANN is immediately seeking expressions of interest for leadership roles in the 2014 Nominating Committee (NomCom) - that of the 2014 NomCom Chair and Chair-Elect.

Huge registrar shake-up coming to .biz and .info
Afilias and Neustar will be soon able to sell .biz and .info domains direct, and may have to shut down registrars that refuse to sign up to the new 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement.

ICANN told to give Internet root server guarantees
Domain name registrars are calling on ICANN to provide guarantees for the performance of the root servers that underpin the functioning of the Web.

ICANN Appoints Technology Policy Expert To Lead Asia Engagement Strategy
ICANN has announced Kuek Yu-Chuang, a leading executive in technology policy development, has been named Vice President for Global Stakeholder Engagement for the Asia Region.

ICANN hires new VP from Yahoo!
ICANN has poached a Yahoo! executive to head up its outreach efforts in Asia.

Four registrars terminated
Four small domain name registrars have lost their ICANN accreditation and their domain names have been transferred to another.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
New .au Domain Name Registry security protocol to add a further level of protection against website hijacking
A new security measure launched today for Australia?s 2.7 million .au Domain Names will provide an added level of protection against website attacks and hijacking, as well as unintended and self-inflicted technical mistakes.

au: Domain registry moves to lock out hackers
Companies with valuable websites can now pay up to $1000 a year to opt-out of Australia's automated domain registry system, closing a hacker's doorway in the process. AusRegistry, the company that operates the registry for all domain names in the .au space, has launched a new service called .AULockdown that allows domain owners to bar automated changes to their domain at registrar level.

AusRegistry Improves Security For .AU Domain Names
Security for .au domain names just got a whole lot better with the introduction of a new security measure that will provide an added level of protection against website attacks and hijacking, as well as unintended and self-inflicted technical mistakes.

au: Lessons learnt from the Distribute.IT cyber security incident
Last week, ABC program The Business aired an exclusive report on the Distribute.IT cyber security incident which forced the once-thriving company out of business and significantly impacted their large customer base.

Redemption-Grace-Period for .de - The model (a draft for discussion)
Upon consultation with the Cooperative members, DENIC eG has decided to introduce a Redemption Grace Period (hereinafter referred to as RGP) for the TLD .de. What does this mean? When a domain contract is terminated, the related .de domain will no longer be deleted IMMEDIATELY; instead there will be a cooldown phase of a defined limited period.

Dot-ee Domain Name Popularity Lagging
On Friday, the Estonian Internet Foundation confirmed a new development plan through 2015, notably aiming to increase the number of Estonian domain name users.

.eu registry contract up for grabs
The European Commission has opened up the .eu registry contract to competitive bidding.

ru: The Rise of Cyrillic Domain Names by St?phane Van Gelder
This week, on a cruise ship navigating Russia's Neva river, around 250 domain registrars and resellers are gathered for the RU-CENTER annual domain conference. RU-CENTER is the largest Russian registrar in a market that is dominated by three companies. RU-CENTER and competitor Reg.Ru both manage around 28% of domains registered in the country's national suffix... RU-CENTER is also a figurehead for Russia's drive to make Internet use more palatable for those who are not natural ASCII writers.

Business Unsure About New gTLDs But Awareness Strong Among Larger Companies
"Businesses are unclear on how to really approach the new gTLD programme and are as yet undecided on how they should position themselves," said Ben Anderson of NetNames, commenting on new research commissioned by Deloitte into general awareness of the new gTLD programme and the action those businesses are taking.

ICANN Auctions or Private Auctions? by Antony Van Couvering
By this time next year the allocation of the new Internet namespace will be complete. Several hundred contention sets, ranging from likely blockbusters like .WEB to somewhat less obvious money-makers like .UNICORN, will be decided by some method. One way to resolve contention is to form a joint venture... That works well when there are only two competitors and there's a good basis of trust, and it's a great solution because there are no losers. But if there are three or more competitors, or if you don't like and trust your prospective partner-to-be, this really isn't an option.

New TLD?s Can Help Address Online Banking Security Concerns
In the next few years hundreds of new TLDs will be launched on the internet, which could help banks increase their online security, but also opens up new opportunities for fraudsters if banks are not vigilant.

ICANN publishes applicant responses to government advice
Following the advice received from the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) at ICANN?s Beijing meeting held last April, new gTLD applicants have been busy drafting responses to what many felt were a new set of rules forced on them by governments.

Another two bites the dust
There seems to be quite a few announcements from ICANN regarding new gTLDs being withdrawn. I noticed another two this week (at the time of writing) - .idn and .ummah. This takes the total number to over 60 since initial results were revealed almost a year ago.

Why Are Brands Abandoning gTLD Applications?
A number of brands have recently fallen from the list of visionary companies applying for gTLDs. Hasbro?s Transformers, Hilton, GM?s suite of gTLDs and Heinz have all decided to pull their gTLD applications, opting out of participating in the first paradigm shift of the Internet.

Today?s new gTLD withdrawals: .play and .design
Two new gTLD applications have been withdrawn today: Directi?s .play and Starting Dot?s .design.

Forget .com: Get ready for .google and .apple
The largest-ever expansion of the Internet's naming system, beyond trusty old .com and .org, is almost here: Hundreds of dot-anything websites are slated to roll out this year, starting as early as this summer.

Uncontested .catalonia drops out of gTLD race
The regional Government of Catalonia has withdrawn its application for .catalonia.

TLDH bags $10m in share sale
Top Level Domain Holdings has raised roughly $10 million by selling shares to institutional investors and directors.

TLDH raises $10 million for new TLDs
New TLD applicant issues new shares to raise money, also confirms possibility of participating in private new TLD auctions.

Uncontested .catalonia drops out of gTLD race
The regional Government of Catalonia has withdrawn its application for .catalonia.

ICANN: Trademark Clearning House Update
ICANN during its Webinar today gave some updated data on the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH). Today 636 trademark holders have filed marks with the TMCH.

1st New gTLD?s Could Be Delegated As Soon As Aug 28th w/ Sunrise Ending Oct 27th
As part of its Webinar today ICANN laid out a ?best case scenario? for when the first new gTLD?s might roll out.

ICANN New gTLD Contention Auctions To Start In October
During a Webinar today, ICANN announced it is intending to hold the first round of the ICANN Last Resort auction starting in October for those Contention sets which DO NOT include community applications.

InterNetX's Rapidly Growing DomainShop Expects New gTLDs to Push Their White Label Registration & Hosting Solution to New Heights
Many domain investors (including me) are able to operate their own domain registration and/or hosting businesses by using white label solutions offered by some the biggest players in those spaces. They allow you to put your own brand on the robust platforms they have already built and do it at a very low cost.

Famous Four Applicant for new gTLD .Rugby Launches .Rugby Council
Dot Rugby Limited, which has submitted its application to ICANN to operate the .Rugby gTLD, today announced the launch of the .Rugby Governance Council.

Private New gTLD Auctions Are Underway
According to ApplicantAuction.com the first private auction for new gTLD strings are underway.

Possibly related DDoS attacks cause DNS hosting outages [IDG]
Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that could be related have in the past few days slammed the DNS servers of at least three providers of domain name management and DNS hosting services.

APWG Report: Cybercriminals Perfect Mass Attacks on Server Farms to Mount Phishing Blitzkriegs [news release]
A new phishing survey released by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) at its conference this week reveals that phishers are breaking into hosting providers with unprecedented success, using these facilities to launch mass phishing attacks.

Cyber theft: A hard war to wage - US has accused China of stealing corporate secrets
Washington is angry. Really angry. It is just not sure what to do about it. US officials have accused Chinese hackers of stealing corporate trade secrets since the mid-2000s but during the past few months the outrage has reached a political tipping point. cyber security has been thrust to the top of the agenda in US-China relations.

Politics, Uncertainty Slowing Down U.S. Response to Cyber Threats
The shift in the last few years to cyberespionage and online attacks against the nation?s critical infrastructure have left the United States government lagging behind, and ?a day late and a dollar short?, the former director of the National Security Agency said.

Number of Peer-to-Peer Botnets Grows 5X
Researchers say the prevalence of peer-to-peer botnets has grown fivefold during the past 12 months with virulent malware such as ZeroAccess leading the way.

S'pore, RSA collaborate on cybersecurity training
Singapore's Economic Development Board will send candidates from local universities and holding IT security jobs to RSA's Anti-Fraud Command Center in Israel for cybersecurity training over for up to two years.

German Court Limits Use Of Berlin.com & Requires Disclaimers On Site
A German Appellate court has ruled that World Media Group LLC (World.com) which owns the domain name Berlin.com has to cease using the domain name in connection with a website providing information on Berlin because such use constitutes an infringement of the rights of the state Berlin in the name under Sec. 12 of the German Civil Code.

The prior registration of a domain name does not prevent the registration of a posterior community trademark
With judgment rendered on 14 May 2013 (joint cases T-321/11 and T-322/11), the EU General Court confirmed OHIM?s decision to reject two oppositions against a trademark application, both based on the prior registration and alleged use of the same word as a domain name.

Can this one simple step save you in a UDRP?
There was a panel on domain name law and the UDRP during last week?s TRAFFIC conference. Bill Sweetman of Name Ninja provided some tips on how to mitigate the risk of losing a domain in a UDRP. One suggestion was to add a disclaimer to a domain offer page that says the submitter claims no legal right to the domain it?s making an offer on.

Why do people waste money filing this sort of UDRP against Name Administration?
Before you filed a UDRP, you?d think you?d google the domain name?s owner to learn more.

Irony alert: Trademark company loses cybersquatting claim on TrademarkDirect.com.au
Trade Mark Direct Ltd of London has lost a cybersquatting complaint filed under the .au Dispute Resolution Policy for the domain name TrademarkDirect.com.au.

au: Mark Kingsley Williams v. Bbhinds Pty Ltd - Case No. DAU2013-0010
1. The Parties: The Complainant is Mark Kingsley Williams, c/o Trade Mark Direct Ltd of London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, represented internally. The Respondent is Bbhinds Pty Ltd of New South Wales, Australia represented by Victor Ng of Markwell Intellectual Property Lawyers, Australia. 2. The Domain Name and Registrar: The disputed domain name <trademarkdirect.com.au> is registered with Netfleet.com.au.

Gucci Wins UDRP on 165 Domain Names
Gucci this morning Won a UDRP seeking 165 domain names which all contain the famous trademark.

 - IPv4/IPv6
One Year After World IPv6 Launch, Number of IPv6-Connected Internet Users Doubles
The number of IPv6-connected users has doubled since World IPv6 Launch began on June 6, 2012, when thousands of Internet service providers (ISPs), home networking equipment manufacturers, and Web companies around the world came together to permanently enable the next generation of Internet Protocol (IPv6) for their products and services. This marks the third straight year IPv6 use on the global Internet has doubled. If current trends continue, more than half of Internet users around the world will be IPv6-connected in less than 6 years.

IPv6-Connected Users Double Since World IPv6 Launch
Non-profit group, The Internet Society, announced on Wednesday that the number of IPv6-connected users has doubled since World IPv6 Launch began on June 6, 2012.

Switzerland leads global IPv6 user adoption
On 20 May, Switzerland reached first place in the global statistics of IPv6 user adoption due to the activation of over 500,000 IPv6 connections by Swisscom, reports the Swiss IPv6 Council.

Swiss top the league for iPV6
Statistics from Google and Cisco show that Switzerland has topped the IPv6 adoption charts.

au: Internet industry reports progress on IPv6, but work remains
One year after the World IPv6 Launch Day, the Internet industry has reported steady progress moving users around the world to the new Internet Protocol version. However, Australia continues to lag behind other companies in IPv6 uptake, industry figures told Computerworld Australia.

au: 10% of Internode customers use IPv6
Australian ISP Internode has seen 10 percent of its national customer base actively using IPv6.

Internode customer use of IPv6 tops 10%
Internode today reveals that 10 per cent of its national customer base now actively accesses the Internet using IPv6.

IPv6: Less Talk and More Walk by Bruce Sinclair
The sixth month of the year is both symbolic and historic for IPv6 and a good time to take stock and see how we've progressed. But instead of looking at the usual suspects of number of networks, number of users, number of websites, etc... on IPv6, let's look at some new trends to see what's happening. At gogo6 we've been measuring the "Buzz" of the IPv6 market every week over the last two and a half years.

Thailand heralds new IPv6 Internet era
Thailand?s Internet Protocol (IP) will be changed from version 4 (IPv4) to the latest version 6 (IPv6) to deal with IP address exhaustion in the near future, according to a cabinet resolution yesterday.

GoDaddy releases major update to Domain Manager
GoDaddy, the world?s largest domain name registrar, has released a new Domain Manager for managing domain names held at the registrar.

Google's Matt Cutts Issues New Warning on Advertorials & Paid Content
Advertorials have been popping up on websites with much greater frequency over the past year or two. Advertorials are essentially paid "content", whether articles or reviews, disguised to appear that they are simple editorials by someone who has used the product or service in question, and is writing about it without ulterior motives.

Directi?s t.co? Single-letter .pw sold to Upworthy
Directi has sold u.pw to social media linking service Upworthy for what is likely to be a five-figure sum.

Cerf sees a problem: Today's digital data could be gone tomorrow
One of the computer scientists who turned on the Internet in 1983, Vinton Cerf, is concerned that much of the data created since then, and for years still to come, will be lost to time.

Internet Explorer 10 takes chunks out of IE9, Windows 8 closes on Vista
One wonders what the browser market would look like if Microsoft had enabled automatic updates before. Though the overall positions in the market were little changed in May, one thing is clear: Internet Explorer 10's uptake is fast, in a way that no older version of the browser has ever been.

British booksellers seek Amazon curb
British bookshops are pleading with the government to stand up for them against Amazon after France pledged ?9m (?7.7m) of funding to help its booksellers fight back against the "destroyer of bookshops".

More than 50 per cent of Australians shopping online: Roy Morgan research
The number of Australians who shop online has tipped over the 50 per cent mark for the first time.

us: Blind group attacks Captcha security
The National Federation for the Blind says its members are unable to sign an e-petition calling for printed material to be more accessible to the visually impaired because of "Captcha" security.

Google+ isn't a social network; it's The Matrix
Pretty much everyone (myself included) has been reading Google+ wrongly. Because it bears many superficial resemblances to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter - you can "befriend" people, you can "follow" people without their following you back - we've thought that it is a social network, and judged it on that basis. By which metric, it does pretty poorly - little visible engagement, pretty much no impact on the outside world.

Researchers use Wi-Fi and gestures to make a 'smart home'
Don't like the song playing on the stereo? Just wave it goodbye, literally. That's the vision of a team of researchers at the University of Washington's Networks Lab, who are developing a new gesture recognition technology called "WiSee," based on detecting tiny variations in Wi-Fi signals.

Apple Violates Samsung Patent, U.S. Trade Panel Says
Apple?s legal victory against Samsung Electronics over patents in the United States is not flawless. A trade commission on Tuesday determined that the company had violated one of Samsung?s patents, and it ordered a ban on some older Apple devices.

iPhone 4 sales could be blocked in US after Samsung 3G patent victory
Samsung has won a surprise victory in a patent battle with Apple that could see the iPhone 4 and 3G-capable iPad 2 banned from sale in the US.

Spam doubles as bull market returns
After years of declines, spam email is roaring back, and the culprit appears to be the booming stock market.

Obama Orders Regulators to Root Out ?Patent Trolls?
One company threatened to sue 8,000 coffee shops, hotels and retailers for patent infringement because they had set up Wi-Fi networks for their customers. Another claimed that hundreds of small businesses were violating its patents by attaching a document scanner to an office computer system. One claimed rights to royalties from anyone producing a podcast.

Google 'bans' facial recognition on Google Glass - but developers persist
Google will not allow apps that implement facial recognition on its Google Glass product, the company says, citing privacy concerns, after an American company said it would offer a commercial service to recognise celebrities and others.

Google bans porn on Google Glass
On Monday morning, the first porn app for Google Glass was announced. A few hours later, Google officially banned sexually explicit material on the futuristic eyewear.

Apple e-book deal 'cost hundreds of millions'
A deal between Apple and publishers to set the price of e-books cost customers "hundreds of millions of dollars", a government lawyer has claimed.

Apple in US court over accusations of fixing prices of ebooks
Apple colluded with the world's top publishers to bump up the price of ebooks and cost consumers "hundreds of millions of dollars", a US court heard Monday.

U.S. Cites Phone Calls in Apple Pricing Case
The United States government said on Monday that there were 100 phone calls among top executives of the publishing industry in the weeks leading up to Apple?s introduction of the iPad in 2010, when they had to decide whether to sign on to a deal with Apple that would raise the prices of e-books.

Apple e-book trial begins with focus on Jobs?s role
Apple?s late founder, Steve Jobs, was a key figure Monday in the Justice Department?s suit against the Silicon Valley giant for allegedly leading an illegal scheme to raise the prices of e-books.

au: ASIC reveals second instance of accidental mass blocking of legitimate websites
The corporate regulator has revealed a second instance of inadvertently blocking large numbers of websites while trying to shut down access to investment scams.

How ASIC's attempt to block one website took down 250,000
Australia's corporate watchdog has admitted to inadvertently blocking access to about 250,000 innocuous websites in addition to the 1200 it had already accidentally censored.

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