[DNS] auDA domain name news - 17 October

[DNS] auDA domain name news - 17 October

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What Last Week?s Anti-U.S. Shift in Internet Governance Means to You

What Does It Mean for the U.S. to 'Lose Control of the Internet?' The NSA revelations have thrown open an Internet governance dispute that seemed resolved. What?s next?

Edward Snowden's unintended Internet revolution

au: An Internet community ?call to arms?

ICANN Announces Strategy Panel Members

.au benchmark survey finds only one in four own a domain name

Australians Trust Their .AU: Survey

au: Domain names fading out of fashion: study

au: Do You Own A Domain Name?

au: Unintended Consequences As Aus Registry Study Turns Into Story ?Domain Names Fading Out of Fashion?

ITU Concerned About .TEL Numeric Domains

Reconsideration is not an appeals process: ICANN delivers another blow to Amazon?s gTLD hopes

Indonesia And China Account For More Than Half Of Attack Traffic: Akamai

What Last Week?s Anti-U.S. Shift in Internet Governance Means to You
Last week a group of the Internet?s governing organizations announced they were effectively turning their backs on the United States. The heads of ICANN, the Internet Engineering Task Force, the Internet Architecture Board, the World Wide Web Consortium and the Internet Society, backed by the heads of the regional registrars for gTLDs, issued a statement calling for the ?acceleration of the globalization? of the functions carried out by ICANN and IANA.

What Does It Mean for the U.S. to 'Lose Control of the Internet?' The NSA revelations have thrown open an Internet governance dispute that seemed resolved. What?s next?
Is the U.S. losing control of the Internet? That?s how some are interpreting a statement released in October by 10 organizations central to the Internet?s operation.

Edward Snowden's unintended Internet revolution
How?s this for some doubled-barreled Edward Snowden NSA irony? The massive U.S. government surveillance overreach into all nooks and crannies of the Internet may end up undermining American control over the Internet. But despite the fact that a weakening of U.S. authority over cyberspace is exactly what many Internet independence advocates are hoping for, the crumbling of U.S. hegemony might not turn out to be the greatest thing ever for the future of the free Internet.

Divorcing ICANN and the US won't break the 'net nor stop the spooks
The Montevideo statement on Internet governance, and Brazil's intervention in the governance debate, has set a cat among the pigeons, by reviving the debate over globalisation of the Internet's core technical administration.

What does Neelie Kroes know about multistakeholderism?
European Commission vice president Neelie Kroes wants ?your ideas on how the Internet should be governed and what Europe?s role should be.?

Internet governance to meet in Bali, media can participate remotely
Representatives of Governments, business and civil society will gather to examine cross-border Internet governance challenges at the annual session of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), to take place in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia later this month, on 22-25 October. Each year the Secretary-General of the United Nations convenes the meeting through the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

au: An Internet community ?call to arms?
There is continued debate over how the Internet should be governed. The Australian Internet Governance Forum has been told the situation is ?nearing a crisis point?.

ICANN Announces Strategy Panel Members
ICANN welcomes over 40 diverse practitioners, subject matter experts, and thought leaders as members of the ICANN Strategy Panels to support development of ICANN's strategic and operational plans.

ICANN Announces Membership and Frameworks for Strategy Panels - Community Encouraged to Provide Input and Comment on Panels? Work [ICANN news release]
ICANN today announced the membership and operating timeframe for four strategy panels.

ICANN at IGF 2013 by Baher Esmat
The Internet Governance Forum takes place this year in Bali, Indonesia on 22-25 October 2013. The main theme of the meeting is ?Building Bridges ? Enhancing Multistakeholder Cooperation for Growth and Sustainable Development.?

Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedures Rules Updated
The Rules for the Trademark Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedure (Trademark PDDRP) and Registry Restriction Dispute Resolution Procedure (RRDRP) are now available for download.

Albert Dubler, UIA President | International Union of Architects, to Akram Atallah
Implementation of Community Objection Decision vs. .ARCHITECT

Malcolm Johnson, Director of the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau | International Telecommunication Union, to Fadi Chehad?
Concerns Related to the ".TEL" TLD 	 

Godefroy Jordan, Executive Chairman | Starting Dot, to Christine Willett
Additional Letters of Endorsement, Application ID# 1-1000-62742

Three Ways to Protect Your Trademark During the Top-Level Domain Expansion by Cyrus Namazi
Rights protection was of key concern when forming the New gTLD Program. ICANN met extensively with IP experts and community members to determine how to support trademark holders faced with the largest expansion of the DNS, ever.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
.au benchmark survey finds only one in four own a domain name
A survey of more than 10,000 Australians has found the .au domain name remains Australia?s home on the Internet with 95% of respondents identifying it as being uniquely representative of Australia compared to competing namespaces such as .com, .nz or .asia.

Australians Trust Their .AU: Survey
While only one quarter (25%) of Australians own a domain name, three-quarters (74%) of those that do choose a .au domain a survey conducted for the .au policy and regulatory body, auDA, and the registry, AusRegistry, has found.

au: Domain names fading out of fashion: study
Research by the domain name industry reveals a need for further promotion on the benefits of owning a web address.

au: Do You Own A Domain Name?
Registering your own domain name makes sense ? it gives you a personal and unique email address and a base for any business activity you might experiment with. But have you bothered?

au: Unintended Consequences As Aus Registry Study Turns Into Story ?Domain Names Fading Out of Fashion?
Yesterday Aus Registry release a study showing only 25% of all Australians own a domain name.

Afnic Shows Correlation Between Creation Of French Companies and Domain Registrations
There is a high correlation between the registrations of domain names and companies being created, the latest Afnic Domain Name Industry Report has found.

Correlation between Entrepreneurship/Registration under the .fr TLD still strong
90% is the correlation between start-ups and the creation of domain names under the .fr TLD, according Afnic

kr: KISA Shows a Roadmap for Future Cyber Security
In Korea, the ubiquity of the Internet and smart-phone technology is not always something to celebrate, it can come with many undesirable side effects. After the March 20 and June 25 cyber attacks, information security is still a hot button issue in the country.

Non-Profits And Community Groups Win A Website With .ORG
Non-profits and community groups have the opportunity to win a fully designed website valued at approximately $35,000 in a promotion that the .org registry, Public Interest Registry, is hosting.

ITU Concerned About .TEL Numeric Domains
The International Telecommunication Union has expressed concerns about Telnic?s proposal to introduce numeric .tel domain names, saying they could cause confusion or conflicts.

tel: ITU says numeric .tel domains ?may be confusing?
The International Telecommunication Union has warned ICANN that numeric .tel domain names, due to be released by Telnic tomorrow, ?may confuse customers or cause undue conflicts?.

gTLD applicants clarify intentions as Google officially launches domain registry
The gTLD wheels keep turning, with Google launching its domain registry online and applicants for generic strings clarifying their intended use of the TLDs (with a number announcing U-turns on whether their registry will be closed). The latter came a day after ICANN also revealed that a batch of previously stalled applications can proceed to delegation if the applicant blocks certain second-level domains while further assessments are undertaken.

Reconsideration is not an appeals process: ICANN delivers another blow to Amazon?s gTLD hopes
Amazon has lost its appeal of a ruling that says its applied-for new gTLD .?? is ?confusingly similar? to .shop, with ICANN ruling that its Reconsideration mechanism is not an appeals process.

CADNA Refutes Erroneous Story Posted To Thedomains.com
The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) Wednesday refuted multiple errors contained in a blog post on TheDomains.com website.

Second dot-brand gets ICANN contract
CITIC Group has signed a new gTLD Registry Agreement with ICANN, the second dot-brand to do so.

Trademark+50 costs $75 to $200 a pop
The Trademark Clearinghouse has started accepting submissions under the new ?Trademark+50? service, with prices starting at about $76.

New gTLD committee responds to governments' issues with new gTLD program
On Sept. 12, the ICANN Board New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) reported on its September meeting where it reached a decision regarding the Government Advisory Committee?s (GAC) issues concerning certain particular applications for new gTLDs and overarching issues with consumer choice, safety and security on the Internet.

CADNA Calls On Congress To Address Cybersquatting Issues in New gTLD Program & Under ACPA
The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) in a press release today quoting Rep. Tom Marino, R-Pa said ?Congress has an obligation to take a hard look at ICANN?s new gTLD program?.

BGC Rejects Reconsideration Requests: 2 Panels Can Come To Different Decisions on Same Strings: Even The BGC
The Board Governance Committee (BGC) of ICANN rejected two request for reconsideration (?Request?) over two decisions by the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (?ICDR?).

?Dot Scot? internet domain given go-ahead
SCOTLAND is set to receive its own internet domain after an international authority gave permission for the country to have its own unique web addresses.

Pope Francis and the Vatican are at the helm of an internet name revolution
The Vatican bags ?.Catholic? in four languages, as the industry opens the doors to tens of thousands of personalised websites

For Internet rulers, the Vatican is officially .catholic [Catholic News Service]
As TLDs are being rolled out and up for grabs, the Vatican has scored control of .catholic.

Vatican gains control of 'dot-Catholic' internet domain
The Vatican has won control of the ?_.catholic? internet domain.

DotGreen Withdraws .GREEN Application As Unable To Compete In Looming Auction
One of the applicants for the .green TLD, DotGreen, has withdrawn their application. The applicant was a truly community based group gaining support from a wide range of environmental groups. However competition from the three other applicants, some of the largest of those applying for TLDs, in the end proved too much.

DotGreen Debrief: How the Applicant Auction Helps Mission-Driven Applicants by Sheel Mohnot
DotGreen announced on Friday that it has withdrawn its application for .green from ICANN's new gTLD program. We were surprised to hear the news, particularly after all of the effort that DotGreen has put into building a community and a movement around its application. While we at Innovative Auctions agree with Annalisa that the ICANN Last Resort auction would have been a poor choice for the DotGreen Community, we believe that the Applicant Auction is a great tool for single-string applicants who want to see their TLD used for a community purpose.

Polo sport beats Polo brand in .Polo TLD dispute
A panel has upheld a community objection filed by The United States Polo Association against Ralph Lauren Corporation?s application to run the .polo TLD.

Del Monte responds to strange new TLD lawsuit
Del Monte Corporation has responded to Del Monte International?s lawsuit over the .delmonte TLD.

Donuts? .Shopping found too similar to .shop, will be placed in contention set
A string confusion objection panelist has ruled that having both .shop and .shopping as TLDs will confuse the average internet user, and thus both should not both be delegated as TLDs.

Uniregistry Beats Back Google?s Objection To .Cars: Different Decisions On The Same String Is ICANN?s Problem
Uniregistry, Corp just beat back an objection from Google?s Charleston Road Registry (CRR) Inc. on the new gTLD .cars in a decision handed down by the International Centre for Dispute Resolution.

.NYC Expects To Go Live in 1st Half of 2014
According to a mailing from the offical site of the .NYC new gTLD domain name extension, mydotnyc.com the city expects that the .NYC extension will go live in the 1st half of 2014.

ICANN publishes new TLD applicant videos
As part of ICANN?s global awareness campaign for new TLDs, the group invited all applicants for new TLDs to participate in a recorded interview.

Interview with .xyz - Daniel Negari, CEO, XYZ.com LLC 

DDoS Attacks Grow Shorter But Pack More Punch
If there was ever a riddle asking the listener to name something that has gotten bigger and shorter at the same time, DDoS would be an acceptable answer.

In Malaysia the Hackers are Back
Hackers have hit here again ? though this time they?re not Anonymous. A group that goes by the name Team Madleets attacked Google?s two main websites in Malaysia last week, redirecting traffic to an address that displayed a black screen scrawled with ?Google Malaysia stamped by Pakistani Leets?.

Seized Torrent Domains Must Be Released Says Domain Registrar
As the fallout from this week?s seizure of file-sharing domains continues, it?s now been revealed that the registrars involved could now be exposing themselves to disciplinary action by IP address and DNS body ICANN. With the police now confirming to TorrentFreak that the action by the registrars was voluntary and based only on a ?potential? breach of terms and conditions, it now appears that affected registrars must allow seized domains to be released.

us: GoDaddy Likely to Duck Cybersquatting Claims
The 9th Circuit seemed unlikely to hold GoDaddy.com liable for "contributory cybersquatting" related to pornographic websites that cropped up under the name of a Malaysian oil company.

15 year old domain lost in UDRP because ?renewed in bad faith?
A National Arbitration Forum panel has ordered the domain name Big5.com be transferred 15 years after it was registered, basing UDRP principles on the last date the domain name was renewed.

au: Glimmer Body Art, LLC v. Renee Chidiac - Case No. DAU2013-0021
1. The Parties: The Complainant is Glimmer Body Art, LLC of Torrance, California, United States of America, represented by Conkle, Kremer & Engel, United States of America. The Respondent is Renee Chidiac of Glenwood, New South Wales, Australia. 2. The Domain Names and Registrar: The disputed domain names <glimmerbodyart.com.au> and <glimmerbodyart.net.au> are registered with Web Address Registration Pty Ltd.

 - IPv4/IPv6
vn: Compatibility shortage hindering IPv6 usage
The number of IPv6 users in Viet Nam is limited by the lack of IPv6 supported devices, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Akamai Releases Second Quarter 2013 'State of the Internet' Report
Akamai Technologies, Inc. ... released its Second Quarter, 2013 State of the Internet Report. Based on data gathered from the Akamai Intelligent Platform?, the report provides insight into key global statistics such as network connectivity and connection speeds, attack traffic, and broadband adoption and availability, among many others.

Indonesia And China Account For More Than Half Of Attack Traffic: Akamai
The top 10 countries/regions generated 89 percent of observed attacks, up from 82 percent in the previous quarter of 2013 the latest Akamai State of the Internet Report has found. The report for the second quarter found that like the first quarter, Indonesia and China again originated more than half of the total observed attack traffic.

DDoS, Other Attack Traffic from Asia-Pacific Up in Q2
Three-quarters of the world?s attack traffic emanates from source IP addresses in Indonesia and China, according to Akamai?s latest quarterly State of the Internet report. The report is a deep dive into traffic trends crossing the Cambridge, Ma.-based company?s network during the second quarter.

The Overlooked Signals of ccTLDs by Alex Tajirian
Two ccTLD signals should get more attention when we're talking about the domains' benefits. Companies in emerging markets can signal their brands to expats and/or westerners. This ability to take the companies' appeal beyond their immediate, national markets deserves a look and some appreciation. Traditionally, Western companies have been the ones who registered ccTLDs to signal target="_blank" operations in overseas markets, while companies in emerging markets use them to signal their local brands to the local market.

Registrars which suspended file-sharing domains may have violated global rules
Domain registrars which responded to recent letters from the City Of London Police?s new IP Crime Unit by suspending the domains of file-sharing websites that the policing body reckons are liable for copyright infringement may have violated the rules of the global domain name overseer ICANN, according to one of the registrars which received said correspondence.

Demand Media?s CEO, Chairman And Founder Rosenblatt Resigns
Demand Media, one of the domain name and social media?s largest companies, announced Monday that its board of directors has accepted the resignation of Richard Rosenblatt as CEO, effective 31 October, 2013, and as Chairman, effective immediately.

Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt resigns
Richard Rosenblatt resigns as Chairman & CEO of Demand Media.

Demand Media Co-Founder Richard Rosenblatt Resigns as Chairman & CEO - Fellow Co-Founder Shawn Colo to Lead Company on Interim Basis
Demand Media Co-Founder Richard Rosenblatt has stepped down as the company's Chairman, effective immediately, and has also resigned as CEO, effective Oct.

NameBright.com: This is what happens when a domain investor creates a domain registrar
NameBrightWhat would happen if a large domain name investor created a domain registrar from the bottom up? The result would look like NameBright.com.

After acquiring TenMarks, Amazon.com?s domain name team went to work
Whenever Amazon.com announces a new product or acquires a company, it goes a bit nuts defensively registering related domain names.

Video: IETF Chair Jari Arkko on "Pervasive Monitoring and the Internet" by Dan York
Today at the RIPE 67 event in Athens, Greece, IETF Chair Jari Arkko gave a presentation on "Pervasive Monitoring and the Internet" where he spoke about the ongoing surveillance issues and: What do we know? What are the implications? What can we do? Similar to his earlier article on the topic, Jari looked at the overall issues and spoke about how Internet technology should better support security and privacy.

Media Temple users will soon be GoDaddy customers
The controversial domain registrar GoDaddy has acquired Media Temple, a widely used web host.

GoDaddy Acquires Media Temple to Run as Separate Business
GoDaddy announced on Tuesday that it has acquired Media Temple, a web hosting and domain registration provider based in Los Angeles. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Free Web Hosting Services Powering Websites in the Developing World
Pakistani teen Hassan Bin Fahim thinks there?s a crucial barrier keeping Pakistanis from creating web pages, and that?s the cost of hosting them. That?s the main motivator behind Fahim founding free web host BASE.PK in his home town, Rawalpindi, located just outside of Islamabad.

Really Useful Ltd. Buys Teen.xxx, Mature.xxx in $600K Deal
Really Useful Ltd. has acquired the domains Teen.xxx, Mature.xxx, BDSM.xxx and PublicSex.xxx in a deal with ICM Registry worth $600,000.

With Domain Investing Becoming a Bigger Game Elliot's Blog Gets a Perfect New Name
If you typed ElliotsBlog.com into your browser this morning you might have been surprised to see a different website appear. Have no fear, the popular blog written by veteran domain investor Elliot Silver hasn't been hijacked - it simply has a new home at an even more relevant web address - DomainInvesting.com.

Hot Week for Domain Sales Led By the Year's 3rd Biggest Sale (an $850,000 Deal) & Two Others at a Half Million Each
Summer may be over but 2013 domain sales were hotter than ever this past week when three of the year's top ten sales were reported. One of those ranks among 2013's top three while two others reached the half million dollar mark to take their own places on the upper tenth of our Year-to-Date Top 100 Sales Chart.

All Aboard! The First Rolling Domain Conference Took Place Last Week on a Stunning Luxury Tour Bus in Berlin 
Over the past 7 years Christoph Grueneberg and Thomas Mueller have staged the largest German language domain conference - Domainvermarkter-Forum - eight times in their home country.

Sleeptexting Is the New Sleepwalking: ?The line is blurring between wakefulness and sleep.?
... ?The line is blurring between wakefulness and sleep,? Gelb explains. ?So, you?ll be texting one second and the next second you?re asleep, but then you get a ping and the ping awakens you. It?s becoming more of a trend because the line is really being blurred between being awake and being asleep.?

au: Calls to make the internet cheaper for older people
Health authorities want telecommunication companies to subsidise home internet access for older Victorians.

How to Opt Out of Google?s Plan to Use Your Name and Comments in Ads
When Google announced last week that it would change its terms of service to allow it to show people?s social networking activity ? like names, photos, ratings, reviews and comments ? in ads across more than two million Web sites, it strongly emphasized that users could easily opt out.

Facebook loosens privacy restrictions to allow under-18s to post globally
Facebook has removed a restriction for users under 18 that limited who could see their online posts.

One Chart That Explains Why You Pirate Movies Online
Turns out the reason people watch movies illegally online is what you always expected: They have trouble finding them elsewhere on the Internet.

Policy Research Chief Blasts TorrentFreak Piracy Research, But Why?
The Institute for Policy Innovation has criticized a new website that compares piracy rates with movie availability. After implying that the researchers are ?friends? with pirates, IPI president Tom Giovanetti attacked TorrentFreak for ?brazenly? providing stats on unauthorized downloading. Those who believe that piracy is a market force are ?losing their moral clarity,? he said. But as we shall see, clarity ? or transparency at least ? isn?t exactly IPI?s strong point.

The NSA Is Being Overwhelmed By Spam
In the latest article based on the Edward Snowden documents, the Washington Post?s Barton Gellman and Ashkan Soltani report that the NSA is ?harvesting hundreds of millions of contact lists from personal e-mail and instant messaging accounts around the world, many of them belonging to Americans? in large numbers that amount to a sizable fraction of the world?s e-mail and instant messaging accounts.? These amount to hundreds of thousands of email address books and chat contact lists per day.

The NSA?s giant Utah data center will probably hold a bunch of spam
The NSA's data-collection activities are so resource-intensive, the agency can't complete its new server farms fast enough. But when it does, a significant share of what gets held on those servers could wind up being worthless spam.

The Big Bad Internet by Geoff Huston
I often think there are only two types of stories about the Internet. One is a continuing story of prodigious technology that continues to shrink in physical size and at the same time continue to dazzle and amaze us. We've managed to get the cost and form factor of computers down to that of an ordinary wrist watch, or even into a pair of glasses, and embed rich functionality into almost everything. The other is a darker evolving story of the associated vulnerabilities of this technology, where we've seen "hacking" turn into organised crime and from there into a scale of sophistication that is sometimes termed "cyber warfare". And in this same darker theme one could add the current set of stories about various forms of state sponsored surveillance and espionage on the net. In this article I'd like to wander into this darker side of the Internet and briefly look at some of the current issues in this area of cybercrime, based on some conferences and workshops I've attended recently.

Google-backed BitTorrent client spread malware to Windows PCs and Android devices
A Google-backed file sharing service has been discovered spreading malware to thousands of Windows and Android users.

Police warning after drug traffickers' cyber-attack
The head of Europe's crime fighting agency has warned of the growing risk of organised crime groups using cyber-attacks to allow them to traffic drugs.

Cyber security: Privacy experts profit from Prism uproar
Since Edward Snowden disclosed details of mass surveillance programmes by the US National Security Agency and the British government, security-conscious companies have been especially keen to find ways to protect voice and data traffic from snoopers.

New York Times says UK tried to get it to hand over Snowden documents
The editor of the New York Times, Jill Abramson, has confirmed that senior British officials attempted to persuade her to hand over secret documents leaked by the former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden's unintended Internet revolution
How?s this for some doubled-barreled Edward Snowden NSA irony? The massive U.S. government surveillance overreach into all nooks and crannies of the Internet may end up undermining American control over the Internet. But despite the fact that a weakening of U.S. authority over cyberspace is exactly what many Internet independence advocates are hoping for, the crumbling of U.S. hegemony might not turn out to be the greatest thing ever for the future of the free Internet.

GCHQ accused of monitoring privileged emails between lawyers and clients
GCHQ is probably intercepting legally privileged communications between lawyers and their clients, according to a detailed claim filed on behalf of eight Libyans involved in politically sensitive compensation battles with the UK.

NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally
The National Security Agency is harvesting hundreds of millions of contact lists from personal e-mail and instant messaging accounts around the world, many of them belonging to Americans, according to senior intelligence officials and top-secret documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

U.S. spy agency collects millions of email address lists - report
The U.S. National Security Agency collects hundreds of millions of contact lists from personal email and instant messaging accounts around the world, including many from Americans, The Washington Post reported on Monday.

Snapchat admits to handing unopened 'snaps' to US law enforcement
The photo-sharing app Snapchat has admitted to handing over to American law enforcement agencies images not yet seen by its users.

uk: Conservative peer Lord Blencathra hits out at online spying by GCHQ
Britain's spy agencies may be operating outside the law in the mass internet surveillance programmes uncovered by the US whistleblower Edward Snowden, according to Lord Blencathra, the former Conservative Home Office minister who led a formal inquiry into the data communications bill.

Thanks to NSA, German e-mail providers see flood of new customers
The revelations about the National Security Agency's surveillance programs may have hurt US cloud providers' business, but they've created a boom in German e-mail hosting.

Brazil to fortify government email due to NSA revelations [IDG]
The Brazilian Federal Data Processing Service, known as Serpro, will build a secure email system for Brazil's federal government following media reports that foreign intelligence agencies intercepted electronic communications in the country.

Brazil: the New Internet Freedom Champion?
Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff recently delivered a speech before the United Nations General Assembly that was very well received among Internet freedom advocates.

We Can?t Let the Internet Become Balkanized
Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff?s recent indictment of the United States? cyberspying practices has profound global repercussions for the U.S vision of a borderless, open Internet.

NSA affair shows the law should be the master of technology
It is legitimate for a democracy to permit state agencies to intrude into private lives - so long as our laws ensure they serve the public interest

au: Contact lists taken in surveillance swoop
Australians' email and instant messaging contact lists are being hoovered up by the nation's electronic intelligence agency under a massive surveillance partnership with the US, top secret documents show.

The Internet and OpenStand: The Internet Didn't Happen by Accident by Leslie Daigle
On the World Standards Day of 2013 it seems appropriate to recgoznize that on the Internet and throughout the Web, nothing goes anywhere without standards. These technical standards - communication protocols, data exchange formats, and interfaces - allow different computers and networks to talk to each other. They are the lifeblood around the world for multibillion dollar industries that didn't exist 20 years ago. They are born of a collaborative, open process that prides itself on technical expertise and measures success by the depth and breadth of their acceptance across a hodgepodge of vastly different technologies all interconnected to what we euphemistically call "the Global Internet."

Steve Jobs' ex-girlfriend pens memoir on life with 'vicious' Apple founder
Steve Jobs believed he was a reincarnated second world war fighter pilot and his early success turned him into a ?demon?, according to a new memoir by his former girlfriend and the mother of his eldest child.

What Is 'Evil' to Google? Speculations on the company's contribution to moral philosophy
Last week, another distasteful use of your personal information by Google came to light: The company plans to attach your name and likeness to advertisements delivered across its products without your permission.

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