[DNS] auDA domain news - 28 October

[DNS] auDA domain news - 28 October

From: David Goldstein <david>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 13:48:19 +1100

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The Battle for Power on the Internet by Bruce Schneier

Announcement of the Launch of the Implementation Advisory Group for Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice

Introducing the Language Services Team by Nora Abusitta

Outcomes of auDA 2013 AGM

Australian energy company files UDRP against AGL.com

The Battle for Power on the Internet by Bruce Schneier
Distributed citizen groups and nimble hackers once had the edge. Now governments and corporations are catching up. Who will dominate in the decades ahead?

Govts urged to act as partners in Internet governance
In the fast-changing cyber world, the current global political, economic and social landscape may be reversed overnight, while the world?s governments will not be ready to anticipate and deal with the drastic changes.

Tech vendors have role in Internet governance
At the Internet Governance Forum 2013 in Bali this week, I caught up with Joe Alhadeff, chair of the ICC Commission for digital economy, and who is also Oracle's privacy lead. Joe is leading 41 members of ICC Basis (Business Action to Support the Information Society) initiative under the International Chamber of Commerce, to IGF.

Surveillance, openness take center stage at IGF
The four-day Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the largest global multistakeholder meeting on Internet governance, held in Nusa Dua, Bali, ended on Friday with surveillance issues, human rights and regaining trusts having emerged as crucial topics.

Get Real(ist): Don?t confuse NSA regulation with Internet regulation by Milton Mueller
... But when President Rousseff proposes to solve these problems by means of a ?multilateral framework for the governance and use of the Internet,? she reveals a fundamental flaw in her thinking. It is a flaw shared by many in civil society.

Are we re-booting all Internet governance? (Or just releasing a lot of hot air?) by Milton Mueller
It?s 2004 again. Ideas and proposals for the reform of Internet governance are now flying all over the place, just as they did at the outset of the UN Working Group on Internet Governance.

Announcement of the Launch of the Implementation Advisory Group for Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice
We are pleased to announce the launch of the Implementation Advisory Group for Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice (IAG-CCT). Thirty-eight (38) individuals responded to the Call for Volunteers.

Introducing the Language Services Team by Nora Abusitta
In response to the growing demands of the ICANN community, we have embarked on a plan to restructure the Language Services department, which includes the addition of four language experts and head interpreters.

Elisa Cooper, Chair | ICANN GNSO Business Constituency, to New gTLD Program Committee
Plural and Singular Versions of the Same String

Christine Willett, Vice President, gTLD Operations | ICANN, to Constantine Roussos
Concerns over New gTLD Program, NGPC Material Changes and their Impact on Community Objections

Community Priority Evaluation Resources
Please use these resources to help prepare your application for CPE. Resources will be updated periodically; it is important to use the most recent versions.

New Contracting Statistics Released
CIRS Sent Through Priority 1400

'Rethinking ICANN' is Not a One-Man Job by Steve DelBianco
In the midst of the overseeing the biggest change in the history of the Internet's global addressing system, ICANN President Fadi Chehade has inexplicably embarked on a high-stakes battle over the very future of his organization and its relationship to world governments -- at the expense of the private sector's historical role in Internet governance. Worse, Fadi's global government gambit could have serious repercussions for the future of the Internet.

ICANN helps bust Russian child porn ring
ICANN recently helped break up a Russian child pornography ring. That?s according to a remarkable anecdote from CEO Fadi Chehade, speaking during a session at the Internet Governance Forum in Bali, Indonesia today.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Outcomes of auDA 2013 AGM
auDA held its 2013 Annual General Meeting in Melbourne on Tuesday 15 October.

be: Number of phishing domains continues to fall
The APWG (Anti-Phishing Working Group) recently published its results for the first half of 2013. They show that the number of domain names used for phishing purposes continues to fall.

fr: Consultative Committees: a Perfect Channel for Interacting with the Community
The Afnic Consultative Committees, which met on 17/10/2013, allow participants to exchange views on current topics related to domain name issues.

Qatari Websites Domain Paths Restored
The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology is announcing the restoration of all Qatari websites that on Saturday morning encountered a hacking on their domain names by a group of hackers.

uk: Nominet consults on offensive domain names
Nominet, the registry responsible for running the ?.uk? namespace, has announced that it was conducting a review of its registration policy.

Connect the Dots
A recent UDRP complaint filed by Tesco Stores Limited could have interesting implications for the future of brand protection in new gTLDs. The complaint, filed by Tesco Stores Limited against Mat Feakins, was filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization over the domain name tes.co, resulting in a decision which ordered it to be transferred to the famous brand owner.

Three new gTLDs makes it through evaluation
Three new gTLD applications passed either Initial or Extended Evaluation this week, according to ICANN?s latest updates.

Russia Leads With New Internet Domains
Finding a restaurant in Moscow or protecting your Russian-speaking children from inappropriate information on the Internet could get easier soon thanks to this week's additions to the list of domain extensions.

The Internet just changed: gTLDs (and their subsequent brand challenges) are a go
Over five years ago WTR ran analysis of ICANN?s approval of a recommendation to expand the number of TLDs in the generic domain name space. Since then we have followed its development, and the implications for brand owners, closely. Last night, new gTLDs finally became a reality after the first of the new strings were delegated to the root zone.

On day one, Donuts in breach of new gTLD contract
Ooops! Donuts accidentally broke the terms of its first new gTLD Registry Agreement last night, just hours after its first string, .??, was delegated to the DNS root.

Four more new TLD contention sets settled in private auctions
Innovative Auctions has helped settle four more TLD contention sets through its auction service.

Donuts wins three new gTLD auctions
Donuts has added .lawyer, .fish and .discount to its portfolio of new gTLDs, having won private auctions against its competitors for the strings this week.

Radix Wins 3-way Applicant Auction for .website, Donuts wins .lawyer, .fish, .discount by Sheel Mohnot
As of today, Innovative Auctions has successfully completed private auctions for a total of 18 contested gTLDs, resolving contention for more gTLDs than all other mechanisms combined -- including straight-up withdrawals, private negotiations, and swaps. Here is this week's update.

TLDH raises $5 million from gTLD auctions
Top Level Domain Holdings made almost $5 million by losing auctions for the .lawyer and .website gTLDs this week, according to the company.

TLDH scores nearly $5 million by losing two domain name auctions
Top Level Domain Holdings will add $4.81 million to its cash reserves as a result of losing private auctions for .website and .lawyer, the company announced today.

ICANN signs contracts for .wang and .democrat
The new gTLD applicants behind .wang and .democract are the latest to sign Registry Agreements with ICANN.

newdomains.org: Share of the New Top-Level Domains Will Be Significant in the Next Five Years
In the next few weeks, the introduction of hundreds of new gTLDs, such as ?.web?, ?.blog? or ?.mail? will begin, after years of preliminary work. The prognosis of the domain providers is that the new endings? share of the total domain market will already be significant within five years.

Community Objections to .Islam and .Halal Denied By ICC
Two separate ICC panels have denied the objections to the new gTLD?s .Islam and .Halal finding that although there ?opposition to Respondent?s application to some extent, but such opposition is not substantial?.

We Said It Over A Year Ago, The BC Tells ICANN Allowing Singular & Plural New gTLD?s Are A Bad Idea
In a letter sent to ICANN, the Chair, ICANN Business Constituency (BC) told ICANN what we at TheDomains.com said over a year ago, that allowing new gTLD?s of plural and singular of the same term is a bad idea.

Applicant questions how .Cars collision can be cleared
.Car crashDERcars, an applicant for the .cars TLD, has filed a reconsideration request with ICANN?s board after Google won a string confusion objection against the company?s .cars application.

Here?s how to display new IDN gTLDs in Chrome
A lot of people have noticed since the first four new gTLDs were delegated yesterday that Google?s Chrome browser doesn?t seem to handle internationalized domain names.

Google?s Project Shield Hosts Websites Vulnerable to DDoS Attacks
Google announced the launch of ?Project Shield,? a hosting service for targets of DDOS attacks, at its Ideas conference on Monday. The DDOS protection hosting service is part of a suite of tools meant for use by websites which serve ?media, elections, or human rights related content.?

When True Religion Meets UDRP Philosophy
... The first is, per the Wikipedia entry, ?a popular philosophical thought-experiment?. The latter is also a philosophical question, and one that has proved to be complex in ongoing debates among UDRP Panelists who have arrived at conflicting interpretations of Par. 4(a)(iii) of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the ?UDRP?) over the years. In short, the language in Par. 4(a)(iii) requires a complainant to show that the accused ?domain name has been registered and is being used in bad faith.? The conflict stems from the use of the word ?and?: Did the drafters of the UDRP rules intend for both registration AND acts of bad faith to be proved OR was their intention to indicate the UDRP requirement had been satisfied if one act or the other had been committed?

Brand owner prevails in first ever URS decision
Details have emerged of the first example of the Uniform Rapid Suspension in action, with Facebook successful in its effort to suspend the ?.facebok.pw? domain name. While a straightforward decision for the examiner, the news rounds off a significant week for the expanded gTLD environment.

Dose of Reality
... FairWinds Partners surveyed the domain name space and found 22 registered domains that are typos of ?Affordable Care Act,? a common shortened version of the law?s formal name.

Oye Como Va, Carlos?
We?re guessing it?s going pretty well for Mr. Santana these days: he?s one of the owners of Casa Noble, a tequila recently given the ?best value? designation in The New York Times; he?ll receive a Kennedy Center Honor in December; and, just last month, a WIPO administrative panel ruled in his favor against the individual who?s been using the domain name carlosantana.com as a pay-per-click advertising site. Intellectual Property Attorney Steve Levy explained that, ?Performers are usually able to satisfy the first UDRP requirement of demonstrating that they own trademark rights to their personal names. In contrast, executives and politicians often have trouble showing such trademark rights despite even widespread fame and press exposure.?

First URS case decided with Facebook the victor
Facebook has become the first company to win a Uniform Rapid Suspension complaint.

Australian energy company files UDRP against AGL.com
Australian natural gas and electricity company AGL Energy Limited has filed a UDRP against the three letter domain name AGL.com.

Panel dismisses UDRP based mostly on laches
A National Arbitration Forum panel has dismissed a UDRP case, and it seems that the main reason was that the case was brought 13 years after the domain name was registered.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Disruption to connectivity and network security and privacy issues will accompany move towards IPv6 internet addresses, study says
The deployment of a new address system for the internet brings with it connectivity problems, network security issues and privacy concerns, according to a new study.

Internationalised Domain Names still to reach full potential
Despite important advances, more work is needed by all parties if Internationalised Domain Names are to foster the growth of multilingualism online, according to the 2013 EURid-UNESCO World Report on Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs). This year the report features the cooperation of Verisign for the analysis of IDN data in the .com, .net and .eu registers.

Verisign creates patent website, still doesn?t disclose its IP plans
Verisign has created a website dedicated to its patents and released a whitepaper about its intellectual property ? but still won?t say how it plans to monetize its IP portfolio.

Some Domains Are Full of Junk
So, you know the expression, ?When you?re holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail?? Apparently, the same is true when you?re a domain name attorney.

RIPE Chair Dr. Rob Blokzijl Announces Retirement
On 18 October 2013, Dr. Rob Blokzijl, the founding member and Chair of RIPE, announced that he would step down as RIPE Chair at the conclusion of the RIPE 68 Meeting in Warsaw in May 2014.

Verisign Reports 9 Percent Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth in Third Quarter 2013
VeriSign, Inc. ... reported financial results for the third quarter ended Sept. 30, 2013. ... Verisign Registry Services added 1.55 million net new names during the third quarter, ending with 125.9 million active domain names in the zone for .com and .net, which represents a 5 percent increase over the zone at the end of the third quarter in 2012.

Verisign?s .Com continues to grow, but faces headwinds
Verisign reported earnings today as well as combined statistics for its .com and .net business.

Google Rolls Out AdWords Ad Rank Algorithm Update
Google has quietly rolled out an update to its AdWords Ad Rank algorithm, adding ad extensions as a factor in their ad positioning decisions on search engine results pages.

Sedo to Auction Rare and Never Before Released .Asia Domain Names
Sedo ... announced a strategic partnership with DotAsia, the organization charged with running the .Asia TLD and RightOfTheDot.com, a leading domain industry consultancy, to auction a series of rare and never-before-released domain names.

One-third of U.S. adults get news through Facebook - study
One in three Americans get news through Facebook, according to a study from the Pew Research Center released on Thursday.

Could Facebook's New Privacy Rules Endanger Your Kids?
Not a week goes by without another story of an adult doing something colossally stupid on social media and paying the price. So why in the world did Facebook think it advisable to allow 13-year-old kids to make their pictures and status updates public?

Cyberbullying in Australia: Clarifying the Problem, Considering the Solutions by Aashish Srivastava, Roger H. Gamble & Janice Boey [International Journal of Children?s Rights]
Abstract: With the increasing use of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), a new method of bullying has emerged known as cyberbullying. It is indeed ironic that the advancement in communication tools designed to improve the life of mankind is also the cause of much pain.

No wonder the US is spying on Merkel. I mean, you never know by Mark Steel [humorous but serious]
The reason there?s now such a vast network of global surveillance, we?re told by British and American governments, is it?s essential in defending our security against terrorist plots. So that must be why the US authorities tapped the phone calls of Angela Merkel.

NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after US official handed over contacts
The National Security Agency monitored the phone conversations of 35 world leaders after being given the numbers by an official in another US government department, according to a classified document provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

German paper says Obama aware of spying on Merkel since 2010
A German newspaper said on Sunday that U.S. President Barack Obama knew his intelligence service was eavesdropping on Angela Merkel as long ago as 2010, contradicting reports that he had told the German leader he did not know.

Germany and France demand talks with US over NSA spying revelations
The French and German governments have demanded talks with the US by the end of the year as the row over the spying activities of the US National Security Agency intensifies.

Angela Merkel: NSA spying on allies is not on
The spiralling scandal over mass US surveillance of digital communications has moved to the top of European politics for the first time , with the EU's two key leaders, Angela Merkel and Fran?ois Hollande, seeking a joint response to the spying claims.

Germany and France Propose Talks With U.S. to Rein In Spying
The leaders of Germany and France offered on Friday to hold talks with the United States in an effort come up with mutually acceptable rules for surveillance operations, easing a trans-Atlantic spying dispute that has plunged relations between America and Europe to a low point.

European Leaders Accuse U.S. of Violating Trust - American Ambassador to Meet German Foreign Minister Thursday Afternoon
Outrage over alleged U.S. monitoring of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's personal cellphone spread across Europe on Thursday, threatening to complicate an array of America's trans-Atlantic interests.

Anger Growing Among Allies on U.S. Spying
The diplomatic fallout from the documents harvested by the former National Security Agency contractor Edward J. Snowden intensified on Wednesday, with one of the United States? closest allies, Germany, announcing that its leader had angrily called President Obama seeking reassurance that her cellphone was not the target of an American intelligence tap.

Obama left increasingly isolated as anger builds among key US allies
International anger over US government surveillance has combined with a backlash against its current Middle East policy to leave President Obama increasingly isolated from many of his key foreign allies, according to diplomats in Washington.

Another Reason to Hate TPP: It Gives Big Content New Tools to Undermine Sane Digital Rights Policies
In previous posts we've covered many of the ways the copyright provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive trade deal between 12 Pacific countries, could undermine users' rights. But those are just the tip of the iceberg. What may really sink the Titanic is a rather obscure but very dangerous section covering foreign investment.

Google breaks 2005 promise never to show banner ads on search results
Google is testing banner ads on web search results - reneging on a 2005 promise that "there will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or web search results page? Ever."

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