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At IGF, Glimpses Of Future IP Governance Overshadowed By Mass Surveillance

au: The battle to control the internet by Mark Gregory

UNESCO, ICANN and ISOC to Launch Development of Glossary on Internet Governance for Arabic Speakers

ICANN's Draft Vision, Mission & Focus Areas for a Five-Year Strategic Plan

Advancing ICANN?s Multi-Stakeholder Model through Community Engagement by David Olive

au: 2013 auDA Foundation funding announced

au: Aussies scammed on bogus shopping sites [AAP]

au: Crazy Domain customers mad about being offline

Smartphone buyers beware: don't trust all .com.au domains

Technical Viability of Dotless Domain Names by Geoff Huston

First of the new gTLD Sunrise registration periods scheduled to open later this month

.BERLIN And .WIEN Domains Coming Soon

Domain Name Association Launched To Educate On Domains

At IGF, Glimpses Of Future IP Governance Overshadowed By Mass Surveillance
Away from traditional free trade agreement negotiations with secret chapters on stricter intellectual property protection, perceptions are slowly evolving about the need to make IP systems work better. One of 100+ sessions at the 8th United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Bali, Indonesia last week featured ?intellectual property exchanges? as marketplaces for knowledge. But IP policy did not take centre stage and neither did other access topics in Bali, which instead was overshadowed by the recent revelations of mass surveillance by US intelligence services.

Surveillance Issues Overshadow Talks At End Of Internet Governance Forum 2013
As a stream of surveillance revelations continues to seize the attention of governments and public opinion alike, the largest global multistakeholder meeting on Internet governance, known as the IGF, concluded today in Bali, Indonesia, by confronting surveillance as the major "emerging issue" of the year.

Surfing the Internet in Bali: Reflections on IGF 2013 by Joe Alhadeff
It's been a busy week for the Internet. More famous for its golden beaches, Bali recently hosted the eighth Internet Governance Forum which delivered waves of constructive discussion and debate. Over the past few days, the Internet governance community has exchanged best practices and debated a wide range of key topics that will continue to pose questions for policy as the Internet evolves.

au: The battle to control the internet by Mark Gregory
Two weeks ago, people from government, business and advocacy groups gathered together in Melbourne to debate the future of the internet ? though you wouldn?t know it given the nations focus on the National Broadband Network (NBN) and ?revelations? about Apple?s latest product range. Australian Internet Governance Forum (AIGF) served as melting pot for ideas and arguments on the frameworks holding together perceptions of the World Wide Web. And while this idea of debating and stretching out the issues related to the internet is the system?s greatest strength, it?s also its greatest weakness.

UNESCO, ICANN and ISOC to Launch Development of Glossary on Internet Governance for Arabic Speakers
UNESCO, ICANN and the Internet Society (ISOC) are finalizing a framework to establish an Arabic glossary of Internet governance terms to support engagement in multistakeholder Internet governance processes by Arabic-speaking communities.

ICANN's Draft Vision, Mission & Focus Areas for a Five-Year Strategic Plan
Purpose (Brief): In line with ICANN's commitment to the multi-stakeholder model, a working draft - ICANN's Draft Vision, Mission & Focus Areas for a Five-Year Strategic Plan - is provided for community discussion and public comment. It proposes a new Vision, reiterates ICANN's existing Mission, and describes five proposed Focus Areas with goals.

Proposed Bylaws Changes Regarding the Technical Liaison Group
Purpose (Brief): Bylaws changes are proposed in order to increase availability of technical advice to the Board as well as the effectiveness of the Technical Liaison Group as set forth in the Bylaws.

ICANN Names New Chief Security, Stability and Resiliency Officer
John Crain has been named ICANN's new Chief Security, Stability and Resiliency Officer. In this newly created position Crain will assume the responsibilities of Jeff Moss, who announced he is stepping down from his position as Chief Security Officer at the end of the year.

ccNSO FoI WG's Interim Report on "Revocation"
Purpose (Brief): The ccNSO Framework of Interpretation Working Group (FoI WG) seeks public comment on its initial interpretations of current policy and guidelines related to "Revocation", which is defined as redelgations undertaken without the consent of the ccTLD manager. "Revocation" refers to the process by which the IANA Operator rescinds responsibility for management of a ccTLD from a manager.

Compliance Complaint Investigation Report: In a matter of a Complaint by Garth Bruen and others
Introduction: This investigation began initially as a complaint from Garth Bruen, but has been expanded by a collective approach from at least 173 other complainants, coordinated by Garth Bruen. The complaints are essentially an attack on the way in which the Compliance Department of ICANN operates, and seek a full investigation into the performance of Compliance.

Advancing ICANN?s Multi-Stakeholder Model through Community Engagement by David Olive
The delegation of four new gTLDs marks a new era for the Internet. It is a historic moment for ICANN, too, as we continue to grow and adapt. Throughout our fifteen-year history, ICANN has embraced the multi-stakeholder model as a framework for the development of inclusive, global Internet governance policy.

New Member of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee: ?Latin America and the Caribbean need spaces to carry their voice and vision? by Alexandra Dans
On October 23, the ICANN Board selected an expert of the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community as a new member of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee, SSAC: Carlos Martinez from LACNIC (the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean). To learn more about Carlos and what, according to him, this news means for the region, read the following conversation between two colleagues from the ?Casa de Internet? of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Donuts Inc. to ICANN
Community Priority Evaluation for the .TAXI String

Donuts Inc. to ICANN
Community Priority Evaluation for the .IMMO String

Christine Willett, Vice President, gTLD Operations | ICANN, to Wang Jingyu
Regarding the the New gTLD Applications for .UNICOM and .UNICORN

ICANN compliance not broken, Ombudsman rules
Ombudsman Chris LaHatte has rejected a complaint from spam research firm KnujOn ? and 173 of its supporters ? claiming that ICANN?s compliance department is failing consumers.

ICANN Security Changes See Moss Depart And Crain Promoted
ICANN announced yesterday John Crain has been named as their new Chief Security, Stability and Resiliency Officer. In this newly created position Crain will assume the responsibilities of Jeff Moss, who announced he is stepping down from his position as Chief Security Officer at the end of the year.

Chehade talks up split from US oversight
ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade used his keynote address at the newdomains.org conference this morning to discuss his plans to divorce the organization from US governmental oversight.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
au: 2013 auDA Foundation funding announced
The auDA Foundation has announced the outcomes of the 2013 Funding Round. In this round, the auDA Foundation awarded grants to 14 projects with a total of $300,862.

au: Aussies scammed on bogus shopping sites [AAP]
Con artists have scammed unsuspecting Australians out of thousands of dollars through bogus shopping websites registered using the stolen credentials of legitimate businesses.

au: Crazy Domain customers mad about being offline
One thousand customers of Crazy Domains were without access to their email and websites for five days after the company?s hosting servers went down, with multiple complaints about on-going poor customer service and lack of communication.

Smartphone buyers beware: don't trust all .com.au domains
You're eagerly awaiting the arrival of your new smartphone after parting with the better part of $500 at an Australian ".com.au" online store. Suspicions arise when a week passes without delivery; panic sets in when your email inquiries go unanswered.

Verisign Reports .COM/.NET Domains Grow 5% In Q3
Verisign reported their third quarter results last week with .com and .net registrations growing five percent compared to the previous quarter.

Win a holiday with your .eu domain name this Christmas!
This year EURid is giving away three fabulous holidays in our Christmas competition for .eu domain name holders.

nl: SIDN offers extra protection for domain names following recent hacks
SIDN's .nl Control service, which offers registrants extra security for their domain names, has been extended. The extension enables .nl registrants to prevent unauthorised amendments to their domain names' glue records. By adding the new feature, SIDN is responding to growing demand triggered by recent security incidents involving .nl domain names.

Technical Viability of Dotless Domain Names by Geoff Huston
It was never obvious at the outset of this grand Internet experiment that the one aspect of the network's infrastructure that would truly prove to be the most fascinating, intriguing, painful, lucrative and just plain confusing, would be the Internet's Domain Name System. After all, it all seemed so simple to start with: network applications rendezvous with their counterparts using protocol-level addresses, but we users prefer to use "natural" identifiers that act as aliases for these addresses.

First of the new gTLD Sunrise registration periods scheduled to open later this month
We have previously reported on the expansion of the Domain Name System following the process launched in 2012 by ICANN to allow for the registration of a potentially unlimited number of new gTLDs.

Typical name collision block list for Donuts? TLDs under 1,000 names (so far)
Yesterday ICANN issued the ?Alternate Path to Delegation? reports for nine of Donuts? English language TLDs.

.BERLIN And .WIEN Domains Coming Soon
It was a glimmer in the eye of Dirk Krischenowski and a few others back in 2004, but now it is almost reality with the proposed new gTLD to be entered into the root in about four weeks.

BreatheAccord wins community objection against .Breathe TLD
The following is a satirical response to news that SportAccord won a community objection against the .sport TLD.

First of the new gTLD sunrise registration periods scheduled to open later this month
We have previously reported on the expansion of the Domain Name System following the process launched in 2012 by ICANN to allow for the registration of a potentially unlimited number of new gTLDs - see full article. There were 1930 new gTLD proposals received by ICANN, of which 116 have been withdrawn. The 1814 remaining gTLDs will be launched in batches and the release of the first gTLDs is scheduled to commence later this month.

Six more gTLD contracts signed
ICANN signed six more new gTLD Registry Agreements on Friday, bringing the week?s total to eight.

Donuts successfully defends .reisen community objection
New TLD applicant Donuts has successfully defended a community objection brought against its application to run the .reisen TLD.

.Club Domains Selects Sedo to Bring New Social Domain Extension to Market
Sedo ... and .Club Domains, LLC, the company formed to own and operate the new ?.Club? gTLD, have announced today that Sedo has been selected to run the ?sunrise? and ?landrush? auctions, manage its premium reserve list and broker premium sales of .Club domains.

dotCloud renames itself
Technology company dotCloud has renamed itself Docker Inc., in a bit of news tangentially related to the domain name industry.

dotShabaka Diary ? Day 21, Post-delegation
The twenty-first installment of dotShabaka Registry?s journal, charting its progress towards becoming one of the first new gTLDs to go live, written by general manager Yasmin Omer.

Barrett launches new gTLD launch calendar
EnCirca?s Tom Barrett has launched a collaborative calendar to help spread the word about new gTLD launch dates.

GoDaddy sends out its first big email blast about new TLDs
GoDaddy has featured new TLDs on its website for a while now. But it appears the company just sent out its first big email promotion to inform its customer base about the coming avalanche of TLD options.

Three gTLD Community Objections rejected
International Chamber of Commerce panelists have recently rejected three Community Objections against new gTLD applications.

Here They Come by Jennie-Marie Larsen
Something has shifted. I think it might be the end of the holding pattern we as new gTLD applicants/followers/enthusiasts and generally speaking, the entire community, have been caught up in. We?re all looking forward to ushering in the next generation of the Internet. Someone press start please. Several major milestones have been reached.

Wrap Up From OTA?s New gTLD Domain Collisions Workshop: Collision Issue Is Like Y2K
The Online Trust Alliance?s (OTA) held a new gTLD Domain Collisions Workshop yesterday in Herndon, VA over what ?many stakeholders believe there are significant risks of ?domain collisions? occurring with the introduction of the new gTLD?s

nz: Genuine websites host net scams
International cyber-criminals are preying on Kiwi companies, hiding scam pages within their websites to steal unsuspecting victims' personal details.

Google's Project Shield May Actually Be A Double-Edged Sword by Chris Brenton
Google has received a lot of press regarding their Project Shield announcement at the Google Ideas Summit. The effort is being applauded as a milestone in social consciousness. While on the surface the endeavor appears admirable, the long-term impact of the service may manifest more than Google had hoped for. Project Shield is an invite-only service that combines Google's DDoS mitigation technology and Page Speed service.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Laziness in IPv6 uptake may cost Britain the internet!
Whilst a slightly over-dramatic headline, British deployment of the new IPv6 is lagging behind the rest of the world in the transition from existing IPv4 systems ? which may hamper the ability to offer innovative services.

The Dark Side of IPv6
What started out as a lowly technology found in the home has sprung up in large-scale strength in service provider networks all over the world. The technology is Carrier Grade NAT, and it generates high emotions, no matter whether you are for it or against it.

New Non-Profit Launched to Support the Growth and Development of the Internet Domain Name Industry
As the Internet faces a historic transformation with hundreds of new domain names coming online, an international nonprofit organization has been created to promote the interests of the domain name industry by advocating the use, adoption, and expansion of domain names as the primary tool for users to navigate the Internet.

Domain Name Association Launched To Educate On Domains
The Domain Name Association was launched yesterday (28 October) with the goal of educating internet users, promoting expansion of TLDs promoting the usage of domain names.

Google Shuttles DNS Queries From Brazil Back to US [IDG]
Google is using U.S.-based servers to answer website address queries from Brazil after the country's president proposed stronger privacy laws, according to an Internet monitoring company.

Why Your URL Bar Matters, and Why Silicon Valley Should Take Note
If you use the Internet, you've likely used something in the last month, but it's not something at the top of your lips: the URL bar. It's also called the "address bar" or the "direct navigation bar" among techies. Here's why it matters -- a lot.

Verisign lays it all out in SEC filing
Verisign filed its 10-Q with the SEC last week. Comparing the risk factors section to the one in the previous quarter, it hasn?t changed much. Yet it?s interesting to see how changes at ICANN and new TLDs are finding their way into the risks section.

Demand Media to call spinoff Rightside?
Demand Media is in the process of spinning off its domain name business into a new publicly traded company. Will it be called Rightside?

Host Europe Group Acquires German Domain Registrar and Web Host domainfactory
In a trend towards consolidation in the mass-market hosting and domain industries, Host Europe Group has bought domainfactory, one of Europe?s largest web hosting companies with approximately 173,000 customers and 1.1 million domains under its management.

OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2013
Published every two years, the STI Scoreboard analyses the major trends in knowledge and innovation in today?s global economy.

Web Giants Threaten End to Cookie Tracking:" Balance of Power in Ad Industry at Stake as Google, Microsoft Seek to Control Web Tracking
The end could be near for cookies, the tiny pieces of code that marketers deploy on Web browsers to track people's online movements, serve targeted advertising and amass valuable user profiles.

Future of Asian cyberspace: Mobile, social, young
?Asia will become the largest market for some of the biggest social media campaigns in the world.?

Facebook fesses up: Young teens are getting bored
Despite repeated assertions to the contrary, Facebook finally admitted Wednesday that its youngest users really are losing interest in the social network.

'Li-fi' via LED light bulb data speed breakthrough
UK researchers say they have achieved data transmission speeds of 10Gbit/s via "li-fi" - wireless internet connectivity using light.

Li-Fi breakthrough: internet connections using light bulbs are 250 times faster than broadband
Li-Fi, an alternative to Wi-Fi that transmits data using the spectrum of visible light, has achieved a new breakthrough, with UK scientists reporting transmission speeds of 10Gbit/s ? more than 250 times faster than ?superfast? broadband.

Online fraud costs global economy 'many times more than $100bn'
Online fraud is costing the global economy "many times more" than initial estimates of losses of $100bn (?62bn) a year, a world expert on cyber security has said.

Should 'Patent Troll' Reform Be Left to the Judiciary?
Legislation introduced last week aimed at curbing patent litigation abuse by so-called ?patent trolls? has been well received by the public and by much of the Congress. But in private, many members of the patent bar are wary of Congress making laws that could affect patent litigation, saying it?s a task that should remain in the hands of the judiciary.

Google Updates reCAPTCHA Technology, Moves Away From Distorted Text
Google announced a change to its reCAPTCHA authentication system late Friday wherein the company will begin creating different types of puzzles for different users, use numeric CAPTCHAs and move away from more obscure, hard-to-read distorted letters.

Leaks have weakened American control of the web
>From the moment they appeared, Edward Snowden?s revelations have been making life awkward for Barack Obama. Before his first summit with Xi Jinping, his Chinese counterpart, the US president stressed he would be raising as a priority the issue of Beijing?s frenetic cyber espionage activities. The day before the meeting, however, the UK?s Guardian newspaper published the first slew of allegations leaked by the former contractor for the US National Security Agency, revealing the breathtaking extent of America?s espionage programme.

As It Denounces U.S. Spying, Europe Delays Privacy Protection at Home
Even with Europe in an uproar over intrusive United States surveillance, its leaders are looking for ways to slow down legislation aimed at preventing violations of privacy at home.

Spying Known at Top Levels, Officials Say
The nation?s top spymaster said on Tuesday that the White House had long been aware in general terms of the National Security Agency?s overseas eavesdropping, stoutly defending the agency?s intelligence-gathering methods and suggesting possible divisions within the Obama administration.

NSA Director Denies Spying on European Citizens
Intelligence officials appearing before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on Tuesday denied collecting the phone records of citizens in France, Spain and Italy, as recently reported by media outlets in those countries.

Obama May Ban Spying on Heads of Allied States
President Obama is poised to order the National Security Agency to stop eavesdropping on the leaders of American allies, administration and congressional officials said Monday, responding to a deepening diplomatic crisis over reports that the agency had for years targeted the cellphone of Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany.

Obama Administration to Review NSA Capabilities
President Barack Obama has initiated a review of the procedures and methods that the NSA uses to collect intelligence at home and overseas to ensure that the agency isn?t overstepping its bounds in phone and Internet data collection.

Dianne Feinstein: 'I am totally opposed' to NSA surveillance of US allies
The chair of the Senate intelligence committee, who has been a loyal defender of the National Security Agency, dramatically broke ranks on Monday, saying she was "totally opposed" to the US spying on allies and demanding a total review of all surveillance programs.

NSA review panel to present Obama with dossier on surveillance reforms
Barack Obama will receive a classified dossier in the next two weeks that will lay out the consequences for US foreign relations of the National Security Agency's powerful surveillance apparatus and provide the White House with a raft of possible reforms.

N.S.A. Said to Tap Google and Yahoo Abroad
The National Security Agency and its British counterpart have apparently tapped the fiber-optic cables connecting Google?s and Yahoo?s overseas servers and are copying vast amounts of email and other information, according to accounts of documents leaked by the former agency contractor Edward J. Snowden.

Darkmail opens: New email encryption standard aims to keep government agencies out
Two email providers forced to close their services in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations on mass surveillance have proposed a new open standard for secure email that would be harder for security services and others to eavesdrop upon.

Spain warns US of breakdown in trust after new NSA revelations
The Spanish government has warned of a potential breakdown of trust with the US following reports that the National Security Agency monitored more than 60m phone calls in Spain in the space of one month.

Australian embassies used to spy: reports [AAP]
Australia has been caught up in the US spying revelations, with claims Australian embassies are being secretly used to intercept calls and data across Asia.

Wikipedia China Becomes Front Line for Views on Language and Culture
The Chinese-language version of Wikipedia has become more than an online encyclopedia: it is a battlefield for editors from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong in a region charged with political, ideological and cultural differences.

EU seeks feedback on Google's revised antitrust offer
EU regulators have asked 125 Google rivals and third parties to provide feedback on the company's second attempt to settle a three-year-long antitrust investigation and avert a possible $5 billion fine.

E.U. Weighs Google?s Offer to Highlight Its Rivals? Services
Can shaded boxes help break Google?s stronghold on the European online search market?

Data protection not open for negotiation as part of US trade talks, says Reding
Disagreements over the legal standards that should apply to the protection of personal data have the potential to derail EU-US trade talks, according to the EU Justice Commissioner.

E-leaders meeting: ICT governance to deliver public value
??On 29-30 October 2013, the OECD and the Swiss Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU) are inviting government technology leaders to Bern, Switzerland, in order to advance the global policy agenda on ICT Governance to deliver Public Value.

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