[DNS] auDA domain name news - 4 November

[DNS] auDA domain name news - 4 November

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Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2013 15:34:28 +1100

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Will NSA revelations lead to the Balkanisation of the internet?

NSA surveillance may cause breakup of internet, warn experts

ICANN wants more APAC voices to step up

Connecting the Dots in Munich: The New Domains New gTLD Conference 2013

Contention questions remain as ICANN reveals ?last-resort? auction rules

Old dotcom era gives way to new TLDs

Will NSA revelations lead to the Balkanisation of the internet?
There has been criticism of America's National Security Agency and Britain's GCHQ from Latin American nations, and close allies such as France and Germany, have expressed dismay. The European Union's internal market commissioner, Michel Barnier, has called for a "European data cloud", while its justice commissioner, Viviane Reding, has declared Monday's European parliament vote on new data protection rules to be "Europe's declaration of independence".

NSA surveillance may cause breakup of internet, warn experts
The vast scale of online surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden is leading to the breakup of the internet as countries scramble to protect private or commercially sensitive emails and phone records from UK and US security services, according to experts and academics.

Who Will Control the Internet?
As historic documents go, the statement issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce on June 30 was low-key even by American standards of informality. No flowery language, no fountain-penned signatures, no Great Seal of the United States -- only 331 words on a single page. But the simplicity of the presentation belied the importance of the content, which was Washington's attempt to settle a crucial problem of twenty-first-century global governance: Who controls the Internet?

in: Going online, Kapil Sibal stresses multi-stakeholder Net governance model
Communications and IT Minister Kapil Sibal has joined a small but growing list of high profile politicians who have decided to engage with their constituencies in cyberspace.

Bali IGF Concludes with Renewed Support for Multistakeholder Cooperation
Last week ARIN, along with the other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), ICANN, the Internet Society and others from the technical community participated in the 8th Internet Governance Forum held in Bali, Indonesia.

2013 Internet Governance Forum ? Closing Remarks by Anne-Rachel Inn?, COO, AFRINIC
Mr. Chairman, Ladies and gentlemen, In Montevideo, earlier this month, leaders of our organizations responsible for the management and coordination of the Internet technical infrastructure met to discuss among other things the future of Internet governance and identified the need for ongoing effort to address ongoing challenges. To this end, we agreed to catalyze community-wide efforts towards the evolution of global multi-stakeholder Internet cooperation.

New gTLD Program Auctions - Upcoming Auctions Webinar
An in-depth discussion on the Auctions process, including an overview, proposed timeframes and deadlines, and preliminary key rules. ICANN will also gather community input on process elements that will affect parties preparing for Auction.

Auctions: Upcoming Webinar and Preliminary Rules
Auctions are a method of last resort for resolving String Contention for the New gTLD Program, and Power Auctions LLC has been named as ICANN's auction provider.

Akram Atallah, President, Generic Domains Division | ICANN, to Albert Dubler
Implementation of Community Objection Decision vs. .ARCHITECT

Stephen D. Crocker, Chair | ICANN Board of Directors, to Heather Dryden
ccNSO Policy Recommendations on IDN ccNSO Issues

New Contracting Statistics Released
CIRs Sent Through Priority 1500

New EE Results Published
2 Applications Complete Extended Evaluation

Enabling a Multilingual Internet
IDN Brochure - Enabling a Multilingual Internet

ICANN wants more APAC voices to step up
Asia-Pacific voices are not being heard enough in meetings over Internet structure planning, according to ICANN. It explained that besides not being enough of them, there were also language and localization barriers to overcome.

ICANN publishes five-year plan
ICANN is seeking to ?clarify? its relationship with IP rights as part of a draft five-year plan, published on Tuesday.

ICANN Board Of Directors Get Over $1.7 Million In Compensations & Reimbursements in FY 2013
This table represents reimbursements and compensation paid directly to Board Members, payments made to third party vendors such as hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies on behalf of Board Members as well as a total of the three amounts.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
dotMobi and Verio introduce goMobi mobile website solution in Europe
Mobile Web technology provider dotMobi and Verio Europe, global experts in online solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, today announced the immediate availability of the goMobi mobile Web publishing solution through Verio in the European market. This follows Verio?s successful launch of goMobi earlier this year in the U.S.

Public Interest Registry Unveils New Brand Identity
Public Interest Registry, the not-for-profit operator of the .ORG domain, today announced a rebranding of the organization. The fresh change in its visual brand design exemplifies the organization?s brand identity as the trustworthy, purposeful, spirited and collaborative operator of .ORG ? the world?s third largest generic domain ? and the soon-to-be-launched .NGO and .ONG domain.

.UA IDN: domain registrations for trademark owners
As of November 4, 2013, trademark owners will be able to register .??? (xn?j1amh) domain names. .??? is the IDN version of .UA (Ukraine).
<http://brandshelter.com/english/News/Current News.html>

Connecting the Dots in Munich: The New Domains New gTLD Conference 2013
One of the most promising and exciting aspects of the New gTLD Program is the potential for regions, cities, and communities around the world to develop dedicated spaces for the exchange of information, problem solving and relationship-building. With the first new gTLDs poised to launch, FairWinds traveled to Munich for the New Domains 2013 Conference on New gTLDs to learn more about the multiple and varied ways applicants, particularly geographic TLD applicants, plan to develop these spaces to the ?right of the dot.?

Contention questions remain as ICANN reveals ?last-resort? auction rules
ICANN has published a first draft of the rules for its ?last resort? new gTLD auctions, but they do not yet address the contention created by controversial objection rulings.

ICA Urges ICANN to Clean Up TM Rules for New TLDs
The Internet Commerce Association, to which Sedo is a founding member, submitted a comment letter to ICANN regarding Rights Protection Mechanism (RPM) Requirements for new gTLDs launching soon.

First new TLDunrise begins?
The sunrise period for ????. (shabaka) has begun?sort of.

PersianGulf survives community objection from those who favor Arabian Gulf name
The Gulf Cooperation Council has lost a community objection it brought against the applicant for the .persiangulf TLD.

First New TLD Quietly Enters Sunrise Period by Thomas Barrett
The first Sunrise Period for trademark owners under ICANN's new gTLD program has begun. The gTLD is the Arabic IDN '????, or "dot-Shabaka". The term roughly means "web" in Arabic and eligibility for registrations is unrestricted. The Dot-Shabaka Registry has made it clear for months that they wanted to be the first TLD to launch this year.

Two dot-brands pass Extended Evaluation
ICANN did not have much to report in this week?s batch of new gTLD evaluation results, as that stage of the program gradually winds down.

Four more new gTLD contracts signed, including .email
Four new gTLD registries signed their contracts with ICANN yesterday.

ICANN urged to rule on .llp ?breach?
ICANN is being urged to clarify whether an applicant for the .llp gTLD would be breaking any rules by restricting the suffix to US customers.

Expert panel finds Ralph Lauren is not entitled to operate .POLO gTLD based on Community Objection
... This month, an expert panel at the International Center for Expertise of the International Chamber of Commerce upheld USPA?s so-called ?Community Objection? against the .POLO application and denied Ralph Lauren?s application.

Famous Four vows to fight .sport objection loss
Famous Four Media has promised to pursue ?all available legal avenues? after losing a Community Objection over the .sport gTLD to its Olympic-backed rival.

Famous Four issues statement about .Sport decision
In case you haven?t heard yet, SportAccord won a community objection against Famous Four Media?s application for the .sport TLD.

Old dotcom era gives way to new TLDs
The dotcom era is ending, but not because of any sudden decline in online participation. Quite the opposite ? over the next few months the internet will expand from 22 TLDs to nearly 1400, including non-latin script domains for the first time.

dotShabaka Diary ? Day 22, Sunrise has gone live!
In this penultimate entry in the dotShabaka Diary series, dotShabaka general manager Yasmin Omer officially announces the launch of the Sunrise period for ????., the first new gTLD to enter this phase.

ICANN Issues Rules For Last Resort Auction But Fails To Address Many Of Applicants Concerns
ICANN published rules for its Last Resort auction last night. To bid in an auction each applicant will have to put up 10% of its maximum bid and if they want to bid an unlimited amount or more than $20 Million they have to put up $2 million per string.

Part One of Rousing Schwartz vs. Schilling New gTLD Debate Video is Here - Plus Industry Companies Form Association to Promote the New Extensions
Without question a highlight of last week's T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East conference at Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida was a rousing debate over the pros and cons of new gTLDs that pitted teams led by industry giants Rick Schwartz and Frank Schilling against each other on Monday, Oct. 21.

The internet's Big Bang: how to protect IP rights in a universe of new domains
The imminent expansion of the web poses a threat to trademark owners, but a new mechanism offers hope

US cyber security framework developed
A standards body in the US has published a draft cyber security framework for businesses operating in the telecoms, energy, transport and other critical infrastructure industries.

To restore credibility, NIST will audit its standards development process
The US crypto authority's name was tarnished by NSA leaks. But it wants to fix that.

Hacking group claims to have infiltrated Australian websites
An Indonesian hacking group claims to have infiltrated hundreds of Australian websites in apparent revenge over reports that Australia is intercepting Indonesian communications.

us: New command center will protect L.A. infrastructure from cyberattacks
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has set up a new command center to minimize the threat that hackers, terrorists or foreign enemies will disrupt water, power, transportation and public safety systems.

Lazy Brand Owner Gets 17 ?Lashes? For Delayed UDRP Complaint
UDRP panelists almost never deny a UDRP complaint based on a laches defense. As I have discussed in past blog posts, laches is a legal doctrine that can provide a defense when an adverse party has been unreasonably delayed in asserting its rights and its reliance on that delay results in harm to the defending party. Although extremely rare in UDRP decisions, this was the case in a recent rather egregious UDRP filing involving a 17-year delay that led to a unanimous three-member panel decision to deny the complaint.

Do Celebrities Have Rights in Their Matching Domain Names?
Celebrity domain names are almost always in the news. That's because people tend to register domain names of famous people, politicians and celebrities in order to make money off of someone else's fame. Celebrity cybersquatting has been around since domain names first became available to register.

True Religion jeans company sues over TrueReligion.com domain name
Last month I wrote about how jeans company True Religion lost a domain name arbitration case with the owner of TrueReligion.com.

DomainTools retools website
Don?t be alarmed if you visit DomainTools.com this afternoon and see the image to the right.

Sex Sells, but GoDaddy Won?t Use it in Super Bowl Spots
It?s Halloween, so naturally it?s time to start thinking about the Super Bowl. GoDaddy announced on Thursday that for the tenth year in a row it will have two 30-second spots during the Super Bowl.

Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in October 2013
Montreal based iWeb was the most reliable hosting company in October 2013 with only two failed requests. Two days ago the US IT-infrastructure company Internap announced plans to buy iWeb in a deal worth $145m. Both companies provide IaaS and are corporate sponsors of the OpenStack foundation. Internap has data centres around the world which will allow iWeb to expand on its four data centres, all based in Canada.

Netcraft November 2013 Web Server Survey
In the November 2013 survey we received responses from 785,293,473 sites, reflecting net growth of more than 18 million sites since last month.

Domain Aftermarket Explodes With 3 Blockbuster Sales Totaling $2.2 Million - One Ranks Among the Year's Three Biggest Transactions 
For the last few months we've been watching the domain aftermarket get stronger and stronger. Still, I've been reluctant to say we have definitely turned the corner after a long recession fueled drought, but it looks like now is the time to get off the fence. The past week produced the year's third 7-figure sale as well as two other transactions that each came in close to the half-million dollar mark. With the return of the market's high end, we're now seeing steady sales in every price range.

Moniker and SnapNames Announce Premium Year-End Auction
Moniker? and SnapNames?, both KeyDrive S. A. companies and leading providers of domain name solutions, announced today their Premium Year-End Auction. The online auction showcases some of the most sought after domains on the market and provides businesses, including start-ups and established companies, access to domain names for long term, strategic growth initiatives.

An exclusive interview with Bill Gates
The internet is not going to save the world, says the Microsoft co-founder, whatever Mark Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley?s tech billionaires believe. But eradicating disease just might.

Bill Gates: Prioritizing Worldwide Internet Access Over Malaria Research Is A 'Joke'
Technology is "amazing," Bill Gates told the Financial Times in a recent interview, but it's not going to save the world.

Is the album dead? Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Elton John hit by dramatic US sales slump
Lou Reed's album sales may have risen 607% in the US last week, one of many tributes to New York's rock 'n' roll poet of the streets, but that did little to dispel the black mood that has descended on the music business.

F.A.A. Moves to Ease Electronics Ban, Opening the Runways to Angry Birds
The days of airline passengers being hounded to turn off their tablets or e-readers for takeoff and landing are coming to an end.

FAA Says Fliers Can Use Devices During All Phases of Flight
Federal aviation regulators on Thursday unveiled steps to lift restrictions on electronic devices in flight, saying that fliers generally should be allowed to use tablets, e-readers and other gadgets during all phases of flight by the end of this year.

Europe looking to follow US to approve in-flight electronics
The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is scrutinising the use of electronic devices during take-off and landing following the American Federal Aviation Administration?s (FAA) approval on 31 October.

New coating could lead to waterproof mobile phones
A new waterproof coating to protect the delicate electronics in mobile phones could mean getting your phone wet will no longer be a disaster

IsoHunt Lives: BitTorrent Site Now Reportedly Hosted In Australia
After less than a month off the air, BitTorrent search engine IsoHunt is back with a fresh new look, hosted out of Australia of all places.

How a grad student trying to build the first botnet brought the Internet to its knees
On November 3, 1988, 25 years ago this Sunday, people woke up to find the Internet had changed forever. The night before, someone had released a malevolent computer program on the fledgling computer network. By morning, thousands of computers had become clogged with numerous copies of a computer "worm," a program that spread from computer to computer much like a biological infection.

Adobe Breach Impacted At Least 38 Million Users
The recent data breach at Adobe that exposed user account information and prompted a flurry of password reset emails impacted at least 38 million users, the company now says. It also appears that the already massive source code leak at Adobe is broadening to include the company?s Photoshop family of graphical design products.

GCHQ and European spy agencies worked together on mass surveillance
The German, French, Spanish and Swedish intelligence services have all developed methods of mass surveillance of internet and phone traffic over the past five years in close partnership with Britain's GCHQ eavesdropping agency.

Google ?outraged? by latest surveillance claims
Google on Wednesday declared that it was ?outraged? by apparent US government attempts to siphon information about millions of its users from its network, as the latest revelations in the internet surveillance scandal left it struggling to reassure its global users about the security of their personal information.

NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say
The National Security Agency has secretly broken into the main communications links that connect Yahoo and Google data centers around the world, according to documents obtained from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and interviews with knowledgeable officials.

NSA ?hacked Google and Yahoo?s data centre links?
The US National Security Agency (NSA), in collaboration with the UK government?s listening station GCHQ, has secretly broken into the main communications links that connect Yahoo and Google data centres around the world, according to interviews with knowledgeable officials and documents obtained from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Google and Yahoo furious over reports that NSA secretly intercepts data links
Google and Yahoo, two of the world's biggest tech companies, reacted angrily to a report on Wednesday that the National Security Agency has secretly intercepted the main communication links that carry their users' data around the world.

Former Facebook lawyer calls latest NSA revelations ?shocking?
Facebook?s former top lawyer and chief privacy officer said he found ?shocking? the scale of online data collection being conducted by the National Security Agency based on new Washington Post revelations that the agency secretly tapped the main communications links into Yahoo and Google data centers.

Angry Over U.S. Surveillance, Tech Giants Bolster Defenses
Google has spent months and millions of dollars encrypting email, search queries and other information flowing among its data centers worldwide. Facebook?s chief executive said at a conference this fall that the government ?blew it.? And though it has not been announced publicly, Twitter plans to set up new types of encryption to protect messages from snoops.

Amid NSA spying revelations, tech leaders call for new restraints on agency
Mounting revelations about the extent of NSA surveillance have alarmed technology leaders in recent days, driving a renewed push for significant legislative action from an industry that long tried to stay above the fray in Washington.

Tech Giants Plead for Surveillance Reforms
Six giant U.S. technology companies co-authored a letter to ranking members of the House Judiciary Committee, asking for not only the ability to disclose details on National Security Letter requests, but to call for surveillance reforms.

Portrait of the NSA: no detail too small in quest for total surveillance
The NSA gathers intelligence to keep America safe. But leaked documents reveal the NSA's dark side ? and show an agency intent on exploiting the digital revolution to the full

No Morsel Too Minuscule for All-Consuming N.S.A.
When Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary general, sat down with President Obama at the White House in April to discuss Syrian chemical weapons, Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and climate change, it was a cordial, routine exchange.

NSA furore has roots in US internet imperialism
In November 2012, more than 2,000 civil servants and IT specialists from across the world gathered in Dubai for the World Conference on International Telecommunications.

German, Brazilian U.N. draft urges halt to excessive spying
Germany and Brazil circulated a draft resolution to a U.N. General Assembly committee on Friday that calls for an end to excessive electronic surveillance, data collection and other gross invasions of privacy.

Brazil and Germany draft anti-spy resolution at UN
Germany and Brazil have asked the UN General Assembly to adopt a draft resolution calling for the right to privacy in the digital age.

Brazil to legislate on online civil rights following Snowden revelations
Brazil's congress will vote next week on a controversial new internet bill that will help to define the parameters of President Dilma Rousseff's campaign to reform the web.

Germany looks at keeping its Internet, e-mail traffic inside its borders
The news that the National Security Agency has its eye on much of the world?s electronic communications has shocked Germans, who have memories of Nazi and Cold War-era spying. Now, an alliance of German phone and Internet companies claims it has a solution: German e-mail and Internet transmitted within German borders.

Snowden Open to Testifying in Germany
Edward Snowden says he is willing to cooperate with investigations into NSA spying. At a meeting with a German lawmaker in Moscow, he reportedly suggested he would be open to coming to Germany, and complained of a US 'campaign of persecution.' Berlin has at least signaled readiness to talk.

Edward Snowden's NSA testimony offer welcomed in Germany
German politicians have said they are keen to hear from Edward Snowden in a parliamentary inquiry about the US National Security Agency surveillance, as the US whistleblower indicated his own willingness to speak as a witness to the Bundestag.

Germany looks at keeping its Internet, e-mail traffic inside its borders
The news that the National Security Agency has its eye on much of the world?s electronic communications has shocked Germans, who have memories of Nazi and Cold War-era spying. Now, an alliance of German phone and Internet companies claims it has a solution: German e-mail and Internet transmitted within German borders.

How the IETF plans to protect the web from NSA snooping
Speaking at the UN's recent Internet Governance Forum in Bali, Indonesia, IETF chair Jari Arkko laid out a plan to protect the U.S. Internet from the NSA's surveillance efforts.

NSA row: US spied on cardinals before pope?s election, claims Italian magazine
Even the Pope has been spied on by the NSA, according to claims in the Italian press.

NSA director hints at scaling back some surveillance of foreign leaders
The director of the National Security Agency conceded on Wednesday that it may need to scale back some of its surveillance operations on foreign leaders, in the wake of an international outcry.

John Kerry admits: some US surveillance has gone too far
John Kerry, the US secretary of state, conceded on Thursday that some of the country's surveillance activities had gone too far, saying that certain practices had occurred "on autopilot" without the knowledge of senior officials in the Obama administration.

After the NSA leaks, we've got to talk about rebalancing security and privacy
The 21st century is young; we may land a person on Mars, find the cure for cancer or make some discovery we cannot even begin to guess at now. Whatever happens, one definite feature is the interaction between the state and its citizens, which will change dramatically.

Monitoring Where Search Engines Fear to Tread
The Tor Onion Routing network has long been a favorite way for privacy-seeking online users to add a series of anonymizing layers between themselves and sites on the Internet. From hackers and dissidents to companies and governments seeking to cloak their activities online, Tor has gained a significant following of users.

How Dark Mail Plans to Build an Open, Secure Email Platform
The new Dark Mail Alliance formed this week by Lavabit and Silent Circle will offer an open platform for secure email that will use existing protocols and cloud storage as a way to evade surveillance. The new system, which should be available next year, is in some ways a throwback to the pre-Internet days, officials involved in the project said.

Australia Said to Play Part in N.S.A. Effort
Australia, a close ally of the United States, has used its embassies in Asia to collect intelligence as part of the National Security Agency?s global surveillance efforts, according to a document leaked by the former agency contractor Edward J. Snowden and published this week in the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel.

Australian embassies part of US spy network
Australian diplomatic posts throughout Asia and the Pacific are spying on foreign governments through electronic intercepts that are fed into the vast intelligence network operated by the United States National Security Agency.

INTA, Street Law and Constitutional Rights Foundation Renew Partnership to Educate Teens about Intellectual Property [news release]
The International Trademark Association (INTA) is proud to announce that it has renewed its partnership with Street Law, Inc. and Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF), and will continue to collaborate on the Unreal Campaign through 2014.

How Can we Keep Skills In Step with the Internet of Things?
The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a major accelerator for innovation of all industries and government. The idea of an increasingly digital world where mobility of applications and people are commonplace, where all types of things are connected and provide more intelligence and value is becoming the new reality.

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