[DNS] auDA Domain News - 7 November

[DNS] auDA Domain News - 7 November

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Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2013 11:31:16 +1100

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Almost 15,000 trademarks registered in TMCH

Donuts puts date to first Sunrise, signs big registrars, says it won?t have a landrush

Donuts Starts Sunrise For Seven gTLDs 26 November; .KIWI Begins Next Week

Final Implementation Plan for IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process | Redline
This document represents a marked up version of the Final Implementation Plan for IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process including changes to implement the Extended Process Similarity Review Panel.

Thick Whois Policy Development Process (PDP) Recommendations for Board Consideration
Purpose (Brief): Obtain community input on the Thick Whois Policy Development Process recommendations adopted by the GNSO Council prior to ICANN Board consideration.

Delegated Strings
Overview: ICANN's New gTLD Program will result in the expansion of available gTLDs, such as .COM, .NET or .ORG, from 22 to possibly 1,400 new names or "strings".

Implementing the Extended Process Similarity Review Panel in the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process
On 27 June 2013, the ICANN Board approved the proposed amendments to implement a two-panel process for string similarity review in the Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) ccTLD Fast Track Process.

ICANN Launches WHOIS Website Beta
Following through on community recommendations for improving accountability and transparency, ICANN has launched the first phase of a new "one-stop" online resource about the WHOIS directory service.

Debut of the Beta Launch of the WHOIS Website ? Phase I by Margie Milam, Senior Director- Strategic Initiatives
Last November, ICANN set its sights on making meaningful improvements to WHOIS, especially in the areas of accuracy and access. Significant resources have been devoted to implementing improvements based on the work of the WHOIS Review Team.

Update on the Work of the Expert Working Group by Jean-Francois Baril, EWG Facilitator
With the ICANN Buenos Aires Meeting rapidly approaching, I?d like to provide an update on the work of the Expert Working Group (EWG) and its progress since the ICANN 47 Meeting.

Upcoming Webinars: Rights Protection Mechanisms Webinar
A discussion about Rights Protection Mechanisms, including the Rights Protection Mechanism Requirements published on 30 September 2013.

Maintenance Window Changes Starting 5 November 2013
Effective 5 November 2013, the regularly scheduled maintenance windows for New gTLD systems will change, taking place according to the schedule below:

IGO Coalition, IGO Coalition, to GAC
Concerns with the ICANN Board's Proposal Regarding IGO Names and Acronyms

Statton Hammock, United TLD Holdco Ltd., to Cherine Chalaby
.CAM Decisions 	 

Shweta Sahjwani et al., Radix FZC et al., to Cherine Chalaby, Fadi Chehad?, Akram Atallah, and Christine Willett
Community Objection Process

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Why You Won't Find Tuvalu on a Map of the World's Internet Domains
On traditional maps of the world, Russia, Canada, China, and India loom large. On this map, though, the size of each country corresponds to the estimated number of websites registered there. The United States, unsurprisingly, is home to the largest number of registered Internet domains. Perhaps less predictably, Germany ranks a solid second, ahead of the United Kingdom.

.TO Relaunched As Option For Toronto
A canny marketing idea for the .to ccTLDs sees it being pushed as an alternative for residents and businesses in Toronto in the same way that .la has been geared towards Los Angeles.

With New gTLD?s Coming To Market .TO Rebrands Itself To Represent Toronto
.To has become the second ccTLD to rebrand itself to represent a city.

UANIC publishes list of accredited registrars in Cyrillic .??? domain
The Ukrainian network Information Center (UANIC) has published the list of accredited domain name registrars in the Cyrillic .??? domain.

Almost 15,000 trademarks registered in TMCH
The new gTLD program?s Trademark Clearinghouse has almost 15,000 trademarks registered, according to a spokesperson.

Trademark Clearinghouse: early bird pricing ends tomorrow
Trademark owners take note: you have less than 24 hours to get your marks registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse if you want to take advantage of early bird discounted pricing.

Is ICANN ready to start rejecting some new gTLDs?
Is ICANN getting ready to give marching orders to new gTLD applicants? It seems likely given recent hints out of LA.

ICANN makes GAC?s Category 1 new gTLD advice less stupid
After six months, ICANN is finally giving its Governmental Advisory Committee what it wants. Kinda.

Nine Donuts gTLDs delegated
Donuts has had a batch of nine new gTLDs delegated to the DNS root today. The nine strings are: .ventures, .camera, .clothing, .lighting, .singles, .voyage, .guru, .holdings and .equipment.

ICANN Announces Nine New Delegated gTLDs
ICANN has announced that nine new gTLDs have been delegated, meaning they were entered into the Internet?s Root Zone, the authoritative database for the Internet. The list of new gTLDs, all applied for by Donuts, are below along with the first four gTLDs that have successfully completed the Program.

Donuts puts date to first Sunrise, signs big registrars, says it won?t have a landrush
Donuts has announced the dates of its first Sunrise periods and revealed that it?s not planning to run a landrush period for its first seven new gTLDs.

Donuts Starts Sunrise For Seven gTLDs 26 November; .KIWI Begins Next Week
Donuts, who applied for 307 new gTLDs, are beginning the launches of the Sunrise periods for seven of their gTLDs as of 26 November, while the applicant of the .KIWI gTLD has announced its Sunrise period will commence on 13 November.

Donuts to skip Landrush on first batch of TLDs
Donuts announced this morning that it plans to start the sunrise for its first seven TLDs on November 26. The sunrise will close on January 24, 2014.

Donuts Inc. Adds Batch of 7 New gTLDs, Signs on 13 Registrars
Among the hundreds of new extensions it applied for, new gTLD registry Donuts Inc. will introduce this month seven new gTLDs to the domain name system: .BIKE, .CLOTHING, .GURU, .HOLDINGS, .PLUMBING, .SINGLES, and .VENTURES.

Donuts' New gTLDs ? a Digital Shopping Mall
This month, I had the opportunity to interview Jon Nevett and Mason Cole of Donuts, the largest filer of gTLD applications. While many of you may only know of donuts as the food you try to avoid during morning meetings, Donuts Inc. is a company that filed for 307 gTLDs, including most notably .COMPUTER, .CONDOS, .EMAIL, .ENTERPRISES, .FASHION, .MEDIA, and .NETWORK, to name just a few.

Early reservations for .kiwi websites and email addresses to begin next week
>From next week through to Christmas, a small number of Kiwis will be able to sign-up to reserve their favourite .kiwi domain names, and be a part of the .kiwi Pioneer Programme. Pioneers will be among the first people in the world to have access to new email addresses and websites ending in .kiwi, rather than .com, .net, .co.nz, .kiwi.nz or other similar .nz formats.

About that dotShabaka new TLD sunrise...
Last week I wrote about how the sunrise for ????. (.shabaka) had begun. The only catch was I couldn?t find any place to actually place a sunrise order.

Survey: Marketers Unaware of New Domains, But Think They'll Be Successful
... First, there is still a severe lack of awareness about new gTLDs among industry professionals, and second, after learning about new gTLDs a majority of survey respondents believe they'll ultimately be useful and successful.

DotShabaka First gTLD To Launch Sunrise Period
The DotShabaka Registry quietly launched the Sunrise period for their ????. gTLD (.shabaka translates to .web in English) on 31 October for 60 days. The gTLD, an open space for Arabic language domain names, is the first gTLD to launch their Sunrise period.

New TLD applicants flummoxed by objection results
A dozen applicants for new TLDs have sent a letter to ICANN urging the group to step in and fix what they believe are flawed new TLD objection results.

New gTLD Program Committee Accepts GAC Advice On Cat 1 & 2 Beijing Communiqu? Safeguards
In a letter sent to Heather Dryden, Chair, Governmental Advisory Committee by the New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) , they are intending to accept the GAC?s Beijing Communiqu? advice concerning Category 1 and Category 2 Safeguards.

.Sport Fallout: 12 Applicants Call On ICANN To Add An Appeals Proceess For Community Objection Proceedings
The fallout from the .Sport objection continues as 12 new gTLD applicants sent a letter to ICANN today signed ?expressing our ever-growing concerns relating to the Community Objection process?.

Get a .kiwi domain name starting next week
>From the 13th of November to Christmas, a limited number of businesses and individuals, will be able to sign-up to reserve their .kiwi domain names.

Dot kiwi domain name reservations set to begin
A small number of Kiwis will be able to sign-up to reserve their favourite .kiwi domain name and be a part of the .kiwi Pioneer Programme, from next week through to Christmas.

Get a .kiwi domain name starting next week
The launch of .kiwi has been designed to ensure that trademark owners can register their marks before the general public has the opportunity to.

Reservations opening soon for .kiwi domains
>From next week through to Christmas, a small number of Kiwis will be able to sign-up to reserve their favourite .kiwi domain names, and be a part of the .kiwi Pioneer Programme. Pioneers will be among the first people in the world to have access to new email addresses and websites ending in .kiwi, rather than .com, .net, .co.nz, .kiwi.nz or other similar .nz formats.

Applicants call for new gTLD objections appeals process
Twelve new gTLD applicants, representing many dozens of applications, have called on ICANN to create an appeals process for when Community Objections have debatable outcomes.

.sexy and .uno raise the average collisions list size
The third batch of new gTLD collisions lists has been released by ICANN, raising the average number of domains that registries are being told to block on extremely cautious security grounds.

Are you ready for the resetting of the internet?
The introduction of gTLDs signifies one of the biggest changes to the internet and will have a direct impact on how businesses approach the online channels. The number of internet domain name endings is rising dramatically, with suffixes such as .estate, .holdings and .venture all being launched in what is being hailed as the "resetting" of the internet.

Introduction: ICANN's Alternative Path to Delegation (Part 1 of 4) by Burt Kaliski
As widely discussed recently, observed within the ICANN community several years ago, and anticipated in the broader technical community even earlier, the introduction of a new gTLD at the global DNS root could result in name collisions with previously installed systems. Such systems sometimes send queries to the global DNS with domain name suffixes that, under reasonable assumptions at the time the systems were designed, may not have been expected to be delegated as gTLDs.

dotShabaka Diary ? Day 23, Wrap-up and Top Tips
We?re wrapping up the dotShabaka Diary series today with this, the final entry from general manager Yasmin Omer.

Afilias loses consolidated string confusion case against .mobile
Afilias, the registry that operates the .mobi TLD, has lost a consolidated string confusion objection against applicants for .mobile.

Policy Advisory Boards - A Cornerstone PICS (Public Interest Commitment Specification) by Ronald N. Andruff
Six months following the April 11th issuance of the Beijing Communique by ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), ICANN continues to wrestle with whether to accept the bulk of the GAC's proposed safeguards for new gTLDs as set forth in Annex 1 of that document. On October 1st ICANN Board Chairman Stephen Crocket sent a letter to GAC Chair Heather Dryden summarizing the results of the September 28th meeting of the New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) that considered the remaining and still undecided advice received from the GAC.

Yet Another Embarrassing IDN Gaff from ICANN by Andrew Gardner
Hot on the heels of other ICANN Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) TLD launch errors, we now have another example of ICANN's failure to comprehend the differences between IDN and ASCII names, this time to the detriment of potential IDN registrants and the new IDN generic TLD (gTLD) Registries. This gaff really makes you wonder whether the SSAC and Multilinguism departments at ICANN have ever met.

APWG releases it's Phishing Trends Report for Q2 2013:
The APWG reports in its Q2 2013 Phishing Activity Trends Report that fraudsters are seek new victims and brands in untapped markets with some 441 brands were hijacked in April, a record high that surpassed the previous monthly high of 430 in November 2012.

Top three recommendations for securing your personal data using cryptography, by EU cyber security Agency ENISA in new report [news release]
ENISA, the European Union?s ?cyber security? Agency, launched today a report recommending that all authorities should better promote cryptographic measure to safeguard personal data.

Singapore on alert for cyber attacks after websites hacked
Singapore's government has been put on heightened alert for cyber attacks after people claiming to be from international hacking collective Anonymous defaced several web sites in the city-state and threatened further action.

US-CERT Warns CryptoLocker Infections on the Rise
CryptoLocker is a devious evolution of now-familiar ransomware schemes in which the malware encrypts files it finds on a number of network resources and demands a ransom for the decryption key.

How Insider Domain Theft Can Bring Down ICANN by Frederick Harris
If a hired philosopher graced ICANN, the work would get down to brass tacks. "What is it?", she would ask, that drives ICANN beyond the mysterious dot that apparently represents the root. One can picture subsequent appeals from senior management to its navels, for clues as to what in the end game the root truly represents. I surmise that contemplating bred-in-the-bone values does not resonate easily or often at ICANN. Its like that unreachable itch that evades our scratch; we can't get at the source.

Johnson & Johnson loses case against Johnsons.com (again!)
For the second time in ten years, consumer products company Johnson & Johnson has lost a UDRP against the domain name Johnsons.com.

Grand Theft Auto maker triumphs under UDRP
A WIPO panel has ordered the transfer of the domain name ?gta5betagiveaway.com? to a well-known video games company under the UDRP. Among other things, the panel found that the addition of ?beta?, ?giveaway? and ?5? to the complainant?s GTA mark strengthened the confusion by implying that the beta version of the complainant?s highly anticipated new video game was available at the site associated with the domain name.

Losing domain names is an expensive lesson
Whether by accident or purposely not renewing domain names, owners will neglect to renew domain names if they are careless. Have you ever forgotten to renew a domain or lost ownership of domain names?

 - IPv4/IPv6
IP Addresses and Traceback by Geoff Huston
This is an informal description the evolution of a particular area of network forensic activity, namely that of traceback. This activity typically involves using data recorded at one end of a network transaction, and using various logs and registration records to identify the other party to the transaction. Here we'll look at the impact that IPv4 address exhaustion and IPv6 transition has had on this activity, and also note, as we explore this space, the changing role of IP addresses within the IP protocol architecture.

Watch Live - What Does "Success" For IPv6 Look Like? (Briefing Panel on Nov 5) by Dan York
Now that IPv6 deployment is happening in major networks around the world, the question becomes -- what does "success" look like for IPv6? How much IPv6 traffic is "enough"? What are major milestones we should be tracking in IPv6 deployment? What is next for IPv6?

Biggest risks in IPv6 security today
Although IPv6 packets have started to flow, network engineers still tread lightly because of lingering security concerns. Here are the top six security risks in IPv6 network security today as voted by gogoNET members, a community of 95,000 network professionals.

Demand Media Plans Domain Name Services Spinoff Rightside Group
Demand Media announced on Tuesday a proposed spinoff domain name services business, Rightside Group, to be led by Taryn Naidu, who is currently Demand Media?s executive VP of domain services.

Veteran Domain Industry Executive Taryn Naidu Lands on the Right Side of Demand Media Makeover
Demand Media had announced the CEO, executive team and company name chosen for a newly formed domain services company that is proposed to be spun off from Demand Media.

Demand Media spinoff to be called RightSide
RightsideLast week I wrote about how signs were pointing to Demand Media calling its domain name spinoff Rightside.

Demand Media to spin off domains business as Rightside
Demand Media has confirmed its plan to spin off its domain name business into a separate company.

How Web.com upsells and cross-sells its customers
Web.comIf you?ve ever registered a domain name at Register.com or Network Solutions, then you?ve undoubtedly received their follow-on sales pitches. These pitches cover everything from Facebook services to premium domains.

GoDaddy Plans European Expansion, Hires VP of EMEA
GoDaddy announced on Wednesday plans to expand its European presence, beginning with the hiring of Stefano Maruzzi as VP of EMEA, and the construction of a European Customer Care Center.

>From Beep to CarLoans: How a domain name change resulted in a $40 million turnover boost
In June, Shaun McGowan?s business, Beep.com.au, was turning over $60 million. Five months later the company has grown by 60%, now exceeding $100 million in turnover, through one simple change ? the domain name.

How Much Is A Category Killer Domain Worth? CarLoans.com.au Generates $40 Million in 6 Months
smartcompany.com.au, just published a success story that all domainers can use as the poster child for potential buyers of great domain names.

Past Fortnight in the Domain Aftermarket Produced Three More 6-Figure Sales with Dozens More Reported in Five Figures
I was away last week covering the 2013 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East conference at Fort Lauderdale Beach so we have some catching up to do this week. Since there was no sales column last Wednesday we're bringing you a double dose of data this week and expanding our usual Top 20 charts to 40 positions each to make room for all of the sales reported to us over the past two weeks.

What future do you want? Commission invites votes on what Europe could look like in 2050 to help steer future policy and research planning [news release]
In 2050, will the economy be fundamentally altered because home 3D printers mean you can press a button to print your own clothes, a new sofa or kitchen table? Will cancer be a thing of the past thanks to nano-robots which can detect and destroy tumours? What will society look like when many live to over 100 years old?

Britons among 1,000 snared in webcam child sex sting
More than 100 adults in the UK have been caught attempting to pay children to perform sex acts over the internet, according to a leading child protection agency.

Roast Busters: we can't let such Facebook groups thrive
Internet forums created for men to discuss their sexual "conquests" are nothing new. There is an entire online community of "pick up artists" dedicated to reducing women to rating systems and helpless victims of evolutionary psychology. Sometimes, more disgusting and violent pages arise. Revenge porn, sites dedicated to naming and shaming women, university "walk of shame" photo galleries and city-specific forums are depressingly commonplace.

nz: Collins calls time on cyber bullies [news release]
Justice Minister Judith Collins says the introduction of a new Bill to Parliament today aims to stop cyber bullies in their tracks.

nz: Cyber bullies face sanctions
A bill which aims to stop cyber bullying by groups such as the Roast Busters will be introduced to Parliament today.

Google Is Ordered to Block Images in Privacy Case
A French court ruled Wednesday that Google must remove from its Internet search results all images of a former Formula One car racing chief at an orgy. The ruling in the privacy case could have ramifications for the tech giant?s operations across Europe.

Analysis reveals popular Adobe passwords
"123456" was the most popular password among the millions of Adobe users whose details were stolen during an attack on the company.

Dark net marketplace Silk Road 'back online'
Reports suggest that the Silk Road, the anonymous marketplace that traded in drugs and other illegal goods, is back online, in a new version.

Tim Berners-Lee: encryption cracking by spy agencies 'appalling and foolish'
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the computer scientist who created the world wide web, has called for a "full and frank public debate" over internet surveillance by the National Security Agency and its British counterpart, GCHQ, warning that the system of checks and balances to oversee the agencies has failed.

As U.S. Weighs Spying Changes, Officials Say Data Sweeps Must Continue
The Obama administration has told allies and lawmakers it is considering reining in a variety of National Security Agency practices overseas, including holding White House reviews of the world leaders the agency is monitoring, forging a new accord with Germany for a closer intelligence relationship and minimizing collection on some foreigners.

How we know the NSA had access to internal Google and Yahoo cloud data
The Washington Post reported last Wednesday that the National Security Agency has been tapping into the private links that connect Google and Yahoo data centers around the world. Today we offer additional background, with new evidence from the source documents and interviews with confidential sources, demonstrating that the NSA accessed data traveling between those centers.

Google chairman: NSA spying on our data centres 'outrageous'
Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, has attacked the US government for apparently breaking into the connections that link the company's data centres around the world as "outrageous" and described other surveillance practices as "possibly illegal".

How Snowden's Email Provider Plans to Build an NSA-Proof Communications Tool
Just a few months ago, Ladar Levison became famous when it was revealed that the secure email service he ran was patronized by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. He shut down that company soon afterward because otherwise, the government would've forced him to betray the privacy of his clients without their knowing.

Apple details government information requests for first time
Apple Inc on Tuesday disclosed the number of information requests it received from governments around the world, making it one of the last big tech companies to do so in the wake of the controversy over data collection by U.S. national security agencies.

US government tops Apple's list of global user data requests
Apple has published its first report revealing the number and type of requests for information about users and devices from governments around the world, showing the US dominating the requests.

Australia high on Apple's transparency list of government requests for user data
Apple has released its first transparency report on the demands it gets from governments for access to people's information, and Australia is near the top of the computer giant's list.

Google accused of slowing down European commission's antitrust case
Google's rivals have strongly criticised the search engine's newest proposals to settle its long-running antitrust case with the European commission. The internet company has also been accused of slowing down the arbitration process, which has so far ground on for three years and might not be resolved before next spring.

Google rivals asked if concessions go far enough in antitrust inquiry
European regulators have asked Google's rivals whether the Internet search engine's revised proposals to settle an antitrust case will boost their bargaining power in commercial negotiations, a European Commission document showed.

New Zealand approves email and phone-snooping law
New Zealand's parliament has narrowly passed new legislation compelling telecommunication companies to allow the intelligence agencies to access customers' emails, texts and phone calls.

nz: Telco Intercept Bill becomes law
The Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Bill has passed its its third and final reading in Parliament this afternoon, 61 votes to 57.

nz: Mega boss puzzled by need for spy legislation
The head of cloud storage website Mega says new spy agency law is puzzling because his company already does what the legislation is requiring it to do.
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