[DNS] auDA Domain News - 14 November

[DNS] auDA Domain News - 14 November

From: David Goldstein <david>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 16:11:05 +1100

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AusRegistry launch new exclusive deals to empower Australian online businesses to take advantage of booming ecommerce opportunities

.SHABAKA To Revolutionise (Arabic) Internet

Over half the world?s biggest brands will be blocked in new gTLDs

Over 87,000 new gTLD domains now blocked

Over 100 new gTLD contracts now signed

Sacrificing the ICANN Will Not Be Enough for the US to Restore Its Internet Ethics by Jean-Christophe Nothias, Editor in chief, The Global Journal
We were only a few among media to realize, back in 2012, how arrogant and powerful was the US over its dominance of the Internet, and not just its control over the root servers and the domain name management. Policy making was at stake! Since December 2012, we know it as the US 120-member delegation to the World Conference on International Telecommunication (WCIT) left the room where over 190 nation states were convene to discuss terms of progress over agreement in international telecommunication connectivity.

Enhanced Cooperation in Internet Governance: From Mystery to Clarity? by Wolfgang Kleinw?chter
After three days of intensive discussion the UNCSTD Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation (WGEC) ended its second meeting last week in Geneva. It discussed the results of a questionnaire, which was send out after the 1st meeting of the WGEC (May 2013) and agreed on procedures how to move forward. The WGEC has to report to the forthcoming UNCSTD meeting in May 2014 in Geneva.

Mexico Engages in Global Dialogue on Internet Governance by Rodrigo de la Parra
I had the opportunity to be in Mexico as part of a group of colleagues from diverse sectors ? governments, civil society, the technical and business communities, and academia ? who came together in order to organize the first edition of ?Dialogues on Internet Governance?, held in the city of Mexico on November 4-5.

Status Update from the Expert Working Group on gTLD Directory Services
ICANN has embarked on a journey to reinvent today's WHOIS system. Help the EWG envision a better system by joining the discussion at ICANN's Buenos Aires meeting and online.

ICANN Selects Lead for Development of Name Collision Occurrence Management Framework
ICANN signed an agreement with JAS Global Advisors LLC to lead the development of the Name Collision Occurrence Management Framework, in cooperation with the community.

Approved Launch Program Application Process Defined Registry Operators
(ROs) and applicants that have been invited to Contracting may now apply for an Approved Launch Program.

GAC Agenda for Buenos Aires Meeting

GAC Agenda for Buenos Aires Meeting

Jason Du, CEO | Stable Tone Limited, to Steve Crocker and Cherine Chalaby
Smaller Applicant Position Paper 	 

Craig Schwartz, Director | fTLD Registry Services, LLC, to Stephen D. Crocker
GAC Advice 	 

Andrew Merriam, Business Development Coordinator | Top Level Design, LLC, to Cherine Chalaby and Christine Willett
CPE Analysis of .gay TLD 	 

Burk Kaliski Jr., Senior Vice President and CTO | VeriSign Inc., to Akram Atallah and John L. Crain Verisign Labs
Preliminary Analysis of SLD Blocking Effectiveness

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
AusRegistry launch new exclusive deals to empower Australian online businesses to take advantage of booming ecommerce opportunities
AusRegistry today announced the availability of two new special offers to help Australian businesses get online and activate their Internet presence with an exclusive domain name and search advertising offer.

?cn? tops 8 million online
The number of websites registered with the national TLD "cn" has exceeded 8 million since October, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Monday.

.SHABAKA To Revolutionise (Arabic) Internet
The Arabic language internet is set to be revolutionised in coming months with the launch of ????. (.shabaka, which translates to .web in English). To users of the internet who use a language with Latin characters, they never experience the difficulties someone whose native language is Arabic or one of the Asian languages.

Part 3 of 4 ? Name Collision Mitigation Requires Qualitative Analysis by Burt Kaliski, Verisign
As discussed in the several studies on name collisions published to date, determining which queries are at risk, and thus how to mitigate the risk, requires qualitative analysis (New gTLD Security and Stability Considerations; New gTLD Security, Stability, Resiliency Update: Exploratory Consumer Impact Analysis; Name Collisions in the DNS). Blocking a second level domain (SLD) simply on the basis that it was queried for in a past sample set runs a significant risk of false positives. SLDs that could have been delegated safely may be excluded on quantitative evidence alone, limiting the value of the new gTLD until the status of the SLD can be proven otherwise.

Over half the world?s biggest brands will be blocked in new gTLDs
More than half of the world?s most-famous brand names already stand to benefit from blocks in new gTLDs, due to the name collisions policy introduced by ICANN recently.

Over 87,000 new gTLD domains now blocked
The total number of domain names to be blocked due to the risk of name collisions has topped 87,000 with the latest batch of block-lists from ICANN, published yesterday.

Over 100 new gTLD contracts now signed
The pace is stepping up as ICANN starts to lift its heels in moving more new gTLDs towards delegation.

GoDaddy 1st To Launch ICANN'S New Domain Names
Today begins a new chapter in the expansion of the Internet, with the introduction of new Internet domain names. GoDaddy, the world?s largest domain name registrar, is the first registrar to sell pre-registrations on the new, ICANN-approved domain name extensions, as part of a new program designed to expand the inventory of Internet website addresses.

ICANN rejects third new gTLD bid
ICANN has formally rejected .thai, only the third new gTLD application to suffer this fate.

Fighting for Smaller New gTLD Applicants by St?phane Van Gelder
Will new gTLDs just be more of the same, or will they bring real diversity and innovation to the Internet's namespace? For Hong Kong based Stable Tone, applicant for two Chinese character IDN TLDs (?? or "Dot WORLD" and ?? or "Dot HEALTHY"), it's the smaller applicants that give the new gTLD program its soul.

Donuts Launches Seven More gTLD Sunrises
Donuts announced yesterday (13 November) that it will launch the Sunrise phase for an additional seven new gTLDs on 3 December. In addition, Donuts has executed another 19 agreements with registrars who will distribute Donuts names including EuroDNS and instra.

Early reservations for .kiwi websites underway
Starting this week until Christmas, a small number of Kiwis will now be able to sign-up to reserve their favourite .kiwi domain names, and be a part of the .kiwi Pioneer Programme.

Donuts wins two more string objections, settles another
The contentious and highly unpredictable string confusion objection process for new TLDs is coming to a close.

GoDaddy kicks off gTLD land rush with first domain sales
Domain dealer GoDaddy has begun the first registrations of domains under the ICANN gTLD programme.

Applicant Auction Set for Dec. 11th, Buenos Aires Workshops, Icann Last Resort Information Released by Sheel Mohnot
The Applicant Auction team is heading to ICANN 48 in Buenos Aires this month, and as we start to pack our bags, we thought it was time to share some updates with the community. Last week, ICANN held a webinar to present Auction Rules for its forthcoming Last Resort Auctions.

ICANN cautions about new TLD pre-registrations
With more and more domain name registrars offering some sort of pre-registration or pre-reservation service for new TLDs, ICANN has published a word of caution.

.Club Domains Signs ICANN Registry Agreement
.Club Domains, the operator of new gTLD .CLUB, announced on Monday that it has signed its registry agreement with ICANN.

.CLUB Signs Registry Agreement with ICANN
The operators of the .club gTLD have signed their Registry Agreement with ICANN, .CLUB Domains announced yesterday.

We Are Officially The .CLUB Registry!
Today we announced that both .CLUB Domains and ICANN have signed the Registry Agreement for .CLUB. This is a huge moment for everyone on the .CLUB team, including our investors and supporters, as it has been quite a wild ride since we decided to apply for the .CLUB name.

Demand Media scores another $1.3 million from withdrawing new TLD applications
Demand Media realized $1.3 million in gains in the third quarter of this year due to the withdrawal of its interest in new TLD applications, according to the company?s latest 10-Q filing with the SEC.

Here Are NameJet?s Terms & Conditions on New gTLD Auctions
Namejet.com announced last week it would be auctioning off some new gTLD domain names in the strings .XYZ and .College, even before either new gTLD has been delegated to the root by ICANN.

gTLD expansion: A concern for brand owners, or a blessing?
GoDaddy, a domain registrar, has kickstarted the first leg of registrations of extensions under the gTLD programme. Pre-registrations have begun for sites in the .build, .luxury, .uno and .menu domains, while 700 more are expected to be released in the next 24 months.

.Buzz registry launches ICANNBuzz ahead of Buenos Aires conference
The domain name industry pilgrimage to Buenos Aires for ICANN #48 begins later this week. There?s a lot more excitement buzz in the air this time around as new TLD applicants can finally see the endpoint (or is it the starting point?).

1&1 begins pre-registration, and new TLDs are getting much more confusing
Top ten domain registrar 1&1 is now accepting pre-registrations on a first come basis, and the various pre-registration offerings are rather confusing.

Brands May Lead The New gTLD?s But They May Also Lead The Confusion
Many expect the Brand applicants are to lead the new gTLD charge by bringing consumer awareness to the new gTLD program.

1and1.com Tops 4 Million New gTLD Pre-Reservations; Adding 1.5 Million In a Month
The domain name registrar, 1and1.com just topped 4 Million pre-reservations for new gTLD domain names.

Our Government Has Weaponized the Internet. Here?s How They Did It
The internet backbone ? the infrastructure of networks upon which internet traffic travels ? went from being a passive infrastructure for communication to an active weapon for attacks.

Cyber attack 'war game' tests London banks
A cyber attack by a foreign government on financial markets played out in one of London's historic halls on Tuesday in a "war game" simulation designed to test the City's defenses against online saboteurs.

Decision Opens Time Portal To UDRP Success
For the 14 years of the UDRP?s existence it has generally been accepted that a complaining brand owner must prove the responding domain owner registered or acquired the domain in bad faith (with an intent to infringe on the brand) at the time the owner acquired the domain. This is because Par. 4(a)(iii) of the UDRP requires complainants to show that the domain ?has been registered and is being used in bad faith.?

us: Judge Rules Dozens of Domain Names Are ?Confusingly Similar? to Oscar Trademarks
A federal court has handed a victory to the Motion Picture Academy in its effort to root out dozens of websites capitalizing on the kudos, ruling that 135 domain names registered via GoDaddy.com are ?confusingly similar? to Oscar trademarks.

us: Academy Wins Domain Name Ruling in GoDaddy Lawsuit
In advance of a trial next year, the Academy wins summary judgment on 177 domain names including HollywoodOscar.com and OscarResults.net.

After 8 Years Online, TJMaxxx.com Ordered Transferred
An arbitrator has sided with one of the nation's largest discount retailers ? T.J. Maxx ? in a classic typosquatting case.

One Del Monte calls the other a Reverse Domain Name Hijacker
Del Monte International GmbH has filed its opposition to Del Monte Corporation?s motion to dismiss a lawsuit related to the .delmonte TLD.

Tucows Reports Financial Results for the Third Quarter of 2013
Tucows Inc. ... reported its financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2013. All figures are in U.S. dollars.

When you?re a company that?s been around as long as Yahoo, there are lots of fun things that you stumble across. This year, we found a huge list of domain names that the company has owned for quite some time.

Yahoo selling sled.com and other odd domains
Yahoo said it has "stumbled across" about 100 Web domains it owns, including sandwich.com and av.com, and it will sell off the names in an auction this week.

Sandwich.com and other domains Yahoo has held back from greatness
Yahoo is putting a slew of its domain names up for auction starting tomorrow, according to a post on the company?s Tumblr. The domain names in Yahoo?s yard sale number over 100 and include oddities like laun.com as well as ringers such as av.com and blogsport.com. Come on, that?s a pretty decent pun.

Yahoo Launches Week-Long Domainapalooza to Auction More than 100 Premium Domains
Yahoo announced on Wednesday that it is clearing out more than a hundred of the premium domains the company has owned for years in a week-long auction it is calling Domainapalooza.

Sedo reports continuing decline in domain parking
Sedo Holding has issued its preliminary results for the first nine months of the year. This is likely to be one of the last public reports from the company before it gets rolled up into United Internet.

Is Daniel Ek, Spotify founder, going to save the music industry ... or destroy it?
On one wall of Daniel Ek's sparsely furnished office in the Stockholm headquarters of Spotify, there is a quotation from George Bernard Shaw: "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

Researchers use smartphone camera to figure out PINs
Researchers have found a way to figure out what personal identification number, or PIN, someone is typing into their smartphone by using the device's built-in cameras and microphones to secretly record them.

In Europe, Thousands of Requests for Facebook Data
Online surveillance by the United States was the main subject of a hearing on Monday evening organized by the European Parliament?s civil liberties committee. But one of the more noteworthy parts of the session was a presentation by a senior Facebook employee who described demands by European Union governments.

Brazil sparks furore over internet privacy bill
A Brazilian draft bill that was originally aimed at enshrining basic rights for internet users has sparked a furore after President Dilma Rousseff added a requirement that online information concerning citizens be kept physically within the country.

Brazil going too far on internet security
Rousseff?s web protectionism is bad for her country

uk: Information commissioner voices fears over scale of NSA surveillance
The UK's information commissioner has expressed concern about the extent of the NSA's surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden, saying that issues of national security cannot be allowed to overshadow concerns of legitimate public interest.

uk: Counter-terror chief renews fight for 'snooper's charter'
The Home Office's head of counter-terrorism has revived his fight to secure the return of the "snooper's charter" legislation, insisting that the government's spy listening centre GCHQ has never collected the communications data required by Britain's police and security services under the ditched bill.

Deutsche Telekom Pushes for All-German Internet
Recent revelations about NSA spying have given fresh impetus to the dream of a purely German Internet. Deutsche Telekom believes it could introduce a system safe from prying foreign surveillance, but some criticize the plan as pointless.

US Unlikely to Offer 'No-Spy' Agreement
Senior German intelligence officials met with their NSA and CIA counterparts in the US last week to start trust-rebuilding efforts between the estranged allies. While a "no-spy" agreement seems unlikely, Merkel might learn what Snowden could still reveal.

us: Senate Debates Surveillance Transparency Act of 2013
Senator Al Franken presided over a hearing today in which lawmakers and technology experts discussed the National Security Administration?s surveillance practices, examining a proposed bill that would require that the U.S. spy agency carry out its operations in a more transparent fashion.

au: AFP seeks deep packet inspection capability to capture metadata
Although there is no legislation set up to allow widespread data retention, the Australian Federal Police is setting up systems that will allow it to analyse traffic, and capture and retain metadata.

Almost half of Australians adopt fake identities online: ACMA survey
Australians have admitted to providing false personal details online in order to protect themselves, according to the results of an Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) survey.

Online digital disguises [news release]
New research released today suggests almost half of Australians (47 per cent) admit to giving false personal details to online sites.

us: Bill would make it illegal for ISPs to slow down online video services
A Senate bill called the "Consumer Choice in Online Video Act" takes aim at many of the tactics ISPs can use to overcharge customers and degrade the quality of rival online video services.

nz: Internet group applauding Minister of Trade
The internet group which works on on-line policy issues is applauding the Minister of Trade for taking a firm stance over copyright issues.

nz: Opposition vocal about TPP deal
Opposition political parties say it is the Government, not Wikileaks which should be revealing details about the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.

nz: InternetNZ applauds New Zealand's strength at TPP table [news release]
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) applauds the position of Minister Tim Groser and his team of negotiators in standing strong on New Zealand?s copyright position during TPP negotiations.

Greenpeace Tips Hat to Facebook, Google for Renewable Energy Use [IDG]
Greenpeace has often been critical of big data-center operators like Facebook for their impact on the environment, but on Wednesday it said some online firms are improving their practices and may even be the vanguard for renewable energy use.

Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton on the NSA, Safe Sex, and American Exceptionalism
You want a world-class conversation about the future of global health, the vanguard of philanthropy, and the divide between ignorance and data-driven knowledge? Bring in the Bills. Gates and Clinton, that is.

au: Loner Alan Davies caught with 156,000 child pornography files
A computer technician who downloaded child pornography almost daily for 15 years in his north-suburban Melbourne home has pleaded guilty to charges involving about 156,000 files.

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