[DNS] auDA Domain News - 18 November

[DNS] auDA Domain News - 18 November

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Internet Governance Update by Fadi Chehad?
In recent days, the community has asked for more information about the background of events in Internet governance including the Montevideo Statement, meetings in Brazil and the Internet Governance Forum and so I wanted to write this blog as another way to complement my ongoing discussions with various community groups.

Thinking Clearly About Multistakeholder Internet Governance by Dr. Laura DeNardis (American University ; Yale Information Society Project) & Mark Raymond (Centre for International Governance Innovation)
Abstract: Efforts to study and practice Internet governance start, virtually without exception, from the premise that the Internet is governed by an innovative, unusual (perhaps unique) ?multistakeholder? model. Preserving that model is a primary goal for the broader Internet community as well as for many governments, though not for all. Viewing multistakeholderism as a teleological goal for Internet governance creates several problems. First, multistakeholderism is often elevated as a value in itself rather than as a possible approach to meeting more salient public interest objectives such as preserving Internet interoperability, stability, security, and openness. Second, multistakeholder governance may not be appropriate in every functional area of Internet governance. Internet coordination is not a monolithic practice but rather a multilayered series of tasks of which some are appropriately relegated to the private sector, some the purview of traditional nation-state governance or international treaty negotiations, and some more appropriately multistakeholder. It is a misnomer to speak not only of multistakeholder governance but also of Internet governance as a single thing.

ICANN?s Mandate to Preserve and Enhance Multistakeholder Internet Cooperation by Steve Crocker
The success of the Internet is due in large part to its decentralized and distributed design. The Internet?s governance structure reflects and reinforces this design choice. The bottom-up, multistakeholder model of governance has addressed burgeoning policy issues in a remarkably agile and successful manner. It has addressed key challenges (secure DNS; IPv4 address exhaustion) without impeding the Internet?s enormous contribution to social welfare.

Share Your Thoughts on ICANN?s Vision, Mission, Focus Areas by Fadi Chehad?
Earlier this year, I asked the global community to join us in brainstorming for ICANN?s new Vision and Five-Year Strategic Plan. The community?s response was impressive in its international diversity, insightfulness and forward thinking. The community?s input on ICANN?s key challenges and opportunities has inspired a proposed new ICANN vision, a reiteration of our mission, and draft goals for five focus areas

Experts Address the Global Expansion of the Internet
ICANN CEO Fadi Chehad?, Board Chair Dr. Stephen Crocker, President of Generic Domains Division Akram Atallah and Vice President Stakeholder Engagement for Latin America and the Caribbean Rodrigo de la Parra will address major issues shaping the Internet's future at a news conference on Wednesday, 20 November at 11:30 AM (ART).

Second Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT 2) Draft Report & Recommendations: Announcement of Correction
A correction was issued on 7 November 2013 by the Second Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT2) to their report dated 15 October 2013.

The Nominating Committee Announces Selection of a Member to the ICANN Board of Directors
The 2013 Nominating Committee (NomCom) is pleased to announce the selection of Wolfgang Kleinw?chter as a member to the ICANN Board of Directors.

Next Stop, Buenos Aires ? Generic Domains Division Sessions by Christine Willett
ICANN meetings are always an exciting time! Community members and attendees from around the world come together with staff and board members to discuss Internet policy and ICANN?s role therein. ICANN 48 in Buenos Aires, which takes place 17 ? 21 November 2013, is particularly invigorating for the New gTLD Program as it represents the first meeting since the first new gTLDs were delegated from this Program.

Delegated Strings
Overview: ICANN's New gTLD Program will result in the expansion of available gTLDs, such as .COM, .NET or .ORG, from 22 to possibly 1,400 new names or "strings".

New Contracting Statistics Released
Below are the key Contracting statistics, as of 15 November 2013:

New IE Results Published
2 Held Applications Complete Initial Evaluation

Thomas M?rz, CEO | InterNet GmbH, to ICANN Board
Implementation Proposal for GAC Category 1 Safeguard Advice form "Corporate Identifiers"

ICANN: Buenos Aires
ICANN is holding its 48th public meeting in Buenos Aires from November 17 to 21, and FairWinds Partners will be on the ground gathering intelligence.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Ken Hansen Leaves Neustar to Become CEO of co.com Registry
For the past four years, Ken Hansen has been Senior Director of Business Development, GM, ,nyc at Neustar. In that role, he has been working to promote the .NYC registry, which has the backing of New York City. I just learned that Ken is leaving Neustar to become CEO of the co.com Registry, a recently formed venture that will offer .co.com domain names.

Ken Hansen leaves Neustar to launch co.com domain name registry
Three well known people in the domain name industry have teamed up to offer domain name registrations under co.com, e.g. name.co.com.

Paul Goldstone Assembles All-Star Team Led By CEO Ken Hansen to Launch New CO.COM Registry - Gregg McNair Also Onboard as Chairman
Domain industry veteran Paul Goldstone (whose enterprises include registrar DomainIt.com) has decided what he wants to do with his favorite domain, perhaps the ultimate two-letter .com - co.com. Today Goldstone announced the launch of a new co.com registry that will allow users to register third level domains (for example, cars.co.com).

CZ.NIC launches the Good Domain educational campaign
A good address is essential. Choosing the right address can have a great impact on the success of a business. A good Internet domain is also a good address. Sponsored by the CZ.NIC Association, the administrator of the national .CZ domain, the online part of the Good Domain campaign at dobradomena.cz is being launched with this motto today.

de: Shutdown of Domain Check (DCHK) lookup service as of 3 December 2013
Effective 3 December 2013, DENIC will shut down their Domain Check (DCHK) lookup service which was in place so far to check out the mere registration status of a .DE domain. From then on, all status information concerning .DE domains may further be comfortably accessed via the Domain Query web interface or the command-line based public-whois service.

Webinar: ?Porta il tuo negozio in Europa con un sito .eu? (Italian)
Want to learn how to effectively use .eu domain names in e-commerce? Are you planning to spread your own e-commerce project across Europe?

eu: EURid in one minute
This week we launched a short corporate video called ?EURid in one minute?. We will use it when we present EURid to the public.

eu: 2013 Christmas competition, 11 days until launch!
This year EURid is giving away three fabulous holidays in our Christmas competition for .eu domain name holders.

ng: Internet Body Calls for NG Adoption
THE Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) is advocating for the embedment of local content on the nation's ccTLD to maximize the benefits of digital migration.

nl: AbuseHUB launched to tackle botnets
During the ECP's annual congress at the AFAS Circustheater in Scheveningen, the Abuse Information Exchange officially launched the AbuseHUB. The HUB is a system for the central processing of information about botnet infections in the Netherlands, designed to speed up the detection of infected computers and to bring internet users faster and better help dealing with viruses.

ICANN at 15: Born in the USA - But Will It Stay? by Philip S Corwin
This article was originally intended to be a short one focused on indications that ICANN was exploring the establishment of a legal nexus outside the United States and discussing what that might mean - and whether it was consistent with the Affirmation of Commitments (AOC) entered into with the United States in 2009. Then, as completion neared, came the sudden and nearly simultaneous release of the October 7th Montevideo Statement and the announcement two days later of a proposed 2014 Brazil "Summit" focused on restructuring Internet governance. At that point the task vastly expanded. more?

Will the ICANN Auctions Kill off New gTLD Innovation? by St?phane Van Gelder
As the launch of the first of the new gTLDs draws ever closer, more and more applicants are beginning to publicise their business models and ideas for putting the Domain Name System (DNS) to good use. By doing so, they are also shedding light on what promises to be a far less uniform Top Level for the Internet than might have previously been feared. A schism is appearing in the type of applicant/TLD model being enacted. Up until now, Donuts, Google et al have tended to hold the spotlight, and for good reason.

Is The Internet Domain Land Rush A Land Rush At All?
There's a land rush going on right now. At least that's how everyone seems to be describing the with so-called TLDs.

11 More gTLDs Delegated
ICANN delegated 11 new gTLDs on 14 November taking the total number to 24 since 23 October.

Donuts Adds Another Seven Generic Top-Level Domains to the Internet, Signs 19 Additional Registrars
On the heels of last week?s news that Donuts Inc., a registry for new gTLDs, had launched seven new gTLDs, the company said today it will launch the Sunrise phase of seven additional new gTLDs on December 3. In addition, Donuts has executed another 19 agreements with registrars who will distribute Donuts names.

Will ICANN be forced to reject Islamic gTLDs?
The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has condemned applications for .islam and .halal gTLDs filed by a Turkish company, despite the applicant recently fighting off an OIC-backed objection.

Architelos Publishes Second NameSentry Report, Releasing Data and Key Findings on Internet Safety and Comparative Rankings of over 70 TLDs
Architelos, Inc. announced today the publication of the second installment of the NameSentry Namespace Quality Report. The report benchmarks the comparative safety of the Internet and its largest TLDs by measuring by the prevalence of security threats such as malware, phishing, botnets, and spam. The findings indicate a 67% increase of domain names identified and listed as ?abusive? by major blocklists from January to September 2013, and that at least 5.5% of newly registered domain names are being used to perpetrate security threats.

.sexy and 10 more gTLDs now in the root
Uniregistry?s .sexy and .tattoo are currently in the DNS root zone, the first two of its portfolio to become active.

.SEXY? .TATTOO? Now Live in DNS? Welcome to the World of NewgTLDs by Dan York
As I wrote last week, ICANN is proceeding along with "delegating" the "new gTLDs" and while last week's .GURU may have provoked some chuckles, this week's block of 11 newly "delegated" newgTLDs brings us... more?

"ICANN Urged to Rule on .LLP 'Breach'" by Jeanette Heller
There is probably no worldwide community without at least one member located in the US. But does this qualify the closing of a community to only US based members and, by extension, to exclude all other eligible entities from around the world solely because of arbitrary geographical circumstances based upon company whims?

Some new TLDs will run ?Early Access Programs? for the Landrush phase
The TLD launch phase typically known as Landrush might look very different with new TLDs.

London domain name to launch in summer 2014
The capital will gets its own domain name, .london, in the summer of 2014.

London to get its own domain name in 2014
London is to become one of the first cities in the world with its own domain name, when ".london" launches in 2014.

London Gets Its Own Internet Domain
London will shortly be one of Europe?s first cities to get its own TLD after .london was approved by the Internet?s naming body.

Web domain shown 'huge interest' from businesses
Business applicants for the new .London web domain name could potentially gain more customers, the chief executive of the mayor's official promotional organisation for London said today.

Capital businesses to get .london domain next spring
London will shortly become one of the first cities in the world to launch its own city domain name

Dot London: City launches own domain to boost online presence
London will join a handful of cities launching their own internet domain names next year to build a greater online presence and promote the British capital, the mayor's office said on Friday.

London set to become one of the first cities in the world to have its own domain name
Businesses across the capital will be able to apply for a new ending to their web addresses from the Spring of next year

Domain name suffix ?.tokyo? to be available next spring
Domain names ending with ?.tokyo,? ?.nagoya? and ?.moe? will be available next spring as part of a move to increase the number of suffixes by the agency that oversees Internet addresses.

Israelis hope to revolutionize Spanish-speaking Internet
Two Israeli entrepreneurs are at the heart of an Internet revolution in the Spanish-speaking world. This Tuesday, in Buenos Aires, there will be a launch party for the new domain extension: .uno, a gTLD reserved exclusively for Spanish speakers.

Top Level Domain Holdings stock up 25% on .London news, up 3x since last month
Shares in Top Level Domain Holdings skyrocketed 25% today after the company announced ICANN had signed the contract for the .london TLD. TLDH is the backend registry for .london.

Benin first to reserve dotAfrica name, more governments urged
The African Union Commission (AUC) has urged African governments to reserve their domains ahead of the the launch of dotAfrica (.Africa), with Benin the only country to have done so as yet.

1&1 prices first four Donuts gTLDs at $50-$80 a year
The registrar 1&1 Internet has started selling pre-registrations in the first four Donuts new gTLDs for between $50 and $80 a year.

RightOfTheDot to manage .club?s premium strategy
.CLUB Domains has selected RightOfTheDot to manage its premium and founders program domains strategy.

Type a new TLD in Chrome, and the browser will ask you if you really meant it
New TLDs are being delegated to the root, but Google Chrome wants to make sure you really meant to type them in.

.Kiwi Launches Founders Program
The .Kiwi registry has formally launched a Founders Program for the .Kiwi new gTLD and has broken it down between several different levels of involvment

Cyber security expert Melissa Hathaway warns governments invest too little in protection from attacks
A former cyber security advisor to President Barack Obama and George W Bush is warning computer hackers are becoming more sophisticated and pose an escalating threat to global security.

New Research Examines Impact of Cyber Insecurity on Country?s GDP Growth
... On this tour, I have been appearing with Melissa Hathaway, president of Hathaway Global Strategies, LLC and former White House cyber security chief, as she launches a new study entitled ?The Cyber Readiness Index 1.0.? The study looks at the top 35 countries that have embraced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and the Internet, and then evaluates each country?s maturity and commitment to cyber security across five essential elements that include: national strategy, incident response, e-crime law enforcement, information sharing, and investment in R&D. The study calculates a Cyber Readiness Index (CRI) based on these performance factors.

Cybersecurity: Where are the Biggest Threats?
Rarely a week goes by that we don?t hear of a database compromise that results in confidential data?many times consisting of personally identifiable information (PII)?falling into the hands of those who should not have access to the data. Protection of our PII is becoming increasingly critical as more and more information is collected and stored through the use of Internet-enabled devices.

Microsoft dedicates cybercrime center
Microsoft said Thursday that it had set up a facility on its Redmond, Wash., camps where members of Microsoft, other businesses, and law enforcement can team together to take on cybercrime.

Microsoft's new Cybercrime Center combines tactics against hacking groups
The maker of the most popular computer operating system in the world is launching a new strategy against criminal hackers by bringing together security engineers, digital forensics experts and lawyers trained in fighting software pirates under one roof at its new Cybercrime Center.

'Arms dealers' supply malware for cyberattacks, research says [CSO]
Companies battling tireless cyberespionage campaigns may be up against well-organized attackers that are fed a steady stream of malware from a talented developer of cyber-arms.

California shuts down 10 ?fraudulent? health care websites
In a move rarely seen by state authorities, California has shut down 10 domain names that the Golden State claims were fraudulent imitations of Covered California, the state?s own version of the Affordable Care Act.

au: Timbermate Products guilty of reverse domain name hijacking
Timbermate Products Pty Ltd of Nunawading, Australia, has been found guilty of reverse domain name hijacking by a World Intellectual Property Organization panel.

au: Timbermate Products Pty Ltd Guilty Of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking
Timbermate Products Pty Ltd of Nunawading, Victoria, Australia, represented by K & L Gates LLP, Australia has just been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) on the domain name Timbermate.com.

au: Debbie Morgan Macao Commercial Offshore Limited, Missguided Limited v. Samir Vora - Case No. DAU2013-0024
1. The Parties: The Complainant is Debbie Morgan Macao Commercial Offshore Limited of Macao, China, Missguided Limited of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (?UK?), represented by Mishcon de Reya, Solicitors, UK. The Respondent is Samir Vora of Mumbai, India represented by Clayton Utz, Australia. 2. The Domain Names and Registrar: The disputed domain names <missguided.com.au> and <misguided.com.au> are registered with SafeNames Ltd.

au: Heavenly Holidays LLC v. Mark One Visual Promotions Pty Ltd - Case No. DAU2013-0028
1. The Parties: The Complainant is Heavenly Holidays LLC of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, United States of America, represented by Brann & Isaacson, United States of America. The Respondent is Mark One Visual Promotions Pty Ltd of Western Australia, Australia. 2. The Domain Name and Registrar: The disputed domain name <treeclassics.com.au> is registered with TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd.

Former ICANN Exec Pritz Appointed Exec Director of Domain Name Association
The former ICANN executive Kurt Pritz has assumed the role of interim Executive Director for the Domain Name Association, a newly formed non-profit business association that represents the interests of the domain name industry. Pritz will be working with and representing DNA during the ICANN48 meetings in Buenos Aires.

Pritz to head DNA trade group
Former ICANN chief strategy officer Kurt Pritz has just been named interim executive director of the Domain Name Association, the trade group formed this year to promote the domain industry.

Who Uses Google's DNS? by Geoff Huston
Much has been said about how Google uses the services they provide, including their mail service, their office productivity tools, file storage and similar services, as a means of gathering an accurate profile of each individual user of their services. The company has made a very successful business out of measuring users, and selling those metrics to advertisers. But can we measure Google as they undertake this activity? How many users avail themselves of their services? Perhaps that's a little ambitious at this stage, so maybe a slightly smaller scale may be better, so let's just look at one Google service. Can we measure how many folk use Google's Public DNS Service?

New Report Explores Role of Branding in Global Economy & Within Innovation Ecosystem
Companies around the globe have spent nearly a half-trillion US dollars (USD) annually on branding, exceeding outlays on research and development and design while accounting in some countries for up to a quarter of firms? overall investments in intangible assets.

GoDaddy to end its Sedo domain sales partnership
GoDaddy is ending its domain listing syndication partnership with Sedo as of March 31, 2014.

APTLD Appoints Don Hollander as General Manager
APTLD (The Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association) has appointed Don Hollander of New Zealand as the new General Manager for the organisation.

Verisign to Issue New Domain Name Industry Brief Beginning in 2014
Today Verisign announced that we are updating the Domain Name Industry Brief (DNIB) and a new version of the DNIB is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2014.

.Coms Fill First Three Spots on This Week's Top 20 Sales Chart But Non .Coms Also Do Well Taking Eight Places on the Leader Board
.Coms registered another win this week, taking the top three spots on our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart and a dozen places overall. Non .com domains fared better than usual though with the ccTLDs and non .com gTLDs combining to claim eight spots on the elite list. The country codes occupied five of those with the other three going to the gTLDs.

Facebook makes changes to its data use policies
Facebook moved ahead Friday with changes to its privacy policies that make it clear that the company can include users? profile pictures, location and other personal information in advertisements.

Snapchat, How Quickly You Have Grown
While some might have been shocked this week by the multi-billion dollar offers the start-up Snapchat turned down, I found something else entirely perplexing about the valuation of this little company: just how quickly it grew.

Facebook Reasserts Posts Can Be Used to Advertise
If you post something on Facebook, let there be no doubt that it can end up as an ad shown to your friends and acquaintances.

Still on Facebook, but Finding Less to Like
Just a few years ago, most of my online social activity revolved around Facebook. I was an active member of several Facebook groups, including one that helped me and others find apartments and sell used items. Another group was wonderful for organizing midnight movie screenings. And I used Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest achievements of my sisters and their children, and the many members of my extended family.

Laboring In The Shadows To Keep The Web Free Of Child Porn
On Thursday, authorities in Canada announced the bust of an enormous international . It was the end of a three-year investigation into a website that trafficked in illicit videos of young boys. More than 300 people have been arrested in connection with the videos, 76 of them in the United States.

Europe allows gadgets to be used from take-off
Europe is relaxing rules about the use of electronics during flights, paving the way for devices to be used during take-off and landing.

UK faces mass 'ransomware' email attack from cybercriminal gangs
British computer users are being warned of a mass spamming attack that aims to encrypt their computer and extort a ?540 ransom ? in Bitcoins - to unscramble it.

us: Siding With Google, Judge Says Book Search Does Not Infringe Copyright
Google?s idea to scan millions of books and make them searchable online seemed audacious when it was announced in 2004. But fast-forward to today, when people expect to find almost anything they want online, and the plan seems like an unsurprising and unavoidable part of today?s Internet.

us: Justice Department Officials Raise Awareness of Disaster Fraud Hotline Following Typhoon Haiyan [news release]
The Department of Justice, the FBI and the National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF) remind the public there is a potential for disaster fraud in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

us: FTC Warns Consumers: Beware of Typhoon Haiyan Charity Scams [news release]
In the wake of the devastating typhoon that struck the Philippines, the Federal Trade Commission, the nation?s consumer protection agency, reminds consumers that scams often follow disasters. If you?re asked to make a charitable donation to help people in disaster-affected areas, before you give, be sure your donations are going to a reputable organization that will use the money as promised.

No welcome for Deutsche Telekom national Internet plans from EU Commission
Is the Internet heading for Balkanization? Deutsche Telekom has plans to shield German data from foreign hands. These plans could be counterintuitive for European business, says EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes.

As cameras become ubiquitous and able to identify people, more safeguards on privacy will be needed
?This season there is something at the seaside worse than sharks,? declared a newspaper in 1890. ?It is the amateur photographer.? The invention of the handheld camera appalled 19th-century society, as did the ?Kodak fiends? who patrolled beaches snapping sunbathers.

How Mobile Network Spying Works
British intelligence agency GCHQ has been targeting mobile phone company networks. Telecoms security expert Philippe Langlois explains what they can find this way, and how users can protect themselves from such snooping.

Brazil and Germany Proposed UN Resolution Against Mass Surveillance
On November 7th, Brazil and Germany jointly proposed a preliminary version of a resolution on online privacy at the UN General Assembly. At a time when public outrage over the reach and scope of U.K. and U.S. mass surveillance is at an all time high, the draft resolution is the first official recognition by the UN of the threat that mass surveillance poses to human rights.

New Google report shows growing number of government requests
The United States government's hunger for information on Google users is continuing to rise. The tech company had more requests for user information in the first half of this year from the United States than any period before, according to the bi-annual Google transparency report released on Thursday.

Google Employees Speak Out About Government Spying
Google?s canned responses to reports of government spying have ranged from ?concerned? to ?outraged.? But some of its employees have been more outspoken.

Google Slams U.S. Government in Latest Transparency Report
Edward Snowden. Widespread NSA surveillance. Mass metadata collection. Direct taps into private Google and Yahoo server connections--and the backbone of the Internet itself. Broken illusions and broken encryptionA and secret court orders abound.

Google on Its Own Transparency Report: This Is Not Good Enough
Ever since Google began releasing its semi-annual Transparency Report in 2010, the company has announced each iteration with statements like:

U.S. Government Requests for Google User Data Doubled Since 2010
In the first six months of this year, Google received seven wiretap orders from the United States government and complied with all of them. The company also received 207 pen register requests in the same period and complied with 89 percent of them, according to Google?s new transparency report.

Internet architects propose encrypting all the world?s Web traffic
A vastly larger percentage of the world's Web traffic will be encrypted under a near-final recommendation to revise the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that serves as the foundation for all communications between websites and end users.

Facebook and Microsoft help fund rightwing lobby network, report finds
Some of America?s largest technology and telecoms companies, including Facebook, Microsoft and AT&T, are backing a network of self-styled ?free-market thinktanks? promoting a radical rightwing agenda in states across the nation, according to a new report by a lobbying watchdog.

Trademark Law Does Not Require Companies To Tirelessly Censor the Internet
Over the past few days, EFF and one of our staff technologists, the talented Micah Lee, have had an illuminating back and forth with Canonical Ltd over the use of the Ubuntu mark. While we don?t believe that Canonical has acted with malice or intent to censor, its silly invocation of trademark law is disturbing. After all, not everyone has easy recourse to lawyers and the ability to push back.

TPP Leak Confirms the Worst: US Negotiators Still Trying to Trade Away Internet Freedoms
After years of secret trade negotiations over the future of intellectual property rights (and limits on those rights), the public gets a chance to looks at the results. For those of us who care about free speech and a balanced intellectual property system that encourages innovation, creativity, and access to knowledge, it?s not a pretty picture.

Child porn viewers 'as guilty' as makers, top Queensland police officer says [AAP]
AUSTRALIANS accused of downloading child exploitation material from a Canadian website "are just as guilty" as those who procured the children, a top Queensland child protection cop says.

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