[DNS] auDA domain news - 17 April

[DNS] auDA domain news - 17 April

From: David Goldstein <david>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 13:17:07 +1000

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Qualified Launch Program Introduced for New gTLD Registries by Karen Lentz

Geo gTLDs catch a break with new launch rules

Association Takes on Amazon Over TLD, Wins

London starts a new property boom - with .london on the web

Eugene Kaspersky on Critical Infrastructure Security

Study Finds No Evidence of Heartbleed Attacks Before the Bug Was Exposed

The Internet in Transition: The State of the Transition to IPv6 in Today's Internet and Measures to Support the Continued Use of IPv4

GoDaddy gives away blogger?s personal information ? and things get really creepy

au: Strong choices domain name taken by ETU

India to suggest renaming of Internet as ?Equinet?
In a major diplomatic initiative, India is all set to challenge the U.S.? hegemony of the World Wide Web at a global meet on Internet governance in Sao Paulo (Brazil) next week. India has decided to propose renaming of Internet as ?Equinet? so that all nations can have equal say in its operations, besides calling for ?internationalisation? of core Internet resources.

The Proposed Transfer of the IANA Function to ICANN by Paul Rosenzweig
Introduction: In March 2014, the Department of Commerce announced its intention to transfer the IANA function to ICANN. Any decision to do so should proceed only with great caution, lest the transition destroy the openness and freedom of the network.

U.S. Government Begins Process to Give Up Control Over Key Internet Functions
On March 14, the NTIA (the U.S. Commerce Department?s National Telecommunications and Information Administration) announced that it would immediately start a process to transition control of ?Key Internet Domain Name Functions? away from the U.S. government.

ICANN Holds Public Comment Period as it Transitions to ?Multi Stakeholder? Oversight
ICANN was never the center of any controversy or even any media attention until the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) announced on March 14th it was ceding control of the California-based non-profit.

Qualified Launch Program Introduced for New gTLD Registries by Karen Lentz
ICANN recently established the Qualified Launch Program (QLP), which enables new gTLD registries to issue domain names to certain parties to help promote awareness that a new TLD is launching. These domains are somewhat like ?anchor tenants? in a new shopping center ? their presence makes the location attractive to other businesses.

ICANN Publishes Process to Qualify for Specification 13 to the New gTLD Registry Agreement
Today, ICANN publishes the process to qualify for Specification 13 to the New gTLD Registry Agreement. This comes on the heels of the 26 March 2014 resolution by the New gTLD Program Committee ("NGPC") of the ICANN Board approving the new Specification.

Proposed Changes to the Inter-Registrar Policy (Watch the Video & Provide Comments)
The public comment period for the IRTP-D Working Group's Initial Report closes on 25 April 2014 at 23:59 UTC.

Interim Report Internationalized Registration Data Expert Working Group
Purpose (Brief): This Public Forum invites comments on the Interim Report from the Internationalized Registration Data (IRD) Expert Working Group. The Report proposes internationalization requirements for fourteen categories of data elements currently outputted by the various gTLD registration data directory services.

IDN ccTLD Request From Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of, Successfully Passes String Evaluation
ICANN is pleased to announce the successful completion of String Evaluation on proposed IDN ccTLD string for Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of.

Cherine Chalaby, Chair | ICANN Board New gTLD Program Committee, to Vice Minister Fernando Rojas Samanez
New gTLD Program Applications for .AMAZON and Related IDNs

Fernando Rojas Samanez, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs | Ministerio de Relaciones, to Mr. Stephen D. Crocker
New gTLD Program Applications for .AMAZON and Related IDNs

Louis Lee, Chair | Address Supporting Organization Address Council, to Steve Crocker, Leo Vegoda, Elise Gerich, David Olive, Barbara Roseman and John Jeffrey
Policy implementation questions relating to the Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA

Cherine Chalaby, Chair | ICANN Board New gTLD Program Committee, to Honorable Ambassador Robby Ramlakhan
New gTLD Program Applications for .AMAZON and Related IDNs

9 New gTLDs Recently Delegated
View them now!

Straight from Singapore #3 (Jet Lag Edition) - Monday: ICANN Begins, For Those Who Think ICANN Begins on Monday by Gregory S. Shatan
Monday, March 23, began with the Opening Ceremony, even though the work of ICANN started on Saturday for many attendees. This ICANN meeting is freighted with history ? Singapore was the site of ICANN 1, and also the site of ICANN 41 in 2011, where the New gTLD Program was officially approved. And now it has become the official kick-off for the IANA transition, the biggest change in the structure of Internet governance in many a year.

GNSO Chair's Message A Look ahead to London -- ICANN 50
Following Singapore 49, GNSO Council Chair Jonathan Robinson provides a brief summary of the event as well as a quick preview of the GNSO's workload in the run-up to ICANN 50 in London.

ICANN roadshow comes to Trinidad and Tobago
Local and regional technology experts will gather in Port of Spain, Trinidad later this month to share their knowledge with participants in a roadshow organised by ICANN.

The ICA Comments on ICANN Preliminary Issue Report on IGOs and INGOs
Phil Corwin of the ICA has sent a comment to ICANN regarding the Preliminary Issue Report on Access by IGOs and INGOs to the Curative Rights Protections of the UDRP and URS.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
CIRA improves safety of Canada?s Internet
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), the organization that manages the .CA domain, has just launched Registry Lock, the latest in a suite of products and initiatives that will ensure .CA remains at the leading edge of domain security.

Recent .ca domain name decision accepts broad interpretation of what constitutes a brand owner?s prior trade-mark ?rights? in Canada
The recent decision of Guitar Center Inc v Robert Piperni (?Guitar Center?), CIRA Decision No. 0254, confirms that a broad definition of ?rights? should apply to brand owners seeking to prove prior trade-mark rights in Canada.

Sale of .CO closes; jobs and office will stay in Miami
Champagne popped and bonuses flowed after .CO Internet closed its chapter as an independent company and became part of the publicly traded Neustar on Monday afternoon.

Story Behind the .CO Registry Sale to Neustar
Neustar closed on its acquisition of the .CO Registry yesterday afternoon, and the $100+ million deal was wrapped up. The Miami Herald had an interesting story that covered the closing, and it also had some of the backstory about how the deal came about with .CO Registry founder Juan Diego Calle offering some comments. I think it?s worth a read when you have a chance.

uk: Nominet: no plans for a 'trade mark clearinghouse' system
Nominet has no plans to copy ICANN and develop a 'trade mark clearinghouse' to help rights holders identify and protect against infringing registrations of their trade marks in domain names.

Geo gTLDs catch a break with new launch rules
New gTLDs with a geographic or community focus have won concessions from ICANN under new rules published today.

Association Takes on Amazon Over TLD, Wins
With the .mobile TLD hanging in the balance, the wireless trade group CTIA pushed back against the online retail giant?s attempt to run the domain exclusively. The International Chamber of Commerce sided with CTIA, giving mobile providers a victory, albeit a partial one.

London starts a new property boom - with .london on the web
London is starting a new property boom ? on the web. But the launch of the new .london domain later in April will not, experts hope, see the same price spiral that bricks and mortar property is experiencing.

The Standard leads rush to adopt a .London web address
The Evening Standard makes history today by becoming the first business to adopt a new ?Dot London? website name.

First .london websites announced
London will become one of the first cities in the world to launch its own domain name when .london opens to the public on April 29, narrowly beaten by the existing Berlin and Vienna domains.

First .london web addresses announced
The London Symphony Orchestra, West Ham United Football Club and Fortnum and Mason will be among the first companies to launch websites using the .london domain

West Ham Among First To Net .London Domain [SkyNews]
Premier League football club West Ham has become one of the first businesses to sign up for a .london domain name.

West Ham, Fortnum & Mason and LSO Among First to Adopt New Dot London Domain
The first companies to use the .london web address, set to go live at the end of this month, will include West Ham United football club, Fortnum & Mason and the London Symphony Orchestra.

Capital firms seek .london domain
A host of businesses in the capital, including West Ham United, have become the first to sign up to the new .london web address.

First .london takers announced
Premier League football club West Ham United, the London Eye, and the London School of Economics are among the first to sign up to the .london web address ending.

Power of Press: London Standard?s front page article about .London
.City domain names are popular with local press, and here?s a great example.

New gTLD domains top 500,000 as Schilling goes on parking spree
The total number of new gTLD domains broke through half a million for the first time yesterday, but it seems to be due to Frank Schilling obtaining tens of thousands of names in his own TLDs.

Applications to register for gTLDs open soon
Applications to register domain names ending with .africa, .joburg, .capetown. and .durban open 1 May 2014. It is envisaged that these new gTLDs will exemplify Africa's growth and development, presenting an opportunity to identify the African continent and the main South African cities online.

Momentum New gTLD Conference In Hong Kong In May
New gTLDs are inspiring a wide range of developments in domain names, and conferences is one of them. One conference coming up in May is the Asia Pac Digital Marketing and gTLD Strategy Congress, to be held from 14 to 15 May in Hong Kong aimed at applicants in the first round of new gTLD applications, and any organisation considering applying in future rounds.

.Luxury Becomes the New Go-To Domain for the 1%
At first, I was going to give the people behind .luxury a break for passing on the simpler .lux, because I assumed that domain already belonged to Luxembourg (in which case I guess .lux would have already been a luxury domain, anyway). But no! Luxembourg has .lu, apparently. As far as I know, .lux is just hanging out, inexplicably unused.

First .LUXURY domains available for sale April 10th
For the first time, .LUXURY domain names are available to the general public through a priority application process called Landrush, where interested registrants may secure highly sought after names. Landrush for .LUXURY will be open for 30 days through May 10th.

Pricey .luxury made $500k already
The new gTLD .luxury seems to have sold more than $500,000 worth of domain names already.

Some First Impressions as Six More New gTLDs Entered General Availability Today Including Five from Frank Schilling's Uniregistry 
Flowers aren't the only things blossoming this spring. New gTLDs continue to sprout in numbers that are threatening to put the daisy population to shame. Six more entered general availability today, with five of those coming from Frank Schilling's Uniregistry.com: .link, .photo, .pics, .gift and .guitars.

With just 22 domains registered, .Rich is the biggest bomb in new TLDs. Or is it?
Last week the .rich TLD quietly launched in general availability.

A new TLD just canceled its landrush citing ?little engagement?
The applicant for the .best TLD has canceled the landrush phase of its new TLD launch. The company says that ?registrars have given us feedback that there has been very little engagement with the TLD Landrush Phase?.

Uniregistry activates thousands of reserved domains per TLD
If you take a look at Uniregistry?s zone files for its TLD launches so far, you might think yesterday was a huge day.

Some First Impressions as Six More New gTLDs Entered General Availability Today Including Five from Frank Schilling's Uniregistry 
Flowers aren't the only things blossoming this spring. New gTLDs continue to sprout in numbers that are threatening to put the daisy population to shame. Six more entered general availability today, with five of those coming from Frank Schilling's Uniregistry.com: .link, .photo, .pics, .gift and .guitars.

.Buzz May Have The Strangest List Of 100 Reserved Domains Of All New gTLD?s
.Buzz goes live today and like all new gTLD registries they are entitled to keep 100 domains for their own use for marketing and other purposes, but going through the list of .Buzz reserved domains it maybe the strangest list of 100 (actually 85 by my count) that I have seen for any registry.

Eugene Kaspersky on Critical Infrastructure Security
Dennis Fisher talks with Eugene Kaspersky about the need for better critical infrastructure security, the major threats facing enterprises today and the specter of cyberwar.

Study Finds No Evidence of Heartbleed Attacks Before the Bug Was Exposed
Ever since the Heartbleed bug was exposed last week, the question everyone has been asking is: Did anyone exploit it before a Google researcher first discovered it?

Akamai Withdraws Proposed Heartbleed Patch
As researchers demonstrate OpenSSL bug exploits that retrieve private keys, Akamai rescinds a patch suggestion for the SSL/TLS library after a security researcher punches holes in it.

Heartbleed's Intranet & VPN Connection
How the game-changing crypto bug affects internal servers, clients, and VPN networks -- and what to do about it.

Heartbleed Saga Escalates With Real Attacks, Stolen Private Keys
The Heartbleed story advanced over the weekend with word of researchers exploiting the OpenSSL flaw to steal private SSL keys, and the loss of data on websites in the U.K. and Canada.

Certificate Revocation Slow for Heartbleed Servers
The rush to revoke and replace digital certificates on Heartbleed-vulnerable Web servers seems to be no rush at all.

Heartbleed: routers and phones also at risk, says security expert
Manufacturers must patch routers, video conferencing software and desktop phones, as scale of software vulnerability continues to grow

Heartbleed fallout may 'slow' browsing speeds
The struggle to fix problems caused by the Heartbleed bug may slow browsing speeds, warns analysis firm Netcraft.

Heartbleed makes 50m Android phones vulnerable, data shows
At least 4m Android smartphones in the US, and tens of millions worldwide, could be exploited by a version of the "Heartbleed" security flaw, data provided to the Guardian shows.

Did A Faulty Memory Feature Lead To Heartbleed?
Debate arises over an older memory allocation feature in OpenSSL, and the OpenBSD community starts to tear down and revise the crypto software for its own use.

The Real Wakeup Call From Heartbleed
There's nothing special about Heartbleed. It?s another flaw in a popular library that exposed a lot of servers to attack. The danger lies in the way software libraries are built and whether they can be trusted.

NZ sites at risk from Heartbleed
Internet provider Voyager says about 150 of the 25,000 websites it hosts remain vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug a week after the security vulnerability was disclosed.

Blocking Amplification Attacks: Sometimes the Incentives Work Against You by Bryant Rump
Since the end of last year, amplification attacks have been increasingly used by attackers and received heavy media coverage. Everyday protocols not given much thought before, like Network Time Protocol (NTP), can be asked in a very short remote command to send a very large response (list of 600 clients last connected to the NTP server) to a spoofed IP address (the target) by the requestor/attacker.

WTF: No reverse domain hijacking if you try to buy domain first
Panelist says no reverse domain name hijacking because domain owner didn?t respond to purchase inquiries.

Mark holders should send cease and desist letters before filing UDRP complaint [subscription]
An Israeli cosmetics and skincare company has failed to obtain the transfer of a domain name incorporating its trademark under the UDRP. The case highlights the need to check whether the respondent has any commercial relationship with the complainant, as well as the need for trademark holders to send cease and desist letters to registrants of domain names using their marks before filing a UDRP complaint.

25 Plaintiffs Filed Federal Suit Over 231 Domains; 26 of Which Are No Longer Registered
A federal lawsuit was filed last week in the New Jersey District Court for trademark infringement against the owners of 231 domain names some of which are pretty generic and 26 of which are no longer registered.

au: Beachbody, LLC v. Benson, Linda Michelle - Case No. DAU2014-0002
1. The Parties: The Complainant is Beachbody, LLC of Santa Monica, California, United States of America (?United States?), represented by Cozen O'Connor, United States. The Respondent is Benson, Linda Michelle of Perth, Australia. 2. The Domain Name and Registrar: The disputed domain name <beachbodyworkout.com.au> is registered with Web Address Registration Pty Ltd.

ch: Conforama Holding v. Dubin Sergey - Case No. DCH2013-0024
1. The Parties: The Claimant is Conforama Holding of Lognes, France, represented by Bugnion S.A., Switzerland. The Respondent is Dubin Sergey of Hurghada, Egypt. 2. Domain Names: This dispute concerns the domain names <cnforama.ch>, <conferama.ch>, <confoama.ch>, <conforaa.ch>, <conorama.ch> and <onforama.ch>.

 - IPv4/IPv6
The Internet in Transition: The State of the Transition to IPv6 in Today's Internet and Measures to Support the Continued Use of IPv4
This report considers the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 alongside the use of network technologies to prolong IPv4 use in the face of depletion of further IPv4 protocol addresses, but it does not aim to address all issues surrounding the transition to IPv6 or to detail the economic incentives faced by various Internet actors. It first provides a status update of address management issues and the run-out of IPv4. It then describes the advantages and limitations of increased use of network address translation as one response to sustain the use of IPv4 in the face of IPv4 address exhaustion. It provides an overview of the IPv6 protocol; the advantages of IPv6 deployment as a response to IPv4 address exhaustion and the IPv6 transition plan compared to actual deployment to date. Finally, the report examines the choices facing individual actors, their potential consequences, and the policy implications on openness and innovation for the future of the Internet.

?Revenge porn? victims barred from suing Go Daddy
A legal effort by several Texas women to attack a "revenge porn" site that posted nude photos of them can go forward against the site's creators. However, the women won't be allowed to sue Go Daddy, which provided hosting services for the now-defunct Texxxan.com website.

Afilias Chairman Appointed to Domain Name Association Board
Global registry services provider Afilias today announced the appointment of the Chairman of the Afilias Board of Directors, Philipp Grabensee, to the board of the Domain Name Association (DNA).

GoDaddy gives away blogger?s personal information ? and things get really creepy
Why is no surprise that the creepiest Internet story so far this week involves GoDaddy, the domain name registrar notorious for sexist Super Bowl commercials and a general miasma of sleaze and slime?

au: Strong choices domain name taken by ETU
The Electrical Trades Union has made the ?strong choice? to take part in the government?s asset sales decision making campaign ? by registering a domain name to take the gloss off ?Strong Choices?.

The smartest domainers of the past decade
The past decade has been one of ups and downs for domain name investors. Domain parking busted around the same time the overall economy imploded. Domain values faced downward pressure as investors no longer had rich parking profits to funnel into domain purchases.

Huge Wave of New Domain Sales Data Floods This Week's Chart With  Big Numbers Including the Highest .Net Sale Ever Reported
A tsunami of new domain sales data hit our office this week - flooding our charts with the highest number of sales ever gathered in a single week. Frank Schilling's DomainNameSales.com played the biggest role in generating the tidal wave as they sent us all of their sales (that were not subject oi non-disclosure agreements) for the entire first quarter of 2014 (all being reported for the first time).

us: Google faces new pressure to curb illegal drug sites
Several state attorneys general want the search giant to make it harder for users to find prescription medicine and illegal drugs online, while shareholders have filed two lawsuits related to the issue.

Guardian and Washington Post win Pulitzer prize for NSA revelations
The Guardian and the Washington Post have been awarded the highest accolade in US journalism, winning the Pulitzer prize for public service for their groundbreaking articles on the National Security Agency?s surveillance activities based on the leaks of Edward Snowden.

Australia needs effective government cyber policy leadership: report
Australia?s cyber readiness has received high scores but more work is needed to improve cyber policy leadership by the Abbott government, according to a new report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).

Google Revenue Falls Short of Estimates, Ad Prices Drop
Google Inc.?s costs are rising as the search provider finds it harder to keep up with a shift to advertising on mobile phones and sales fell short of estimates.

Google's first-quarter profits grow slower than expected
Google reported slower than expected growth in revenues on Wednesday as the company looked to push past rivals such as Apple and Netflix in the competitive advertising and mobile technology markets.

Earnings and Sales From Google Disappoint
Alexander the Great is said to have wept because he ran out of kingdoms to conquer. Google is eager to avoid such a miserable fate.

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